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Forget the pick-a-nick basket, Booboo, go for the fuel tank!

In the ongoing quest for an alternative for gasoline, one fuel is getting more and more attention. "Biodiesel," made from used cooking grease and diesel fuel, is one of the more popular home-made options. Proponents say that one of the side effects is that the car's exhaust ends up smelling like cheeseburgers or french fries.

Previously, I thought the worst consequence would be that nearby people would get hungry when one of these vehicles passed. But the thought that the smell would inspire such hunger that they would break into the car and try to eat the fuel.

But then, I guess I don't think like a bear.


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Comments (8)

Best line in the article:</... (Below threshold)

Best line in the article:

"I think it's cool that bears do whatever they want"

I have a feeling that the brain of mr. biodeisel has been damaged from years of pot smoking....

Second those thoughts!<br /... (Below threshold)

Second those thoughts!
It puts me in mind of the idiot "wildlife photographer" who eventually got himself eaten by grizzlies. He said (and I can't quote because I'm working from old trickster memory) that he'd be honored to end up in bear scat.
The Moron Fairy granted his wish.

Yeah man, it's like, so coo... (Below threshold)

Yeah man, it's like, so cool that, like, bears can do whatever they want...I wish we could be like that, except that people shouldn't be able to use SUVs, and like, they shouldn't be allowed to run really really big boats, and like, HUMMERS should be, like, illegal, and .....

Reminds me of the MassPIRG kid who came to my door askng for $5.00 and my signature on his petition against chemical waste in the state ---- he was so incredulous when I told him to get the *bleep* off my property.

Gawd that was fun.

Heh, it is just like the co... (Below threshold)

Heh, it is just like the comments about ethanol-based fuel... "One for the car, one for you, one for the car, one for you..."

To split a hair, he was not... (Below threshold)

To split a hair, he was not using biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a mixture of VO (veggie oil) and diesel to make a product you can just pour into the tank with no modification to the car.

He was running on WVO (waste vegetable oil) which is used straight after it is heated in some fashion. It requires multiple fuel tanks and a fair amount of mods to the car.

If you are into this kind of thing, there is a world of difference.

You are correct that he is ... (Below threshold)

You are correct that he is running WVO, not Biodiesel, bu t your description of Biodiesel is incorrect. Biodiesel is made by the esterification of the fatty acids in WVO to form Fatty Acid Methyl Esters. These FAME mixtures have a much lower solidification temperature, and can be burned in most Diesel engines either straight or at some rather high percentage without making modifications to the engine. Unfortunately, the process used to esterify the WVO consumes almost as much energy as is produced by the Biodiesel product. It takes one liter of methanol and around 100 grams of Sodium Hydroxide (lye) to convert one gallon of WVO into about 0.8 gallons of Biodiesel. The methanol is the energy hog in the equation. Biodiesel is yet another "feel good pseudoenvironmentalism" product which will only be produced if stupid government programs subsidise its use.

Now, burning WVO directly, as the bear guy is, that is a wonderful form of alternative fuel.

Hmmm.Nope. The 3 ... (Below threshold)


Nope. The 3 R's are:

Reacquire sight picture


This guy definitely must be... (Below threshold)

This guy definitely must be some kind of hippie. Consider the evidence:

1. He's 53 years old and drives a 1981 VW Rabbit
2. His car runs on vegetable oil, for which a 1981 vehicle must have had to be retrofitted, which suggests that he's not driving the car out of economic necessity
3. He thinks it's "cool" that a bear mauled his car






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