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Galloway to Congress: "You have nothing on me"

Flamboyant British MP George Galloway took it to a Senate subcommittee looking into his ties to the UN oil-for-food scandal today.

WASHINGTON (AP) - British lawmaker George Galloway denounced U.S. senators on their home turf Tuesday, denying accusations that he profited from the U.N. oil-for-food program and accusing them of unfairly tarnishing his name.

Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., questioned Galloway's honesty and told reporters, "If in fact he lied to this committee, there will have to be consequences."

Galloway's appearance was an odd spectacle on Capitol Hill: A legislator from a friendly nation, voluntarily testifying under oath, without immunity, at a combative congressional hearing where neither side showed much pretense of diplomatic niceties.

...Coleman's subcommittee claimed that Galloway funneled allocations through the Mariam Appeal - a fund he established in 1998 to help a 4-year-old Iraqi girl suffering from leukemia - and received allocations worth 20 million barrels from 2000 to 2003. Coleman also alleged that Galloway was linked to kickbacks to Saddam, saying the Iraqi leader received more than $300,000 in surcharges on allocations involving Galloway.

"You have nothing on me, senator, except my name on lists of names from Iraq, many of which have been drawn up after the installation of your puppet government in Baghdad," he said.

This BBC report report on the aftermath of the hearing, however, indicates that it's possible that Sen. Coleman (R-MN) and Sen. Levin (D-MI) were playing a bit of rope-a-dope with Galloway:
Asked his reaction to the "unusual" manner of the witness, [Coleman] replied: "I was not offended by what he had to say, it was not relevant.

"The theatre, the dramatics - I was not looking at that. I had one goal and it was to make a record."

...Senator Levin later said he was "deeply troubled" that Mr Galloway had "ducked the question"

Scott Burgess live blogs the hearing, and drops this tidbit:
A committee lawyer is running through the evidence of 4 oil allocations made to Galloway, adding that a "senior Iraqi official" had confirmed, just yesterday, that the supporting documentation (some of which specifically names Galloway as an allocation recipient) was genuine. It's unfortunate that they're not naming the official - could it be Tariq Aziz?
While I'd like to believe that there will be "consequences" for Galloway, unless Coleman's committee can unearth a "smoking gun," he'll remain a gadfly lefty hero...

Who am I kidding, even if they provide a "smoking gun" he'll still be a lefty fav. Countdown to "Glass Jaw Jim" Lampley eruption in 3, 2, 1...


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I could barely believe my e... (Below threshold)

I could barely believe my eyes and ears, least of all, I could barely believe Galloway.

He lost me with the "lip spittle" comments, or whatever it was close to that. The man seems completely barbaric, crazed. I would never even assume he came close to heroic, but then, I'm not a moonbat.

Never was a term more appropriate as that ("moonbat") as it was today, hearing and viewing Galloway's insane performance.

I use the words, "insane pe... (Below threshold)

I use the words, "insane performance" in reference to Galloway as can be identified in his comments, that, "if you'd listened to me, we wouldn't find ourselves in the mess that we are in" (close enough, I didn't transcribe the performance).

HE's the guy being questioned about his acceptance of monies from Saddam Hussein. Not the world, not everyone else, but him.

And, that "mess" "we find ourselves in" -- it's only as messy as Galloway insists that it be. As in, the man seems to be dancing very ardently in attempts to step aside, and instead, is smack in the middle.

...and moonbats don't like ... (Below threshold)

...and moonbats don't like Bolton??? whatever dude.

Galloway - I caught some of... (Below threshold)

Galloway - I caught some of the hearing this morning - is one of the most completely histrionic and narcissistic individuals that I have ever witnessed, and I'm saying that as a psych nurse. That's just my clinical observation. Slimey is another. Gag, I bet his casual wardrobe ensemble includes a gold chain and pinky ring.

His flagrant personality disorder will be his undoing. Cluster B's (histrionics, narcissists and ant-socials) almost always over-estimate their abilities; grandiosity being a central theme.

All the committee needs to do is keep him on task, get the facts and give him enough rope. Although, sadly, there really aren't any bad outcomes for him. His majority Islamic constituents will re-elect him over and over again.

Yep. He's crazy, penny. I... (Below threshold)

Yep. He's crazy, penny. I completey agree.

I tend to avoid the use of that word, but in Galloway's case, it's necessary.

It's not often that congres... (Below threshold)

It's not often that congressional testimony on a war-related matter can make us LOL... but it was hard not to, when viewing clips of this today.

Despite being a leftist, Galloway concurred with the conservative position (lowercase "c") on the Iraq war, against the socialist Blair government. I've read that Margaret Thatcher has also taken that position.

Someone at today's hearings... (Below threshold)

Someone at today's hearings (apparently, Coleman wasn't up to it) needed to remind Galloway -- and someone also needs to remind the bleacher bums cheering him on -- that the subject of the hearing was not his delusional verdict on the war in Iraq, but the largest financial scandal in human history, run under the watch of people he claims we should have heeded before going into Iraq -- people who were by and large bribed to disagree with us.

His use of the phrase "mother of all smokescreens" was telling. Now, from whom did we first hear this figure of speech?

Galloway obviously isn't go... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Galloway obviously isn't going to admit his transgretions! He is pulling an OJ...

"Absolutely Cockahoot",som... (Below threshold)

"Absolutely Cockahoot",someone should name a drink after that. I'm sure the walls of the senate never heard that one before.

He didn't sound crazy to me, i understood his rantings clearly. And I agree that he has a right to know who his accuser is. But he should return the money donated to him from the iraqi businessman that was getting oil vouchers.

