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Wendy's Chili Finger Mystery Solved!

Wendy's, which has lost millions of dollars in sales since a woman claimed to have found a finger in a bowl of Wendy's chili, got some good news this afternoon.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - The mysterious finger that a woman claimed to have found in a bowl of Wendy's chili came from an associate of her husband who lost the finger in an industrial accident, police said Friday.

"The jig is up. The puzzle pieces are beginning to fall into place, and the truth is being exposed," Police Chief Rob Davis said.

The discovery of the finger's owner marks a significant break in a case that has confounded authorities for nearly two months, ever since Anna Ayala claimed she bit down on the well-manicured, 1 1/2-inch finger in a mouthful of her steamy chili.

Authorities said last month that they believed the story was a hoax, and they arrested the 39-year-old Ayala at her home in Las Vegas and charged her with attempted grand larceny for allegedly trying to shake down Wendy's. But whose finger was in the chili remained a mystery.

The owner was traced through a tip made to a Wendy's hot line, Davis said. He said the man lost the finger in December, and authorities "positively confirmed that this subject was in fact the source of the fingertip." The nature of the industrial accident was not disclosed.

Davis said the Nevada man, whose name was not released, is cooperating. The police chief would not say if the man was in on the alleged hoax.

Police believe the man gave the finger fragment to Ayala's husband, Jaime Plascencia, who was arrested this month on identity-theft charges unrelated to the Wendy's case.

Don't forget, Wendy's if giving away free Junior Frostys today and all weekend to say thanks to it's customers, and no purchase is necessary.


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Comments (11)

I wonder if there will be a... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

I wonder if there will be any encroachment rights involved with Kentucky Fried Chicken?...You know with the finger likin good thing? HA HA !!!

"The owner was traced throu... (Below threshold)

"The owner was traced through a TIP made to a Wendy's hot line..."


It is considerably sad the ... (Below threshold)

It is considerably sad the extents to which people will go to make a "quick" buck from our "justice" system. Of course, if our society did not allow frivolous cases, life would be a hell of a lot easier, and so much more sane...

The woman should be countersued for the cost of her trial, as well as all of the profits Wendy's lost from this negative publicity. And this should come before, after, or during her trial for filing a false police report, among other criminals. Such a moron.

It's obvious that Wendy's d... (Below threshold)
VA Jim:

It's obvious that Wendy's didn't knuckle under, but the evidence always pointed to a fraud anyway. I'll bet they're glad the tip came in, probably a person fingering an enemy. It sounds like they've nailed the perpetrator. Thumbs-up to the cops for their hard work.

There is a downside to all ... (Below threshold)

There is a downside to all this. Anyone finding bdy parts in their food in the future will hesitate to say anything for fear of being arrested. Look for Taco Bell to start raiding cemeteries and hospital dumpsters the next time beef prices go up.

I have heard of giving the ... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

I have heard of giving the finger! But this is ridiculous... This brings on an entirly different connotation!

I must say, I completely di... (Below threshold)

I must say, I completely didn't know about the Frosty thing today so it was a great surprise when I received one when ordering lunch this afternoon. Everyone in the place seemed happy about it, too.

"Who's pointing who's</b... (Below threshold)

"Who's pointing who's finger at whom?" Who wants to point a finger at the second "who's"??? Whose finger was it anyhow?[G]

"The police chief would not... (Below threshold)

"The police chief would not say if the man was in on the alleged hoax"

I would say he had a "part" in it. What did she say.."ya know that finger you lost the other day, do you supose I could borrow it?'


Were finger prints taken? E... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Were finger prints taken? Exactly how did they finger the owner? ... Ick! Yuck yuck...

This story is so crazy! Why... (Below threshold)
Stephanie McClay:

This story is so crazy! Why would she want to do that anyways? She's got problems.






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