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Anorexia Twin Bill - Fast-Shrinking Teen Queens Influence Young Girls

Lindsey Lohan and Nicole Richie hit the town in search of low-carb, low-cal crackers and water...

[Click photos for larger versions]

[Click photos for larger versions]

Fast-Shrinking Teen Queens Influence Young Girls - [ABC News]

Photos via LA Lovin'


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Comments (66)

My eyes!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!<... (Below threshold)

My eyes!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!

Jeez, eat a sandwich or som... (Below threshold)

Jeez, eat a sandwich or something.

good lord. Both used to be... (Below threshold)

good lord. Both used to be somewhat attractive but this "starved heroin addict" look is just sad...

In the case of Richie, she ... (Below threshold)

In the case of Richie, she might well be a starved heroin addict.

Red dress with electric blu... (Below threshold)

Red dress with electric blue shoes. Classy.

Richie looks like a Dark Crystal puppet.

I recognize these pictures,... (Below threshold)

I recognize these pictures, but I can't remember if these are from the first Mummy movie or the second one.

To be of the right weight, ... (Below threshold)

To be of the right weight, they'd both have to be under three feet tall.

I mean, seriously -- the la... (Below threshold)

I mean, seriously -- the last time I was in their weight class, I think I was five.

They look like Mick Jagger ... (Below threshold)

They look like Mick Jagger and Alan Colmes in drag.

A few months back I wrote a... (Below threshold)

A few months back I wrote about the rumor that had been going around that Disney used computers to reduce the apparent size of Lindsay Lohan's breasts in the upcoming "Herbie" movie so as not to scare the wee little children.

Something ain't right here. This just shouldn't be biologically possible.

That's just friggin' nasty.... (Below threshold)

That's just friggin' nasty...

Thanks guys, you already sa... (Below threshold)

Thanks guys, you already said it all except they look like leftovers after dracula had a 7 course meal. Why would anyone hit on either of them. I was never known to be to choosy (during 22 years of military service around the world) about bar floozies, but even in a drunken state I would pass on either of them. Give me an ugly woman with at least some meat on her bones. A seven course meal at one time was a six pack and a hotdog.

These girls are so emaciate... (Below threshold)

These girls are so emaciated that their heads look too big, and even size 0 clothes hang on them like sacks.... how grim.

Is it Halloweeen already?</... (Below threshold)

Is it Halloweeen already?

Geez, Brittney puts on a co... (Below threshold)
Governor Breck:

Geez, Brittney puts on a couple of pounds (well, more like 20) and people (some in this very blog even) are going "Eeeewwww, Brittney's FAT!" Linsey Whats-Her-Name gets scrawny and she gets much the same thing. Boy, the twists just can't win can they?

Actually, Guv, if these gal... (Below threshold)

Actually, Guv, if these gals had brains in their heads at least it would create a curve somewhere on 'em to look at...

Size 0? Try size -4. Disg... (Below threshold)

Size 0? Try size -4. Disgusting. You'd get splinters if you had sex with either of them ;)

What's so sad is that is th... (Below threshold)

What's so sad is that is that they're so unattractive and unreal. Drew Barrymore, who never looked overweight to me, has become more fit recently and looks lovely--not skinny but really fit.

The ones with really terrific figures, in an objective, aesthetic sense, are the Victoria's Secret models. Lindsey and Nicole would be laughed out of their dressing rooms.

I do believe that Lohan had... (Below threshold)
Bill from INDC:

I do believe that Lohan had her implants removed. Very odd.

Lindsay Lohan's entire appe... (Below threshold)

Lindsay Lohan's entire appeal was that she had such babealiciously nice curves.

Oy.Don't their fam... (Below threshold)


Don't their families see something seriously WRONG with these girls?

One word: yuck.... (Below threshold)

One word: yuck.

I'm so fucking angry to see... (Below threshold)

I'm so fucking angry to see this. One of my best friends from high school was murdered on New Years Eve at the age of 22. When we were at school together, she struggled with anorexia: she nearly died of it.

When Sally was hospitalised, most of her organs were just about ready to give up (she couldn't drink alcohol for the rest of her life because of what she did to her liver and kidneys during her illness).

