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The Vietnam Vet Behind Homecoming USA

Gary Linderer is the president and co-organizer of Operation Homecoming USA, the organization behind a Welcome Home... America's Tribute to Vietnam Veterans, a huge welcome home tribute for Vietnam veterans in Branson, MO, June 13th to 19th. 150,000 vets are expected (at $79 each) which make this nearly a $12M dollar event for Linderer's organization.

The advisory council for the event includes General Richard B. Meyers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and H. Ross Perot, among others. The list of performers includes: The Beach Boys, the Fifth Dimension, Creedance Clearwater Revisited, Ann-Margret, the Doobie Brothers, the Supremes with Mary Wilson, the Oak Ridge Boys, Tony Orlando, and Les Brown's Band of Renown with Les Brown, Jr..

Linderer is an an author and talent scout for Random House dealing in non-fiction Vietnam stories. He's recruited a stable of authors from the ranks of his own unit and enjoys a popular following among readers of the genre.

It might surprise all of those supporting and attending the ceremony that the organizer's actual Vietnam record is very Kerry-esqe.

Vietnam Vet Don Hall and his wife Annette (who were recruited as authors by Linderer) have been looking into Linderer's Vietnam stories for several years. What the Hall's have found out about portions of Linderer service record is very reminiscent of the Swift Boat Vets details on John Kerry's war record. Their claims are outlined in a letter to Operation Homecoming USA Board of Directors. It's worth noting that the Hall's have meticulously documented their claims, and that shortly after receiving the letter the Homecoming USA site stopped mentioning Linderer's name in press releases.

While the truth of Linderer's stories might be somewhere between his serialized version of his exploits and the official records as uncovered by the Halls, it all brings back such a sense of deja vu for last August...

Here's the summary version of the Hall's information:

  • Linderer's biography at Random House claims he is a double Silver Star and double Purple Heart winner, yet his service record (obtained from the NPRC via FOIA) indicates he received one Silver Star and no Purple Hearts.

  • In July 1968, Gary Linderer was questioned during a U.S. Army CID (Criminal Investigation Division) investigation concerning the attempt made on the life of his commanding officer by someone in his unit. Mr. Linderer was CQ (Charge of Quarters) the night this incident occurred. The perpetrator of this crime was protected by Mr. Linderer and the other men in his unit when, according to Mr. Linderer himself, they all stuck together and offered little cooperation in the investigation. It is unclear whether or not Mr. Linderer knows who was the actual perpetrator of the attack on their C.O., but he has stated that if he knew, he would not tell. The C.O. stepped on a "toe-popper" land mine that had been placed at the entrance to his tent and had most of his foot blown off.

  • There are also questions about the veracity of Mr. Linderer's version of events concerning what happened on 20 November 1968 during a patrol Mr. Linderer was on while he was in F58th LRP, the long range patrol unit he served with in the 101st Airborne Division and which operated in the I Corps area of South Vietnam. According to Mr. Linderer in his books and interviews, and in the books some of his colleagues have written (the we-stick-together group), his team engaged in a battle with a very large number of enemy soldiers (200) after having ambushed and killed a group of what he describes as NVA staff officers and NVA nurses. Records that were kept at the 101st Division level, of which Mr. Linderer, a Spec/4 at the time, was unaware, and which documented the radio transmissions in the 101st Airborne Division's area of operations, seem to refute his version of these events. The records don't differ slightly from Mr. Linderer's version of the events; they differ greatly.

Final Update: Enough digital ink has been spilled on this. Comments are closed.

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The Vietnam vet behind the ... (Below threshold)
Gary Linderer:

The Vietnam vet behind the comments about me is the one and only delusional Don C. Hall who has made a career out of attacking VN vets. Mr. Hall has been booted as an associate member of the Special Forces Assn. and is persona non grata in the 75th Ranger Assn. I'd be happy to share many of his hate filled, threatening, vindictive emails with anyone who would care to pursue this thread. There are dozens of witnesses to the actions I was involved in during the VN war. They would be more than happy to talk to you. Ask Mr. Hall if he can produce even one eyewitness who will back him up. Anyone can accuse others and distort truth, Hall is one of the best. Feel free to contact the 101st LRRP/Ranger web site at www.lcompanyranger.com and ask any of the men who served with me if my statements are false, then ask them about Don Hall and his wife, Annette. You can do the same with the 75th Ranger Association and the Special Forces Association. Mr. Hall has had the floor long enough. It's time he atones for his sins against his brother vets.

HOW ABOUT THE TRUTH FOR A C... (Below threshold)


Hello, My name is Karen and... (Below threshold)

Hello, My name is Karen and I would just like to say I am sickened at this outrage of who is heading up the Committee for the Vietnam Veterans homecoming.The Vterans should be running Mr. Liderer, out on a rail. I lost my Brother in Vietnam, and I am so tired of wannabes, taking Credit, for things that never happened, only in their sick, warped minds. I thought about atteneding the Homecomong, but with a Disgrace like this, it would do my brothers Death a disservice, I will pass. I want my brother to be remebered as an honorable soldier, who gave his life for all of us, Yes, even you , Mr. Liderer, so think about him and the thousands of others who gave their lives so you can, be a FAKE! I am truly ashamed of you!

