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Quote Of The Day - Lay Fatwa Edition

"Our country is becoming a disquieting one if freedom of speech can be condemned or punished. Reading that someone wants to try Oriana Fallaci because of her ideas makes me think of a sort of lay 'fatwa', such as the one which has been forcing Salman Rushdie to hide for years now. Are we really reaching the stage where Ms Fallaci's ideas are to be considered illegal?"
Italian Minister for Equal Opportunities, Stefania Prestigiacomo, on the indictment of Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci for insulting the Muslim faith in her latest work. More on the story at QandO.


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Comments (8)

Well, I think the obvious a... (Below threshold)

Well, I think the obvious answer to the Minister's semi-rhetorical question is YES.

So, this confuses me a tad.... (Below threshold)

So, this confuses me a tad. (doesn't take much- har har yuk yuk) Fallaci lives in NY, yes? Was she in NY when she wrote the book? If you're living in one country- but you are a citizen of another, and you break the other country's anti-free speech law- can you still be charged with a crime?

So can I bring suit in Ital... (Below threshold)

So can I bring suit in Italian courts against those in Italy who defame and insult America? Because Giuliana Segrena is going to jail if I can do that...

hmm. Good point, Shark. Esp... (Below threshold)

hmm. Good point, Shark. Especially considering that, by all accounts, she lied about her version of the events.

But Shark,Poor Giu... (Below threshold)

But Shark,

Poor Giuliana felt the spent shells from "hundreds" of rounds fall upon her as their car came to a stop. The rounds ( or whatever) were "all over" her as she tried to climb out of the car. Never mind that brass doesn't follow a round, or that the car only took a couple of rounds, none meant to be fatal.

How can we doubt her version of the event? How could she not be telling the truth as a victim?

Let those in Europe defame themselves, let the rest come here, because God knows; we won't stop them.

A lesson learned too late is still a lesson learned.

Or, maybe not.

do you want to tell what yo... (Below threshold)

do you want to tell what you think about Fallaci prosecution to her judge, armando grassi?

here is his e-mail

[email protected]


If I were an Italian tax pa... (Below threshold)

If I were an Italian tax payer I would be livid.

If the prosecutors didn't think there was a case, who the hell does the judge think is going to prosecute this case.

The same prosecutors who think the case sucks.


The ones in the position to know whether this is a winnable case.

What a waste of taxpayers money not to mention a PR fiasco for Italy.

Against a person who doesn't even reside in Italy.

Have the Italian courts locked up all the Mafia now so they need something new to do or justify their existence and salaries?

Hey shark what a great idea... (Below threshold)

Hey shark what a great idea, wonder if there is some way to do that, anyone know Italian law?

problem is libel and slander laws have short limitation periods

or maybe the idiots in the Senate can do something useful and pass the slandering the US government act, man the courts would be abuzzing






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