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The 10 Spot - Every Picture Tells A Story Edition

Ten stories you may have missed...

  1. Bikini-clad realtor's billboard sparks controversy - [NBC4] (billboard)
  2. Police search for giant wiener [Backcountry Conservative] (pic)
  3. If your ex-girlfriend hangs 300 nude pictures of you at school and you get back together with her, you must be hung like a mule [NBC10]
  4. Having solved all the rest of the country's problems, Congress seeks to ban fake penises. [Rueters] (NSFW picture)
  5. "Dude, where's my finger?" [AP Photo]
  6. Capital Hill evacuation gets the Drudge photo treatment [Wonkette]
  7. Never make a bet with student involving insects... [News10.net]
  8. Oh the humanity!!! A truck carrying hauling 2,000 cases of beer flipped over and unleashed a sea of suds onto Canada's busiest highway. A reader e-mailed this picture which while sad, isn't of the scene. I've now found a video (Windows Media) of the accident scene - [Rueters]
  9. Everyone's favorite tinfoil-hatted boxing announcer cites Democratic Underground as "Various statisticians." Unfortunately a picture of Lampley donning a tin foil hat are not yet available... - [Jim Lampley]
  10. Proof that starting a whisper campaign to imply your opposition is a slack-jawed yokel with a hillbilly accent is bound to blow-up in your face. [VA Conservative]
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Comments (7)

Its Jackson vs. Sharpton in... (Below threshold)

Its Jackson vs. Sharpton in the Compton "Shakedown of the Century"

Geez, I thought you were ki... (Below threshold)

Geez, I thought you were kidding about Lampley & the DU "statisticians". He links to the DU DIRECTLY in his post! Un-fucking-believable.

"are you an idiot, reelcobr... (Below threshold)

"are you an idiot, reelcobra? There's no picture in that."

"Sure there is".

"No there isn't".



"You must not be getting it, you know, a technical thing..."

"No, your lame website doesn't have pictures, because you can't figure out how to upload them".

"I thought you download pictures... I mean"--

--"Your Honor, I rest my case".

If I ever decide to move do... (Below threshold)

If I ever decide to move down south, I know who my realtor will be. Man, those are some beautiful tits. Real, too.

This is going to sound stra... (Below threshold)

This is going to sound strange, but I happen to agree with the DU "statisticians" that the discrepency between exit polls and the actual vote results shows signs of conspiracy and vote fraud.

I think it's a clear case showing that most of the pollsters were/are in cohoots with the DNC and the MSM to defeat Republican/conservative candidates. I think the ext polls were faked in a failed attempt to influence the election.

The billboard of that realt... (Below threshold)

The billboard of that realtor reminds me of that scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail where the king is trying to convince his wet dishrag of a son that the girl he was supposed to marry was worth it because "she's got HUGE... tracts of land!"

Oh yeah -- the first thing ... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah -- the first thing I notice about a woman is her ... tracts.






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