He didn't seem to understand people were dying under the OFF program as well as under the harsh sanctions before OFF. He's only upset that people were dying because of the sanctions, but not due to UN corruption under OFF.

So we tried it both ways and still the Iraqs suffered. Sanctions will never work unless it's universal, like under partied. And Humanitarian programs in the UN are beyond corrupt, they are criminal. Good luck trying universal sanctions on an oil producing nation, it will never happen.

"A committee lawyer is runn... (Below threshold)

"A committee lawyer is running through the evidence of 4 oil allocations made to Galloway, adding that a "senior Iraqi official" had confirmed, just yesterday, that the supporting documentation was genuine."

I'm sure it will surprise no one here but, I'm confused, single, anonymous sources are good now?

<a href="http://www.tiscali... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

The last people who accused George Galloway also ended up with egg on their faces.
He may not be the most endearing of characters but, he has turned out to be right....
If these senators have facts, let them present them. So far I have seen nothing to justify their accusations.
Never was fond of George, but in this I wish him all the very best.

Cosmo, you may not have not... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

Cosmo, you may not have noticed that Galloways verdict on the war, (predicated on lies etc), is actually correct. The reasons for going to war were ficticious, plain and simple. It leaves me wondering who is the deluded one here.
As for the largest financial scandal in history, I think once the Texan company Bayoil's story comes to the fore, and Bush Snr and Jnr turning a blind eye to the $37 million in kickbacks, it might start getting close

Phil, it's time to bury the... (Below threshold)

Phil, it's time to bury the "lies going to war" meme. It has been sliced and diced all over the internet for years now. Iraq has moved on. Most of us have moved on. Terrorism rages on as it has for decades. That's the intelligent focus now.

Galloway isn't before this hearing for his opinions on American foreign policy. No one gives a damn what he thinks about it. The focus is his OFF dealings with Saddam.

Quinn...ah, but it's very c... (Below threshold)

Quinn...ah, but it's very common that greatly delusionals are greatly understandable. And, while I share with you in understanding Galloway, it still doesn't lessen his nuttiness. I'd say he's incredibly delusional, with grandeur being his cake walk, among narcicism, egoism and the hystrionic petulence of the persecution of the grand master planner. Same responses from Saddam Hussein for a long time, by the way.

I'm just saying that Galloway hasn't much to stand on as to receiving funds from the Saddam problem via the U.N. and all he has to go on is his illustrious vocabulary and insulting those to whom he spoke. It's an avoidance tact, call it smokescreen, call it cunning...still crazy.

He's among the most outrageously crazed persons I think I've yet to ever hear/view in the public. Senator Biden comes in the top ten, while Castro probably is second place. But, Galloway takes the ever so special and flamboyant blue ribbon in this category.

Think of it this way: as l... (Below threshold)

Think of it this way: as long as Galloway keeps the outpouring of illustrious accusations and glares down anyone who "dares to" question him, he can't be asked any more questions. The way to handle people like Galloway is give them a lot of rope and then wait.

This a man that was not onl... (Below threshold)

This a man that was not only removed from office but kicked out of the party. If i had take a few million in kickbacks i'd deny it to. He is a Ahole in Britian and he showed he is an Ahole whereever he is. Notice how he ignored every question when ask 'is this not your signature on this document'. He was ask several times and never replied, just went on a childish temper tantum about being framed. He's fried in any court in the world that doesn't have a left wing judge, then like Ca. is with so called stars, they wouldn't be convicted if you had a movie of them comitting the crime. But he is a poster boy for the lefties in the U.S., criminally insane, a thief and a liar, just up their alley. Hey, has anyone checked to see if he's screaming Dean's evil twin.

frameone grunts: "I'm sure ... (Below threshold)
Mark Flacy:

frameone grunts: "I'm sure it will surprise no one here but, I'm confused, single, anonymous sources are good now?"

What part of "supporting documentation" did you not understand?

frameone:"I'm sure it will ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

frameone:"I'm sure it will surprise no one here but, I'm confused, single, anonymous "

Shouldn't that be in a dating service blog?

I'm very discouraged that a... (Below threshold)

I'm very discouraged that a bunch of British civilian experts were once again able to easily detect the best forgeries Feith's psych-ops group could cook up to smear this Galloway traitor. We seriously need to get those boys in for some real spook training from Goss's side now that Negroponte's running the show.

Let's just hope they were competent enough that the Moonbat bloggers don't trace it back to the source -- we don't need that kind of blowback in Dear Leader's face right now.

I'm very discouraged that a... (Below threshold)

I'm very discouraged that a bunch of British civilian experts were once again able to easily detect the best forgeries Feith's psych-ops group could cook up to smear this Galloway traitor. We seriously need to get those boys in for some real spook training from Goss's side now that Negroponte's running the show.

Let's just hope that Team B bunch was competent enough that the Moonbat bloggers don't trace it back to the source -- we don't need that kind of blowback in Dear Leader's face right now.

"... a "senior Iraqi offici... (Below threshold)

"... a "senior Iraqi official" had confirmed, just yesterday, that the supporting documentation (some of which specifically names Galloway as an allocation recipient) was genuine."

And Mark what part of "was genuine" didn't you understand? As in a single, anonymous source confirmed the supporting documentation was genuine. Jeez, that sounds like what you all accussed CBS of going in with.

And you gotta love Penny's ... (Below threshold)

And you gotta love Penny's excuse: "Hey, we've been over this a thousand times, the president lied to us. Just get over it and move on."

You know if you guys think that liberals go out of there way to attack this president could someone here tell what the limits of your defense of him and his administration is?

And you gotta love Penny's ... (Below threshold)

And you gotta love Penny's excuse: "Hey, we've been over this a thousand times, the president lied to us. Just get over it and move on."