I spent much of our fifteenth summer sat by her hospital bed with her family, trying to get her to see what she had become. She beat it, in the end, and her bravery during her treatment (I know "bravery" sounds like the wrong word, but believe me, it's not - she was truly confronting her absolute worst fear - food) is inspiring to me, and to our other friends, to this day.

To see these girls photographed and publicised angers me so much I'm nearly in tears. Someone who loves them needs to help them. And until then, the paparazzi should leave them alone.

If Sally could see these pictures . . .

They say the camera adds an... (Below threshold)

They say the camera adds an appearance of about 10 lbs. to a person. I guess that's why it always frightens me when someone starts looking excruciatingly thin even on camera; I can't help but wonder how thin they must appear in real life.

"Cocaine's a hell of a drug... (Below threshold)

"Cocaine's a hell of a drug!"

Should I initiate a Skank A... (Below threshold)

Should I initiate a Skank Alert?

This looks seriously like a... (Below threshold)

This looks seriously like anorexia. Truly sad.

Not to be catty, but Lohan ... (Below threshold)

Not to be catty, but Lohan has huge feet. The neon blue metallic pumps...it's as if she's blaring, "look at my size nine pods!"

I also spy what looks probably to be a lighter in her right hand, last photo, so that's probably a good part of why those two are so thin...both of those two look unhealthy. Thin, yes, but unhealthy. I'm thinking there's gotta be more to their diets than nicotine, but I doubt it's food.

I'm betting it's coke.... (Below threshold)

I'm betting it's coke.

-S- Something wrong with bi... (Below threshold)

-S- Something wrong with big feet? :::taps on of my size tens:::

Serious, at least one of these girls will end up dead or in a coma. Seems that I've seen some pics from sixty odd years ago that looked similar.

Did Michael Schiavo already... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Did Michael Schiavo already put out a diet book?

It this what girls in socie... (Below threshold)
Stephanie Conde:

It this what girls in society are striving to look like? This is not attractive its disgusting!! What are these girls doing to themselves.

"Did Michael Schiavo alread... (Below threshold)

"Did Michael Schiavo already put out a diet book?"
Lmao...good one:)

I really like lindsey. Hopefully she'll read what EVERYBODY is saying about her over the net and go back to the way she was. And the hair...? Go back to red, you look like total shit with blonde.

Cocaine? Heroin? Neither..... (Below threshold)

Cocaine? Heroin? Neither... try Meth!! These girls are seriously tweeked out of their heads!!!

"These girls are seriously ... (Below threshold)

"These girls are seriously tweeked out of their heads!!!"

They would have to be to actually look in the mirror, think "damn.. I look hot", and go out in public like that!! I would say, "quick someone throw them a burger" but they'd probably pop if they consumed it!

seriously people. those gir... (Below threshold)

seriously people. those girls obviously have an eating disorder, meaning they have an illness. just leave them alone. i have an eating disorder and it almost killed me. ok so just give them respect.

Sorry to hear that Elizabet... (Below threshold)

Sorry to hear that Elizabeth, must be rough. But the backwards-assed media praise limelight on figures like them is a big part of the eating disorders in the first place. It's just sad that the media says "That's hotl!" and comments on the internet reveal that more people hold just the opposite opinion.

"Say it's unhealthy and unattractive? You're fired! We would lose our FatAssassin(tm) SlimShake(tm) sponsors!

Leave them alone?!Th... (Below threshold)

Leave them alone?!
That is the stupidest advice I've ever heard. If you leave them alone nothing will get done. You have to face them with it.
One of my friends was anorexic, some of my family members. Nobody does anything if you leave them alone.
I say, we hospitalize them, and tell them "eat the food or we'll force it down you like all the normal anorexics." If movie stars are going to kill themselves, we should do what the rest of the world does with them. Medicate them and force it down their throats. Nothing else is going to be done if we don't.

Lohan lost the breasts she ... (Below threshold)

Lohan lost the breasts she got famous for. Now they are concave. What is that, a negative B cup?