I'm very impressed with all... (Below threshold)
Gary Linderer:

I'm very impressed with all of you. You credit Mr. Hall with posting "official" records because he "says" they're "official" records. How perceptive of you! Did you see the official records or the email that Mr. Hall says are the official records. Why don't you ask Mr. Hall to furnish the after-action reports of the action he claims didn't happen. Why don't you ask him to furnish the citations which were issued to the four men who died that day in Nov. 1968 or the seven who were wounded. Two Distinguished Service Crosses and six Silver Stars, along with 11 Purple Hearts to a 12-man long range patrol team doesn't ring true with Mr. Hall's version of the story, does it. I offered you a web site to check out which has "official" US Army photos showing myself and three other member of the team lying in hospital beds the day after the aciton with Silver Stars and Purple Hearts pinned on our chests by Gen. Melvin Zais. Maybe you should ask Mr. Hall about the phony story he ran in Behind the Lines magazine in 1996 that caused an uproar among the Special Forces vets of B-36 who sent after-action reports to me discrediting Hall's story as pure, unadulterated fiction. You want to know why Hall is trying to crucify me? I was the Executive Editor of that magazine who allowed the SF guys to publish a letter discrediting Hall. It's called revenge. Lady, there are a lot more people who would like to run Mr. and Mrs. Hall out of town on a rail than would like to run me. Why don't you ask Mr. and Mrs. Hall why they aren't attending the Homecoming event in Branson? I'll not further dignify this thread with a response from me. My records are public information. Hall has my 201 file, have him send it to you, along with my citations. If you'd like to talk to any of the dozens of valorous soldiers that I served with I'd be happy to put you in touch with them---or you can ask Hall for their email addresses. I know he has them because he and his wife have attacked most of them. I'd even be happy to give you the email addresses to a number of men who served with Mr. Hall in Vietnam. You may be shocked at their opinion of this self-appointed, muckraker who has such great difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction. Next time you publish something from the likes of Hall, check out you sources. It reflects on the credibility of your thread.
Gary Linderer

Don't shoot the messenger; ... (Below threshold)

Don't shoot the messenger; investigate the message. A thousand people telling a lie doesn't make it the truth.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty, Mr. Linderer. You did NOT send Don Hall a copy of your 201 file, which is your complete military record. You wouldn't even send him your one-page DD214! Show the world a legal copy of your DD214. Sign a Standard Form 180 so your full military record (your 201 file) can be released from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. Doing that will put the issue about your military record to rest, once and for all. People want to see the official record, not photos of you with "impact awards."

After-action reports are written by a unit as a result of the debriefings of the people involved in the mission, after the fact. If something really bad happened during a mission that would be hard to explain to the American people, especially in a time when a war is being highly protested, and which occurred eight months after the infamous My Lai incident, do you think there might be some incentive to be less than honest about the mission and turn it into something it wasn't, in order to account for all the deaths and injuries to the team that occurred when a reinforced enemy squad of VC attacked your team on the LZ when you were being extracted? Didn't most, if not all of the deaths and injuries occur because of the 64 rounds of 155 artillery rounds that your team leader called in, but in his panic, called in too close to the team?

On the other hand, DA1594's are contemporaneous records that document radio transmissions as they occur, and which were kept on a 101st divisional, not unit, basis. You didn't even know those records existed, Mr. Linderer, at the time you wrote your books, nor did your fellow authors from your unit. You thought you were safe as long as everyone continued to stick with their stories. After all, you had your pictures and your unit's after-action reports to back you up.

If General Zais is still alive (Don tried to get him to answer some questions a few years ago, but he refused to cooperate. When Don tried to contact him again, the phone number had been disconnected), would he testify under oath that the 101st Divisional DA1594's are incorrect, and that you and your team actually did fight off hundreds of NVA soldiers as you claimed, and that he, or some other qualified officer, filled out the paperwork finalizing those "impact" awards he pinned on your chest? Will he say that it's customary for a soldier to be awarded two Silver Stars and two Purple Hearts (one for the wound to each leg) for the same day's action?

Will Gen. Zais say he approves of whoever it was in your unit who planted the toe popper by Captain Shepard's tent, upon which he stepped and was seriously injured in an attempt on his life, all based on rumors that he was a bad officer, who supposedly had gotten people killed? Capt. Shepard had been in your unit only one week! How could any one of you KNOW this? And even if it were true, does that justify attempted murder?

Would Gen. Zais approve of the refusal of you and the men in your unit to cooperate with the CID investigation of the incident? The excerpts from your own books posted here give a good indication of the nature of the men corroborating your story. Is it true, as you wrote, that "the CID’s comments after the interviews were somewhat interesting. He said that they concluded that at least forty percent of the men in the company were psychotic. Another forty percent suffered from delusions of grandeur. The reminder were merely criminally insane.”

We currently have the 101st Airborne Division's DA1594's for the entire month of November 1968. It shows that the vast majority of the units in the 101st consisted of outstanding soldiers doing their jobs. There are some exceptions. For example, during November 1968, the DA1594's report that the 101st was tracking down 30 VC in the Camp Eagle vicinity who had been terrorizing local villages and demanding rice from them. On 19 November 1968, three village chiefs came to G2 of the 101st and told them the VC were demanding rice and asked for help. Your unit was tasked with ambushing those 30 VC. Your team and another 12-man "heavy" team from your unit was sent out on 19 November 1968 to ambush those 30 VC. According to your own books, you and your team allowed those VC to pass by your team unmolested that night. On the afternoon of 20 November 1968, a hapless group of 8 or 9 rice porters from the aforementioned villages, most of whom were young females, had the misfortune to walk past your team's ambush site. Your team ambushed them instead. Everything you wrote in your books for November 1968 is refuted by the DA1594 records.

Gen. Zais, please come forward and tell us about 20 November 1968.

Gary said: I'd be ha... (Below threshold)

Gary said: I'd be happy to share many of his hate filled, threatening, vindictive emails with anyone who would care to pursue this thread. There are dozens of witnesses to the actions I was involved in during the VN war. They would be more than happy to talk to you.

So glad you offered, Gary. We'll take you up on it. Could you get in touch with us please? I know you're busy, so are we. Hopefully it won't take long.

We've got an overload of info from the other side, that we're sorting through. We've GOT to contact you to get the whole story. So it's fantastic that you've offered.

My email is [email protected] We write at Euphoric Reality and HE!D! says...


