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You Didn't Win the Powerball Last Night

In case you went to bed wondering if you were going to wake up $180,000,000.00 richer, the answer is NO.

Last night with 180 million dollars on the line and untold millions of people watching, the Multi-State Lottery Association was forced to announce that the Powerball drawing was going to be delayed due to security problems.

It drew surprisingly little media mention considering the size of last night's jackpot.

In case you went to bed wondering, the winning numbers were: 27 29 31 42 46 and the Powerball was 33.

Nobody won last night, so Saturday's drawing will be for an estimated $215 Million.

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And the Power Play was 2.</... (Below threshold)

And the Power Play was 2.

this has nothing to do with... (Below threshold)

this has nothing to do with this post, by I just saw this and am wondering where the hell wizbang is on it. For God sakes, Pink is the New Blog made it.


Hmmm.I'm planning ... (Below threshold)


I'm planning on winning this Powerball drawing. Once I do I plan on purchasing billboard space all over America with a picture of my bare naked, and sexy, hindquarters.

Thank you.


I passed on the $180m, too ... (Below threshold)

I passed on the $180m, too low on the cost-benefit analysis. I'll be going at the $215m heavy though.

That figures out to 7.17 mi... (Below threshold)

That figures out to 7.17 million per year for thirty years...yeah, I could live on that (even after taxes).

Zach, I wouldn't worry about Blogebrity too much. Any so-called "A-List" that includes Arianna Huffington is a major waste of bandwidth.

I won the powerball last ni... (Below threshold)

I won the powerball last night, but after my plan to buy a 51% controlling interest in Cuba from Fidel to establish a private "game and drinking reserve" became known to the powers above -- they shut it down.

Oh well, lawsuits to follow.

I already had my interior decorator drawing up designs for the old Russian bunkers. He was pretty excited.

For anyone interested, eBay auctions for pastel and paisly, defunct thermonuclear command stations go up tomorrow.






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