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DU On The Grenade Story

Reports this evening that a grenade was tossed at the stage in Georgia where President Bush was delivering a speech have been a bit confusing, especially so for the Democratic Underground crew. They don't know what to believe, and their hall monitors have made a point of warning them that threating violence against the President will most likely result in contact with the Secret Service. It must eating them up inside that they can't cheer for the grenade thrower...

Of course it's all just a Rovian plot...

Possible Grenade Thrown at Bush Speech - [Fox News]


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About that second link ("..... (Below threshold)

About that second link ("...a Rovian plot"), I can't figure out which is more strange, the plot writer or the person who writes, "Exactly" in response to it. I was thinking at first it had to be joke, but, it was exactly not so.

That massive "Rovanoia" can... (Below threshold)

That massive "Rovanoia" can only be explained by one of two things, either the left is insane in general or so inured to their dishonest ideology that nobody there cares about the truth aymore. It's scary that there doesn't seem to be a voice of reason on the whole site that says, "Get a grip people, you are the reason conservatives call us moonbats. A damn good reason." I remember a time not too long ago when at least some democrats didn't seem to need therapy and/or lobotomies.

I have to agree with "delet... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with "deleted message."

Frankly, I don't kno... (Below threshold)

Frankly, I don't know what to believe. There are reports floating around that it was a live grenade. I'm no experts, but don't those things go bang in short order? If something detonated within a mile of the President, I think the networks would be breaking in.

In case any of you missed i... (Below threshold)

In case any of you missed it, the "nt"'s you see all over the DU posts stand for nice try. Yes, thats an obvious one but it's easy to miss if you dont know what it means.

nt is actually "no text" if... (Below threshold)

nt is actually "no text" if I'm not mistaken. So just the topic of the response is taken. Meanwhile...I liked this one:

Seriously, if "conventional wisdom" is any gauge, the people here on DU are far more tethered to reality than the inside-the-Beltway whores...

Emphasis mine.

To coin a phrase...

Kin,If you think p... (Below threshold)


If you think people on DU can even find a map to reality, then you have your own "reality-based" issues to deal with.

Personally, I was amazed at the DUer who prefers Bush to be assassinated at home in the belief it would make him less of a martyr.

Kin,Oops, I though... (Below threshold)


Oops, I thought you said that, not the DUer. Sorry.

Jeez...the Karl Rove parano... (Below threshold)

Jeez...the Karl Rove paranoia, along with the GW is Hitler rhetoric, is out of control on the DU.






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