You know if you guys think that liberals go out of their way to attack this president could someone here tell what the limits of your defense of him and his administration is?

Penny, lies are lies, whene... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

Penny, lies are lies, whenever they are told and no matter how many times they are discussed. To suggest we should forget them and move on, is to encourage future politicians to believe we are all mugs. At what point do you start to object to being lied to? I take it your personal statue of limitations on liars is somewhat shorter then most peoples.
If politicians are allowed to get away with such extraodinary deceits without question, the world is headed down a very dangerous path.
I have no liking for Mr Galloway, and I am not at all sure he is innocent, I do however agree with him on one point. Whatever illegalities this committee uncover, they pale into insignificance compared to the acts perpetrated by the US and UK governements in an effort to convince us war was necessary.

The mainstream press refers... (Below threshold)

The mainstream press refers to Galloway as a "British Lawmaker."

Conveniently skirts his historic associations with Marxists, Palestinians, Baathists, Soviets (like Putin, he bitterly regretted the fall of the Soviet Union), etc.

Thats right Palmeteer, its ... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

Thats right Palmeteer, its called democracy here. He is an elected representative of the people in his constituancy, and unlike many politicians he is surprisingly open about his beliefs. Oddly, the people still chose him...
So, if you profess to support the democratic process, you take the rough with the smooth.

As an aside: I have to admi... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

As an aside: I have to admit that I had not heard of Norm Coleman until recently, but I'm here to give him props for the way he and his committee have handled this whole thing. Minnesota voters, you made a good pick here. "The theater, the dramatics -- I was not looking at that". Classic quote! I'll have to remember that.

For the record, I don't thi... (Below threshold)

For the record, I don't think Bush lied. There is a big difference between acting on the incorrect information of others(Bush) and manufacturing incorrect information(Newsweek).

My point was that, I feel, it's time to move on past the Bush Lied mantra that every liberal seems to keep a conversation frozen with.

Galloway was golden. Rummy ... (Below threshold)

Galloway was golden. Rummy beholden, bushs brain a coke freeze and al that flowed was a greasy river of black. Knockout-Round one-victory to Galloway. watch out Amrika! the games have just beGun!

Duel on the hill.I... (Below threshold)
Ed - uk -:

Duel on the hill.

It is a long way from Bethnal Green (uk) to the US Senate's Dirksen buiding on Capital Hill, but George Galloway was in street-fighting form yesterday as he confronted the sub-committee investigating the illegal sale of Iraqi oil under Saddam Hussein's regime. I beleive that Norm Coleman, its Republican chairman, stayed cool as the Respect MP lambasted him and his colleagues for traducing his reputation, poured scorn on America's "cavalier" attitude to justice and flaunted his own reputation as a man of peace who had opposed UN sanctions - "infanticide masquerading as politics" - and an illegal war based on a "pack of lies".

But you had to wonder whether the hour-long session was worth the transatlantic flight. Mr Galloway, under oath, insisted he had never benefited from any oil sales, a point he has made in successful libel actions against the Daily Telegraph (here in the uk) and the Christian Science Monitor and on many other occassions. I would say he scored several points. The easiest was when he retorted that he had only met Saddam Hussein twice - not "many times" as the committee claimed - the same number as Donald Rumsfeld when the US was backing Iraq's war against Iran. Galloway recalled that he had condemned the Ba'athist dictatorship "in the most withering terms". But he was impassive as Mr Coleman quoted his famous TV salute to Saddam's "courage, strength and indefatigability". British observers often admire the work of US congressional committees, comparing them to toothless Westminister equivalents. Yet this was a poor and ill-prepared display.

If there was a chink in Mr Galloway's armour it concerned his friend, Fawaz Zureikat, the Jordanian contributor to the Mariam charity appeal who documents did show trading in oil with Iraq. The MP would not say whether he would have been troubled to discover the source of his largesse. But of proof of wrongdoing on his own part, there was none. These exchanges may not have settled anything definitively, but they did serve as a reminder of the passion and fury that is still generated on both sides of the Atlantic by Iraq's unfinished war.

It wasn't supposed to be li... (Below threshold)
Ed - UK -:

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Even when Daniel was in the lion's den, he didn't humiliate and torment the lion.

But that's what George Galloway did in Washington to the senator who accused him of making millions from Saddam oil. Mr Galloway not only defended himself robustly but also threw the charges back in the face of the American administration.

The jibe which must have most stung them was when the Respect MP pointed out that their own Donald Rumsfeld, had twice met Saddam to sell him arms. In the heart of Washington yesterday, George Galloway showed the US that not all Britains approve of what is being done in Iraq.

Ed, Galloway's libel win de... (Below threshold)

Ed, Galloway's libel win determined nothing about his possible criminal behavior as this blogger has carefully demonstrated:


It ain't over until the Fat Lady sings.

Galloway is a pathetic representative for showing American's that some Brit's disapprove of us. He came across as slimey and bombastic.

God bless Galloway. I haven... (Below threshold)
Pesky Jim:

God bless Galloway. I haven't been this entertained by someone with guts giving a decent defence to the usual US govt smearings and muck raking. I know 'facts' are pretty reviled in America these days, but this was a classic.

It was put up or shut up time. Weak willed feeble minded senators who don't understand what 'robust debate' is are left simply saying ' we wanted it on record' as their attack. It's nice to find some people, however lively speaking they might be, not afraid of a Superpowers rabid moral highground bleatings anymore.

They had nothing on him and they looked like fools to the world. TO save face, they've now decided to pick on a Russian about to be convicted of tax evasion...a man they once defended. Hahaha!

