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More Koran Flushing Reports

The ACLU released a FBI memo that contains a prisoners report of a Guantanamo guard flushing a Koran.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An FBI agent wrote in a 2002 document made public on Wednesday that a detainee held at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, had accused American jailers there of flushing the Koran down a toilet.

The Pentagon said the allegation was not credible.

...The newly released document, dated Aug. 1, 2002, contained a summary of statements made days earlier by a detainee, whose name was redacted, in two interviews with an FBI special agent, whose name also was withheld, at the Guantanamo prison for foreign terrorism suspects.

The American Civil Liberties Union released the memo and other FBI documents it obtained from the government under court order through the Freedom of Information Act.

I've seen various sites claim that Newsweek is vindicated, nothing could be further from the truth. Here's what I had to say about the story last week,
"The point is not that such allegations existed; it is that Newsweek reported that a US government investigation had (or would) conclude that such event took place.

No one (to my knowledge) is arguing a few detainees (and/or their lawyers) hadn't made allegations concerning Koran desecration, yet [Andrew] Sullivan implies that those charges somehow lend credence to Newsweek's shabby reporting. Sullivan then gets swept up in the "look at all the other prisoner abuse stories" mentality that presumably led Newsweek to run with such a poorly sourced report."

Nothing has changed...

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Comments (20)

Oh sure Kevin- another Kora... (Below threshold)

Oh sure Kevin- another Koran in the crapper post, but nothing yet on Carrie Underwood?

(Weren't you the one WAAAAAAy back that she would be the new American Idol?What does Andrew Sullivan say about THAT?)

I put a Koran in the crappe... (Below threshold)

I put a Koran in the crapper and it wouldn't go down. Had to take it out and shred the sucker to get it to flush. Does that count?

Yeah Carrie, I knew she would win.

The best way to flush a Kor... (Below threshold)

The best way to flush a Koran is with Kellogg's Koran Bran.

I have no idea what that means.

I think in the liberal sear... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I think in the liberal search to vindicate Newsweek, they have forgotten what "accused" and "confirmed" mean.

Apparantly the only actually cases of Koran flushing at Gitmo are from the prisoners doing it themselves.

Typical. Believe the priso... (Below threshold)

Typical. Believe the prisoner, not the cop.

If Mapelthorpe put the Kora... (Below threshold)
t. z.:

If Mapelthorpe put the Koran in the toilet, it would be art.


Liberals only remember what... (Below threshold)

Liberals only remember what "accused" and "confirmed" mean when it's a liberal being accused or a liberal (judge) being confirmed.

(I hope that made sense; I just woke up.)

Good morning, Fm. Yup, tha... (Below threshold)

Good morning, Fm. Yup, that makes sense. (Did you see my nightowl reply to yours at 4:27 AM in the previous wizbang Newsweek thread "Lost in Translation?")

Allegations against the US ... (Below threshold)

Allegations against the US are true, facts about the terrorists aren't worth mentioning.

-- MSM guidebook

How is it that a prison cam... (Below threshold)

How is it that a prison camp in Guantanamo has such fantastic plumbing that you could flush an entire BOOK down a toilet
there?! I mean, a foot longer and a bunch of toilet paper can easily clog a toilet in the states!

You're so right, Kevin.... (Below threshold)

You're so right, Kevin.

Gaijinbiker at ridingsun has the latest in this outrage by Amnesty International.

AP 5/25/06 article published May 26, 2005; 2:12 AM at WashingtonPost.com, despite its deceptive title, reports facts disproving the Koran abuse allegation against the US. Affirmatively shows some detainees did it themselves to incite riots amongst other detainees at Gitmo, and later after being released from detention, to stir up further trouble for the US.

Clearly shows Newsweek lied when Isikoff reported that "findings" of Koran desecration, etc. by US guards at Gitmo would be admitted in an "upcoming US Southern Command in Miami report" (in Paragraph 2 of his Periscope item in Newsweek's 5/9/05 edition that set off riots and death in Afghanistan and "Death to America" demonstrations worldwide.)

Whether one believes the abuse allegations or not, since investigators didn't report wrongdoing, then no such "findings" would be in (Isikoff's phantom?) "upcoming report".

Just discovered a new (for ... (Below threshold)

Just discovered a new (for me) site. Interesting read at Controlled Media.

They supposedly verified... (Below threshold)

They supposedly verified the information as acurate...

According to whom?

Aren't they suppose to be t... (Below threshold)

Aren't they suppose to be the AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union? I didn't know they changed their name to the Terrorist Civil Liberties Union.

"..the one source who had t... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"..the one source who had the chance to nip the story in the bud before it was published.."

You mean Newsweek, right? Yes, they should have nailed this story down before publishing it. Very unprofessional of them.

