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Ex-FBI Official Mark Felt Says He's 'Deep Throat'

Ending over 30 years of speculation, the anonymous source behind Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's Watergate reporting known as 'Deep Throat' stepped forward out of the shadowy garage.

MSNBC.com - W. Mark Felt, who retired from the FBI after rising to its second most senior position, has identified himself as the "Deep Throat" source quoted by The Washington Post to break the Watergate scandal that led to President Nixon's resignation, Vanity Fair magazine said Tuesday.

"I'm the guy they used to call Deep Throat," he told John D. O'Connor, the author of Vanity Fair's exclusive that appears in its July issue.

Felt, now 91 and living in Santa Rosa, Calif. reportedly gave O'Connor permission to disclose his identity.

"The Felt family cooperated fully, providing old photographs for the story and agreeing to sit for portraits," Vanity Fair stated in a press release.

Nearly six years ago he was singing a different tune to Slate's Timothy Noah, but in 1992 James Mann laid out the case in The Atlantic Monthly that 'Deep Throat' worked at the FBI.

Update: Here's the Vanity Fair article [PDF]. A full read indicates that Woodward in both words and deeds has all but confirmed the story already.

Update 2: Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and Ben Bradlee confirm Felt as 'Deep Throat.'

Update 3: The Political Teen has video of Nick Jones (the grandson of Mark Felt) statement today, and Gawker notes that Carl Bernstein's son Jacob spilled the beans at summer camp in 1988, and no one cared (or believed).


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Comments (34)

Makes sense. He is 91 year... (Below threshold)

Makes sense. He is 91 years old, and I remember reading months ago where Bradlee said that Deep Throat was ill and in a hospital in California - since Felt lives in CA, it makes sense now.

THIS guy makes much sense.<... (Below threshold)
I confused. Are they sayin... (Below threshold)
Joe L.:

I confused. Are they saying that Linda Lovelace was actually a MAN?

That's kinda gross!

I remember reading month... (Below threshold)

I remember reading months ago where Bradlee said that Deep Throat was ill and in a hospital in California...

Good thing I can account for my dad's whereabouts during Watergate, then. ;-)

Reportedly Carl Bernstein h... (Below threshold)

Reportedly Carl Bernstein has stated that he (they?) will honor their origunal pledge not to reveal the name until the death of the source. It is understandable that he would take that position as, post-revelation, Carl Bernstein loses his only remaining raison d'etre and can, thankfully, be relegated to the "Carl who?" status so long overdue.

You know, after listening t... (Below threshold)

You know, after listening to all the talking heads this afternoon, I think I finally understand the media a little bit... They still haven't gotten over themselves since they brought down a sitting president with the help of inside info from an anonymous source.

And they're salivating for the next time...

re: 'leaking information'<... (Below threshold)

re: 'leaking information'

My recollection is that Deep Throat didn't leak information, he simply confirmed reports gathered from other sources.

It's a distinction with a difference.

Maybe Woodward and Bernstei... (Below threshold)

Maybe Woodward and Bernstein won't confirm because Deep Throat is not a single individual, but a composite.

Lyana,Yep. The pre... (Below threshold)


Yep. The press felt they were appointed the fourth branch of government during Watergate. Hell, what do they do with every stinking scandal that comes around now? -- they stick the word "gate" on the end of it. It's their defining moment and they are willing to do just about anything to have it happen again--even make stuff up...

I for one never did believe... (Below threshold)

I for one never did believe any of the nasty lies this this Deep Throat man told the press about President Nixon. I hope he comes clean now and admits he was just disassembling (that means not telling the truth) when he said all those mean things about such a good man.

Did Reagan pardon Deep Thro... (Below threshold)

Did Reagan pardon Deep Throat?

According to this June 2002 article at the San Francisco Chronicle, he may have.

The article states that Felt was convicted of authorizing warrantless searches of private homes. Nixon testified on his behalf at the trial and Reagan pardoned him.

How bizarre!

The <a href="http://www.was... (Below threshold)

The WAPO has confirmed it - Felt is Deep Throat.

Darn, would be a lot more f... (Below threshold)

Darn, would be a lot more fun if Deep Throat was a babe.

I'm only finding this inter... (Below threshold)

I'm only finding this interesting because it corrects the stupidity of many who otherwise speculated that someone else was Deep Throat -- this at least gets the gossip and inuendo off uninvolved individuals.

I was weary of the whole issue a while ago, having long ago decided that it was a case of party politics gone insane -- and which now-revealed Deep Throat's family now even admits, claiming him in heroic proportions.

I'm not saying that Nixon's behavior was honorable but...well..."Watergate does not bother me, does your conscience bother you, tell the truth..."

Meaning, there are bigger violations of law, trust, ethics and truth going on and have ever since, if not before. I think Clinton's terms in the Executive were the bottom of the ethical barrel, made Nixon look great by comparison.

