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Runaway Bride Could Have Been Looking For Old Flame

Jennifer Wilbanks
Shoplifting Mugshot (1998)
From The New York Post:
May 16, 2005 -- TAOS, N.M. - Jennifer Wilbanks wasn't just running away from her wedding, she was running toward something - an old paramour with whom she had a steamy sexual relationship.

The bolting bride set her sights on New Mexico sometime during her three-day cross-country sprint from the altar because it's the home of a short-lived fling, several sources told The Post.

But if Wilbanks harbored hope of reigniting an old passion, she would have been sorely disappointed.

"I would have turned her ass in, no question," former flame Todd Kendrick told The Post. "And then," he joked, "I'd have asked for the $100,000 reward."

Also the price tag for the city of Duluth, Georgia's search has dropped to $40,000. The city and Wilbanks lawyer are negotiating a possible settlement.

Other than voluminous eBay auctions, action figures, and hot sauce, the Runaway Bride phenomenon appears to be abaiting...


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Comments (20)

Marc and I said that we tho... (Below threshold)

Marc and I said that we thought she was running TO someone right here on this very blog and we got our wrists slapped for being heartless.

The shoplifting thing just makes it even more funny.

"I would have turned her ass in, no question" .

Smartest thing said by anyone involved in this mess.

Also,That picture ... (Below threshold)


That picture is scary as hell, could you imagine looking down into those eyes every night while doing your marital duties?

"Honey, why do you keep putting a pillow over my face?"

She looks like someone, but... (Below threshold)

She looks like someone, but I can't quite put my finger on it...Stan Laurel?

Didn't Seinfeld already do ... (Below threshold)

Didn't Seinfeld already do this skit? Something about "she's got CRAZY EYES!"?

'Cause, you know, them's some damn spooky peepers.

Mesablue, you know no one w... (Below threshold)

Mesablue, you know no one wants to have reality intrude when matters of the heart are being discussed, lol.

Check this out, Jennifer:</... (Below threshold)

Check this out, Jennifer:

Separated at birth?

Hmmm.And the guy s... (Below threshold)


And the guy still wants to marry her?

Words don't suffice.

Ed, I agree...I think the g... (Below threshold)

Ed, I agree...I think the guy's a born again idiot!

"She's the bride with the g... (Below threshold)

"She's the bride with the goo-goo-googily eyes!"

Somebody should tell that p... (Below threshold)

Somebody should tell that poor woman that her eyeballs are falling out.

She looks like Marty Feldma... (Below threshold)

She looks like Marty Feldman in drag...

fooltomery's link to the se... (Below threshold)

fooltomery's link to the seperated at birth pics is utterly sublime.

The article says Jennifer "... (Below threshold)

The article says Jennifer "liked sex" and mentioned a number of the previous men she dated, so apparently she is what is known as a "party girl", that is, a woman whom men like to date and fool around with, but when it comes time to marry, they go with someone more stable. Except that sometimes one of her dates somehow acquires the delusion that she will be different with him, and that generally means he's in for a lot of hurt and heartache.

On the other hand, own my sister once admitted to me once that she went through a "promiscuous phase" when she was younger, but now she has been happily married for about 10 years and has a couple of daughters and a stable, productive life, so sometimes I suppose these things can work out.

I thought this was an early... (Below threshold)

I thought this was an early Caption Contest.

"My, that deputy has big hands. And you know what they say..."

Change the sign to:<p... (Below threshold)

Change the sign to:

Meet me at www.PsychoWardDates.com.

...She looks like she's rec... (Below threshold)
mark m:

...She looks like she's recieving a perma-shocker....

What is with those eyes? I... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

What is with those eyes? I didn't realize someone had invented the meth lab implant.

she has the look of a crack... (Below threshold)

she has the look of a crack smoker

Cousin Dave, I really appre... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Cousin Dave, I really appreciate the meth lab implant comment! That is soooooooooooooooooo funny!

I wasn't aware that Gainsvi... (Below threshold)

I wasn't aware that Gainsville had a policy of goosing prisoners as their mugshots were taken...






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