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The 10 Spot - Celebrities Gone Wild Edition

Ten celebrity (or semi-celebrity) stories you may have missed...

  1. Tom Cruise, acting the fool on Oprah - [Annimated GIF]
  2. Tom Cruise, speaking the fool on Brooke Shields' postpartum depression - [Seatle P-I]
  3. Remember to good 'ol days when Paris Hilton used to do hard core porn? Hilton's "soft-core porn" burger ad has angered the Parents Television Council... [AP] (Video)
  4. Remember Starsky & Hutch, Duplex, and Along Came Poly? A NYC mugger got a refund for those awful movies directly from Ben Stiller. - [National Enquirer]
  5. Burt Reynolds bitch slaps a CBS producer, or was it just a joking love tap? [CBS News]
  6. NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon botches Take Me Out To The Ballgame at Wrigley. [CubsNet] (Video)
  7. Jessica Simpson and Nick WhateverHisNameIs were getting divorced before they weren't getting divorced - whatever... Enjoy some Jessica bikini pictures (NSFW) via Drunken Stepfather. - [E! Online]
  8. Former CNBC anchor Bonnie Behrend "has become unhinged after four years of being off the air." - [Page Six]
  9. Based on this quote, "I'm not really good with just really being intimate one-on-one, and I think it really helped me havin' a camera there instead of it just bein' me and him," the probability of Britney & Cletus Federline-Spears sex tape hitting the Internets is approaching 100% [Entertainment Weekly]
  10. The Wall Street Journal reports that Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, formerly of Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers is one of the most sought after counterterrorism experts in the world. - [Pittsburg Post-Gazette]
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Comments (12)

We had enough of PARIS HILT... (Below threshold)

We had enough of PARIS HILTON
we need some serious literature here


President's Day?So... (Below threshold)
Just John:

President's Day?

Someone's calendar is way off!

[Ed - Leftover template text that I forgot to update. Fixed]

For those who can't figure ... (Below threshold)

For those who can't figure out the right DrunkenStepfather link: (NSFW)


Thanks. I fixed the link.<... (Below threshold)

Thanks. I fixed the link.

I have taken back everythin... (Below threshold)

I have taken back everything bad I ever said about Paris on my blog. That girl is an amazing actress, a truelt stellar talent. What she did with soap suds was... well, it left me speechless. But, what was with the bite of the sadwich at the end?

The second one about Tom Cr... (Below threshold)

The second one about Tom Cruise is typical. He's a Scientology freak who thinks psychology is a CIA plot. Of course, he thinks Scientology is a religion, not a money-sucking tax-dodging cult.

Bonnie Behrend's website is... (Below threshold)

Bonnie Behrend's website is down after exceededing bandwidth limits. The power of Wizbang.....

You left off howard dean te... (Below threshold)
Ed Alan:

You left off howard dean tearing at DeLay.

The Dems are getting creepy about this:


Uh, Kevin? For those of us ... (Below threshold)

Uh, Kevin? For those of us not acquainted with DrunkenStepfather, a little warning would be appreciated, particularly about the link to Adult Friend Finder at the top of his home page. Not that I was offended, mind you, just...surprised.

I went to Bonnie Behrend's ... (Below threshold)

I went to Bonnie Behrend's site...what a sick twisted sister. Never saw so much self worship in my life, perfect anchor material. Her home must be paneled with mirrors. Where do they find these nuts?

That story on rock-n-roller... (Below threshold)

That story on rock-n-roller Jeff Baxter who now is a counterterrorism consultant is pretty cool.

Hold up your hand if you've ever owned an Ultimate Spinach album.

We need to get Jeff "Skunk"... (Below threshold)

We need to get Jeff "Skunk" Baxter on tour with Charles "Lizard King" Johnson.






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