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Country Singer Mindy McCready Nearly Killed By Former Boyfriend


Country singer Mindy McCready's life is imitating one of the hard luck stories common in country music. The young country star has been having a disastrous year - last August she plead guilty to illegally obtaining the painkiller OxyContin using the name of a friend on the prescription, and just last Friday she was arrested on a DUI and suspended license charge. Two days after the DUI arrest she suffered a savage beating at the hands of a former boyfriend - William McKnight. From E! Online:

According to a police affidavit, McKnight tailed McCready into her Green Hills-area home through the garage as she returned to the residence at 7 a.m. The presumably jealous McKnight confronted McCready, allegedly threatened to kill her and told her, "You're not going to go out with other guys."

McCready fled upstairs, and McKnight chased her into a bedroom, where the attack reportedly occurred.

The police report stated that McKnight began punching McCready in the face and banging her head against the headboard. He then wrapped his hands around her throat and started to choke her, saying, "I am going to kill you," per the report. At that point, McCready told investigators she began to feel as if she was going to lose consciousness.

McKnight eventually relaxed his grip but continued to pummel her face, police said. He then allegedly dragged her down the stairs before finally leaving.

McCready's reputation could certainly use a dose of the sympathetic coverage she's certain to receive. Presumably McCready's people have made sure that pictures of here swollen and beaten face (see the video link below) were available for the heavy local news coverage on the story. McCready has been opening up to Nashville TV and radio stations about the stormy relationship, and don't be surprised if she appears in short order on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Ex-boyfriend of singer McCready charged with attempted murder - [WSMV] [Video]
McCready Survives Savage Attack - [E! Online News]

One more slightly work-unsafe picture below the break.



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Comments (26)

Now I am convinced I am goi... (Below threshold)

Now I am convinced I am going to burn in Hell.

I didn’t give a damn about one single bit of this story until I clicked “There’s more!” .

Suddenly, I felt sorry for her.

I embarrass myself….

Women that pretty shouldn't... (Below threshold)

Women that pretty shouldn't have to suffer as much as she has. That's just not how the world is supposed to work.

Don't worry jmaster,<... (Below threshold)

Don't worry jmaster,

I did exactly the same thing.

Though, I'm not embarrased about it one bit.

See you in Hell.

Mesa:Now that’s an... (Below threshold)


Now that’s an interesting outlook.

Maybe all I really need is an attitude adjustment.

This guy needs the book thr... (Below threshold)

This guy needs the book thrown at him. She is lucky she's not dead. Next time she'll know what to do when he comes at her, blow his ass away. Hell is reserved for this jerk, not jmaster or mesablue. You guys get Purgatory :)

Purgatory sounds so wimpy, ... (Below threshold)

Purgatory sounds so wimpy, but if they've got beer -- sign me up. I'll buy the first round.

Jeff, no woman should have ... (Below threshold)

Jeff, no woman should have to suffer that, pretty or not. Ugh, I know women who have been through beatings like that and worse, family members even.

A girl's gotta do what a gi... (Below threshold)

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do if she's ever gonna get publicity.

Now I am in no way advocati... (Below threshold)
Kirstie Allie, Roseanne & Rosie:

Now I am in no way advocating the beating of fat people, like that ice cream man, but at the same time, why ruin the face of a perfectly lovely woman, when there are plenty of fat, no talent, ugly ladies to choose from.

I think we are missing the ... (Below threshold)

I think we are missing the silver lining in all of this ... had the guys at wizbang not posted the link to the video, my eyes would have never had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Dara Laurio. Wow !

Back in my hometown in Texa... (Below threshold)

Back in my hometown in Texas they have ways of dealing with things like this. The bondsman's office is right across the street from the courthouse so you post bond, wait in the parking lot for the female-beating coward to walk out, then beat him, kinda show him what it's like. Then walk back to the bondsman's office and tell him you want your name off his bond. The deputies usually find them still in the parking lot, convieniently left there to be re-arrested. Very efficient for 2/3rds of those involved. Very educational for the other 1/3rd. Not that I'd ever advocate assaulting a spineless woman-beating scumbag. You ought to see what they do with rapists, ouchie!