The Halls are not worth th... (Below threshold)
Roger Anderson:

The Halls are not worth the time it is taking to type this. They are just jealous peices of shit.
Nuff said
I 2 Served
Roger Anderson

It appears that the Halls c... (Below threshold)

It appears that the Halls certainly have a vindictive side to them, the way I read this. To prove these points to all concerned, then everything from the military records center should be posted for all to see so an educated citizenry can make up their own collective minds. The truth should be made available! Why put it off? The score as far as I am concerned (thus far) is Linderer 1, Halls 0. Then again, I am an investigator and I have not reached a firm conclustion to this story yet. There are always 3 sides to any story, side one, side two and finally the truth. Let's get to the teeth of the matter (and to the truth)....

No hitting below the belt!

I have never met either Lin... (Below threshold)
Bill Spies:

I have never met either Linderer nor Hall. I have read works by both. I have no documentation to prove which one may be right or which one may be wrong or whether both are right or both wrong. I have no claim to fame. I have accomplished what is described as "typical Ranger missions" by going deep into enemy territory for days at a time far beyond friendly fire support. In reading Hall's "I Served", I found many instances he portrayed to parrellel several of mine. I can say the same for the articles by Linderer. I truely am deeply concerned that this issue between two fellow soldiers has been drug along way too long. I have been caught in the middle, much to my chagrin, through no fault of mine. I too ask that the two of them mutally agree to meet, face to face, before some recognized, formal tribunal. There, each would present all the credible evidence and official documentation that is obtainable and make their case. Then, the facts will speak for themselves. Those of the tribunal would not be obligated to render any final judgments but to serve only to maintain order and to establish a limited amount of rules that would enhance due process for both parties. Above all, let this issue die once each side has presented its case. In reading what little I have about this matter, words from my father ring clear, "When in an arguement with a fool, ensure he is not likewise!" I do not accuse either of being a fool, but this does appear to be foolish to me. Official records are not that hard to come by and to publish. Please let us see, in one place at the same time, all of them from both parties and all the sworn statements that pertain to this matter! Until then, I have no way to make an informed decision.

We just thought it was bad ... (Below threshold)

We just thought it was bad when we came home and were spat upon and accused of being baby-killers as we made our way to the airport terminals, wiping away the assorted debris of those like brother JK and HJ should have been smeared with, after the stunts they pulled in helping the North claim the win of a war we never lost.

Up until the announcement of our intended pullout almost all vets thought we were winning. We were. Our liberal media and those who protested the war saw to it that we went down in shame, a lie, but printed and broadcast for all the world to see and hear. You have to hand it to those with so much imagination, people like Cronkite that could make mountains out of mole hills, turn good things into atrocities and still get a good night's sleep because it was their agenda, making news but not sense.

As a member of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade in 69-70, as a grunt in a rifle platoon, lessons learned from the F/51st LRPS were invaluable in saving many lives in the brigade. They were attached to our brigade, lock, stock and barrel. After all, one of their teams sounded the alarm in the early morning hours of Tet 68 that resulted in the defeat of the invading forces all around the Long Binh, Bien Hoa and Saigon areas. Their actions saved thousands of American lives.

No, Hall didn't make the call, since he was in Camp Lindsey-Lattin recouping from his last mission when he heard the radio transmission at TOC from Vincent, warning of the impending danger of the massive invasion. All units scrambled and Hall's team met up with elements of A/4/12/199th that first morning around daylight and witnessed the explosion of the ammo dump that the NVA had blown. One of my best friends was the NCOIC with that element of Alpha company and remembers it very well.

I've read the DA-1594's (daily radio logs and officers' journals), have several of my own and have used them in the past to prove claims for others who have needed help with their VA appeals. All are marked ''Declassified in
1987 from the National Archives'', twelve years after the total withdrawal from South Vietnam.

Men like Linderer never imagined that an age of computers, the Freedom of Information Act and honesty would ever catch up with him and his merry men. So many books written and so many lies couldn't be erased at that point, but somehow this phony Linderer is representing all of us in a few days for a national event. It's mind-blowing what the bucks will do for some.

What's so tough about both of these men releasing their personnel records for all to see? Even the terror of the swift boats has released his Harvard records, those that supposedly were far superior to those of the President.
Oops, no ''V'' on those either. Just like the Silver Star there's not a ''V'' and never was, not for valor or victory, just a lie. As someone said earlier, ''A lie told a million times does not make a truth'' no matter how many waste their money on the fictional books that are sold by Random House as nonfictional.

You can bet your ''ham and mofos'' that I won't be attending the shindig in Branson in about three days. That goes for all who know the truth about Linderer and his merry bunch of liars and cheats. They have threatened me before with bodily harm, computer viruses and you name it but I'll never shut up till they are shown as the fouls they are. I simply give them my address and tell them to bring it on, because I'll never stand up for lies, documented bold faced lies. I fought against better men than them while I was in Delta company, 4th and 12th, long after their sorry asses had gone home to make heroes out of themselves.

Excuse me, but how many men with a clerk's MOS have ever claimed all those awards? Not a lot of rocket science is needed to see the BS, claims that have never matched the regulations and the criteria for those awards. Two like awards have never been recognized for one day's actions. But I could be wrong since I didn't serve with those bad boys of the F/58th of the 101st Lurps. No wonder the buzzard puked.

Ricky W. Jones D/4/12/199th LIB
11Bravo WIA 12Jan70 in Long Khanh Province Read a true story at: http://mavsearch.net/fs0405.html and it's not associated with anyone in the Linderer bunch and never will be. RJ

To anyone who knows how to ... (Below threshold)

To anyone who knows how to get in touch with Linderer:

A fully fleshed out, document-heavy article is scheduled to post ON A MILBLOG on June 20th. Linderer has not responded. The shit will hit the fan! I have to get in touch with him as soon as possible.

