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Newsweek's Hail Mary?

"As a legal matter, U.S. citizens are free to deface the Qur'an as an exercise of free speech, just as they are free to burn the American flag or tear up a Bible...
While examining how it got the Koran desecration story wrong, Newsweek tries to plant a seed with wingnuts and moonbats everywhere...

If you're the editor of Newsweek, you're praying for an organized Koran burning somewherein the US right about now to divert attention from your own editorial failing.


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Comments (26)

So even though were not sur... (Below threshold)

So even though were not sure if this happened, it's OK for us in this country to do it, so we did nothing wrong in fictiously reporting about it.

we're...I hate it wh... (Below threshold)

we're...I hate it when people do that!!!

William Teach, The Pirate's... (Below threshold)

William Teach, The Pirate's Cove, coined a great term, that I totally love:


why should we, "americans" ... (Below threshold)

why should we, "americans" apologize for anything we say the offends islamic extremists.
they kill our son's and any americans they can and we should apologize because of their hatred of us.
I am appalled that we americans aren't insulted at their attitude toward us..

I'll just note that on last... (Below threshold)

I'll just note that on last Monday's episode of their awesome Showtime series, Penn & Teller cut up a Bible with power tools.

Total riots: 0
Total death toll: 0

Of course, if we did what N... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Of course, if we did what Newsweek suggested, we'd wind up on their front cover as examples of bigoted, hate-filled, redneck Americans.

I'll just note that on l... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

I'll just note that on last Monday's episode of their awesome Showtime series, Penn & Teller cut up a Bible with power tools.

Depends. What tools did they use? If it was something cool, like a chain saw or a laser or a hydraulic press, that would be OK. On the other hand, if it was something lame like an electric carving knife, then I think we should riot!

The only difference between... (Below threshold)

The only difference between the MSM and Al-Jazeera is that Al-Jaz knows what side it's supposed to be on. Propaganda is going to be a part of any war, I just wish outlets like Newsweak wouldn't help the other side so enthusiasticaly...

Howard Kurtz live online <a... (Below threshold)
VA Jim:

Howard Kurtz live online now (11:30 AM EST) from the Washington Post; which owns Newsweak.

<a href="http://www.itsapun... (Below threshold)
You know I am a Christian, ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

You know I am a Christian, and admit I would be extremely bothered if somebody were to flush or put the Bible in a toilet, but other than being dissappointed, I can't say that I would even come close to feeling an urge to riot in the streets or kill people.

To feel justified in rioting and murdering over how a Holy book is treated is just plain insane.

Newsweek really doesn't have a big defense here for their crappy reporting, but ultimately the idiots are the people who seem to worship a book over God.

I think it's high time some... (Below threshold)

I think it's high time someone stood up for Jesus, after all he died for you. We cannot allow the Muslims to pretend their religion is just as good as ours.

I am thoroughly disappointed that President Bush didn't stand up to the Islamofascists, but instead bowed to Liberal pressure to apologize.

Now they are claiming "no one can find any evidence" that Koran-flushing took place, despite the fact that it was right there in black and white in the interrogation manual as a time-tested tactic for breaking the will of the Muslim.

I'm sure there are thousands of good Christians right on this site who will personally volunteer to publicly flush one of these sacreligious imitation Bibles, if it's evidence they need.

Minnie, go flush yourself.<... (Below threshold)

Minnie, go flush yourself.

I am growing tired of the '... (Below threshold)
Bill Burz:

I am growing tired of the 'normal' media. We should all boycott this magazine, and email all of our friends to suggest a national boycott. )Please help here, our very nation gets weaker each time this occurs. Enough is enough already.

Dave: it was a hole saw att... (Below threshold)

Dave: it was a hole saw attached to a big drill. So no points awarded for exoticness, but it did look kinda cool regardless.

In their favor, they ran a ton of 9/11 footage on the same show to mock some DU/Kos-style conspiracy theories.

-- If you're the editor of ... (Below threshold)

-- If you're the editor of Newsweek, you're praying for an organized Koran burning somewhere in the US right about now to divert attention from your own editorial failing. --

The salve to Newsweek's pride would be just about the only downside to it. Me, I want to see HUNDREDS of Koran bonfires, with hundreds of thousands of participants, spread all over America and publicized internationally. I want the Muslim world to know that if they want a war with the Pale Destroyers, they'll get it in spades.

