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FBI Says Georgian Grenade Was Live, Malfunctioned

Here's a frightening update on last weeks grenade scare in Georgia, which has since been downplayed.

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) - A grenade hurled in a crowd during last week's speech by President Bush in the Georgian capital was live and considered a threat against the president, though it failed to explode because of a malfunction, the FBI said Wednesday.

In Washington, the White House spokesman said Secret Service agents in Georgia were examining whether security changes were needed, noting that some people at Freedom Square were seen getting around metal detectors at Bush's May 10 speech.

Initially Georgian officials said the Soviet-era grenade was found on the ground, was inactive and posed no danger to Bush.
But FBI agent Bryan Paarmann said Wednesday that the grenade, wrapped in a dark handkerchief, fell about 100 feet from the podium where Bush was speaking and "simply failed to function."

He identified it as a live hand grenade, whereas initial Georgian statements said it appeared to have been an "engineering grenade," a device that is not designed to spread shrapnel.

"We consider this act to be a threat against the health and welfare of the president of the United States as well as the welfare of the multitudes of Georgian people who turned up for this event," Paarmann said.

Uh, not to correct the FBI, but that's what's known as a failed assassination attempt...

Comments (5)

"Soviet-era grenade"... (Below threshold)

"Soviet-era grenade"......hum, while the rest of the civilized world hands down mom's best recipes and silver, Jihadists pass on weapons.

I think I've solved this.

Good thing Soviet grenade d... (Below threshold)

Good thing Soviet grenade design is every bit as good as Georgian security.

He is called a liar, a chim... (Below threshold)

He is called a liar, a chimp, a dunce, a warmonger, Hitler, evil.

They try to separate him from the Secret Service in Peru(?), assasinate him in Georgia.

The presidency uses up any man in normal times, how great must be the burden in these, as we slowly forget to what horrors we might again awaken on any clear bright beautiful morning. But he cannot afford to forget.

He bears it all with quiet dignity.

America is lucky to have this man who is willing to stand and fight back the wolves for our ungrateful benefit.

Bush is now officially a co... (Below threshold)

Bush is now officially a combat veteran.

The poor Georgians, how emb... (Below threshold)

The poor Georgians, how embarrassing for them. They will be lucky to have any more visits for a long long time. I dont like Bush taking such risks by making these appearances. All he ever gets is grief from everybody. I'm surprised the british press doesn't hail this grenade thrower as a hero.






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