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WizbangTV - Is This The Way To Amarillo?


The viral video of the week is a send-up of a send-up of a British crooners 70's hit record that topped the charts a second time, after the first send-up. The uniqueness factor is that the soldiers miming Tony Christie's 1971 rendition of the Neil Sedaka penned "Is This The Way To Amarillo?" are stationed in Iraq. The Manchester Evening News reports on the video:

A soldier from Cheshire who starred in a spoof video of the No1 hit song (Is This The Way To) Amarillo said today that defence chiefs had "loved it" - despite it causing their computer system to crash.

Staff Sgt Roger Parr, 34, teamed up with troops from the Royal Dragoon Guards tank regiment to shoot the video at their base in Al Faw, Iraq, before emailing it back to Army friends in London.

The funny tribute to the song - released for Comic Relief earlier this year with comedian Peter Kay miming to Tony Christie's 1971 song - proved so popular at the Ministry of Defence that it crashed the server.

But Staff Sgt Parr, from Runcorn, said the Army's top brass had enjoyed the video. "I heard it had crashed the MoD's email system, but it had done no harm and everyone had loved it," he said. "I didn't get into trouble."

Here's Sgt Parr's version, and the British comedian Peter Kay's version that he paid tribute to is below.

Via Michael Demmons, CaptiveImage.us, and others...


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Comments (14)

I'll take The Brit Army ver... (Below threshold)

I'll take The Brit Army version every time!

The spoof is far better tha... (Below threshold)

The spoof is far better than the original!

If I download the video and... (Below threshold)

If I download the video and e-mail it to a friend, is that considered hotlinking?

(Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm obviously a greenhorn in these parts.)

No, fatman, that is not hot... (Below threshold)

No, fatman, that is not hotlinking.

Hotlinking is when you (on your own website) pull something directly from another website, using their (paid for) bandwidth, without actually linking them.

What you are doing has nothing to do with hotlinking. Copyright violations are another matter entirely... It would be best to just send the link to their website, rather than the video itself.

Thank you, Kathy K.... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Kathy K.

Any one catch the soldier's... (Below threshold)
Jim in Chicago:

Any one catch the soldier's nom de song in his video?

Lucky Pierre. Pretty funny.

Hey Wizbang, thanks for the... (Below threshold)

Hey Wizbang, thanks for the videos!

I told a couple of friends and they loved the soldier's spoof better than the original. My sig.other loved it as well.

Good job, soldiers!

I cant seem to get the vide... (Below threshold)

I cant seem to get the videos to work on my computer. I need help cause I'm dying to see the videos

peterkay.y11.net... (Below threshold)


Not Flaming anyone here but... (Below threshold)

Not Flaming anyone here but Kate don`t we all pay for bandwith? --- We should all accept the sharing value of the internet not linking here ,there and god knows where.

I actually liked the two vi... (Below threshold)

I actually liked the two videos equally.

i discover this song just 2... (Below threshold)

i discover this song just 2 months ago and it's still make me laugh, what a great enjoyable song and a great clip for the comic relief

thank you wizbang !!!!

ENCORE !!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)

ENCORE !!!!!!!!

i love this video ! vive le... (Below threshold)

i love this video ! vive les usa !






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