OmG...i cant beleive lindsa... (Below threshold)

OmG...i cant beleive lindsay..she was so pretty and real before...i mean i wouldnt mind ppl talkin about the size of my boobs, but i would hate to hear someone talk about how gross i looked...i mean she should have stayed the way she was...she looked healthy and beautiful now she is scary...i hope she gets back to a healthy weight

I was searching the net for... (Below threshold)

I was searching the net for pictures of people with anorexia for an assignment, when this site came up. I was so shocked to see two people who i used to admire because they actually had a realistic figure look like this. What makes them want to be stick thin? i hope they realise that they dont look any better because they are thin. Infact they look awefull, they used to be very attractive girls but now they are way beyond that. I think they should take a long look in the mirror.

A star is over weight or fa... (Below threshold)

A star is over weight or fat and they get taken the piss out of, they lose weight and get slagged off. I think she's done well by losing weight, it takes strength to get that thin, I think she looks cute.

ew. you think she looks cut... (Below threshold)

ew. you think she looks cute? i dont know what your definition of cute is. take a look at this picture. which would you choose????

here. maybe this link will ... (Below threshold)

here. maybe this link will work. go to it. so much better with some meat

i used to be anorexic and i... (Below threshold)

i used to be anorexic and i know how it feels i just feel sorry for them right now

It makes me so sad to see l... (Below threshold)

It makes me so sad to see little Lindsey Lohan from The Parent Trap all grown up, starved half to death and bleached blonde like some generic Paris Hilton wannabe. I've always felt like I wouldn't mind dropping a few pounds and I used to really envy Lohan for her figure, but I'd prefer to weigh 500 pounds than look like her all Nicole Richie now.

I've been looking up some e... (Below threshold)

I've been looking up some extra information for my psychology paper to gather people's viewpoints concerning this illness and I'm shocked at the unsympathetic, heartless resposes pasted up here! Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorder, with 5 to 10% of victims dying within the first 10 years, this number increasing to 20% within 20 years. It's an obvious and deadly disorder! One of the main side effects, or what encourages this disorder, involes low self esteem and a negative self image, u mite have seen those cartoons where an average sized girl looks in a mirror and sees her reflection doubled in size, so such statements/suggestions as those posted here are much more likely to do harm than any good. Her freinds and family should try to help her, but forcing your help on someone will never be as successful as helping them understand that they need help, and you gain this with a more caring manner, not trying to force food down their throat! They both work/live in a highly stressful environment, they are continuously judged by their appearences, and their popularity can influence their success. So give them a break, you are u to judge them anyway? How much do you weigh? Would you like that to be publicized all ova the media and have complete strangers constantly criticize you because of it? I'm eighteen years old and live by the sea, I know too many ppl obsessed by their weight, I myself have tried diet pills and all that, but guess what? About 1/3 of all females have taken some extreme measure when it comes to weight control! How many of you have purged before, or skipped meals or anything? How many yo yo diet? They are celebrities, yes, they can act as role models, true, but they themselves have their own role models, and they are pressured by a whole range of factors, including the media and society which continues to promote the whole thin is beautiful image. They are victims of a disease, a real psychological disorder, why not keep that in mind next time you criticize them.

Wow maybe you guys should j... (Below threshold)

Wow maybe you guys should just lay off. you dont understand half the stuff that goes along with anorexia and people like you should take everything you said and shove it right up your fucking ass.

i think they are fine im ea... (Below threshold)

i think they are fine im eating less and partying more and i've seen a ghange in my apperence me and my cuz are same height and everything but she weighs like 112 and i weight like 130 but now seeing im fat i can change an it helps me only eat my one meal a day to reduce my weight!! thanks lindsey and nicole!!

wel what i want to know is ... (Below threshold)

wel what i want to know is how they lose the weight. i dont know about lindsay but i heard nicole lost hers a healthy way, and is not on drugs anymore. is is a high protien, low carb diet?

You have to understand that... (Below threshold)

You have to understand that there is so much preasure for celebs to "get in shape".its starts of as "diet" then it becomes a sickness that can destroy you complety.but i blame websites and tv that encourage teens to have an idea of a "perfect" body , this image stays in there heads and every time they look in the mirrer and don't see it in themselves.

