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RSS/Atom Feed News

Due to the volume of traffic at Wizbang generated via the different flavors of site feeds (Several variations of RSS, Atom, and RDF) I've been looking for a way to both measure the use of, and serve ads through these various feeds. Help finally arrived via in invite to the beta version of the Google Adsense for Feeds program.

The default RSS feed, which contains excerpts of each post will remain ad free for the foreseeable future. All the rest of the feeds (which display full content) are now using the unobtrusive Adsense for Feeds technology.

If you're curious what the ads look like (they're only visible in newsreaders or aggregators like Bloglines) check the extended section of this post for a look.



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Comments (3)

I subscribe to your ATOM fe... (Below threshold)

I subscribe to your ATOM feed and saw no ads.

Don't tell Dave Winer. He m... (Below threshold)

Don't tell Dave Winer. He might have another fit. At least after he's done going after Adam Curry.

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