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Carrie Underwood Wins American Idol

Bo Bice, left, and Carrie Underwood congratulate each other following their duet 'Up Where We Belong' during the 'American Idol' live finale in Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 25, 2005. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

Well, she did it. Carrie Underwood won American Idol, giving her the record contract and the use of a private jet for a year. She defeated Bo Bice and about a half a million other wannabes.

Long term Wizbang readers should not be too surprised because 4 months ago, after hearing her sing about 5 words I wrote this:


You attentive American Idol fans might already recognize the name. The rest of you may as well get used to hearing it, she's going to be big.

I was watching AI on the Tivo when I hit pause to blog this. She's that impressive.

Trust me on this one.

She probably won't win AI as she is a country singer but she will make the top 10 and probably the top 5. She'll be BIG in the country music world.

At the time I knew she was going to be a superstar, I just didn't think the American Idol audience would back a country singer. It probably did not hurt that she turned out to be "not as country" as she sounded in her audition.

It really goes to show how rare someone with superstar quality really is. -- American Idol was created with the express goal being to find the next big star. After 3 seasons, while the previous winners have had some commercial success, none of them were really breakout artists. In reality, without the jump-start from being on AI, none of them would have sold many records. It looks like after 4 seasons they finally found who they were looking for.

Many people think there were 2 winners this year- that Bo Bice will have as much commercial success as Carrie. You show me how many southern rockers are still on the Billboard Top 40 list and maybe you can convince me. He brought the house down when he sang with Lynyrd Skynyrd tonight. When were they last on the charts?

Carrie Underwood is going to be enormous. She will own the country charts and will have the cross-over like probably nobody since the Kenny Rogers era.

You don't have to just take my word for it... Some funny looking British guy said the same thing.

Kevin adds: I have it on good authority (my nieces Molly and Emily) that the hearts of teenage girls across the county were crushed by the outcome. Not to worry girls, the most successful Idol alumni ever (Clay Aiken) finished in second place...


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Comments (33)

Ummmm...it's spelled Lynyrd... (Below threshold)

Ummmm...it's spelled Lynyrd Skynyrd....and I could care less about the Top 40. LS still putting out good music for their fans...

Carrie is what I call Cast ... (Below threshold)

Carrie is what I call Cast Iron Country (I have the copy so don't even think about it). Which is the country-pop-sexy thing that is in right now.

To quote an Allman brother ... (Below threshold)

To quote an Allman brother (Duane or Gregg, I can't remember which): "the term Southern Rock is redundant. Rock was born in the South, so saying Southern Rock is like saying Rock Rock."

Sorry - but who cares? I'd ... (Below threshold)

Sorry - but who cares? I'd rather spend time watching a snail cross an ice pond!

>Sorry - but who cares? </p... (Below threshold)

>Sorry - but who cares?

JATO they got over a half a BILLION votes.

Somebody cares.

IMO, neither Carrie or Bo n... (Below threshold)

IMO, neither Carrie or Bo needed AI to become stars in their genres. But Carrie can make more of the win than Bo.

Use of a private jet for a year, huh?


Yeah, but can she sin... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but can she sing "Free Bird"?!?


That's a joke, since I agree with Paul and appreciate the presence and talent of Miss Underwood. I'm one of those who only watches AI at the final selection broadcast and never before/during/earlier.

And, I agree that it's not so important as to who is selected from the last two finalists, since being one of those two gets you all the exposure you need to get where you need to go: fans, nearly global name recognition, agents, managers and most importantly, choice of recording contracts -- so Bo also wins.

I also think that a head o'... (Below threshold)

I also think that a head o' curly locks wins every time.

Who gives a rats ass, music... (Below threshold)
Clash City Rocker:

Who gives a rats ass, music today sucks, you have to go back 15 years to hear anything decent. Thanks to the skankinization of music, Britney, Ashley, American Idol, any pop diva who can't sing a lick live, any boy band that can't carry a tune. We have seen this before, just after Alan Freed was crucified by congress and that weasel Dick (sucker) Clark. America was forced to listen to the likes of Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon, Fabian, etc..Then when America woke up on the morning of Monday Feb 10, 1964, everything was different,and it was never the same again, for the night before The Beatles rocked the world on Ed Sullivan, for you not old enough to remember, ask your parents what happend that day.

I was disapointed. There ar... (Below threshold)

I was disapointed. There are dozens of Carrie types out there today, but how many soulful Joe Cocker white guys do you see anymore?

Carries performances were always wooden, lacking emotion or presence. Bo actually was animated and managed to use the stage. While I think Carrie had a nice voice, which is suited primarily for country music, Bo had a broader range and in my view more talent.

Actually this is probably a good deal for Bo, given that he won't have to put out the AI records only. Clive Davis will probaby scoop him up tomorrow and I bet we have a Bo album soon.

She curled the hair just fo... (Below threshold)

She curled the hair just for the results show. Before that it was straight; a better look.

