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Not-so-finely aged whiskey

A couple construction workers in Holliston, Massachusetts were rebuilding a chimney in a 200-year-old house when they made a rather unusual discovery: a bottle of whiskey that is, quite possibly, 80 to 200 years old.

It was half-drunk before being put away, though, and experts say it probably has gone bad.

In what I'm sure is a pure coincidence, Senator Ted Kennedy announced he's leaving immediately on a fact-finding mission to Holliston.


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Comments (8)

Rimshot... (Below threshold)


So WHAT does 200 year old b... (Below threshold)

So WHAT does 200 year old backwash taste like?

Wouldn't the presence of a ... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't the presence of a tax stamp suggest that the booze wasn't produced during prohibition?

Was he driving the Oldsmobi... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Was he driving the Oldsmobile...the one with the snorkle?

Someone, please make sure t... (Below threshold)

Someone, please make sure that no one gets in the car with Ted.

I love it! HA...That Teddy ... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

I love it! HA...That Teddy is something else isn't he? He probably wants to check to see if it was one of his fathers old bottles. It is kind of a family matter on behalf of the senior senator!... Actually, it would be kind of interesting to see! Joe was a bootlegger back in the day wasn't he? Isn't that where the Kennedy clan amassed most of there wealth? It would be a fun bit of history!

teddy-irish? whiskey irish... (Below threshold)

teddy-irish? whiskey irish? hmm a connection?

i think that the word bitch... (Below threshold)
breane phillips:

i think that the word bitch is usually used when needed most of the time. what do you think other bitches? well, i think that is a stupid word anyways. well, eccept when i use it of course!!!






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