I have done more reading in... (Below threshold)
Bill Spies:

I have done more reading in reference to all the claims and counterclaims that I am aware of in reference to Don Hall's claims. I still ask that all this be put to a close but knowing humans as little as I do, I know it never will. So far, I am convinced that Don Hall is a man of high integrity who is honest and that, maybe, to fault. His documentation leaves little to no room for doubt about what he claims. There is a paucity of credible documents/evidence from the opposing side. Yes, there may be sworn statements from some who may have good reason to mislead and to make false statements. I have yet to read any official documents written by "disinterested" persons that nullify Hall's claims. I am obligated to state that to my best understanding, "Hall is hitting the mark when it comes to presenting facts." Until additional credible evidence is presented to me, I must say that Hall is exposing some very troubling acts. Is he (Hall) a rabble rouser who causes problems? Not to me. I see him as a person who has percieved a wrong and his character does not allow him to rest until he has made his point about that wrong. I applaud him for his integrity and his ability to stand up for what he sees and knows. From my point of view, those who oppose him have a long way to go to make me understand that they are correct and Hall is wrong. One of their first moves needs to prove that Hall's documentation is faulty and wrong. Until then, they will find me one who will not tolerate very well their blatting anf blaring that Don Hall is a bad person. One may not like Don's choice of words nor the manner they are presented. We all in America have that right to dislike whatever we choose. To claim more than disliking Hall's manners, one better have credible evidence or they, to me, are prejudicing their own case. In fact, some already have. One may not like the message nor the messenger. That fails to make the truth a lie. I stand on the side of truth that is corroborated by credible evidence. For reasons stated, I stand behind Hall. A soldier, Bill Spies

Don Hall makes three accusa... (Below threshold)
John Reid:

Don Hall makes three accusations against Gary Linderer.
1. That a battle on 20 Nov 68 described in Linderers books is a sham.
I was in a helicopter over the action that day. It was a real battle. The names of the 101st LRRPS killed that day are on the Vietnam memorial. The wounded, many of them severely wounded, are still alive. I'm just one of many witnesses still alive.
2. That Linderer did not receive a Silver Star and Purple Heart for his actions on 20 Nov 68.
I talked that week, to men I trust, who witnessed the commanding general of the 101st present the awards to Linderer. I also saw the official army photograph of the presentation. If army bureacrats
screwed up and issued two sets of orders, that's their mistake not Linderer's.
3. That Linderer covered up a "fragging" of his LRRP commanding officer.
I reported into F-58th LRRPS right after that "incident" when the CID(Crimminal Investigation Division) was still conducting it's
investigation. It was never proved that it was a "fragging". I defy Mr Hall to prove otherwise.
The CO's tent was off by itself, had a distinctive shape and was located close to the outer perimeter of Camp Eagle, the 101st base camp. The head of the division reconaissance unit would have made an attractive target for an enemy that did penetrate our defences and kill our personnel.
A few of the youngsters in our company did spread a rumour that the CO was fragged in order to create an image for themselves. Foolish in hindsight but not criminal. I would be interested to know if Cpt Shepard ever received a Purple Heart for his wounds. The only official action the US Army took was to order a heavy duty inner perimeter placed around the LRRP compound and order that no local civilian personnel were to be employed inside that wire. As I remember it the CID investigation revealed that the only personnel seen near the CO's tent the day of the attack were Vietnamese civilian employees who may have placed the explosive.

As far as I know the accuser Don Hall served honourably in Vietnam with the 173d Airborne and with a LRRP company. I take him at his word.

His accusations against Linderer are not motivated by a desire to expose a real scandal but a smear based on twisted facts. Mr Hall has a persanal history with Linderer after Vietnam that
created a personnal grudge against Linderer. That is the basis of Hall's attacks on Linderer.

I served with Don Hall in F... (Below threshold)
George Christiansen:

I served with Don Hall in F company Lrp 51 st and I know he is real. I also served with three other Ranger companies D lrp 151 , D Ranger 75 inf. and G Ranger 75 th inf. every unit I served with was different ,and they were all good. I hope Don and Gary can just walk away from this useless battle.I only have respect for anyone who takes the time to write a book about Vietnam.

UPDATE to this controversy:... (Below threshold)

UPDATE to this controversy:

General Zais passed away long ago, and therefore cannot answer Annette's calls for clarification on events 37 years ago. However, we were asked by Don and Annette Hall to look into these events as independent third-party reseachers. We have done so.

We've spent two months objectively interviewing almost EVERYONE involved (on both sides of the issue), consulting independent subject matter experts, and analyzing documentation. We've discovered facts previously undisclosed, and the truth buried under conjecture, speculation, and 'assumptions'. This is not a pretty story, nor an easy one, but it's worth telling.

Our first two chapters of a seven-part series, dealing with the events in question in Vietnam through to the controversy today, have been published at Euphoric Reality.

It never should've come to this, folks. One of the biggest tragedies about all of this is that men whose warrior code and shared experiences should've made them brothers, have been torn apart for nothing. Go read the true story behind Brother Against Brother.

For more reading on this ma... (Below threshold)

For more reading on this matter see: http://www.f58lrp.com/

Now that Kit Jarrell and He... (Below threshold)

Now that Kit Jarrell and Heidi Thiess have apparently finished their now 10-part series, which portrays us as villains, and Gary Linderer and his band of brothers as selfless heroes, we will be posting our rebuttal on the web next week. We will place a notice on Wizbang and on the Thiess/Jarrell site when it's ready and give a pointer to the web location.

The conduct of these two women in writing their "Brother Against Brother" series has demonstrated beyond a doubt that they are ill qualified to tell this story fairly. Our mistake was believing Thiess and Jarrell when they said they were "investigative journalists." Instead, they have clearly demonstrated that they ascribe to the Michael Moore school of blogging and employ the Dan Rather method of investigative journalism.

We have also learned a great lesson that you can’t tell a blog by its cover. We should have requested a copy of THEIR DD214’s before we began dealing with them in depth after they responded to our original email and said they wanted to investigate our allegations against Gary Linderer. Their DD214’s would have given us a better idea just how qualified these two women actually were to do a story of this magnitude and complexity. In their zeal to support Mr. Linderer and his buddies, they have deliberately misstated important facts, omitted inconvenient facts that support our allegations against him, and have engaged in extreme hyperbole and mischaracterization, the likes of which one usually sees on extremist left-wing blogs.