Hee, the hoax of the centur... (Below threshold)

Hee, the hoax of the century. Bernstein never even met Deepthroat. Woodward was the only one with Deepthroat in their clandestine meetings (if they ever happened); he kept the identity secret from Bernstein and Bradlee. Nice little caper now, dropping advance clues about a sick man in CA and the family playing along.

Because Jim Hougan's book "Secret Agenda" got attention during CBSgate and Valerie Plame/Wilson matters recently with regard to John Dean exposing himself, the original Watergate cabal is spreading disinfo. It's not about who Deepthroat is, it's about the CIA's creating a branch right in the White House under the nickname "The Plumbers", E. Howard Hunt, Mullen Company, Hughes takeover... and more.

Carl who? :-}... (Below threshold)

Carl who? :-}

Wake my ass up when this cr... (Below threshold)

Wake my ass up when this crap is over.

I hear ya, ac halle. I real... (Below threshold)

I hear ya, ac halle. I really don't give much of a crap about Deep Throat. My alma mater (U. of Texas) paid a ton of money for the Woodward and Bernstein archives, and there was supposed to be a big ceremony there on campus once the guy died, but that went down the tubes today.

When will these parasitic m... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

When will these parasitic morons learn: An activist press is undemocratic. This turd brought down a rightous and popularly elected president. It is NOT the place of the press to stick their noses into the workings of govt and how they try to MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT.

Nixon should have been reinstated!

This is tawdry all around. ... (Below threshold)
Grandpa Stoney:

This is tawdry all around. Read the story closely and you'll see that this man is no hero, he's a venal little man who sought revenge because he was passed over for promotion. Check his motivation: he helped an activist press bring down a sitting president because that president didn't appoint him to run the FBI when Hoover died. This is just plain despicable.

And now in turn the family of a man in his dotage is motivated by their desire to grab their 15 minutes of fame, so they've pushed him to go public while they can still crowd into his limelight.

And of course the 15 minutes will be prolonged beyond all reason by the self-congratulatory self-idolising self-enamoured press that thinks being an enemy of government is its highest calling. Low motives all around.

Though tough to do, this almost makes Nixon's Watergate behaviour look honorable.

Grandpa Stoney, agreed.... (Below threshold)

Grandpa Stoney, agreed.

After that much badgering by O'Connor and the family, the poor old Mr. Felt may even believe he is Deep Throat, just because he once or twice had meetings with Woodward at the FBI in which Woodward asked for confirmation or denial of certain data, and Woodward used to mention that he had a source at the FBI. But he may not be the real Deep Throat. I suspect if we knew the real Deep Throat's ID and his real motives, it may also reflect badly on the Washington Post, Woodward and Bernstein.

The number 2 man at the FBI... (Below threshold)

The number 2 man at the FBI leaks details of an on going federal investigation. Hmm almost as legal as the actual break in. I guess he saw 2 courses of action - stand up for his department and resist outside influences to make a fair investigation or slip in a back alley and whisper to a reporter. All sides seemd to have made a mockery of the system. The funny thing is that Felt's family is crying poverty and the family now is in it to cash in. On the other side G Gordon serviced his time, has/had a national radio show and is doing quite well financially as well as a very loyal following.

Yes, I noticed the family u... (Below threshold)

Yes, I noticed the family using the money angle to convince Mr. Felt to go public - according to the Vanity Fair article.

Excerpts from Jim Hougan's ... (Below threshold)

Excerpts from Jim Hougan's book "Secret Agenda" p.264, etc. and Appendix V, pp.329-331.

"…the Post's lead reporter on the story, Bob Woodward, had become the beneficiary of a uniquely well-informed source. This was Robert Bennett, Howard Hunt's boss at the Mullen Company. On July 10 [1972], less than a month after the Watergate arrests, Bennett met with his CIA case officer, Martin Lukoskie, in a downtown Washington cafeteria…" [Hot Shop Cafeteria on H St.]

Appendix V. CIA Documents, pp. 329-331:

"Memorandum for the Record by Martin Lukoskie
Subject: Meeting with Robert Foster Bennett….

Mr. Bennett related that he has now established a 'back door entry' to the Edward Bennett Williams law firm which is representing the Democratic Party in its suit for damages resulting from the Watergate incident. Mr. Bennett is prepared to go this route to kill off any revelation by Ed Williams of Agency association with the Mullen firm if such a development seems likely. He said that he would, of course, check with CIA before contacting Mr. Williams for this purpose. Mr. Bennett presently believes there is little likelihood of exposure of our current cover arrangements…."


[Edward Bennett Williams – of the law firm of Williams, Connolly & Califano (now Williams & Connolly – lawyers for Clinton). The firm represented the DNC and the Washington Post during Watergate.]

Please forgive my cynicism,... (Below threshold)

Please forgive my cynicism, but what's all this breathless prose doing being spent on a story that broke two months ago in Vanity Fair? Let's see... the identity of some guy who provided Bernward and Woodstein [heh] 33-year-old inside info on the coverup of an amateurish, third-rate burglary is soooo important, why? And it "broke" in the Mass Media Podpeople's Army mouthpieces now because?

