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Weekend House Projects

What are you working on this weekend?

At Casa Wizbang, it's mulch and garden (finished) and rearranging kids rooms (in progress). Surely I can't be the only one locked in the house disassembling and reassembling children's beds...

Venting on the horror stories of your weekend household improvement project is encouraged. Maybe it will be cathartic...

Comments (18)

I'm rockin the Ortho Weed B... (Below threshold)

I'm rockin the Ortho Weed B Gone. I should be rockin the Agent Orange if I want to accomplish anything noticeable.

I'm trying to make sense of... (Below threshold)

I'm trying to make sense of the basement, where there are currently toys strewn EVERYWHERE.

My four-year-old has a particular issue. Anything that's inside of anything else (box, packaging, case, whatever) needs to come out, and the floor needs to not have any bare spots.

I'm trying to get everything back together, but sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.

Mulch and flowers and dirt and stuff comes tomorrow...

We are trying to appease th... (Below threshold)

We are trying to appease the househunting gods by actually starting now with going through the accumulated junk in the garage and house -- sorting into the Clean Sweep "Toss" "Save" "Sell" piles.

We hope the constant genuflecting before U-Haul boxes and muttered prayers of "let us find a house that we can both afford and not be outbid on" will work some mojo in the insanity of what is known as the So. Cal housing market.

Watching my husband prime 5... (Below threshold)

Watching my husband prime 5 bookshelves he recently built with a thin, 2 inch brush and one quart of primer. Not going too well.

I'm sorting my files. Which... (Below threshold)

I'm sorting my files. Which in my case means taking a floor-to-ceiling stack of papers and re-arranging them into another floor-to-ceiling stack of papers. *sigh*

And then there's the mail. ... (Below threshold)

And then there's the mail. *SIGH*

Presently working on a moun... (Below threshold)

Presently working on a mountain of laundry.

After being gone one month,... (Below threshold)

After being gone one month, I am home for 48 hours before I have to take off. The house is for sale and potential buyers are due here any minute. My unfolded laundary sits on a pile in my den.

I am lurking at Wizbang.

We just had a hardwood floo... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

We just had a hardwood floor put in our family room. I didn't do that, by I took down the old paneling and put up bead board and my wife and I painted the board and the trim. Graduation for my middle daughter is next Saturday, unless the Pistons and Heat go to six games (likely) then graduation is on Sunday. (Our school uses the Palace of Auburn Hills for all four high school ceremonies). Some family will be here next weekend, fortunately the big graduation party won't be until the end of June.

Just some Calculus to get r... (Below threshold)

Just some Calculus to get ready for a test tomorrow night and trying to make sense of my data for a graph for a lab report due in Chem. Unfortunately, the prof wants it done on carbon lab notebook paper and won't allow typed reports like my Chem prof in the previous class would.

I was inside jockeying spre... (Below threshold)

I was inside jockeying spreadsheets and the data therein for a 'must-get-done' work project. My wife and kids were outside cleaning and de-mossing the gutters and washing the car. Then we had a thunderstorm. A good time was had by all.

After a week of solid rain,... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

After a week of solid rain, and now to discover the sun actually exists, lawn and yard work made the list (lawn is done, neighbors lawn is done, now I just have to do the weeding etc in the flower beds).

Also, while not around the house, but definitely prohibits me from doing much else around here, my daughters softball team's tournament begins tomorrow, and since I am the coach, I get to get the field ready.

Taking down old floresent l... (Below threshold)
t. z.:

Taking down old floresent light: free.

Home Depot Halogen light: $19.00

Calling electrician to fix fuse box & finish Job: $150

Pissing away a free Sunday: Priceless.


Cutting down bamboo. Lots ... (Below threshold)

Cutting down bamboo. Lots and lots of bamboo. Roughly, oh, 30 shoots, each about 15 feet high. BIIIIG shoots of bamboo, and only a wee little saw and myself to do it.

Now, you might ask what the hell I'd be doing with thirty shoots of bamboo. Simple - decorating. I've been roped into this project at work where we're making the support posts fit into this "jungle" theme we have going on for summer reading club (I work at a library). So that meant hauling five bales of already-acquired bamboo around the building, propping them up against the support posts, and then lashing them in place. When we eventually ran out, I made the idiotic mistake of saying "Oh! We have loads of bamboo in our backyard!"

So, here I am, STILL cutting these things to fit to size there. I really must be out of my mind.

It kind of works out anyway - I've been meaning to remove that bamboo from the backyard forever. Just...not this way, I guess.

Turning my deck into the Ga... (Below threshold)

Turning my deck into the Garden of Eden -- selecting annuals for combination and placement in twelve pots of various sizes and colors, planting dozens and dozens of cosmos, lobelia, argyranthemum, osteospermum, sanvitalia, diascia, and herbs, building rock gardens, and spraying lots and lots of Miracle Grow!!

And drinking Gin & Tonics.

I missed the thread about h... (Below threshold)

I missed the thread about household chores because I was doing household chores...pruned my plants, sorted files (now reduced to the last three and most important stacks which now must be filed again but under "new and improved" method), reframed a painting, must today vacuum and clean the bathroom before company arrives...meanhwhile, laundry remains in a stack on my bed, will have to be sorted later.

Oh, and I planted nasturtiu... (Below threshold)

Oh, and I planted nasturtiums yesterday.

Since we won't be able to a... (Below threshold)

Since we won't be able to afford a screened in porch until after the girls are out of college and married, we put up a Coleman "screen room" on our deck. It's great! 9' x 11' and NO mosquitos or flies to chase us back into the house. I just hope south eastern michigan gets warm soon!






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