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Elementary School Principal's Racy Calender Causes Controversy

ANDOVER , Mass. (Eagle-Tribune Online) -- School was almost out for the year and a group of women colleagues wanted to give retiring Shawsheen Elementary School staffer Betsey Jankauskas a memorable send-off. Principal Moira O'Brien and seven of her staff joined in the fun by posing on desks and in beach towels for a gag photo calendar.

It seemed innocent enough last spring. The children were gone for the day. Time for some laughs. Distribution of the calendar would be limited to Jankauskas and those pictured in the 12-page color scrapbook - "Betsey's Girls."

No one thought there would be repercussions. Not even Suzy Fischer, a special education preschool teacher who said she was asked by the principal to shoot the sexy photos.

But that was before O'Brien advised Fischer in March that her teaching contract would not be renewed for undisclosed reasons, and Fischer responded with a formal discrimination complaint against O'Brien and the Andover public schools for unlawful dismissal.

Now, the photos taken a year ago for the women's eyes only have gotten wider circulation in connection with Fischer's legal action - and parents who support retaining her at Shawsheen School are using them as evidence of the principal's poor judgment.

If you're going to make a gag "Calendar Girls" calendar, don't fire the photographer...

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...or make sure you get all... (Below threshold)

...or make sure you get all the negatives.

If you lean real close to y... (Below threshold)

If you lean real close to your monitor, you can hear me laughing.

I don't know that this gets... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I don't know that this gets me all up in arms. I can think of much worse things for parents to get upset about than this, it isn't like she was distributing the photos to the kids or anything.

Sounds like sour grapes more than anything else.

This is much ado about noth... (Below threshold)

This is much ado about nothing. This Special Ed teacher was as much a part of the calendar as the teachers posing were. So the only thing gained from publicizing the photos is revenge against those who fired her. I mean what else do the parents expect to happen, that this special ed teacher will be reinstated and the principal fired? Sounds like these parents aren't too bright either!

My principal certainly didn... (Below threshold)

My principal certainly didn't look like that!!! I need to go back to school!!! ;-)

Weasel alert! I had fun, n... (Below threshold)

Weasel alert! I had fun, nothing was wrong, until I got fired for probably something of substance and now everyone pays.

I'm not liking this women.

Wow, some people need to ya... (Below threshold)

Wow, some people need to yank the poles out of their asses and get a life. It was some harmless fun amongst friends - those photos don't depict anything more than ads on TV. The pictures were never meant to leave the group.

There are much more important things to worry about in life than a gag gift.

<a href="http://wizbangblog... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:



Principal was almost certai... (Below threshold)

Principal was almost certainly trying to "cover his arse" by that non-renewal of contract motion, and the woman was right to sue (gets the issue publicized, also, and the principal's behavior along with it).

I read the other thread first and commented about as much, and that is this is a case of the school administration suggesting that they're under par. Or else he/she didn't even know what that calendar photo shoot was about in specifics (it's possible).

I also don't understand what the Special Ed. "teacher" was even doing photographing the content. I mean, please, if you want to be photographed or take photographs of school teachers in towels, suggesting nakedness, do so in your private residences but not on school property, by school employees, etc.

This whole thing seems to be an issue of kooky, questionable school adminsitration having hired other kooky, questionable employees/teachers for that school. Or maybe someone having martinis in the teachers' lounge instead of lemonade.

If the principal were middl... (Below threshold)

If the principal were middle aged white male and the pictures were of male teachers and perhaps some female teachers in towels would he not be lunch meat right about now? Another typical "double standard" in an "upscale" PC lily white Massachusetts community. Hey, these people are "beautiful" and know all there is to know about educating kids, right?

as a member of the PC-lily ... (Below threshold)

as a member of the PC-lily white town, I just want to say there are many reasons why this was brought out by the teacher that took the photos. It is the first example of a long line of 'bad judgement' calls the principal has made.

and in response to why this teacher took the photos in the first place....she was ordered.

for more info...goto www.andovertownsman.com

The poor sped teacher actua... (Below threshold)

The poor sped teacher actually had nothing to do with the release of these photos and didn't even want her laywer to submit them. This principal is a nasty witch who fired the teacher because she takes medication for depression. She systematically harrassed the teacher, saying things such as, "get your meds changed yet?" "you gonna cry?" and "oh come one . . . we all know you have issues" up until the time that the teacher couldn't stand it any more and took a leave of absence. The last day the teacher was there the principal told the teacher to park in a special spot and when the teacher came out, she had a $100 parking ticket. Hmmmmm, wonder who was responsible for that?

To answer -S- about why the... (Below threshold)

To answer -S- about why the teacher took the pictures, she is an amateur photographer who keeps a camera in the classroom.






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