Ed and a few others here:</... (Below threshold)

Ed and a few others here:

Galloway was required to answer questions -- or explain why he would not -- in response to questions about HIS behavior, about HIS actions and those under his purview, as to specific financial and political misdeeds (that's the milktoast, kind term for "thefts").

His insistence on verbally abusing the sun, moon, stars and the United States Presidency and Republicans was irrelevant to his own situation, and that's where his craziness becomes apparent.

Think of it this way: Galloway is stopped by a Highway Patrol officer in Arizona on Interstate 10, his rate of vehicular speed measured (by instrument with recorded findings) at 80 m.p.h.

The posted maximum speed on that road, that specific area measured, is "55 m.p.h."

Highway Patrol officer asks Galloway, who is visibly angry and outspoken for being pulled over ("how DARE they stop ME!") and when finally asked by the H.P. officer, "do you know how fast you were going?" Galloway responds: "YOU can't stop ME! YOU can't pull me over HERE! Look at your OWN vehicle! Were you not going my speed inorder to even match my speed in the first place? And what about your uniform! Explain THAT to me! How DARE you stop me in that uniform that you probably did not even PAY for YOURSELF! And on this plain where wars and rumors of wars occured over time immortal! Have you even paid your TAXES?! Are you going home to your WIFE?! What political party do you belong to and what about all the OTHER MOTORISTS who are travelling at a greater rate of speed than even -I- was? Have you even EXPLAINED why you didn't stop THEM but stopped ME instead? No? Because you CAN'T! You CANNOT EXPLAIN why the world is round, or even flat! And yet you fail to even entertain the very notion that the world may be flat, it may be round, but you cannot make ME admit to either because you have no evidence as to flat earthers or round earthers even being present at this moment in time!..."

Do you not see that the hearing was for purposes of posing direct questions to Galloway about HIS specific behaviors and that he instead dodged any/all possible answers by instead lapsing into an irrelevant rant about all things possible except what he was asked?

Those are the behaviors of either or both lunacy or avoidance. I understand he and most people would feel negative emotions at even being called before a Senate process that they had not solicited notice by, but Galloway seems to have been the abuser in yesterday's process, not the United States, not "the war," not the conditions upon which we and allied countries conducted "war," not the Senators, not the political party affiliation of the Senators present, but GALLOWAY. HIS actions. HIS character. He was asked to answer questions and instead, flamed the world.

I'd say it's a good bet that if he was, in fact, that motorist in Arizona, his chances of not getting ticketed based upon HIS OWN BEHAVIOR in that circumstance would be zero. And nary a judge in any court of the land would accept the "but everyone else was speeding" excuse as an acceptable defense.

Which is, again, why Galloway proved one point to many of us viewers: that he's going to great lengths to avoid answering specific questions, or that he's nutty as a soaked fruitcake, or, probably both.

I'm betting Galloway has so... (Below threshold)

I'm betting Galloway has something he'd rather not "the world" (either flat or round) uncover and publicize and if/when that occurs, will simply (continue with his lambasting) lambast anyone doing the uncovering.

He either accepted funds from a Saddam Hussein financial network that took U.N. dollars intended for other efforts, or he didn't.

He can't answer because he can't answer. Instead, he's creating a smokey environment of "lick spittle" pejoratives because he's upset that he's being dared to even be questioned.

If he's not involved in the "Oil for Food" scandal (Hussein, U.N., etc.), then he should have reasonable explanations as to who "contributed" to his "political campaign" and how and why. If not, Galloway trying to blame the sun, moon, stars and U.S. and Senaotors and Presidency and "war" and "oil" and flat earthers and round earthers and...it's just the nonsense of a guy under pressure who hasn't yet come up with a reasonable explanation for suspicious financial circumstances.

Some things appear suspicious. Until and unless explained away with reasonable evidence as to the nature of those things, they remain suspicious.

I dare say that I hope that U.K. citizens/residents have more refined and intelligent (and lucid) representatives and explanations as to why they "don't agree with the war" (or "why we went to war") than Galloway. If Galloway is that spokesperson, is representative of those opinions, you've got a big problem.

It's one thing to protest war as a bad happening. It's another thing altogether to use a protestation about war and wars to keep busy with social/financial/ethical compromise otherwise.

Hmm, I know it's a little k... (Below threshold)
Pesky Jim:

Hmm, I know it's a little known thing in the USA, but when you're accused of something, generally, you need evidence to back it up.

As is, Galloway ripped the wimpy senators a new one.

Politicians in the rest of the western world, generally have spine. They know how to handle media, to answer questions ( or not more on that ) and generally fight ( verbally ) for what they believe in. None of this tepid muck Americans are forced to endure from their supposedly fairly elected representatives.

Galloway answered the charges against him the way a proper politician would. He evaded it in many ways, and pointed out everything elese the US govt has gotten wrong...now I know it's a stretch for some partisans...but the interence is that THIS TIME THEY ARE ALSO WRONG.

Thus, question answered.

Galloyway is a nut, but an elected, democratic and professional nut.

Rejoice that people will st... (Below threshold)
Pesky Jim:

Rejoice that people will strangle the voice of dissent.

Perhaps one day, it will be your own.

As is, Galloway ripped t... (Below threshold)

As is, Galloway ripped the wimpy senators a new one

Oh, please. You confuse bombastic bullshit for principled inquiry.

Rejoice that people will strangle the voice of dissent.

Right on that one. Saddam, Galloway's bud, will probably hang.

Why should Galloway show an... (Below threshold)

Why should Galloway show any respect to the witch-hunting committee when they showed none to him?

I'm speaking of them publicly accusing Galloway of crimes without any evidence to back it up.

One thing which has not been mentioned in these comments, or the article posted here.

