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Blogger's Big Journey Featured in June's GQ Magazine


Conservative blogger Marty Johnson (You Know I'm Right) is featured in the June edition of GQ, though not for blogging. Here's the story tagline, which sets up the story nicely.

Marty Johnson was a perfectly happy and supremely average American guy: two kids, minivan, cozy house in the shadow of the Mall of America. Then a letter arrived telling him he was part of a Nigerian dynasty
Read the whole amazing story: The Fresh Prince [GQ], then check out Marty's travel journal [Marty's Big Journey]


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Comments (10)

Pfeh. I get ten of those e-... (Below threshold)

Pfeh. I get ten of those e-mails a week.

Jeff?Uh, dude-... (Below threshold)


Uh, dude-

You obviously didn't read the story.

Thanks Kevin! It's nice to see it somewhere else.

Absolutely AMAZING story.</... (Below threshold)

Absolutely AMAZING story.

Hard to type this with the tears in my eyes.

Just incredible.

It's a great story, interes... (Below threshold)

It's a great story, interesting human story, although it left me musing as to our American culture. A distant and paternal great-grandfather of mine was a Lord from then-England, my mother was descended from a Royal family from England (shared a family surname with same group still recognized today there), and I don't even own a tiara or title (to my knowledge).

I've always wondered what it would be to go to the U.K. and announce I'd arrived, and what would transpire if so.

Ha, as IF, lest anyone here... (Below threshold)

Ha, as IF, lest anyone here assume I have any plans for certain pronouncements upon arrival there. As in, what I just wrote was a coy statement about our American culture and how many of us have some Big Whig in our family past, and yet are no longer in touch with the royalty aspects of our ancestors.

Very cool story, made more ... (Below threshold)

Very cool story, made more cool because I've read his blog a few times in the past.

Now I'll go back much more often.

Good for you, Marty.

-s-,Frankly, while... (Below threshold)


Frankly, while the "prince" aspect makes the story interesting, I just wanted to meet my father and brothers and sisters. I didn't make any "pronouncements" while I was there nor plan to any time soon.

Aboh-Orlu is just one of many hundreds of villages in which each has traditional "chief" and hierachy along with the democraticly elected local governments.

Great stuff for an article in a magazine something that I will show great respect for, but I'm just happy to meet my family.

marty...you misperceive my ... (Below threshold)

marty...you misperceive my humor as something suggestive or ridiculing relating to you. It had nothing to do with you, your situation, your story, was just a humourous imagining AS IF I'd 'arrive' in the U.K. and "pronounce" my arrival there, anticipating grandeur or whatever.

It was a wry bit of amusement, is all, because, of course, I would not, there would be no fanfare, no one would jump at any "pronouncement" I'd make (or not make)...

And it wasn't expressed by me in any reference to you, as in, I wasn't suggesting that you would or have done anything similar.

I found the story of the thread here, as I also wrote, interesting and humanely endearing.

However, technically, it se... (Below threshold)

However, technically, it seems I am, in fact, a member of "the royal family" of the U.K., however long since disassociated. That and/or a "Lady" as in, titled if I'd ever care, along with my siblings, to go back and lay claim to the heritage.

Which is moreso as to why I was joking a bit about the issue. Certainly not ridiculing it.

No worrries.... (Below threshold)

No worrries.






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