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Dave Chappelle - He's A Super Freak

Dave Chappelle as Rick James.  Photo by: Comedy Central

Last week Newsweek reported that Dave Chappelle, the star of Comedy Central's Chappelle's Show, was exhausted due to tension, partying and creative differences with Comedy Central, causing the recent halt in the shows production. Tonight Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Chappelle checked himself into a mental health facility in South Africa. His whereabouts had been a mystery since Comedy Central announced that the 3rd season of Chappelle's Show, originally slatted to premiere May 31, had been halted.

Chappelle flew from Newark, N.J., to South Africa on April 28 for treatment, said the magazine, quoting a source close to the show it would not identify. Entertainment Weekly said it had corroborating sources for its story.

"We don't know where he is," Comedy Central spokesman Tony Fox said. "We've heard about South Africa. We don't know. We haven't talked to Dave."

"It seems like the issues he's contending with are really quite serious," said Dade Hayes, a senior editor at Entertainment Weekly. "It isn't a case of him spending a weekend someplace recuperating from exhaustion."

The magazine's sources say Chappelle is still in the facility, which was not named, Hayes said. Chappelle's representatives have denied that the comedian was abusing drugs.

Maybe life is imitating art - he's becoming Rick James, bitch!...

Thanks to Allah for the heads up


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Comments (11)

<a href="http://www.jokaroo... (Below threshold)
He's not the only star in t... (Below threshold)

He's not the only star in trouble. look at Robin Williams

Sure he wasn't abusing drug... (Below threshold)

Sure he wasn't abusing drugs...he was enjoying them.

I was about to say that Jon... (Below threshold)

I was about to say that Jonathan Winters cracked up early on while doing characters, but MAN Robin Williams is... is...

Ugh. No good will come of this.

YOW!... (Below threshold)


Skybird, he's a skit comedi... (Below threshold)

Skybird, he's a skit comedian. He was imitating Rick James in that picture.

Actually, I'm surprised Kevin actually watches his show. It's hilarious, though.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug... (Below threshold)

Cocaine is a hell of a drug...

It just got worse for Willi... (Below threshold)

It just got worse for Williams. Now he's being sued

He's a super freak, alright... (Below threshold)

He's a super freak, alright.

50 million dollars for 2 mo... (Below threshold)

50 million dollars for 2 more years of a show that is NEVER EVER funny? Were they crazy? He sucks. Maybe we will be spared another season of his terrible show. I do hope he gets the help he needs, the coke head.

Joe, Joe, Joe... Open you'r... (Below threshold)

Joe, Joe, Joe... Open you're God damned eyes. Dave Chappelle is a revolutionary. He's the funniest comedian I know and behind all of his comedic antics he's getting out a message. This man is out there actively doing something, being a voice, for the black community in America - not just sitting back and talking about it - he's doing something. And I don't even live in America, I'm Australian, and I can see that. And I'm white and I can still see what he's doing. I suggest you go to your nearst video store and hire out 'Dave Chappelle's Block Party' and take notice of why he does that shit and have a listen to the lyrics and words from the artists whom he gets to perform there. "It's bigger than Hip-Hop" - from a song performed by Dead Prez that Dave plays as his intro music to each of his shows. Just like Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Common, Lauren Hill, he's got a message and he's getting it out there in his own way and SHIT is he funny! And seriously, do you think a man worth as much as Dave would be on drugs? Even when he's got a son? Open your eyes mate. And get a sense of not only humour but respect... I'm OUT






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