Also do we really want to know if celebs are thin or fat?

persenly i i think Linsey Lohan looked really actractive and beutiful before she got anorexic

they are very pretty young ... (Below threshold)

they are very pretty young ladys

somebody get them a biskit.... (Below threshold)

somebody get them a biskit. i did a commerce report and presentation on how the media negatively effects young people and i used a pic of them and peeps in my class were grossed out lol

Though two really need to e... (Below threshold)

Though two really need to eat something or they are going to find themsleves in the death bed. I think thay looked better with the cerves, all they look now is well bones and they look horrible. They both use to be so pretty but now well.

And that comment about Brittny is better to gain waight that to be anorexia. Take for someone that know what happen. I was an idoet, no one else should take that mistake.

Though two really need to e... (Below threshold)

Though two really need to eat something or they are going to find themsleves in the death bed. I think thay looked better with the cerves, all they look now is well bones and they look horrible. They both use to be so pretty but now well.

And that comment about Brittny is better to gain waight that to be anorexia. Take for someone that know what happen. I was an idoet, no one else should take that mistake.

Someone fetch these two a s... (Below threshold)

Someone fetch these two a steaksandwich but for godsake dont make them go out and get it themselves, if a summer breeze comes along then they're fucked!

whats wrong with you people... (Below threshold)

whats wrong with you people? When people are fat you take the mic and say they will die so go on a diet...but when people actually go on diets they get called anorexic and that they will die, just because they lose weight doesn't mean they're anorexic....so what do you want them to be, fat and die of obesity or skinny and die of heart failure? They're gorgous so leave them to do what they want, it's their life.

IT is sooooo wrong for anyo... (Below threshold)

IT is sooooo wrong for anyone to starve themselves!!! it just means they are insecure and need God

err katie... its not about ... (Below threshold)

err katie... its not about needing god. Just cause you have god doesnt mean that you have no insecurities. they just need to be in a rehab where they can well..rehabilitate. They need someone to slap them with reality of how horrible anorexia can truly be-and how it kills you off as weak.

thats all.
it has nothing to do with god.



Don't you just want to kind... (Below threshold)

Don't you just want to kindly walk up to them on the sidewalk, stir up a conversation.....AND THEN JAM OPEN THEIR MOUTHS AND CRAM IN A COUPLE OF BIG MACS?

They may look really anorex... (Below threshold)
Lacy Rae:

They may look really anorexic and everything but doesn't anybody ever stop to think that maybe they arent that way by choice? Dont you think maybe they could have been sick for awhile before those pictures were taken? And even if they are anorexic or whatever, reading some of the things that people have written on this site isn't going to make them feel any better about themselves or make them do anything to fix it. Besides what they do to their bodies is their choice and nobody is going to change that except them. Although it is sad to see them in such a sickly state.

i think they look great.you... (Below threshold)

i think they look great.your just jealos.i look like that so shutup

they are so hurting cant yo... (Below threshold)

they are so hurting cant you see that.. they are so sick they defiently need help.. and the only way to do it is all you people out there calling them sluts and so on, that doesnt help and really would you want people making fun of you, i think not. stop making fun of them!never give up on life, life is hard as it is they dont need people hurting them, it is hard enough for those girls to feel the way they do, so think the next time you go making fun of people, it hurts even though it doesnt appear it does, in this case the torment etc they have recieved from the media etc is horrible .... hmmm... how dare you all ..

holy crap! im only 15 but i... (Below threshold)

holy crap! im only 15 but i could never imagine how celebrities can be so critical about their weight. yea.. so they are "celebrities" which is a pretty damn good reason to make sure you look good, but becoming a walking skeleton.. it's horrific. I came across this sight and really thought i couldn't care less about who has gained weight or lost weight, but i had to leave a comment- they are celebrities, famous, rich, they have everything money could buy ( even lypo! ) so i dont understand how they could serverely continuously hurt themself just to follow a trend. for sure its devastating, phsycological, and how they need support and all that rubbish- if their families and friends really cared you think they would be able to see the signs before it becomes a disease. Maybe magazines shouldn't post pictures surely they can see the effect they have on society, especially young girls - since when do 11 year olds worry about make up and how skinny they are???!!!

i'm surprised that their dr... (Below threshold)

i'm surprised that their dresses didn't slip off them when they put them on!






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