Oh, yeh, the story "broke" in the mass Media Podpeople's ranks now cos they had a chance to thoroughly check the sources, unlike Newsweak's Korangate, CBS's Rathergate or just about anything from the NYT ("Hello, Jason Blair!").

Deep Yawn is more like it.

(Looking for anything interesting or relevant in Mass Media Podpeople cloned "news"---Let's see... low-profile Eu reports... Clintoon photo op... "Deep Yawn"... nope. Not today.)

The American Spectator's Be... (Below threshold)

The American Spectator's Ben Stein's take on this: Deep Throat and Genocide.

Captain Ed at <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Captain Ed at Captainsquarters has the data on how Mark Felt was manipulated in recent years - and an ethical journalist, Todd Foster, who opted out of this charade.

The White House Link - <a h... (Below threshold)

The White House Link - This piece, written circa 2002 – lists characteristics of Deep Throat from Woodward & Bernstein's books, All The President’s Men (and its sequel The Final Days). One quote in particular (presumably from the first book) shows Deep Throat couldn't have been in the FBI:

"Early in the scandal, Woodward revealed Deep Throat had crucial knowledge about the White House mood: "The White House ... regarded the stakes in Watergate as much higher than anyone outside perceived. Even the FBI did not understand what was happening." (pp. 72-73)."

Hardly something the No. 2 man in the FBI would say.

The review of W&B's books further shows Deep Throat had sensitive info from inside the White House, especially pre-knowledge of legal strategy planned and then carried out against the Wpost, and knowledge of the tape gaps before it was known outside a small circle in the White House. (So either the source was the elephant in the room, WH counsel, turned Nixon accuser, John W. Dean III, or the fly on the wall, KGB listening in.)

Oh, by the way, former Nixo... (Below threshold)

Oh, by the way, former Nixon-WH staff, Charles Colson saw two folders of the CIA files on Watergate in March 1974, and has confirmed that Robert Foster Bennett (then of the Mullen Co., currently Senator from Utah, like his father at the time, I believe), caused a number of articles to be printed, including by Woodward at the Post, which came from the CIA; i.e., said what the CIA wanted them to say:

"You have to wonder why Bennett was never charged with obstruction of justice: he had all this information before the prosecutors. Instead, his lawyers were paid for by the CIA… and when he went to Silbert in December to give a deposition, there was a private agreement about what questions would be asked so that the CIA wouldn't come up in testimony."

"Then there's [the] memo of March 1, 1973…. It was from the [CIA's] chief of the Central Cover Staff, Eric W. Eisenstadt, to the deputy director for plans. In it, there were specific references to various articles published by Woodward, which had been fed to Woodward by Bennett. …a story from the Washington Post (February 10, 1973): 'Hunt Tried to Recruit Agents to Probe Senator Kennedy's Life.' And here was Eisenstadt, taking credit for the article, along with the 'Whispers About Colson' story from the March fifth edition of Newsweek. It was all very self-congratulatory, about 'what a good job the CIA is doing,' and how Schlesinger had commended them 'for diverting attention away from the agency.' "

Quote from Charles Colson, pp. 272-273 in Jim Hougan's book, "Secret Agenda."

BR is on to something there... (Below threshold)

BR is on to something there. Woodward was and is a tool of the intelligence community as are many investigative reporters.

You tools who use the phrase "activist press" are as ignorant as you sound. Tricky dick was playing hardball and he got burned from the inside. He needed to go down, and he did not cover his flanks well enough. His crimes are legion and go way back, as are the dirty games of so many who have made it to Penn ave. It's not pretty. JFK was a monster who would have imploded if not killed.
Clinton is a choir boy in comparison, and naive to boot.

But Bill Casey was much smarter during Iran-gate; bring your enemies closer. Everything in Veil leads away from Reagan. Is that a coincidence?

How do you think Sey Hersh started revealing a few months ago that we were taking actions against Iran? The Pentagon fed him the material.

It's not an activist press, ha, it's a lapdog, give me a hagiographer, toss me a bone, press, with tools and fools in the audience.

The fact is that antisemite... (Below threshold)

The fact is that antisemites always looking for the "Jewish spot" of every story and have found that Mark Felt is a Jew or half Jew by origin. That changes their view about the case.

NIXON White House Tapes: "MARK FELT is JEWISH!"

Oh, for heaven's sakes - Fe... (Below threshold)

Oh, for heaven's sakes - Felt is Irish.

The discussion is continuin... (Below threshold)

The discussion is continuing in the latest thread here.

Why do people think that th... (Below threshold)
john jarrs:

Why do people think that there may be a jewish "spot" in every story they see...Hmmm.I wonder why ? BECAUSE AMERICAN JEWS LOYALTY IS TO ANOTHER COUNTRY: ISRAEL .PERIOD. CRY and Whine "anti-semite" til you are all blue in the face.....it aint workin for ya...There are alot of Americans who UNDERSTAND jewish treachery---I am one.






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