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When squeegees are outlawed, only outlaws will have squeegees

I always thought that road rage happened on the road, not at the gas station. And I also thought that lawyers would be above getting into fistfights at the drop of a hat.

Apparently, I was wrong...

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Seems the gas station atten... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Seems the gas station attendant is a student of Shakespeare. "The first thing we do, let's kill the lawyers". Then, we will pump your freaking gas.

A "Clinton lawyer"...how ma... (Below threshold)

A "Clinton lawyer"...how many did they have?

I think this story falls under the "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" category.

If marriages were outlawed,... (Below threshold)

If marriages were outlawed, only outlaws would have inlaws!

When will this senseless sq... (Below threshold)

When will this senseless squeegee violence stop? Congress must pass more squeegee-control laws! We have to keep squeegees out of the hands of criminals!

"...According to Fenney,... (Below threshold)

"...According to Fenney, both men traded punches and wrestled on the ground near the gas pumps.

"Fenney said he tried to stop the fight, but Franchek ['a Clinton lawyer'] grabbed a squeegee and struck him in the back."

I think this might explain why so many among the Democrats describe the war in Iraq as "a disaster," since getting someone else to pump their gas for them requires pugalistic actions. Or does not, depending upon whose story you believe. Ha.

I'm just surprised that Fra... (Below threshold)

I'm just surprised that Franchek didn't call Hillary. Or, at least, cry out her name.

If somebody looking wanting... (Below threshold)

If somebody looking wanting "service" suddenly starts looking for a bathroom, I'd ask him to leave too.

Yeah, McGehee, particularly... (Below threshold)

Yeah, McGehee, particularly in combination with "pump my gas" directives by a customer. Ha.

In the context of the artic... (Below threshold)

In the context of the article, I suspect that "Clinton" is where the lawyer is from, not who he works for. (There is a Clinton, Massachusetts)

Yeah, I think this is the t... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I think this is the town of Clinton, not the man-child who was President.
However, which is bigger:
The town of Clinton, Mass OR
The libido of Clinton, Ass

Back to the story itself. I've found from years of association, that lawyers are often very combative, insecure and carry a large sense of entitlement.
Add all these up, and you get a large group of very, very unpleasant people. Not that all lawyers are this way, but enough of them are that stories like this will never suprise me.

Ah, yes, fatman, now I real... (Below threshold)

Ah, yes, fatman, now I realize that...ha. But, my jokes still work.

No argument from me on that... (Below threshold)

No argument from me on that, -S-.

Anyone else wondering if Vi... (Below threshold)

Anyone else wondering if Vincent Foster was done in by a squeegee?

Yeah, maybe, Michael, maybe... (Below threshold)

Yeah, maybe, Michael, maybe a blue steel one, right after he exclaimed, "gimme back my bullets!"






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