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Phil Spector's Wall of Hair

Music producer Phil Spector is shown in Superior Court judge Monday, May 23, 2005, in Los Angeles. A judge said Monday, he will allow four of 10 incidents of evidence in Spector's murder trial that prosecutors say illustrate the music producer's history of pulling guns on women. Spector is on trial for the Feb. 23, 2003, fatal shooting of B-movie actress Lana Clarkson. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Prosecutors can introduce evidence in Phil Spector's murder trial to try to show the famed music producer had a history of threatening women before he was charged with killing a B-movie actress in his home two years ago.

...[Superior Court Judge Larry P.] Fidler allowed evidence of four incidents that allegedly occurred between 1988 and 1995 to be introduced during Spector's trial. He refused to allow six other alleged incidents to be introduced.

...Defense attorney Bruce Cutler argued that none of the allegations were true and dismissed the women as celebrity-chasing "acolytes and gold diggers" out for publicity.

He also warned that discussing the incidents during trial could prejudice the jury against Spector.

If you're worried about prejudicing a jury you might not want to come to court with a hairdo that would embarrass Don King...


Phil Spector's Wall of Nuts - [Amy's Robot]
Phil Spector's Ghosts - [Slate]

Update: The only thing better than a picture of the hairdo from hell, is video courtesy of Celebrity Justice.


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Comments (24)

"...charged with killing a ... (Below threshold)

"...charged with killing a B-movie actress in his home two years ago..."

Is it just me, or is that terribly sad? I can't think of many ways I'd less like to be referred to in a story referencing my death than as a "B-movie actress." Or actor.

Yeah. And technically, we h... (Below threshold)

Yeah. And technically, we haven't had any "B movies" since the end of the Hollywood studio system anyway.

Man, look at that hair! Him, Donald Trump, Don King, who else to add to the list?

Here's a "B" movie for ya:<... (Below threshold)

Here's a "B" movie for ya:

Phil Specter plays "Dr. Who" in the next TV show shamelessly adapted to the big screen.

Hairstyles by Taser.... (Below threshold)

Hairstyles by Taser.

Why is the name of the vict... (Below threshold)

Why is the name of the victim not presented anywhere in the lede? Surely the name of the victim and her profession rates more than a passing B-movie actress.

Oh, and as for the hairdo. That's what you get when you wear tinfoil hats in the sun too long. Baked noodle.

Geez... You could hide a g... (Below threshold)

Geez... You could hide a gun in that hairdo!

Wow! That's some comb-over... (Below threshold)

Wow! That's some comb-over! Is this the alternative to the platform shoe to give the illusion of height?

It's a wig. Spector has bee... (Below threshold)

It's a wig. Spector has been wearing a variety of wigs for many years.

Reminds me of Sideshow Bob ... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons...


Irene, I was thinking more ... (Below threshold)

Irene, I was thinking more along the lines of Hair Bear.

Or maybe <a href="http://ww... (Below threshold)

Or maybe Shake

that's no hairdo..that's my... (Below threshold)

that's no hairdo..that's my poodle

Sweet Jesus..<... (Below threshold)

Sweet Jesus..

Looks like Einstein on crack!!

That hair... and those butt... (Below threshold)

That hair... and those buttons...

Put some clown makeup on and call Ringling Brothers - I think we've found their next big star.

Hair Bear Lives !!!!!!!<br ... (Below threshold)
I thought Imus had removed ... (Below threshold)

I thought Imus had removed his cowboy hat.

Well, he may have killed a ... (Below threshold)
Al Maviva:

Well, he may have killed a B-movie actress, but he still has some life left in him, as long as he doesn't murder Ted McGinley. If *that guy* shows up, it's all over, and you might as well stop the trial right now, before it gets cancelled due to low ratings.

UH OH!...... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

UH OH!...

The name of the actress is ... (Below threshold)

The name of the actress is Lana Clarkson, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0165096/
Phil's wall of hair apparently draws all attention, effectively muffling away those personal details that could help you identify with the other persons involved in the drama - much like his wall of sound did.

He is OBVIOUSLY going for a... (Below threshold)

He is OBVIOUSLY going for an insanity defense. One look at him and I think the jury will agree he is mentally unstable. LOL

Whether you are looking for... (Below threshold)

Whether you are looking for swinging couples or sexy singles as new swing partners, or just seeking someone to hang out with, you'll be able to find exactly who you are looking for, locally or around the world. Our users are looking for lasting friendships with those they can share their most "intimate secrets and fantasies".

He does have a gun in that ... (Below threshold)

He does have a gun in that hairdo! Here's the video that proves it http://www.nationalwatercooler.com

worst einstein impression i... (Below threshold)

worst einstein impression i've ever seen

Sure I think that he did it... (Below threshold)

Sure I think that he did it. Certainly he should claim insanity - everyone would agree to that. But his wigs? Man they are great!! Does the man want attention? Those wigs are perfect - who can ignore him with those great wigs? I want more wigs - wilder, madder, more insane wigs to pump up the media frenzy.
Phil Spector has given more talent to our mundane lives than P. Hilton ever has and ever will. He was a "has been" at age 30 then brought himself back - kindof - after treating his wife and kids badly! But that just proves that he has been off and on that ol' rocker of his for years and years.
More wigs Phil, more wigs!!! We love the Wall of Hair to go with your Wall of Sound! but you really should not have ever owned a gun and really.....shame on you - you need to do time for the crime.
will he get time off like ph?






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