Our rebuttal next week will illustrate exactly why they are ill qualified to investigate anything to do with combat operations in Vietnam, and, in our opinion, anything to do with combat operations period. We will show readers that Thiess and Jarrell have been suckered in by Gary Linderer and his very vocal group of supporters, and that they have engaged in the very same sort of disinformation tactics that Linderer and his men have employed with great success over the years.

Because of their behavior, it is apparent to us that Thiess and Jarrell are of a character that causes them to feel a deep kinship with Linderer and his men, and as they got to know Linderer and his supporters more fully, they felt a deep desire to be accepted by them. It’s easier to go with the group against the two than it is to stand with the two against the group. And, if you have to distort facts or omit damning evidence in order to accomplish that, well, the ends justify the means. The irony is that these two gullible and mendacious women have helped Gary Linderer's small group of "Vietnam fabulists" embellish the 20 November 1968 story even further, even to the laughable point of contradicting what they wrote in their books.

As we’ve said over and over again, if a thousand people tell a lie, it doesn’t make it the truth. Stay tuned…

At last we have Annette Hal... (Below threshold)

At last we have Annette Hall’s response---posted as commentary to Chapter One and again to Chapter Ten. True to Mrs. Hall’s accustomed form, it is more a personal attack than a response to anything in Brother Against Brother. But then, what else do the Halls have at this point, beyond personal attacks? After years of trumpeting the documents they claimed to have backing their contentions about the bloody events of 20 November, 1968, and the character of Gary Linderer, all of the Hall’s “documentary evidence” has been obliterated by the many documents that the Halls somehow (willfully?) overlooked, and that Kit Jarrell and Heidi Thiess managed to find. Heidi and Kit also managed to find and interview many survivors of the battle, eyewitnesses to the battle, and many others who listened to it on military radio nets as it was happening. The Halls have absolutely none of this testimony. They never have, and never will. The Halls’ various imaginary renderings of those bloody events never had much (if any) credibility. And now they have none. What other response is available to the Halls, except for their normal personal attacks? Silence, perhaps? An apology along the lines of the one they once promised Kit and Heidi if they were proven to be wrong? Well, they’ve been proven to have been gravely and maliciously wrong, but there is no apology from the Halls. And now Annette’s silence has been broken.

Annette Hall accuses Kit and Heidi of having written a series “which portrays us as villains, and Gary Linderer and his band of brothers as selfless heroes…” Annette and Don Hall are, rightfully, not even mentioned in the chapters that deal with the 20 November, 1968, battle. But once they do appear in Brother Against Brother, once they begin their vendetta against Gary Linderer and all connected with them, they most certainly do come across as villains. Annette blames Kit and Heidi for that portrayal. But almost all of the material in Brother Against Brother that deals with the Halls is either in Don’s words or Annette’s----and almost all of this reeks with misrepresentation, slander, paranoia, viciousness, and attempted character assassination. Mrs. Hall writes, reasons, and spells much better than her husband, but when it comes to jealous bile and virulence, the two of them are in a league they share with no one else I’ve ever encountered. If the Halls come across as villains, it is because the Halls showcase their own villainy in their almost every word and action. All Kit and Heidi did was print what the Halls themselves had sent out to them and other people, but that was enough to show the Halls’ true character. As for Gary Linderer and the other men---Lurps, aviators, reaction force, and even North Vietnamese soldiers---who fought in that 20 November, 1968, battle that Annette Hall and her husband have spent years trying to portray as a fake contact: if they are “heroes” it is their actions that day that made them so, not anything Kit or Heidi wrote about them these many years later. It certainly isn’t a judgement Annette Hall or her husband are qualified to make. If Gary Linderer has a “band of brothers” it is because Gary has earned the brotherhood of many. Annette Hall’s husband, poor Donald, on the other hand, has no brothers left anymore and no real friends either. Donald Hall has done much to earn his outcast status, and he deserves it deeply. But those of us who have had to deal with the Halls over the years know to give Mrs. Hall her share of credit for Donald’s sad state. Her nagging, goading, encouragement and irrepressible tendency to speak for him have surely played an instrumental part in his downfall.

Along with being the only literate writer involved, was Annette Hall also the animating spirit behind their self published book, I Served? And was it Annette who encouraged Don to submit the notorious “Vulture Flight” story from that book to Behind the Lines? For years Annette Hall has been commenting on military matters about which she knows only what her mentally jumbled husband tells her. But in her commentary she writes this of Kit and Heidi: “We should have requested a copy of THEIR DD214’s before we began dealing with them in depth after they responded to our original email and said they wanted to investigate our allegations against Gary Linderer. Their DD214’s would have given us a better idea just how qualified these two women actually were to do a story of this magnitude and complexity.”

Amazing! The blind stupid gall of this woman to write such a thing and post it on a site where every reader already knows what sort of person she is! Kit and Heidi are veterans. They do have DD214s---and they are under no obligation to show them to the Halls. But where is Annette Hall’s DD214? As far I know, she is not a veteran—except perhaps by very, very weak injection. If she is a military veteran, why doesn’t she send out as many copies of her DD214 as she did of her smear sheet against Gary Linderer, so that all the thousands of people to whom she libeled Gary will be able to judge her qualifications?

In her commentary Annette writes: “it is apparent to us that Thiess and Jarrell are of a character that causes them to feel a deep kinship with Linderer and his men…” Mrs. Hall is not a stupid woman, at least not if her husband is setting the baseline for stupidity. Does she not realize what a fine compliment it is to write that Heidi and Kit are of a character to feel a deep kinship with Gary Linderer and men like Riley Cox, Jim Venable, Jim Bacon, Frank Souza, Mike Reiff, Art Herringhausen, Terry Clifton, Mike Reiff, Tony Tercero and the other men of the reaction force, the aviators who flew that day, and the hundreds---no, thousands---of other people, veterans and civilians alike, who consider Gary Linderer a true gentleman and a brother?