I am surprised to see actual Carrie support on a blog. Bo seems to be nore popular. Bo mopped the floor with her and will be a bigger star. So yes, she needed the win more to do as well. Either way, she'd have been successful doing cookie cutter country, but this is an extra push and better for crossing over.

I think it's funny her first single will be the song he did so much better than her in the finale.

Anyway, whether it was sympathy vote or the influence of the votefortheworst.com people, she's still good enough that her winning isn't absurd. Merely surprising.

I am expecting to see her a... (Below threshold)

I am expecting to see her as one of the first performers at Toby Keith's "I love this bar and grill" opening soon in Oklahoma City.

Paul, Clay Aiken is... (Below threshold)

Clay Aiken isn't the most successful AI alumni. That'd have to be Kelly Clarkson. Her first album got played, and her second album is getting played (at least on XM, which is the only place I listen to music).

I'm sorry, but when a creepy skinny white kid who has hair like he stuck his finger in a light socket starts singing about how he wants to be invisible so he could watch you in your room, something has gone horribly wrong. And has he had any radio play since that song?

Carrie had moments of brill... (Below threshold)

Carrie had moments of brilliance so I don't mind much. Besides, it's easier to market a cute wholesome country girl than a man with a coke past. I agree, Bo's going to make it anyway and if Clive Davis has any sense, he'll still work with Bo and make him bigger than just another roots rocker.

I have to laugh at the music snobs who dis Idol and pop music. Besides guys my age, who's listening to The Clash anymore? Or The Ramones? They were great only in the context of the time they came out in, today, Green Day makes them sound like just another bar band.

>There are dozens of Carrie... (Below threshold)

>There are dozens of Carrie types out there today, but how many soulful Joe Cocker white guys do you see anymore?

Which is EXACTLY why she won and not him.

Simon was on "Ellen" not th... (Below threshold)

Simon was on "Ellen" not that long ago and he told her there was a country singer whom he thought would be the next idol. I never watch the show,but he was right.

What I did hear was that it was a surprise and people were disappointed that she won instead of Bo, but remember one thing, the "biggies" are watching too, so like Clay Aiken who will be around for a long time, it's not over for the 2nd place winner.


I have to laugh at the musi... (Below threshold)
Clash City Rocker:

I have to laugh at the music snobs who dis Idol and pop music. Besides guys my age, who's listening to The Clash anymore? Or The Ramones? They were great only in the context of the time they came out in, today, Green Day makes them sound like just another bar band.

Posted by: Timmer

Who's listening to the Clash any more? Let's see, apparently Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day, he tries to channel Joe Strummer everytime he picks up his guitar. Face it the music they play on the radio today really does suck. It's just like the crap Dick Clark forced down the throats of America in the early 60's, pop crap, with no heart or soul, it took the British Invasion, Motown, TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) later known as soul music, and a handful of smaller labels to kick America's musical taste into gear. The crap we are spoon fed today is just another form of the same, one day soon it will fade just like it has before, Bubble Gum, Disco, etc, faded. Here's to the raise and fall of POP, London is calling and America's youth will listen again, check you local high school kids out, they are starting to listen.

She can't even land that je... (Below threshold)

She can't even land that jet in Checotah OK. :)

Good for her win, though. I think she'll go far.

Clash has a point, -- I su... (Below threshold)

Clash has a point, -- I sure am glad to see that HS kids are listening to The Beatles again, and the solid hard-core rock of the 60's and 70's, and whoever wins AI, The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, the Everly Brothers, etc will always be played on the radio -- oldies radio is one of the biggest markets in the country now.

As far as today's alt rock, someone has to remind musicians that people can't appreciate what they can't HEAR if the freakin amp is turned up TOO LOUD (and I'm a musician, so don't go smirking at me for being a fogey). And also, lyrics lose their significance if every other word is f--k.

In my opinion these shows h... (Below threshold)

In my opinion these shows highlight exactly what is wrong with the music industry, the advance of style over substance. None of these people are songwriters, nor do they play an instrument (or if they do they are not allowed to do it in the show). Most important none of them have a definable "act" they simply singe other peoples songs devoid of any context. They are all talented no doubt, but in a very narrow way, and they are not allowed to be engaging in any sense of the word when forced to spit out snippets of tunes devoid of any larger context.

American Idol is a "pipes" contest, either you have them or you don't. The show will never ever yield an Elvis, Beatles, Bob Dylan, or even a Michael Jackson (before he got weird). It has an inherent bias against anything that is even remotely creative, innovative, or that deviates substantially from a very narrow "pop diva" mold. On the other hand it’s a great forum for the truly creative to find back-up singers.

Is it me or does that dude ... (Below threshold)

Is it me or does that dude resemble Charles Manson?

"I was watching AI on the T... (Below threshold)

"I was watching AI on the Tivo when I hit pause to blog this. She's that impressive."

