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Arnold's Marble Bag

Arnold Schwarzenegger in his speedo...

Sent to me by the folks at GovernorGirlieMan.com, who make Arnold bobbleheads and enjoy tweaking the Governator whenever they can.

Obviously the pink is a bit of an "enhancement," but if you can look past that you'll notice that he's not wearing swim trunks. Nope, Arnold is wearing a real old-man banana hammock...


Update: After a bit of searching I found the source...



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Comments (12)

Damn, he looks like Fred Ar... (Below threshold)

Damn, he looks like Fred Armisen.

I don't see how you can t... (Below threshold)
mark m:

I don't see how you can tell he's really wearing a nanner hammock...but please don't clarify.

Aside from the pink bikini ... (Below threshold)

Aside from the pink bikini and nails, that photo just looks fake.

This has to be a man-vs.-wo... (Below threshold)

This has to be a man-vs.-woman thing (heterosexually, since you're one and I'm one and we're of opposite genders), because I think Arnold looks great. He's a fifty-seven year old man, no complaints from me. Actually, a favorable visual lookover because at fifty-seven, Arnold the man looks fabulous to this woman's eye.

I'm referring, of course, t... (Below threshold)

I'm referring, of course, to the original photo (second, this thread) and not the gay-harassment bad photochopper.

Ew. It has nothing to do w... (Below threshold)

Ew. It has nothing to do with Arnold's age or fitness or excess or lack of one or the other.

I've never seen a man who looks good in a speedo or anything equivilant. Yuck.

I sorta find the Speedo's i... (Below threshold)

I sorta find the Speedo's interesting. The only non-interesting moments I can recall are with Speedo-And-Beerbelly combinations. THEN I just look away...as quickly as possible.

But, Arnold's a handsome guy. The Speedo is icing on his cake.

Have to agree with -S- on t... (Below threshold)

Have to agree with -S- on this one. To this woman's eyes, Arnold looks pretty good for being 57 years, even in a Speedo(not the pink one). I know that my husband would not look nearly as good in that Speedo as what Arnold does.

Ok, I gotta laugh at his fu... (Below threshold)

Ok, I gotta laugh at his funny smiley belly button. But yea- he does look good for a 57 y/o. Pretty darn good actually. And now that I think about it, I think he would just look silly in swim shorts. Even the longish ones. The speedo looks good on him. Don't know many men who can pull that off...

That being said- I should also add that this is probably the best looking guy shot that I've ever seen you post, Kevin. MUCH better than that David-Hasselhoff-burnt-into-my-brain horror you posted a while back, thankyouverymuch.

(I vote that Kevin needs a (hetero) woman to consult with before he posts any photos of men in any stages of dress, ever. For the sake of the children.)

I wish I looked as good thi... (Below threshold)

I wish I looked as good thirty years ago as Arnold does now. (There's a reason why my handle is "fatman".)

The only non-interesting... (Below threshold)

The only non-interesting moments I can recall are with Speedo-And-Beerbelly combinations.

The thing about that is, who can tell the guy's wearing anything?

I've never worn a Speedo in public for precisely that reason.

What if Arnold were to stri... (Below threshold)
Cathy Viviano:

What if Arnold were to strip off his Speedo and pose nude? Hey, it could happen!

He could lie on a beach and cover his thing with sand! EWWW!






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