The 2, yes 2 whole sources the senators are using to publicly condemn George Galloway include Ahmad Chalabi (a convicted felon and embezzeler), and Mr Dahar Yassein Ramadan, a current prisoner in Abu Ghraib. No doubt these are both reliable sources for a public indictment (NOT!!).

The comittee likes to follow the same line as Bush. We've found the other sources, as we found the Iraqi WMD program, but they're invisible.

For all the Bush wingnuts out there who think it doesn't matter if Bush lied, which you are now apparently willing to admit;

I wonder how the families of the 100,000 + men, women, and children (including Iraqi and US) who have died or become permanently disabled over a pack of lies would feel if you told them so to their faces?

"DUH gee wiz, I guess he did lie after all. But's that not as bad as Clinton lying over having sex with a young woman. Now that's inexcusable."

Wake up!!!! It's time to stand for what's right, not what your told to believe.

Here's the entire statement from George Galloway. The last honest politician to be on the capital steps in probably 20 years.


-S-, you seem to disregard ... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

-S-, you seem to disregard the possibility that he might actually be innocent of the accusations made.
Your analogy of the speeding motorist falls flat because you begin by announcing his guilt.
Others have, to their great financial cost, found George Galloway very able to defend similar charges in a court of law.
I do not know if he is guilty or not but, I am quite keen on the (maybe old fashioned), idea that the accuser is required to prove such allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. This has clearly not been done. Any assumption of guilt at this stage of events is jumping to conclusions.
"High ranking Iraqi officials" have fooled US intelligence before, remember?

-S-, a little research into... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

-S-, a little research into the nature of British political campaigns and the funding of them would be worthwhile here. There are strict controls on political advertisng, most campaigns cost a tiny fraction of the equivalent in the US.
Galloways finances have been throughly investigated in this country, and nothing untoward has been discovered. So if he did take the money, he has hidden it very well.
Another assumption, pointing at guilt, but hastily made and in ignorance of the facts.
There are just too many bells ringing in my head here....

What kind of a fucked-up li... (Below threshold)

What kind of a fucked-up life do you have to lead in order to buy Galloway's version of events? I suppose that's its own punishment, but save your breath, you credulous ninnies. You're not going to find any takers here for your sad Marxist bullshit. Gallloway is fighting for his life in the most despicable guise, that of the 'true patriot.' He'll get what he deserves eventually, but not soon enough.

And I think it's 'cock-a-hoop,' Quinn. Means self-aggrandizing, or 'exhibiting self-importance.'

Phil Harris: I have no con... (Below threshold)

Phil Harris: I have no control over your perceptions (nor do I want such), so am not in any position to comment upon what you perceive as me appearing (as in, that's your area of perception).

However, sensible people in the U.K. (and everywhere else they may be and are) can quickly discern the difference between "dissent" and nonsense. Anyone so dedicated to denigrating someone else while dismissing the format in which they are appearing, and why (guy was requested to attend a Senate Committee hearing, and did, and then dismissed *with extreme outrage* appearing there for that purpose, never answering the questions posed but using the appearance to ridicule the process itself). Galloway's "outrage" in just such extremes was more nonsense and self protection than it was "protest." It doesn't take a Ph.D. to tell the difference (although it helps, for some).

Looks like The Scotsman shares in my observations and for nearly the very same reasons...

About the other issue you m... (Below threshold)

About the other issue you mention, Phil Harris, you are now showing signs of the dreaded Galloway Gack because the issue isn't and wasn't the "British political campaigns" system of funding or anything else, but ABOUT GALLOWAY'S CHARACTER AND SPECIFIC BEHAVIORS.

Nor is the thread about "British political campaigns" and related...but about GALLOWAY'S CHARACTER AND SPECIFIC BEHAVIORS.

The comments I've made have been about GALLOWAY'S CHARACTER AND SPECIFIC BEHAVIORS and not about flat earth, round earth nor about "British political campaigns..."

Be that as it may, for whatever characteristics may be found among "British political campaigns," Galloway shows signs (documented) of receipt and participation in a specific financial scheme by which millions/billions were defrauded via a network involving Saddam Hussein. If he can't explain it away as suspicious recorded incidents reveal, then he's part of the problem.

He was given the opportunity to do that -- explain his involvement or uninvolvement -- and he avoided the issue (as well), while using the appearance to lambast all manner of other issues, persons, politics and whatevers. Again, not the actions of a sensible, lucid person and/or someone of approachable ethical standards. If he wasn't/isn't comingled, explain that. Since he didnt', he's either avoiding the question or not capable of responding to it -- probably both but question is now, "why".

Senator Norm Coleman's descriptive words about Galloway's "theatricals" is kind, indeed. His behavior was beyond theatrical, something I'd equate with lack of reason. Thus, man's got a mental AND emotional problem, probably has ethical complications but unless he can substantiate why he doesn't, at this point, based upon what's been revealed about him, maybe he might want to calm down, look over the documents and prepare counter evidence to disprove the accusations.

I mean, is that so difficult? Seems that he's devoted far more energy into his theatrical hystrionics than to anything else. And, IN THE UNITED STATES, we're entitled to our opinions.

And, Galloway's already mad... (Below threshold)

And, Galloway's already made it clear as a bell where his sympathies lie. No wonder he's upset at having to appear in the U.S.

Despicable statements, Galloway made, just despicable. "Lick spittle" is too good an ugly, disgusting expression for Galloway.

