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Quote Of The Day - Sully Watch Edition

"I confess, I find the question of what Andrew thinks less pressing than I used to."
Glenn Reynolds, on Andrew Sullivan's incessant whining about what should and shouldn't be covered at Instapundit.

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Heh... (Below threshold)


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Read it all, as they say.</... (Below threshold)

Read it all, as they say.

I stopped thinking what And... (Below threshold)

I stopped thinking what Andrew was relevant around the time he went absolutely crazy about the gay marriage stuff. He has been irrelevant for almost a year now.

It's sad. He's such a gift... (Below threshold)

It's sad. He's such a gifted writer, and like a lot of bloggers I owe him for the link that put me on the map. But Sullivan's compass appears to have been permanently scrambled by his bitterness over the same-sex marriage issue.

Is Andrew Sullivan in a 'co... (Below threshold)

Is Andrew Sullivan in a 'committed' relationship with just one man? Or is gay marriage just a concept to which he pays lip service (so to speak)?

This entire Sullivan thing ... (Below threshold)

This entire Sullivan thing has always appeared to my view as the male version of "Days of Our Lives" -- since there's no live telecast involved in blogging (on average) of wrestling, it's Sullivan and the Sullivan Thing instead.

I became familiar with blogging several years ago and only formed my own domain with blog a few years ago, and even then, there was this Sullivan Thing being mentioned on and by, mostly, male bloggers, either in oddly unexplained sympathy with whatever it is that's bothering Sullivan, or not bothering Sullivan, money for Sullivan, grok with Sullivan...it's an odd theme that, after me first reading his blog BEFORE he lapsed into further disarray about the "gay marriage thing," found his blog to be a bog.

And oddly peopled by, for lack of another term for what I perceived there (still evident, however), found many co-dependents on his site. As with drug and alcohol users and their psychology, about the Sullivan Thing (on his site, on other sites), you find many co-dependents, all contributing TO the Sullivan Thing.

What's the attraction? Where's the joy? Where's the reward? I have never found any information, entertainment, enlightenment, friendship or community on Sullivan's blogs -- much less in his other media appearances -- to explain even a tiny fraction of anyone else's interest in the writer/person/personna, so my only explanation about the Sullivan Thing is that there's a large dose of co-dependency involved, such that people assume a partaking in the Sullivan Thing by even mentioning it, him, that.

And, like with all co-dependencies, there's no visible, measurable reward involved other than there's a psychological obsession (to a great degree) by a co-dependent to support a problem, to maintain a reality as long as possible, despite the lack of reward, and in many cases, despite the negative consequences as a result of the co-dependency.

Which is me offering my long explanation as to why Reynolds is also questionable, to my view. Otherwise, let the Sullivan Thing go.

Sully - he's the new O-Dub?... (Below threshold)

Sully - he's the new O-Dub??

When I first started readin... (Below threshold)
Roger Fraley:

When I first started reading blogs about a year and a half ago, Andrew Sullivan was in the top 5 I always read no matter what. Now I check in about every other week. I don't know if it was bitterness about gay marriage being overwhelmingly rejected in every state where it was on a ballot (with ten more kicks to the sternum coming in November, 2004), but something went wrong about the time of Republican Convention and he's never got it all back. Shame really. But go check out Steyn if you like humor, intelligence, good wrting and a British accent. He's one of my top 5 blogs now.

My top five includes <a hre... (Below threshold)

My top five includes CATHOLIC RAGE MONKEY, authored by a Catholic Priest (sometimes several). Far more enlightening and encouraging than certain alternatives.






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