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Quote Of The Day - Captain Obvious Edition

"I think he realized a cat only has nine lives and he's on about life 10."
Tennessee State Senator Tim Burchett (R), commenting on the resignation of State Sen. John Ford (D) in the wake of the FBI sting operation where he was caught taking $55,000 in bribes and threatening to kill a witness.

John Ford has been in and out of the news for all manner of scandals, including bigamy, sexual harassment, graft, paternity, etc. As RedState diarist MachoNacho puts it, "you can scarcely make sentence that includes the words "scandal" and "Tennessee" without John Ford's name finding its way in."

Previously: FBI Arrests Several Tennessee Lawmakers In Corruption Sting

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At Ford, infamy is job 1.</... (Below threshold)

At Ford, infamy is job 1.






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