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Carnival of the Trackbacks XIII

Reader recommended stories for Saturday May 28, 2005:

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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Carnival of the Trackbacks XIII:

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Comments (6)

Oops! Apologies! *mea culp... (Below threshold)

Oops! Apologies! *mea culpa*!!! Lotsa stuff going on today and I just screwed up and posted a second trackback. Could you please remove the superfluous one?

Again, a thousand apologies (or something on the close order thereof). My unpardonable error!

Me too, the Democrat aborti... (Below threshold)

Me too, the Democrat abortion thing .... I am so ashamed ::: slinking off :::

Nope. Sorry. I have you b... (Below threshold)

Nope. Sorry. I have you beat on the *mea culpas*--a coupla hours intervened between my first and second... and I posted trackbacks for 2 different posts! ARRRGGHHH!!











I too hit the submit button... (Below threshold)

I too hit the submit button twice. I am red-faced
with shame. Please forgive.

I don't do trackbacks, but ... (Below threshold)

I don't do trackbacks, but here's something everyone with an iPod should read about

http://www.speckproducts.com/iguy.html :-)

I admit I am as yet unknowl... (Below threshold)

I admit I am as yet unknowledgeable about trackbacks (although I do hear they are important... I will get to that bit of learning some day).

In the meantime, here is some Mass. lunacy for you Jay....

Mere Comments posted this story about explicit gay material being distributed to middle schoolers.






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