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Even Broken Clocks Are Right Twice A Day

Ted Rall rages against the machine, and Ann Coulter manages to avoid complete meltdown on the same day?

I question the timing of this...

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I enjoyed Ann Coulter's art... (Below threshold)

I enjoyed Ann Coulter's article. She's a hoot. I especially liked her comments about the Koran -- ooops, excuse me -- the Holy Koran. Afterall, the Koran was written by a true prophet of God, while the Bible is a bunch of opinions written by a bunch of wackos. So journalist must always use the adjective "holy" when describing anything involving Muslims. Holy Koran, Holy City of..., Holy Moley. LOL.

What a surprise. Rall lies.... (Below threshold)

What a surprise. Rall lies. The clerks will NOT be eliminated. Insteads, they'll be moved outside the booths
to assist people throughout the stations.

From NY1 News, 5/2:

"The MTA was originally going to get rid of 164 token booths entirely. But that plan changed after a passenger was shot and killed earlier this year, and police were delayed reaching the platform because no clerk was on duty to let them in.

“It is a step in the right direction,” said Neysa Pranger of the Straphanger’s Campaign. “It's better to have someone there that's roving the station than to not have someone there at all."

The station customer assistance agents will be outfitted with new burgundy blazers or vests to make them easily recognizable, and they'll still be able to access the booth to check on faulty MetroCards or to use the phone in case of emergency.

The change will not save any money, as initially envisioned, NYC Transit says. The agency says clerks can simply provide better customer service outside the booths, where they can also do other work, like performing maintenance on turnstiles, or fixing problems with MetroCard vending machines."

Funny, Jim...but to add som... (Below threshold)

Funny, Jim...but to add something for purposes of rhetoric, the Holy Bible is recognized by Christians as the word of God.

The Koran/Quaran was written by Muhammed. Who lived a human life complete with some pretty shameful behaviors.

And, I think the point Coul... (Below threshold)

And, I think the point Coulter is making is that first there's the demand that the word, "holy" accompany some text -- even among those who don't recognize a/any text as so, nor who accept an idiology related -- first there's the demand that across-the-social-board, the word, "holy" be applied/used, then there's the demand that we all bow when certain words are stated, then there's the demand that we all lose our heads if we don't utter certain words, then there's...

The point being, people should be free to believe as they determine. Which then allows for others to believe as they determine, where religious freedom is concerned. And to keep your head if you don't declare Muhammed or El Ron or whomever as "holy" ( or in the case of El Ron, maybe that'd be the polar opposite given his legacy ).

Coulter's implications are amusing to most of us but miss the amusing level for some and that's the point I think she's made...that there's no stop-gap for some, to put it mildly.

I dunno, her column, which I, too, enjoy. At least Coulter has a sense of humor, contrary to Rall, who just seems to be limited by a perpetual case of rabies.

Funny, though, because that... (Below threshold)

Funny, though, because that one column by Rall is actually calm. He actually makes sense, albeit a type of sense (thus, I appreciate Kevin's description).

How could you miss <a href=... (Below threshold)

How could you miss these???

Ha...verra funny (^^).... (Below threshold)

Ha...verra funny (^^).

Henceforward, my blog must ... (Below threshold)

Henceforward, my blog must be referred to as "Holy Yippee-Ki-Yay!"

Adding the suffix, "Batman," is optional.

I think what Ann said on Se... (Below threshold)

I think what Ann said on September 12, 2001 is correct: "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity". Right on Ann!!!

I agree. Ann Coulter shoul... (Below threshold)

I agree. Ann Coulter should eat all her junk too.

why do i like Coulter's sto... (Below threshold)

why do i like Coulter's story better? is it in my blood? is it how i was raised as a child? am i more rational than the next dude? i don't know...all i know is that Ted Rall is a puchach.






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