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Quote Of The Day - Slick Willy Edition

Considering his past tastes in "acquaintances," we are too...


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Comments (19)

Clinton continued, "Best pi... (Below threshold)

Clinton continued, "Best piece of *ss since that nurse after my bypass."

Appropriate angle for the p... (Below threshold)

Appropriate angle for the picture, as I've looked down on the man for many years.

Let's see, he could choose ... (Below threshold)

Let's see, he could choose between this fine fine fine socialist MILF, or that fire breathing certainly non-MILF that he has at home ... not a very tough decision.

Hmm...her bust looks a litt... (Below threshold)
Mark Flacy:

Hmm...her bust looks a little small for his tastes.

More like Jack Woltz: "She ... (Below threshold)
Governor Breck:

More like Jack Woltz: "She was the greatest piece of ass I've ever had and I've had 'em from all over the world!"

Is that a stain on that dre... (Below threshold)

Is that a stain on that dress?

"Did it doggie style!"... (Below threshold)

"Did it doggie style!"

Must be because there's mir... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Must be because there's mirrors on the ceiling.

Hillary's got to be a lesbi... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Hillary's got to be a lesbian. If I were her, I'd have ripped that lecherous hillbilly bastard's balls completely off.

Hmm...her bust looks a l... (Below threshold)

Hmm...her bust looks a little small for his tastes.

ALL of her looks a little small for his tastes.

Clinton's fling with Monica was a truly disgusting abuse of power. If you are the leader of the free world -- get caught with a hot chick. Loser.

Bill keeps spreading the lo... (Below threshold)

Bill keeps spreading the love: "he expressed particular admiration for Swiss motorway service stations, which he said served the best motorway food he’d ever tasted."

From a review of Bill's speech in Bern, Switzerland.

Click on the link in Piqili... (Below threshold)

Click on the link in Piqilito's post ^^ and you'll not only get a review, but a chance to comment on it.

My comment: "Bill isn't president anymore. You can stop fawning."

Thanks fatman! Here's what ... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Thanks fatman! Here's what I sent:

I noticed a list of "key facts" in the upper right side of the webpage. There's one key fact that was forgotten:

Bill Clinton cheated on his wife by having sex with a girl who was only a year or two older than his daughter. Not only that, but he was the girl's boss, and he had sex with her during work hours.

Well said, Sue.... (Below threshold)

Well said, Sue.

My message to the Swiss sit... (Below threshold)

My message to the Swiss site: Lock up your daughters!!!

Nice hot pink tie. Maybe he... (Below threshold)

Nice hot pink tie. Maybe he's going both ways now?

"While they were working on... (Below threshold)

"While they were working on my heart, I had them do a little work downstairs. Let's just say I'm above average now..."

"Heck no Hillery doesn't mi... (Below threshold)

"Heck no Hillery doesn't mind, sometimes she even likes to watch."

"Hmm...her bust looks a lit... (Below threshold)

"Hmm...her bust looks a little small for his tastes."
"ALL of her looks a little small for his tastes."

But look at that big fat can, that ass is classic hillery bootie.






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