And that's just about as damning a comment on the current state of pop music as I've heard in a long, long time. I tried listening to CU and her voice darned near made my ears bleed. "Impressive" is one word to describe her talent. "Painful" is another... *sigh* Three numbers and I'm out. I'll give her another try once she's had five or six years' worth of daily vocal coaching.

And Bo? Gee, can AI sink any lower than this crop?

I guess there's no accounting for taste. You like what you like. I guess that's fine for you. Having a tin ear doesn't make you a bad person. Really.


Brad,Clay himself ha... (Below threshold)

Clay himself has said that it depends on how you define success. In terms of airplay, yes, others have been far more successful. But, in terms of sales, Clay has(of course, Breakaway is doing very well in that department, so Clay's sophomore cd will be the real test.) Add to that three successful tours, a best-selling book, his OWN Christmas special(which beat the Billboard Awards in the ratings,) TV appearances, magazine articles(including two TV Guide covers, and a RS cover) plus his Bubel/Aiken Foundation; Toys for Tots spokesman; UNICEF ambassador; Ronald McDonald House Charities ambassador....(I could list MANY more)
I think I have made my point.
BTW...Invisible seemed a little off to me at first. Then, I really listend to the words and thought about them. It's about having a crush on someone who doesn't know you exist; wishing you had the courage to say what you feel; wanting to be a part of their life and vice versa; then realizing that, no matter what you do, it will never happen.

And yes, he has been played... (Below threshold)

And yes, he has been played on radio since Invisible. I Will Carry You cracked the AC charts. In fact, at Christmas, he had FOUR songs on the charts...all from his FIRST Christmas cd. I think Jessica Simpson only had one from hers(maybe two.) Also, his Christmas cd was the biggest debut for a Christmas cd(came in at #4 on the Billboard Top 200, ahead of Snoop Dogg's new cd,) and spent 6 weeks at #1 on both the Holiday and Contemporary Christian sales charts.
I was pulling for Bo, and have no doubt he will do very well. He may not blow Carrie out of the water, but I wouldn't be surprised if he does better.

CLAY AIKEN IS THE WORST... (Below threshold)


I am sorry to say that (usu... (Below threshold)
Margaret Loper:

I am sorry to say that (usually old ,rich, dare I say white, men are owners of radio stations? Need I also say that the majority of Disc Jockeys in this nation and world are young, testosterone loaded.
Many of them love Bo's music but won't play it, saying it is not a party song. Well, most of the girls from AI got airiplay even with sales to back up the guys.
I regrettably, said all that to say this: we have no voice but in our own domain. It it were not true then they would not have played Jessica Simpson's "Boot Were Made for Walking". On our local station of WABB Mobile, Alabama's, Bo's home state. Try getting your crunk on with that.

I LOVE CARREY!!......YOU RO... (Below threshold)


I LOVE YOU CARREY!!...YOU A... (Below threshold)



Carrie is boring.Bo ... (Below threshold)

Carrie is boring.
Bo seems to have met the no-radio fate.
Ruben Who?
Kelly is going great guns; good for her. Never seem to hear from the pop snobs about HER Idol roots, oddly enough. But check her in a few years; she'll be the next Pink/Joan Jett/Pat Benatar, i.e., old news.

Clay? Oh, yeah, "Invisible" is "a stalker song". Said by guys who probably worship "Every Breath You Take" by Sting. Or love misogynistic Rap. Skinny? I forgot how "buff" the Beatles were! HAHA! From Frank Sinatra to Fats Domino, physique has been tangential to pop success. For guys, anyway. Geeky? Never hurt Buddy Holly, Roy O, or Elvis Costello. In fact, I'd bet if Clay were to meet his critics' criteria for male physical perfection, they'd mock him for that!

Carrie Underwood is the bes... (Below threshold)

Carrie Underwood is the best I have ever seen and heared about on American Idol!!!!My family thought She was better than Bo Bice!!!!

i love you carrie.....//<br... (Below threshold)

i love you carrie.....//
a thousand cheers to you.....

~Carrie You ROCK~you are th... (Below threshold)

~Carrie You ROCK~you are the best ever~STAY KEWL~and keep those records coming~ :)

Out of the two i definitely... (Below threshold)

Out of the two i definitely wanted Carrie to win. Of course Bo was one of a kind and you probaly wouldnt be able to find another like him in a million years but Carrie is another story. These days music has changed and it annoys me. Who enjoys listening to the lyrics "F*ck" over and over again (rap). I think it makes a song lose meaning if all you do is talk about drugs, sex, and money. Yes Carrie is just a small person from a small place but she has something that other singers dont have....Talent, PURE talent. Many may disageree with me but its true. Carrie appreciates everything. She grew up on a farm and never complained! Many singers or even celebrities these days are just annoying. Just because they are rich and famous they think they can walk all over the place. People such as Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and so on. Country music isnt loved as much as maybe punk rock or rap but at least Carrie follows her own paths and sticks to her roots,,,being a country singer.






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