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Huffington Post Star Sighting - Tim Robbins

Never mind that erstwhile HuffPo non-contributing contributor Warren Beatty was making news over the weekend attacking California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, there's been an actual Hollywood star sighting at HuffPo; writer, director, actor, partner of Susan Sarandon - Tim Robbins.

Unfortunately that's were the good news for Arianna Huffington ends. It's bad enough that Nuke LaLoosh's first HuffPost was a commercial for his forthcoming film, but you'd think that Arianna could have talked him into giving a little more effort than his mailed in PR piece. You'd think, but you'd be wrong...

Tim Robbins: Embedded Live: A Moment Captured - [HuffPo]
Embedded Live - Directors Comments - [PDF]

[Hint: Minus the title line and the gratuitous plug line at the end; they're identical.]

Comments (4)

Actually -- I agree with yo... (Below threshold)

Actually -- I agree with your take as you state here -- Robbins' has made efficient use of the space and the call, as in, asked to contribute, fill space and draw readers due to his name recognition and screen presence popularity (which is sad, because it's another case of a liberal site relying on a personality of popular esteem that is not real, actual, but fictional -- still 'popular' to many, however unreal it is), the guy goes commercial and writes about a project that's he considers in need of marketing and publicity.

It's a rather smart move.

But it speaks greater about Huffington and the manipulations ongoing with that site as to what it is to publish what and why. She might just as well cave and realize she's (still) peddling personality. At least Robbins is up front about it, which is to his credit.

I saw Tim last night too.<b... (Below threshold)

I saw Tim last night too.
I got my copy of Team America.
Tim's best work is in that movie.

I notice good ol Tim is spo... (Below threshold)

I notice good ol Tim is spouting the 100,000 dead Iraqi's crap. A great example of how lies get written as history, just keep repeating it over and over. What a moron.

Yeah, but he's a smart busi... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but he's a smart businessman moron, ha.

I don't at all agree with his politics, his views on just about everything except that the guy has acting talent and I enjoy his work.

I still think he made a smart move by using the space at Huffy's for to promote a project of his own. Can't fault him for that, though I probably, if I saw it, would fault him for what the project expresses.

He and mate Sarandon have almost become the Grandpa and Grandma Leaders of Aged Liberals, and it's interesting in a macabre sorta' way. But, again, I do like his work, but mostly when he performs the screenwriting of someone else.






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