Mrs. Hall should remember that Heidi Thiess and Kit Jarrell started looking into all of this on her instigation, not Gary Linderer’s. She obviously didn’t expect them to really investigate, nor did she expect them to write as well as they do. But she should have expected at least some minimal amount of intelligence, honesty, and basic decency. Kit and Heidi have abundant reserves of all those qualities. Mrs. Hall may have some intelligence---particularly compared to her husband. But she seems to lack even a shred of honesty and decency---and doesn’t seem to have much grasp of reality, either. Because she lacks these qualities herself, she apparently didn’t expect to find them in Kit and Heidi. Mrs. Hall made a major mistake there!

Mrs. Hall and her husband can---and probably will---continue to threaten people. They can post whatever they like on their website, and the idly curious may visit their site, but no one will ever believe them again. They can claim to have unused and secret hidden information and documents they’ve been holding back, but again no one will believe them. Their credibility in all matters is gone forever. They can---and probably will---threaten to dig into peoples’ private lives for things to use against them, and perhaps they will manage to hurt someone or someone’s family. They can continue to focus their lives around that Great Satan, Gary Linderer, but their devotion will not be rewarded. They can keep snapping and snarling and clawing themselves ever deeper into the pit they have dug for themselves, but they will be alone in that pit. They will never recover whatever honor and whatever place among decent humanity they may have once had. Donald will never dare to show his face at any military reunion or veterans function where anyone is likely to recognize him, and Annette will most likely suffer the utter humiliation of remaining married to Don for the rest of her life.

Mrs. Hall can rage and slander and threaten all she wants. She and your husband have been exposed as the spiteful and poisonous clowns that they are. No one respects her, no one fears her, and except for laughs, no one will listen to her anymore.

Kenn Miller

My response to the BAB stor... (Below threshold)

My response to the BAB story has been posted. Go to http://www.i-served.com/GaryLinderer/GaryLinderer_BloggerGate.htm.

Don Hall

Heidi Thiess and Kit Jarrel... (Below threshold)

Heidi Thiess and Kit Jarrell of Euphoric Reality have deleted my comment on their blog site that directs people to the web-page location of my response to their BAB series (that comment was the same as our previous post in this thread). Instead, they infringed on our copyright and extracted the entire content of our web page and posted it on their site, omitting the URL address. They did not have our permission to do that. We do not have a comments feature active on that web page, so their readers were supposed to go to our web site, read my response there, and then make any comments about it on Euphoric Reality that they wished to make. Kit and Heidi like to control things and delete comments they don’t like and suppress evidence they don’t want the public to know about (which is what they did in their BAB story). That’s their prerogative, but they don’t have a right to interfere with their readers’ going to my response on our site by copying it from our site and posting it on theirs, minus the URL. Their goal was to make it less convenient for their readers to know where it’s located.

Copyright law allows excerpting from content, but not full-out plagiarism. On 8/16/05, we sent them an e-mail notice (followed up in a letter mailed to them) demanding that they stop the infringement and remove our copyright-protected content from their site.

Wizbang readers are welcome to read my response to the Thiess/Jarrell BAB series directly on our site and post their comments here on Wizbang. Have at it. Again, this is the link: http://www.i-served.com/GaryLinderer/GaryLinderer_BloggerGate.htm

Don Hall

Contrary to what Don and An... (Below threshold)

Contrary to what Don and Annette Hall allege above, we did not remove their comment; we simply redirected OUR readers to the full, unabridged copy of the content of their rebuttal on OUR site. We did so for one simple reason: to make it EASIER for our readers to read and comment, without having to flip and flop between websites.

Additionally, again contrary to what the Halls wrote above, we did NOT remove their precious URL. It is intact within their original comment. The Halls have become incredibly proficient at lying about the smallest, most petty details - and yet their attention to detail failed to detect that their URL is still in their comment.

Finally, we have, in writing, blanket permission from the Halls to use anything from their book, their documentary, their notes, and their website. So thank you for that.

Considering the Halls' rabid pursuit of publicity, I should think they'd be happy that their lies are posted in full view on not one - but now TWO separate online sources.

BTW, we took the above actions only after having consulted with our legal advisor, as the Halls have belatedly admonished us to do. WE had ampple opportunity to get several legal opinions, since the Halls trumpeted their intended post date on our site. The bottom line is this: the Halls posted the link on OUR site to directly offer OUR readership their rebuttal of OUR published series. We are fully within our legal rights to do as we did.

Note: to those wishing to read the absolutely scintillating commentary on the Halls'so-called "rebuttal" - which is really just a 15-page long tirade of personal character assassination, rather than a refutation of the facts, go here. We've also published Our Final Word on the entire sordid affair. And now we're done.

I have read all Gary's book... (Below threshold)

I have read all Gary's books

I bet you had no idea the s... (Below threshold)

I bet you had no idea the storm you'd start, eh Kevin? ;) Sorry your blog got turned into a warzone.

After the toe-popper incide... (Below threshold)

After the toe-popper incident or attempted murder of the unit's new C.O. Company Commander based on rumors that these men heard he was a poor commander a CID investigation stated. These books claimed they got away with it because they all kept their mouth's shut. Hum,... Jail house mentaility, perhaps.

From Gary Linderer’s book EYES OF THE EAGLE:
Page 85, August 1, 1968 “At morning formation, the first sergeant announced that our company was on stand down until further notice. No more missions? No one figured on that happening.”

“Top” also announced that the CID’s comments after the interviews were somewhat interesting. He said that they concluded that at least forty percent of the men in the company were psychotic. Another forty percent suffered from delusions of grandeur. The reminder were merely criminally insane.”

