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Quote Of The Day - It Takes A Village Edition

"Watching these bigwigs try their hand at blogging is like watching that poor, pudgy Star Wars kid try out his light-saber moves in the home-video classic that saturated the Web a couple years back. Sure, maybe they'll get the moves down eventually. But for now - come on. You're gonna tell me that shit ain't funny?"
Julian Dibbell, on the Huffington Post's celebrity bloggers, in the village voice.

Comments (2)

They're more like that Goat... (Below threshold)

They're more like that Goatse guy than the Star Wars kid, so far they've only demonstrated they are enormous stupid assholes.

...insipid, and egotistical... (Below threshold)

...insipid, and egotistical beyond belief. A lead like this one pushed my "So what?" button faster than Ted Kennedy driving to the liquor store, 10 miles out and 5 minutes till closing:

Jon Robin Baitz
Thinking of Clifford Odets Today

"Sometimes, in the context of, say, being a playwright , especially one with a play starting previews in two days,..."

No, you're obviously thinking about Jon Robin Baitz.






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