McCready has been openin... (Below threshold)

McCready has been opening up to Nashville TV and radio stations about the stormy relationship...

The adjective "stormy" suggests that this is not the first time he has beaten her. Only this time he apparently went crazy wild on her.

I don't understand why scum like this boyfriend do not get prosecuted for attempted murder.

I also don't understand why some women are attracted to men who beat them. Some of them return to the relationship again and again, or find some other guy who also beats them. The underlying psychology that must be at work in situations such as this is a mystery to me.

The story said she'd been i... (Below threshold)

The story said she'd been in an abusive relationship for a year and a half. Ummm...message to all women out there...leave an abusive relationship after day one. Otherwise, the piece-of-shit guy just might think you like it.

skybird: Good idea, but I'm... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

skybird: Good idea, but I'm thinking somewhere above the elbows. Way above.

She also got swindled by he... (Below threshold)

She also got swindled by her first manager when she arrived in Nashville. I don't remember if she wound up filing for bankruptcy over that one or not but it was being considered.

she is a bad sed anyway, dr... (Below threshold)

she is a bad sed anyway, drunk driver, she needs to be spanked

she is a cunt, and she dese... (Below threshold)

she is a cunt, and she deserves everything she got

she is a bad seed anyway, d... (Below threshold)

she is a bad seed anyway, drunk driver, she needed to be spanked

I cannot believe the commen... (Below threshold)

I cannot believe the comments above. You people really know how to stand in judgement of someone. She is clearly not the brightest spark in the box which doesn't give people licence to trash her in such a crude manner, Mike, you prat.

I hate to hear about all o... (Below threshold)

I hate to hear about all of this Here if the Asshole wants to Fight Someone Come Fight Me!! You want have to run after me. I rodeo for 10 yr's Rode Bulls For 3 I was Born and Raised in Texas But at Scott Air Force Base Now.
Come and Fight someone who want run! I might be 50 but there still a Fightong Side Of Me.

Sorry about Mike. He's stil... (Below threshold)
Mike's friend:

Sorry about Mike. He's still hurting after his daughter was killed by a drunk driver. I try to tell him accidents happen. These people aren't intending to hurt anyone and to lighten up. People are just trying to have fun.

Oh well... PARTY ON MINDY! Sorry about your ex and your beating. If you kill someone next time your out drinking don't let it hold you back.

Sarcasticly yours,
Mike's Friend

y'all quiet now. lets get b... (Below threshold)
mster G:

y'all quiet now. lets get back to that McCready

An insider told me she is h... (Below threshold)

An insider told me she is heavily into drugs and is an alcoholic. She lost her career and it should stay that way b/c she is NO ROLE MODEL! She's a total mess. Her only chance at a comeback is from an ass beating? Get real.

She really thinks she's hot... (Below threshold)

She really thinks she's hot, but she is nothing but a joke.

Some of you people make me ... (Below threshold)

Some of you people make me sick. She does not think she's hot. she's been known to be kind of sassy but she is a good hearted girl. She does not deserve what she is getting! She is very depressed and might have a drug or drinking problem but if so, it's because of her piece of crap boyfriend who is trying to make money from her name on his website by selling her single under his label. She is probably scared to death to leave him for fear that she will be killed, which because of this bastard she has attempted suicide twice. Shes having his baby and in my peronal opinion I believe she wants out but does not know where to start. I've been researching her for months now, I encourage all you idiots just on here making random, stupid comments to do the same before posting. Don't get your rocks off over someones suffering. Shows just how stupid and worthless people in america can be these days.

She is so beautiful!... (Below threshold)

She is so beautiful!
Saw her at Operah, I cried through
the whole show.






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