I do not believe that this unit was made up of these types of men. I knew some of them and they were better than what this author made them out to be. The author wrotes that a third of these men were suffering from, "delusions of grandeur." How interesting. Would these delusions later in life cause Linderer to claim he had 2 Silver Stars instead of (1) one and 2 Purple Hearts instead of none.
Page 202 “Coleman told me that the NVA bodies were everywhere. Halfway up the hill, he spotted the body of an NVA officer lying on his side next to two dead nurses. The officer had a scar on his cheek and wore a pair of pearl-handled 9mm pistols. Coleman didn’t have time to stop for the pistols. He swore that we had tagged (*) Colonel Mot.”
Page # 203 “It was getting quite dark by then, and when the slicks returned, the LRPs had to hold cigarette lighters above their heads to mark the LZ. They were all finally extracted forty minutes after dark.”
“The CO reported that two of the blues had received impact Bronze Stars with Vs while an NCO in charge of the reaction force received a Silver Star. Somebody needed to be fragged over that bullshit. It was lucky for them that the impact awards didn’t have to go through proper channels.”
December 14, 1968 Page 217
“We spent the evening drinking and getting totally blown away. We raised a lot of hell, and I guess I probably overdid it with the war stories. They (Air Force personnel) must have been impressed, because most offered their sisters to me before the night was over. Audie Murphy didn’t have a thing on me. Well, how were you suppose to act around air force personnel?”

“Gary A. Linderer is the publisher of ‘Behind the Lines,’ a magazine that specializes in U.S. military special operations. In Vietnam, he earned two Silver Stars, the Bronze Star with V devise (for Valor), the Army Commendation Medal with V devise, and two Purple Hearts. His first two books were selected by the Military Book Club.”

National Personnel Records Center Military Personnel Records 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63132-5100 OFFICIAL LIST OF AWARDS The Official Military Records of GARY A. LINDERER (SSN removed) show that he is authorized the following awards and decorations for his service in the US Army:

////////NOTHING FOLLOWS/////////////


From Gary Linderer’s book “EYES BEHIND THE LINES.”
Page 10 - "The fact that we had killed over two hundred NVA, including the executive officer of the NVA 5th Regiment did not lesson his grief."

Page 11- "My first full day back with F Company was occupied with replacing the weapon and all the gear and equipment I had lost November 20. I had to start from scratch replacing my LBE (load-bearing equipment) and my rucksack and pack frame."

Page 14 - The Cav (2/17 Cav) really didn't have a lot of use for LRPs, and we reciprocated their feelings, especially after their reaction team's heroic actions November 20 (when they cowered on the LZ while our fellow LRPs charged to our rescue)."

FROM THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES: G-2 & G-3 Section 101st Abn. Div. Camp Eagle YD808162 20 Nov. 1968 1000H (C) G2 recd msg [message] fr [from] 1st Bde [Brigade] stating: At 2400H to 0400H vic [vicinity] An Nong Village YD918093 & An Nong 3 YD933106 in Loc Bon village, info came in from village chief to A Co that 30 VC last night came through loc above. Primary purpose was to collect money, but would eccept rice instead. They came from south and returned south.

1200H (C) G2 recd msg 2d Bde stating: At 1130 H vic YC829900 LRP TM #24 ambushed est enemy sqaud (reinf) moving E on trail at YC 829900. Appartently rice carrying detail, for only two were VC were armed. En appeared to have been heading towards hill # 512 at YC8490. Res: 9 VC KIA, 2x 45 pistols CIA. Note: 8 VC were killed outright, one was captured but was seriously wounded. This VC later died after attempt to evac him was made. No friendly cas.

1220H (C) G2 recd msg fr 2/17 stating: At 1124H vic YC8490 LRP Tm #24 amb [ambushed] 9 VC, 5 women & 4 men. LRP Tm believes VC were porters. Res: 5 female KIA BC, 4 VC male KIA BC, 2 x US 45 Cal pistols. VC were moving towards Hill 513 YC8490.

Item 17 - 1200H (C) recd msg fr 2d Bde stating: At 1130H vic YC829900 LRP Tm # 24 ambushed est enemy sqaud (reinf) moving E on trail at YC829900. Apparently was a rice carrying detail, for ony two VC were armed. En appeared to have been heading toward hill # 512 at YC8490. Res: 9 VC KIA, 2 x 24 pistols CIA. Note: 8 VC were killed outright, one was captured but was seriously wounded. This VC later died after an attempt to evac him was made. No friendly cas.

Item 18 - 1220H (C) G2 recd mes fr 2/17 Cav stating: At 11245H vic YC8490 LRP Tm # 24 amb (ambushed) 9 VC, 5 women & 4 men. LRP Tm believed VC were porters. Res: 5 VC female KIA, 4 Male KIA BC. 2 x US 45 Cal pistols. VC were moving towards Hill 513 YC8490. Neg US cas.

Item 33 - 1620H (C) G3 recd mes fr 2/17 Cav stating: 2/17 (C) reports LRRPs in RZ Brenda are in heavy contact, 9 cas. Request 1 Co RRF. 1st Bde will supply the company - A/2/502. Insertion controlled by credit 4.

Item 36 - 1645H (C) recd msg fr 2d Bde, at 1620H, vic YC839880, LRP Tm 24 made contact w/unk size force. Res: 2 US KHA, 8 WIA. A complete report will be turned in tonight.

Item 48 - 2043H (C) G3 recd msg fr 2/17 Cav, LRP medevac completed 1830H, C/ARP ext fr contact site 1920H, shuttle to Brick has not been closed.

Item 51 - 2130H (C) G2 recd msg fr 2/17, total 3 KHA, 21 WHA (8 serious, 13 minor), all cas fr LRP Co except 8 WIA fr ARP. One Kit CASON was WHA (minor) not included in 21 WHA.