I think a lot of the right ... (Below threshold)

I think a lot of the right wing bush appeasers must be the most educated brain washed people in the world they just seem to see the events totally differently no wonder the rest of the world laughs at you americans. Talking about dillision is that not what Bush does kills thousands and delude himself buy justfying it under the banner of spreading freedom yet then supports an evil dictator in usbekistan yet still you idiots follow him........rest of the world watching here and thinking what planet are you guys from

-S- In case you mi... (Below threshold)


In case you missed it, Galloway didn't have to appear as you put it. He volunteered to. Why would anyone, who has anything to hide, voluntarily appear before the sentae committee and expose them for the complete and evil idiots they really are?

Uncle Mikey -

Maybe you should read my first post. There you'll find the link to Mr Galloways complete statement. Word for word.

Galloway is not fighting for his life, he's exposing Coleman and the committee for the idiots they really are. It's just too bad we have to have a foreign politician show the serious lack of any spine whatsoever by anyone on capital hill.

The truth came out on Tuesday. No one can deny anything he said.

One other interesting note. Funny that the investigation and report have proven that not only did the US play the biggest role in this Oil-for-food program fraud, but the current adminstration actually encouraged the fraud.

Stick that in your Bush wingnut pipe and smoke it.

-S-, my point, which you on... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

-S-, my point, which you once again missed by a country mile, was that your question as to how Galloway funded his political campaign was ridiculous. The workings of his charity have already been subject to close examination in this country. The income and outgoings have been carefully audited by, amoungst other, the charity commission and the Inland Revenue.
The charity commission are once again going to look at the evidence purported to be from a "top Iraqi official", and of course from that other bastion of integrity, Mr Ahmed Chalabi. A man who has taken the American intelligence services (an oxymoron if ever I heard one), for the ride of their lives.
Do you really believe that Tony Blair would let Galloway get away with a single penny? Blair would have given almost anything to discredit Galloway before the May 5th election, but he couldn't.
Galloway has been the subject of the most intense investigations by the government and intelligence services here. So far, not a trace...
Now, for you to glibly assert that he used Saddams money to fund his campaigns really is just plain dumb.
Why am I not surprised?

I love the idiot british wh... (Below threshold)
Buddy Revell:

I love the idiot british who come here to defend Galloway and question the nerve of our government to question him. Well clowns, as soon as your island government starts paying about half of the UN budget and watches some 20 billion of taxpayer money disappear, maybe you can weigh in. Until that point, we'd rather you just sit your ass down and hope that time two to save your ass never comes around. I'm afraid that we might be hesitant to meddle in your affairs again, seeing how thankful you all are for the first one (oops, I meant twice now didn't I?)

deccles...I didn't miss any... (Below threshold)

deccles...I didn't miss anything, it was just a figure of speech. As in, he was "asked" to appear, he appeared.

No one HAS to appear before the Senate, but they will have to suffer consequences if they refuse, as in, the call/invite/request is for purposes of getting someone's statements on record. If they don't comply -- Galloway obviously was present but did not comply and that's now on the record -- they allow either misperceptions or accurate assumptions as to whatever their possible involvement might be in whatever issue is before Committee. Reasonable individuals appear and reasonably respond.

Yes, as per what Buddy Reve... (Below threshold)

Yes, as per what Buddy Revell writes, and another thing, it's the American taxpayers who are being asked to foot the ridiculously overinflated costs by millions of the U.N. new headquarters, also as to their temporary relocation in Manhattan. Just a fact to keep in mind where the U.N. and their expenditures are concerned.

So, Phil Harris, are you th... (Below threshold)

So, Phil Harris, are you the one and only Galloway supporter in the U.K. who has just happened to find Wizbang? You underestimate your own nationality because a lot of Brits, as you call them/yourself, don't (at all) allege as you do. Galloway was thrown out of the LIBERAL Party in the U.K., which should tell you something about your mates.

"He either accepted funds f... (Below threshold)

"He either accepted funds from a Saddam Hussein financial network that took U.N. dollars intended for other efforts, or he didn't."

Um, S, I'm not sure what hearings you were watching but Galloway specifically said he DID NOT. He answered every charge with an emphatic, direct denial of the accusations and then leveled his own charges that there was no credible evidence against him. I'm not sure where you see any kind of equivocation or ambiguity in his responses. He said clearly that he was innocent and being wrongly accussed. Balls in Coleman's court ...

And just for fun, would either you or Buddy Revell care to share the following comments with the British soldiers currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Buddey Revell: "I love the idiot british who come here to defend Galloway and question the nerve of our government to question him. Well clowns, as soon as your island government starts paying about half of the UN budget and watches some 20 billion of taxpayer money disappear, maybe you can weigh in."

S: "Yes, as per what Buddy Revell writes."

I have many friends from th... (Below threshold)

I have many friends from the great US of A and nearly all agree Amrika has stepped over a line which is very dangerous indeed. It is sincerely believed that there are elements in the present adminstration who are more concerned with the welfare of zionist ideals than they are about bread - and -butter issues which governments ought to be dealing with. Google 'Diebold and Ohio recount'Galloway wasn't speaking necessarily to the two senators who sat before him, he was speaking to the American public at large.It is clear that they heard, not so clear: 'is will they listen?'

Actually -s-, it was the La... (Below threshold)
Ed uk:

Actually -s-, it was the Labour Party.

Once again -S-, you demonst... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

Once again -S-, you demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge, and a disregard for facts.
Galloway was thrown out of the LABOUR party, for his opposition to the war.
Just so you know, Tony Blair is the leader of the LABOUR party in the UK. The Liberals are a different party all together.
The LABOUR party are supposed to be socialists, the CONSERVATIVE party (now little more than a joke over here), are supposed to represent the right wing, and the LIBERALS are supposed to fall somewhere in the middle.
Got that?

Well, Wasington hawks whose... (Below threshold)
Ed uk:

Well, Wasington hawks whose feathers were ruffled over the frenzied case for war against Iraq are venting their wounded pride on George Galloway, whose opposition to the US-led invasion gained him a seat in the British Parliament.

