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God's punishment for New England

For the last umpteen weeks, we have had rainy, sleazy weather every weekend.

Yesterday, when someone commented on the weather, I replied that it was just a typical early March day.

This morning, we're being wracked with a good ol' Noreaster, the kind that just a couple a months ago would've left us digging out a good half a foot of snow.

Last November, John Kerry won every single New England state.

Coincidence? I think not...

Update: Blute and Scotto remind me that it's also been a year since three judges in Massachusetts decided that gay marriage was, indeed, legal. There's another piece of evidence...


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Comments (16)

I think you may be on to so... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I think you may be on to something. I almost am starting to think there isn't really a sun behind all those clouds and rain.

It's silly yes. But does an... (Below threshold)

It's silly yes. But does anybody remember how some said the storms in Florida was punishment for voting for Bush?
It's all fun and games, untill we get to the state where we blame God's punishment or the "great Satan" (America) for natural disasters.

Interesting concept. Does t... (Below threshold)

Interesting concept. Does this explain why the weather sucks in Chicago .... we've had a Daley in office for the better part of fifty years and he always makes us vote Democrat.

"we've had a Daley in offic... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

"we've had a Daley in office for the better part of fifty years and he always makes us vote Democrat."

And he does it even after you're dead.

The weather has been pretty... (Below threshold)

The weather has been pretty miserable in Michigan, too....

Blaming the tsunami on glob... (Below threshold)

Blaming the tsunami on global warming? Now, that's a new one. Blaming God/Allah/Karl Rove/Sweden sounds almost more rational than that.

I saw the title and wondere... (Below threshold)

I saw the title and wondered what you could be talking about. "Splash" Kennedy? "Flip" Kerry? "Leaky" Leahy? "Jumpin' Jim" Jeffords? "Howlin' Howard" Dean (although he appears to have become a blessing in disguise to the GOP)?

It does seem as though New Englanders already have more punishment than any human being deserves...

...we have had rainy, sl... (Below threshold)

...we have had rainy, sleazy weather every weekend.

Hey J, I've got one question: how can weather be sleazy? A bar can be sleazy, or behavior can be sleazy, or my sleazy bookie's girlfriend can be sleazy but I've never heard that word used to describe weather. I wonder if that's East Coast usage.

You are missing <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

You are missing the obvious explanation.

Oregon Muse, I think sleazy... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Oregon Muse, I think sleazy weather is a bitchin way to describe the weather! It's kind of a catchy little saying...If you will pardon the expression!

Sorry! I wanted to add one ... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Sorry! I wanted to add one more thing about the sleazy weather...I really like the use of the word sleazy attached with Politicians when you are wanting someone to blame the weather on!... Thanks

This one I don't understand... (Below threshold)

This one I don't understand at all.


Hey Steve,But not ... (Below threshold)

Hey Steve,

But not today! About F---ing time! It's gorgeous.

The weekend is another story, though.

<a href="http://www.america... (Below threshold)

There's a link for you. It wasn't a surprise to most of us that there would be some overzealous, self-indulgent hate mongers who would desecrate another's religion. I bet it puts a smile on your face to hear that other's are suffering in this manner and worse over a sham of a war.

Thanks a lot, Joser (Rhymes... (Below threshold)

Thanks a lot, Joser (Rhymes-With-Loser). Now I have to go wash my browser out with soap.

BTW Joser (Rhymes-With-Lose... (Below threshold)

BTW Joser (Rhymes-With-Loser), have you contracted the dreaded "minnie syndrome", symptoms of which are an inability to stay on-topic and the regurgitation of bovine-like feces?






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