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Ted Kennedy loves the estate tax -- for everyone else

Teddy Kennedy's recent brush with tax-evasion has put a lot of attention on his family and their positions on various taxes.

Now, Teddy is one of the lions of the left, and he's denounced plans to reduce or repeal the estate tax. Apparently it isn't enough that you pay your taxes when you acquire things -- they don't want you to be able to do what you want with it after you die unless the government gets its "fair cut."

Now, one might think that Teddy -- being the scion of a wealthy, powerful family and one of the wealthiest men in the Senate -- would be acting against his own best interests. But one would be wrong.

You see, there are "laws" and there are "laws." Certain laws are intended to promote Equality and Fairness and Goodness. If someone is already in favor of Equality and Fairness and Goodness, such as Ted Kennedy, then there's no need to apply those laws to him. He doesn't need to be punished into thinking Correctly; he already does.

That's why, when his sister-in-law, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, died, her children fought like hell in court to get their legacy declared as "income" (taxed at 40%) and not "inheritance" (taxed at 55%).

And that's why when Teddy's mother, Rose Kennedy, died, her estate was probated in much more inheritance-friendly Florida, where she had a home, and not in Massachusetts. Petty concerns about such trivialities as the law that requires estates be probated where the person had their legal home were just shrugged aside. Never mind that one has to actually LIVE in a state to be a resident; even though Rose hadn't left Massachusetts in about twelve years, her family insisted that in her heart, she just KNEW she was a Floridian and wanted her estate settled that way.

When the government wanted Al Capone, they didn't get him for murder, extortion, smuggling, or any other of the scads of mob activities that he committed. They nailed him on tax evasion. And I'd be willing to bet that if the government went after the Kennedys with a fraction of the zeal they showed in that case, they'd find even more evidence.

But I ain't holding my breath.


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Comments (14)

No point in holding your br... (Below threshold)
The Other JD:

No point in holding your breath.
Mary Jo Kopechne did, and it didn't do her any good either.

There's a simple rule:... (Below threshold)

There's a simple rule:

Republicans make laws with lots of loopholes. Everyone has to obey the laws, everyone can use the loopholes.

Democrats make ironclad laws that allow no sneakiness... but democrats don't have to obey those laws, everyone else does.

"Mary Jo Kopechne did, and ... (Below threshold)

"Mary Jo Kopechne did, and it didn't do her any good either."

Oh. My. God.

I'm horrified, but I'm laughing.

It works like this: when yo... (Below threshold)

It works like this: when you're born into the Kennedy family, you're issued a birth certificate, a silver spoon, and a Get-Out-of-Jail-free card.

What's so bad about flushin... (Below threshold)

What's so bad about flushing a Koran anyway? It's just s book, it's not like it's really Holy or Sacred or something like the Bible is. From what I hear, it's kind of like their terrorist instruction manual.

President Bush should be awarding medals to those men, for saving the souls of Heathens that would otherwise burn in Hell. Then he should flush another one on TV for good measure, to show those Muslims that he is on the side of good Christians and doesn't have no truck with Islamofascist symapthizers.

It's okay, the guards used ... (Below threshold)

It's okay, the guards used a Stunt Koran

--- did the old 'Penn and Teller' switcheroo ---

My hope is that a photo will turn up with the caption:
"No actual Korans were desecrated during the interrogation of this detainee"

Award medals, Minnie? To a ... (Below threshold)

Award medals, Minnie? To a terrorist who tore up the Koran his captors had given him, throwing the pages into his toilet, and flushing them himself in an effort to clog up the plumbing?

Why, that idea is almost as ridiculous as everything else you've ever said here.

Nothing new there for the K... (Below threshold)

Nothing new there for the Kennedy crime ring, they put the Merchandise Mart in Chicago into trusts mostly based in Fiji in 1947 to avoid estate taxes when Joe Sr. died. It was the world's largest privately owned building at the time and they were able to dodge the taxes on $30 million dollars. Kinda makes this seem minor when you adjust those to 2005 dollars. Just like every other limosine liberal, they expect everyone else to pay the taxes and complain about greed while they do everything in their power to avoid taxes and increase their own wealth. Just imagine the results of asking Ben Affleck to only ask for $5 million per movie with not points so poor people could afford to see it. He'd laugh all the way to the bank. I guess the left's reasoning is that if a liberal speaks out about a perceived wrong they get a pass to commit that wrong.

That's the "Lion of the Dem... (Below threshold)

That's the "Lion of the Democrat Party." Or I should say, "Liar of the Democrat Party."

And don't hold your breath ... (Below threshold)

And don't hold your breath for the MSM to look into this story.

The Kennedy clan has attain... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

The Kennedy clan has attained the status of "America's Royal Family" to those on the left. A lot of us on the right are amused and bewildered that thier actions and deeds over the years are ignored by our legal system. Check out the family history and lack of justice applied to them. Rules, laws, regulations, morals, civil court action, criminal court action, and tax court action; that's for the common folk.

Handicap No. 01 for Arnold ... (Below threshold)

Handicap No. 01 for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Kennedy family relations.

Oldsmobile. Oldsmobile. Old... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Oldsmobile. Oldsmobile. Oldsmobile. I think I got it right this time.

After the way his career ta... (Below threshold)

After the way his career tanked in the wake of that vanity flick with JLo, I expect five million with no points would look pretty good to ol' Ben right about now.






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