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Quote Of The Day - Sock It To Me Edition

"I just want her to call me next time she wants to come visit. I mean, I'm not ready to call the U.S. attorney's office and say this entitled star is breaking into my house, but it would be nice if she called."
Takoma Park, Maryland resident Donna Wulkan, current owner of the house movie star Goldie Hawn grew up in, on the former "Laugh-In" star's penchant for arriving unannounced and on one occasion sneaking in through an unlocked front window.

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Yes, but they are always <b... (Below threshold)

Yes, but they are always good break-ins.


I remember Goldie Hawn's di... (Below threshold)

I remember Goldie Hawn's ditzy blonde character from "Laugh-In". In fact, I had a serious crush on her. And I always knew that the ditzy blonde was just an act.

Until now.

There are times when I fant... (Below threshold)

There are times when I fantisized about Goldie Hawn sneaking into my window...man, it really is about location, location, location...

I think Ms. Wulkan has a wo... (Below threshold)

I think Ms. Wulkan has a wonderful attitude --- not sure I could rise to that level of tolerance.






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