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Manchester United Fans Threaten "Sheer Pandemonium" Over Takeover

Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Malcom Glazer is public enemy #1 in Britain after gobbling up shares in the sports worlds most valuable franchise, English football club Manchester United. His 75% stake allows him the freedom to take the club private, without having to seek approval from other shareholders. British media coverage has been apocalyptic...


Fan reaction has been equally un-restrained...

"We won't do anything that endangers safety, but they may have to draft in the army to police the match," said Oliver Houston, vice-chairman of Shareholders United. The suggestions range from sheer pandemonium, to hurling thousands of beach balls on the pitch, to a Gandhi-esque protest of people just walking onto the field and sitting down."
Given the commingled history of hooliganism and English football fans, hoping for a Gandhi-style love-in appears to be as foolhardy as striking matches in a firework factory...

Glazer Man Utd stake exceeds 75% - [BBCNews]
United fans in final threat to Glazer takeover - [icWales]
Why Glazer wants Man United - [BBC Sport]
The owner, the enigma - [SPTimes]


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Comments (6)

Conversely, they could try ... (Below threshold)

Conversely, they could try a boycott.
About as likely as a non-violent protest, but probably more effective.

"...hoping for a Gandhi-sty... (Below threshold)

"...hoping for a Gandhi-style love-in appears to be as foolhardy as striking matches in a firework factory..."

I'm willing to bet "striking matches" would be way safer than being withing a 2- mile radius of the stadium.

ManU fans are crazy, they w... (Below threshold)
Clash City Rocker:

ManU fans are crazy, they weren't happy under the old chairman, or the one before that. When ManU went public they shot themselves in the foot, now Glazer is coming in to take them private, he has already said he will do what it takes to make ManU number one again, a place they haven't been in three years. The fans think he is going to raise ticket prices and flush player salaries, they should take a good hard look at what he did for Tampa Bay, he poured tons of cash into the Bucs and the fans were rewarded with a Super Bowl.

Public Enemy number 1? Sure... (Below threshold)

Public Enemy number 1? Sure, the Man U fans aren’t all that happy but the rest of the country is piising itself with laughter at their discomfort.

I think the Bucs are great.... (Below threshold)
Chris W.:

I think the Bucs are great.

great post, i like Manchest... (Below threshold)

great post, i like Manchester United very much






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