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Quote Of The Day - Double Entendre Edition

"They're not pitching tents."
Stephen Payne, founder of Desert Shadows Inn Resort & Villas in Palm Springs, Calif., where rooms start at $200 a night and clothing is optional. Apparently the nude tourism industry is thriving and going upscale...

In semi-related tourism news you could be going nude, whether you like it or not, with the TSA's new X-ray machine...


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Comments (6)

"Pardon me. I was using the... (Below threshold)

"Pardon me. I was using the subjunctive
instead of the past tense. We're way past tents;
we're living in bungalows now."

"You don't look different,
But you have changed.
I'm looking through you,
You're not the same."

A double quote - some Marx and Lennon.

Actually, the TSA thing doe... (Below threshold)

Actually, the TSA thing doesn't bother me. Ain't nobody gonna get any kind of thrill lookin' at this bod. In fact, I will consider it my revenge for everything else airport security has inflicted on me.

arb,That was proba... (Below threshold)


That was probably McCartney who wrote that, considering he sang lead on the song. Though, we'll never really know since they shared credit.

If you want to show it all,... (Below threshold)

If you want to show it all, what is the point of having a room?

I've always found it sorta ... (Below threshold)

I've always found it sorta strange, too, along the lines of what McCain wrote...the few people I've known who I've later found out were nudists needed the added element of being nude WITH others, not that they were satisfied with their needs/wants by just wandering around their own homes naked, but that it's the being-nude-in-front-of-among-others thing that's their excitement.

I've read several previous articles about the nude hikers in the Palm Springs area...they wear shoes on their hikes and some wear hats and bandanas due to the heat, but nothing else. There they go, off in a line on a hike across the desert...

I don't get it.

Nothing shocks me from the ... (Below threshold)

Nothing shocks me from the Palm Springs area, however. Or most of California, for that matter. And I live here, at least sometimes lately...I'm anxious to leave again but I doubt I'll ever come back when I do next time.






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