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Book Flushing, Fact Or Fiction?

In light of the Newsweek Koran-in-the-crapper caper, the guys at Silent Running set out determine whether a book could actually be flushed. Since using the Koran (or even the Bible) would be offensive to many, a substitute publication that no one would be upset to see desecrated was found...


Read the rest... [Silent Running]


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Comments (12)

That has got to be one of t... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

That has got to be one of the nastiest toilets I have ever seen. Don't they have clorox or lysol?

As for the test, it appears a whole book, isn't flushable. Now who got the fun job of reaching in and pulling it out of that toilet ewwwww.

That is one funny post -- a... (Below threshold)

That is one funny post -- and boy did those Aussies take some crap for their hygiene!

Thanks for the link to this... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link to this item - fantastic. I noted on SilentRunning that I hope that they didn't break any EPA laws by flushing the FAT MANS book!

Ye Gods, they're rioting al... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

Ye Gods, they're rioting already in Beverly Hills. And this without Newsweek.

My only concern is that the... (Below threshold)

My only concern is that they're attempting to flush the crap in the wrong direction, as in, should be top down.

Wouldn't it work better if ... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't it work better if they ripped it up and flushed it a couple of pages at a time?
And yeah, some bleach and a toilet brush might be in order.

I'm having difficulty belie... (Below threshold)

I'm having difficulty believing that anyone would see fit to post photos across the internet of such a nasty-ass toilet bowl without some kind of disclaimer . . . "Not my toilet, nope, just visiting!"


Don't know which would clog... (Below threshold)

Don't know which would clog it worse, the book or a genuine Michael Moore "log".

People people, let's be sen... (Below threshold)

People people, let's be sensitive to the cultural differences among us! This loo could be quite typical in Australia, and you're unintentionally creating cultural riffs between us -- why, you might as well mis-spell KORAN!

Exactly where it belongs!..... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Exactly where it belongs!...

For flushing a book by Mich... (Below threshold)
Jack Rudd:

For flushing a book by Michael Moore, it would be more appropriate to use the bar toilet in the movie "Desperado". This toilet is pristine compared to that one.

You just gotta use the <a h... (Below threshold)

You just gotta use the right size koran:






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