Why is Washington spending so much valuable time and energy on who bought oil from Saddam? The man is in prison and his assets have now been frozen by Bush.

The US Senate should concentrate on more pressing domestic issues such as the economy, instead of trying to throw the spotlight off the Administration's own sunstantial mistakes.

On the subject of UN fundin... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

On the subject of UN funding. The USA is currently in arrears on payments to the UN to the tune of one and a half billion dollars. This represents 51% of all money currently owed to the organisation.
I guess the UN will have to wait, as the US national debt heads towards eight trillion dollars, it may take a while to find the money.
The budget for UN administration and buildings is paid ultimately by the UN, not by the USA. So this talk of the USA supporting the UN financially is utterly wrong.
The UN is a DEMOCRATIC organisation, each nation has a vote.
It would appear the US are not as fond of Democracy when the outcome doesn't suit them.

We Americans are still reco... (Below threshold)

We Americans are still recovering from George Galloway's double-barrelled blast at the US Senate and Administration. It was the most refreshing bit of testimony to emanate from those atherosclerotic chambers in a very, very long time.
For the silent majority (the ones who did not vote for Bush), Mr Galloway's visit provided a brief respite from the depressing day-to-day life in this military-industrial complex that cannot exist without being at war with the rest of the world. Many of us wish we were represented by the likes of George Galloway.

Oh, I see, we give our mone... (Below threshold)
Jack Burton:

Oh, I see, we give our money to the UN and then they waste it, but since we gave it to the UN, it's not our business?

Sorry, it is our business and we have every right to question slime like Galloway if we feel that he is complicit in the billions that were wasted.

I remember all your pathetic "the US is killing the children is Iraq" chants in the nineties. Well guess what, it wasn't the US, it was Sadamm and people like Galloway who helped prop up him and the biggest financial scandal in anyone's memories.

Also,The opprobriu... (Below threshold)
Ed uk:


The opprobrium heaped on George Galloway, MP for Bethnal Green & Bow, by much of the British media is shameful. However much one might disagree with his views, the man is an elected representative of the people and should be allowed to defend his reputation.

One wonders what the US media and Government's response would be if our Foreign Affairs Committee were to invite US Vice-President Dick Cheney to explain the role of his old company Halliburton in scooping massive contracts in Iraq.

Sorry Jack, I must have mis... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

Sorry Jack, I must have missed the bit where you explained why you had "every right to examine him".
On what exactly do you base that statement?

Galloway went on his own volition, he did not have too. If he had not wanted to go, there was no way he would have done. I am fairly certain that his presence before the committee could not be demanded or enforced.

Once again an example of some people in the US thinking they are somehow the worlds police. You guys really need to get that idea out of your heads.

I would like you to explain, Jack, why this is "your business".

Phil,Most fourth g... (Below threshold)


Most fourth graders have already seen past that tired old rant.

On the subject of money, one vote, one share of the costs, let's really make the UN a democracy and stop being forced to foot most of the bill for this "democratic" scandle ridden cesspool.

UN+equal=not very equal

And oh yeah, a democracy usually represents something other than itself, when the mafia bosses get together to vote on who to kill next, they are at about the same level as your version of "democracy".

The mafia is probably less corrupt, though, as they have a much higher level of acountability.

"Sorry, it is our business ... (Below threshold)

"Sorry, it is our business and we have every right to question slime like Galloway if we feel that he is complicit in the billions that were wasted."

On that score can we finally figure out what the CPA did with $8 billion that has gone missing, entirely unaccounted for, during its brief existence? Does Congress have any authority there? I mean you know, maybe? Or is leveling charges at a small time British politician over what amounts to pocket change in the grand scheme of pre-and post war corruption that much more important?

Jack, just tell me you care one iota about the missing CPA funds, just tell me it's on the to do list no matter how close to the bottom and I will start to believe you really care about how US funds are spent.

So Mesablue, by your sugges... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

So Mesablue, by your suggestion the fairest way is for those with the most money to have the greater power.

I guess with the appalling electoral history of the US, I can understand why you might define democracy that way, but by all true definitions, you are wrong.

The laughable thing is, you guys tell the world how great democracy is, and how it creates freedom, yet you have not got the first idea of how to behave in one.

As for what the UN represents, its the worlds view, not the myopic, xenophobic and terrified view of the planet you seem to hold.

The hypocrisy is quite astonishing.

Galloway was sharp, clear a... (Below threshold)

Galloway was sharp, clear and believable.
An whatever you can say, he looked like a man with conviction on a mission to clear his name.
I was scoring and I think he provided enough ammo to do so. Unless the senators can categorically prove his statements wrong its up to them to spin it away.
Today, the 19th, the rebuttal so far is spin not facts. so as of now, Galloway seems to have cleared his name and his cause.

However, the funny thing that has happened to me so far is that his opening salvo about the decline in standards came to be clear to me.
The Senators could not rebut his claims that they have disregarded probing the validity of the so called evidence against him. The nails placed in the coffin were actually the Senators inability to defend their declared positions on missing WMD's, the lack of Iraqi ties to 9/11 and Al Quaeda plus their strange acceptance of questionable evidence.
Towing the line? Maybe. To me its a case of "The Emperor has no Clothes".

's, the emporer has no clothes!!!

Let me say this loud and cl... (Below threshold)
Jack Burton:

Let me say this loud and clear, a much larger proportaion, and I mean much, much larger proportion, of my tax money goes to the UN than any other citizen of any nation on this earth (other than my fellow scum Americans). So yes, you are damn right I care.