What so many of you on the ... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

What so many of you on the Right were oblivious to in your rush to scapegoat Newsweek, was that there was plenty of un-investigated allegations similar to the Koran flushing alleged incident, that was about to come back and bite you on the a**!

Which leads the Pentagon now, to investigate claims (like the Newsweek story), made back in 2002.

If the Newsweek story is an isolated case, they remain guilty. But, with the Pentagon now admitting multiple incidents of 'mishandling' of the Koran, the previously accused Liberal bias media has the credibility 'Mo!

Sheesh, Clive, you're not m... (Below threshold)

Sheesh, Clive, you're not making sense. Where's a link, at least?

Here's some common sense, finally:

Article by Paul Sperry on 5/23/05 - Closing the Book on Koran Abuse.

" 'That would be a really dumb-assed approach,' asserts an Army intelligence officer who interrogated the detainees and leaked the document to me. It would only anger them and harden their resolve not to talk. 'I can't think of a good angle where tearing up the Koran or mishandling it would be helpful,' concurs another veteran Army interrogator."

" Instead, interrogators used the Koran and other religious items as an incentive for cooperating with them, a smart tactic that was approved by high command for Gitmo detainees. Those who cooperated got copies of the Koran and even finger prayer beads, and were also allowed to keep their bushy beards, which Islamists wear as a sign of devotion to their faith. Those who didn't cooperate were denied such privileges, and even that relatively mild tactic was banned by the end of 2003 thanks to complaints lodged through the Red Cross."

" Meanwhile, a section of an Army training guide I obtained titled 'Cultural Awareness-Islam 101' orders American troops deployed in Muslim countries not to 'eat or smoke in public during their holy periods when they are fasting.' It even admonishes them to hide their religious beliefs around Muslims. 'Don't try to convert an Arab to your religion,' it warns. 'Don't display religious items.' "

"So the bad guys behind barbed wire can be religious—but not our soldiers guarding them."


There's much more in the article – referencing military documents.

No matter how much the US b... (Below threshold)

No matter how much the US bends over backwards propitiating to the fanatics, they'll never be satisfied. Today, Friday (the day of the week they get their marching orders in mosques), worldwide protests renewed in Pakistan, Kashmir region of India, Indonesia, etc. Friday, May 27th, was a pre-organized global protest day:

"[On Sunday, May 15] MMA president Qazi Hussain Ahmed announced plans for a global protest on May 27 involving 25 leading Islamic organizations including Hamas, Hizbullah, PAS of Malaysia, and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt."


Today's protests occurred as promised:

AFP (Agence France Presse) 5/27/05, "Thousands rally in Pakistan in new protests over Koran abuse report":

"Thousands of Islamic hardliners launched fresh protests across Pakistan after the United States admitted some guards at Guantanamo Bay had mishandled the Koran, witnesses and party officials said."

"Liaquat Baloch, deputy chief of the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, said the alliance had contacted Muslim organisations in 34 countries."

"…senior MMA leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said. 'America should tender an unconditional apology otherwise we'll wage jihad against it,'…."

"…Pakistani opposition leader and Islamic radical Fazlur Rehman. 'We do not believe in the investigation promised by the United States. It does not meet the requirements of justice,'…."

"In the remote northwestern town of Miranshah near the Afghan border, about 5,000 tribesmen carrying black banners attended a rally which demanded 'the US hand over the culprits to Pakistan….' "


Maybe we should think about handing over Isikoff and Newsweek's editors.

My point here BR, ... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

My point here BR,

Is the growing intensity of Islamic hate towards us with aspect to these allegations, stem from two sources:

- that the whole of the Islamic world does not have a free press, but instead is mostly controlled by anti-US partisans/extremists who feed a mainly illiterate population of steady diet of information based on lies and manipulations. (Their Fox News!)

- The refusal (arrogance?) of the military to take such complaints by detainees serious enough, to investigate them thoroughly and quickly (therefore having documented evidence to refute them), or correcting and addressing such abuses by our military (documented), showing a concerted effort was made to prevent it from happening again.

The Bush administration and the Pentagon have no excuses for not recognizing the critical disadvantage they faced in winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim world. And, even by doing everything right and by the book (the Geneva Convention), there was no guarantee we'd convince the Islamic world of our noble intentions.

The Right can go ahead and try to scapegoat Newsweek and the media, but the lack of accountability for Abu Ghraib, 'extraordinary retention', and the 'mishandling' of the Koran, are the admitted (or non-denial) abuses that have brought us to this point.

Dear Clive, I have some aff... (Below threshold)

Dear Clive, I have some affection for you because you remind me of my little brother, whom I love dearly. When we were small, he used to tease me incessantly. Being a girl, but bigger, I knew I could inflict serious damage to him if I lashed out with all my strength, but being wiser, I did not.

We face more serious problems than fighting each other. And Americans fighting each other is exactly what the enemy wants. US allies fighting Americans, ditto.






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