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Headline Of The Day - YEAARRGH!!! Edition

Centrist Dean urges Mass. Dems To Unify - [Boston Globe]
Howard Dean a centrist? Only in Massachusetts. DNC chairman Dean will be appearing on "Meet The Press with Tim Russert" Sunday, which given his recent gaffes will be the Must See TV event of the weekend.

Novak: Howard Dean unmuzzled - [Townhall]


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Comments (7)

I've concluded, especially ... (Below threshold)

I've concluded, especially after hearing Nancy Pelosi this evening being questioned about Dean by Hannity & Colmes (FOX), that, the motivation and ploy here by the DNC with Dean as "head," is that they're milking the "grass roots" (their very words) for all they can get: the hyperactive, overexcitable and younger Dean enthusiasts who like to send in dollars (for Dean, but that's key to the plan), to just USE Dean as Chairman for this aspect of his attraction and to him. Because, there's little remaining to and about his appeal beyond that.

Hearing Pelosi conveniently side step saying anything of any exactness about Dean and Dean's erratic remarks about Tom Delay as she was questioned about specifically -- she did allude to an agreement with Barney Frank in opinion about Dean but that was as intense as she was -- and then continue on to laud Dean for his "grass roots" appeal...it seems that the Democrats again prove that they mean nothing at all and yet just intend...what?

Time to pin someone down among Democrats, if such a thing is ever possible, as to what they MEAN by "grass roots" -- if it isn't "send us your dollars" message to Dean activists, then what? So far, that's about it as to Dean's reasons for being Chair. Because, that's the one thing and ONLY thing I've ever heard as to explaining Dean's presence.

Pelosi's allowed more (lobbyists') dollars to fund her various excursions than has Delay, just to be clear here. Wonder when Dean will call for Nancy Pelosi to return to California to face incarceration for her grubbiness.

I hope that Novak remains f... (Below threshold)

I hope that Novak remains focused on the Dean ferility.

Howard Dean is a mainstream... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean is a mainstream Dem, so is Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Jim McDermott (remember him) and Michael Moore. Remember that next year.

Yeah, glenn, next year: <i... (Below threshold)

Yeah, glenn, next year: good times!


Howard Dean is a centrist. ... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean is a centrist. I guess he is if you're a far-left moonbat who writes for the Boston Globe.

This is more evidence of the left attempting to hoodwink Americans into believing that Dean and their champion Hillary Rotten Clinton are moderates.

Dean is a dud.... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Dean is a dud.

Dean is a centrist. And I'... (Below threshold)

Dean is a centrist. And I'm the Prince of Wales.






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