In addition, how many billions of my tax dollars, and the dollars of my parents, went to protecting the disgusting scum of thankless europeans from the Soviets? I love how you pricks criticize everything we do after spending the last 50 years under the umbrella of our protection. Thankless pieces of shit. If we could do it all again, I would hope that a majority of Americans would realize that not a single American life was worth protection you backstabbing revisionist turds.

It pains me to think of the suffering that we went through 60 years ago knowing that people like you would think the way you do now. Without us, you wouldn't exist, a fact that has been obviously forgotten over the years.

I pray, and I mean pray, that your time comes again and you look across the ocean for ships and planes that will never come.

Good riddance to you and all those who think like you.

Oh, and before I forget to ... (Below threshold)
Jack Burton:

Oh, and before I forget to ask, please kindly direct me and the rest of my scum countrymen to where you come up with 8 bil in missing CPA funds.

This ought to be fun.

erm did Mr Galloway not mak... (Below threshold)

erm did Mr Galloway not make it clear he has never made a penny out of oil and neither has any one on his behalf, the questions he dodged were trying to get him to condem his friend and he did not want to do that perfectly understandable although may be not a wise thing to do. I say this to all the brain washed americans listen to his whole hearing and not what fox tell you or the other right wing press.

Its amazing you guys in the USA a developed nation with all the facilities in the world and you have lost the ability to think for youself you let your press do that for you. Thats why your the laughing stock of the world with your good v's evil world view.

Read investigations from journalist from other nations and try to think for yourselfs dont let your pathetic press do the thinking for you

erm did Mr Galloway not mak... (Below threshold)
gaz uk:

erm did Mr Galloway not make it clear he has never made a penny out of oil and neither has any one on his behalf, the questions he dodged were trying to get him to condem his friend and he did not want to do that perfectly understandable although may be not a wise thing to do. I say this to all the brain washed americans listen to his whole hearing and not what fox tell you or the other right wing press.

Its amazing you guys in the USA a developed nation with all the facilities in the world and you have lost the ability to think for youself you let your press do that for you. Thats why your the laughing stock of the world with your good v's evil world view.

Read investigations from journalist from other nations and try to think for yourselfs dont let your pathetic press do the thinking for you

well damn, if he said he di... (Below threshold)
Jack Burton:

well damn, if he said he didn't do it, it must be true.

No wonder we won the war.

What's funnier, having your... (Below threshold)
Jack Burton:

What's funnier, having your electoral process criticized by people who still have a king and queen, or having your media criticized by people who have nude bimbos in their print paper?

Thank God it's the same offending country because it sounds like a tie.

Amrika the game is up! <br ... (Below threshold)

Amrika the game is up!
you have lost credibility in the world sphere on a scale that would make the Enron collapse small fry. The usa brand has dived forever and your arrogant denial has sown the seeds for a very unfortunate and black harvest.It is a pity to have squandered such a blessed existence, but that is that. Or as the french might say "c'est ca! "

Jack, you really are an idi... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

Jack, you really are an idiot with absolutely no sense of history whatsoever. Sadly you are not alone, there are far too many people like yourself who get their historical facts from hollywood.

If not for the Japanese, at which point was America planning to get involved in preventing the massacre in Europe?

I feel immensely grateful for the sacrifice made by the young men of America, who came to fight on European soil. Their contribution to events was enormous, and they will never be forgotten here.

I also try to remember the 27 million Russians who died, led into a pact my a mad dictator.

The reason we British get a bit defensive about the war, and who won it, is that we stood alone for 2 years. 60,000 civilians died in luftwaffe bombing of London and other cities.

While this was going on, and the ordinary people of Britain were preparing to resist what seemed an inevitable invasion. The politicians here, and in America, were organising something called "Lend Lease". Under this scheme, we were sent weapons and supplies from the factories of America. These supplies were lent to us, the actual cost to be repaid after the war.

Britain was so financially crippled by WW2, that food rationing in this country lasted for 15 years after the war finished.

Close to half a million of our young men died resisting Hitler. Along with Canadians, Indians, Australians, New Zealanders and people from all over the rapidly decaying empire. Add this to the 13 million Russians killed fighting in the East.

The war was called a world war because the world was fighting a great evil. The American effort was and is, hugely appreciated.

One thing that pisses us of however, is tossers like you claiming you won the war, because thats what Audie Murphy films told you.

Jack dont you understand wh... (Below threshold)

Jack dont you understand what he said was he has never made a penny and that is fully backed up by his the audit on Mariam appeal, if the senate had any proof they would have presented all they have is names on lists which as Mr Galloway said were probably drawn up after the installation of the puppet government.

Now you may not believe that but is a fact that there are documents out there simular to what the senate presented which have proven to be faked the ones which were used by the Christian Science Monitor by their own admission were proven to be fake and in London the Daily Mail a very right wing paper purchased documents which it later did not publish because forensics proved they were fake now that is a well known fact although in your fox world you may not be aware of it.

Regarding your comment about us guys having nude bimbos in the print press well at least it aint as bad as having them present the news for idiots like you in idiot size bites.

i tell you one thing it may be embarrassing having a queen but it dont come nowhere near like as embarrassing as having a Presdent like George W Bush. The mother of all idiots

And that senator coleman what a joke he looked shell shocked and all you could see him do was go from one page of the documents to the other looking for anything but finding nothing

Briefly on the subject of n... (Below threshold)
Phil Harris:

Briefly on the subject of nude women in newspapers.
That was started by Rupert Murdoch, the owner of The Sun in this country. He was the first to publish topless pictures in his paper.

He is also the man that owns Fox News.

Anyone in any doubt about the ethical standard Rupert Murdoch applies to his "news" organisations, would do well to remember that.






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