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Tracking HuffPo's Opening Weeks

I was curious to see if I could gage the traffic and impact of The Huffington Post on this the 10 day anniversary of their launch. Clearly plenty of "buzz" has been generated, but what about readers?

Using Alexa data, Site Meter statistics (Actually a combination of Alexa stats and SiteMeter stats for DailyKos and InstaPundit), and a little guestimation here's what I've come up with...

The Huffington Post

Week 1 [5/9-5/15] Average Daily visitors (range) - 550,000 to 700,000
Week 2 [5/16-5/22] Average Daily visitors (range)- 250,000 to 400,000
I'll throw into my guesstimate that there was probably a million visitor day in the first week, perhaps May 10th. Also, I'd bet my SWAG numbers are at least in the ballpark of reality...

Of course I could have just asked Arianna Huffington or Andrew Breitbart what the actual traffic number were (assuming they'd part with that information), but where's the fun in that?


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Comments (10)

Hopefully that downward tre... (Below threshold)

Hopefully that downward trend continues.

The goofy stars won't stick around if her numbers drop below those of more "traditional" bloggers.

Unfortunately, with the creation of Dim Witley, she's already succeeded in adding to the looney factor.

I've gone twice now. Once... (Below threshold)
mark m:

I've gone twice now. Once on day one and once today. That's pretty dry stuff they are servin' over there. The stat i'd like to see (if available) is how many people went there and forwarded the stories/links. I have to believe from the two times i've been there that would have to be a small number.

I find some interesting bit... (Below threshold)

I find some interesting bits here and there. I think she has too many non-celebrities who have nothing much to say.

I'll read stuff by Mr. Nobody is he's got something interesting to contribute.

I'll read stuff by Norman Mailer, even if it's stupid, because he's still Norman Mailer.

But I have no desire to read stupid stuff written by Mr. Nobody.

So, I think she needs to confine it to people who are either: a) genuine celebrities; or b) saying something interesting. Right now there seems to be a lot of posters who are in neither category, and no posters who are in in both.

I like the idea and the layout though, and I hope it perks up.

"So, I think she needs to c... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

"So, I think she needs to confine it to people who are either: a) genuine celebrities"

What would compel someone to read something just because it was written by a "genuine celebrity"?

Is it over yet?... (Below threshold)

Is it over yet?

Master of None:Peo... (Below threshold)

Master of None:

People are interested in celebrities. Look at the supermarket checkout lines.

What bugs me is the lack of... (Below threshold)

What bugs me is the lack of a comment feature. It seems the "bloggers" there are trying to hang on to their celebrity status by insulating themselves from the voies of "real" people.

Graham,I don't dou... (Below threshold)
Master of None:


I don't doubt that people are interested in celebrities. My question is why? I guess I understand why somebody would care who J-LO is banging, but why would anybody want to read Keanu Reeves discussing the filibuster or any such crap posted at HuffNPuff's blog?

At some point HuffingtonPos... (Below threshold)

At some point HuffingtonPost's traffic will be entirely composed of Lair and Steve visiting for fodder for their respective spoofs.

Those are impressive number... (Below threshold)

Those are impressive numbers. If I was selling white flags, tofu, Che t-shirts, copies of The Communist Manifesto or counterfeit Michael Moore DVDs I'd be checking out the ad rates.






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