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Under The Weatherman


Former Washington D.C and Miami weatherman, Bill Kamal, is spending 5 years in federal prison after entering a guilty plea to charges brought based on his arrest as a part of Operation Predator, a Immigration and Customs Enforcement program that has resulted in over 4,000 arrests nationwide for crimes such as; child pornography, enticement, sex trafficking of children, and sexual abuse. Now Kamal claims that even thought he plead guilty, Kamal claims he did wrong was fooling around on a computer and want to help a troubled teen.

As Steve H. at Hog On Ice notes Kamal's story might sympathetic at first, but the more you learn about his crime, and the more you listen to his logic-challenged denial of the reality of his situation, the more you'll conclude he's an asshole who got what he deserved. Additional background information on the story is available via this archived Miami Herald story.

Local 10 New's exclusive jailhouse interview with Bill Kamal - [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]


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Comments (6)

Bill's going to have to acc... (Below threshold)

Bill's going to have to accept a slightly different role than what he hoped would happen with the boy that he wanted to give "a dad/son's love ... plus the sex."

Hopefully by many big, burly, "dads" at the same time.

There is a special place in... (Below threshold)

There is a special place in hell reserved for people like him. If he is fortunate, some of his family, friends, and so called loyal fans will smuggle him in some EZ Lube, to make his time a little less painful.

he looks like a young Kavor... (Below threshold)

he looks like a young Kavorkian

"I just wanted to big a big... (Below threshold)

"I just wanted to big a big brother to some unfortunate kid...." Well, I'm sure there will be some men in prison that will want to be your big brother.

I read the channel 10 interview on line - it's incredible how he continues to blame everyone else for his behavior. As the Miami Herald put it: "A twister tearing through a row of outhouses couldn't spread the dung any faster."

I read this whole story yes... (Below threshold)

I read this whole story yesterday and kept thinking while reading, "how STUPID does he THINK PEOPLE ARE?!"

"Just playing around on the... (Below threshold)

"Just playing around on the computer..."

Jiminy. I mean, honestly.






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