Only savages revert to mass mayhem and murder over having been "offended." The only thing savages understand is the sting of the lash. Q.E.D.

I'm asking for a googlebomb... (Below threshold)

I'm asking for a googlebomb of Newsweek with the word "KoranGate"...

Newsweek offered up their "... (Below threshold)

Newsweek offered up their "official spokesperson" earlier on FOX News (probably elsewhere), who, when questioned about the reality of the flushing incident (one suspected terrorist ripped pages out of his copy of the Kuran and attempted to stop up his cell's toilet) and Newsweek's horrendous misrepresentations of that (alleging that U.S. military guards ripped up copies of the Kuran as a means of torture of prisoners), the spokesperson guy (whose name I didn't capture but he appeared on FOX in an official capacity, representing Newsweek in the issue today, earlier...

the glaring problem came when the guy made his statements that the report was wrong, inaccurate, and then continued on with a noticable defiance in his tone of voice, "HOWEVER, THIS DOES NOT CHANGE OUR OBJECTIVE AND THAT IS...(voice stopped, he seems to have realized he was ramping up his volume, was about to reveal something he secondarily decided wouldn't be prudent to reveal, so stopped midsentence, reset his tone, continued with)...OUR OBJECTIVE IS TO REVEAL THE TRUTH (he MAY have said, "report the truth," or "get at the truth" but the point remains the same).

WAPO, TNYT, CBS...these are bastions of individuals grouped together with one (it appears) group mission, based upon one group personality, and those are: "defeat the U.S. because."

They are not interested in "truth," but in terrorism. No wonder riotous and revolutionary and anarachist groups in other countries perceive the liberal media in the U.S. as authority...they're speaking the same language.

Suzy, was he claiming this ... (Below threshold)

Suzy, was he claiming this is another case of "fake but accurate"? Is that how I'm reading that?

Christians write in their B... (Below threshold)

Christians write in their Bibles, underline, highlight, make notes in the margins... however... the Catholic church, and Protestant churches with a concept of sacraments as means of grace, take great care with the elements of communion. The blood of Christ doesn't go into the sewers if it isn't all used up. I believe Catholic priests drink whatever is left to avoid throwing it away at all, and the Mo.Synod Lutheran I attended carefully poured the unused wine into the ground. No toilets. No drains that would eventually join a toilet.

Would Christians riot? Not this decade. But I think that we at least can understand the feeling of offense caused by desecration or blasphemy. Anyone who actually holds something sacred ought to be able to understand.

I'm Amazed! Shocked! Absolu... (Below threshold)

I'm Amazed! Shocked! Absolutely Wozzled! And nobody else seems to have noticed!

minnie actually posted something that was ON TOPIC!!!

You Go, Girl!!! (if you are a girl, that is.)

Synova, I understand what i... (Below threshold)

Synova, I understand what it means to hold something sacred. But I can't take seriously such an argument when it is offered as an explanation for riots that call for blood and leave over a dozen people dead. If these wackjobs hold a book -- any book -- more sacred than the lives of their neighbors, then I have no basis for understanding them and no intention of respecting them or their idiotic beliefs.

<a href="http://www.insomno... (Below threshold)
Hee hee, that was funny, Qu... (Below threshold)

Hee hee, that was funny, Quinn!

Newsweek's Hail Mary? Talking of Mary, maybe their source was one of Seymour Hersh's ex-CIA whiners, fronted by Mary Mapes, disguised as Lucy Ramirez impersonating Deepthroat at a cattle show, wallowing in their dung from My Lai to Abu Ghraib to Gitmo.

But more seriously, after r... (Below threshold)

But more seriously, after reading Reelcobra's link in the earlier thread, I wonder when the 4-day protest was organized in relationship to when the actual printed Newsweek copies arrived in Kabul. I wonder if the troublemakers in Kabul had pre-knowledge of the article. If there was behind-the-scenes coordination, then the identity of Newsweek's source takes on new importance.

At Jim Geraghty of National... (Below threshold)

At Jim Geraghty of National Review's site, it is reported (via Powerline) that Newsweek describes their source as:

"a longtime reliable source, a senior U.S. government official who was knowledgeable about the matter."

Dan Rather's impressive-sounding "unimpeachable military source" turned out to be Bill Burkett, formerly of the Texas ARMY National Guard (not AIR) who had a well-known vendetta against George Bush since the days he was Governor of Texas.

Sooooo - who will it turn out to be this time?






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