SUMMARY: A LRP tm of F/58 Inf ambushed ten en [enemy] moving N on trail vic [vicinity] YC839887. The res [results] were eight enemy KIA and two wpns [weapons] capt [captured]. In subsequent encounter w/a [with a] reinforced enemy squad, the team killed on addtional en [enemy] in the same area.

This is an important part of the records that support the above. G-2 & G-3 101st Abn. Div CAMP EAGLE DATE 23 Nov. 1968 page 5 of 7. Item No 35 - 1429 hours (C) G-2 recd msg fr 2d Bde stating: At 1325H vic YC83888 D/2/501 1st plt [platoon] at 1240H fnd [found] 8 bodies: 7 x VC, 1 NVA, 4 pairs of PJ, 20 lbs of rice, 1 kettle, equipment left by LRPS: 1 x WP grenade [grenade], 1 x bottle of whole blood, LRP rations, poncho liner, 6 x US rucksacks, 1 x sewing kit and 5 xclaymore. Note: The 8 x VC were previously reported.
These DA1594 records are for: Managing Info For Battle tracking, By LTC Scott G. Wuestner.
Information management and battle tracking are keys to a tactical operation center's (TOC) success. ... Journal or logs are more than a record of radio messages. Staff officers or NCOs must be proactive in getting critical information in the messages out to the right people in a timely manner. Units currently requires staff s to maintain the outdated DA Form 1594 Staff Duty Log, dated Nov. 1962. This form is a permanent record for training operations, operational reviews and historical research.


5. The Objectives of the DA 1594 Journal files are designed to do the following:
a. Assist in more efficient conduct of operations.
b. Provide a ready reference for the commander and the staff and for higher and lower headquarters.
c. Serve as a record for training matters, operational reviews, and historical research.
6. Guidance
a. Difference in size, organization, and missions of units and staff sections preclude rigid adherence to a model form of journal. However, DA Form 1594 (Daily Staff or Duty Officer’; Log), shown at figure 1, provides an example.
b. Journal forms must be used on one side only because of the following.
(1) Legal and historical information is recorded in the journal.
(2) Problems encountered with normal “bleed through” characteristics.
c. Journals normally will cover a 24-hour period.
7. Procedures
a. Accurate data with sufficient detail to fix the time and place and describe important events will characterize all entries in the journal.

Heidi was in S-1 [personnel management] in Germany and she never had to fill out these records as she has claimed. Besides what war was going on in Germany while she was there? She had no connections whatsoever to do with Military Intel such as G-2 or G-3. Heidi is again talking out of both sides of her mouth. The four part series they told us they were going to do was:
#1.) The fragging or Toe-Popper mine incident committed on CPT. Shepard in July 1968 and written about in these many books.
#2.) The fake use of Gary Linderer’s military awards and decorations. No 2 Silver Stars and no 2 Purple Hearts as per the NPRC -- FOIA.
#3.) The harm these fakers do to us Vietnam Vets to this day using made up war stories that the National Archive DA1594 records refute.
#4.) The smear campaign waged against us by Linderer and his fellow authors and other contacts. Kill the messenger.

From: Kit Jarrell [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 9:36 PM
To: [email protected]; Heidi Thiess
Subject: Introduction - First Draft
Here is the first draft of the introductory section of the Gary Linderer/158th story, due out Monday 20 June. The second chapter, published the same day, will outline the medal problems and leave a hint as to the next installment's contents, which will be published the next day or a few days later. What do you think?

Tarnished Honor (still a working title - any other suggestions?)
Chapter One: Why Does It Matter Now?

Throughout its history, the United States military has been home to some of the greatest warriors found anywhere in the world. Story after story can be found of men who distinguished themselves on the battlefield; their actions a testament to the bravery and sacrifice that has made and kept our nation free. All one needs to do is read the National Archives; the military websites; the award citations of men like Sgt First Class Paul Smith to know the caliber of men that have unselfishly stepped forward, answering the call to carry the torch of our country's defense.

Vietnam was no exception. In the midst of a world that had seemingly gone mad; in the thick of humid jungles and against an enemy with no uniforms, men fought bravely and with honor. For many, the honor came not in exemplary deeds, but for simply having the courage to step onto a helicopter day after day; to go out on patrol, to keep fighting the fight.

These men earned awards; pieces of metal and cloth that tell the world of the incredible level of their personal sacrifice and achievement: Bronze and Silver Stars for exceptional gallantry and valor, medals such as the Air Medal and the Army Commendation Medal; and for those who were wounded, a Purple Heart.

Just as every era of our military has had its share of heroes, it has had its villains as well; cowardly men, deserters, and worse. The same military that gave us Sgt. Rafael Peralta gave us Sgt Hasan Akbar, and trained Lee Harvey Oswald. As much as we would like to forget those who have brought dishonor to the uniform and the code that we have followed, it is imperative that the deeds of evil men be brought to light – not to shame all those who have served and continue to do so; but to ensure that their sacrifice is not in vain, lost on those who would attribute evil to all those who wear the uniform of the United States Armed Forces.

The men who earned awards like the Purple Heart and Silver Star through their selflessness deserve them, certainly; but perhaps what they deserve even more is for their sacrifice to remain pure. They deserve the truth – as do we all.

This story is just that – a quest for the truth; some of which has been buried for almost forty years. There are those who would commit more evil to ensure that this story remains hidden. There are those who have asked me, "It was so long ago - why does it still matter?" I answer: Does truth become less valuable over time? Does the demand for honor among those who fight in our name diminish with the passing of years? I am a veteran, and I demand that those who wear the uniform I once did, wear it with honor and integrity. I daresay that this story has gone hidden long enough.

by Jonathan Wallace
I hate being lied to. Short of violence, it is the worst thing you can do to me. Not because of God, or the Ten Commandments, or any universal moral precepts. The reason that I hate lies is because, like you, I wish to navigate carefully through life, and to do so I must be able to calculate my true position. When you lie to me, you know your position but you have given me false data which obscures mine. Lying is theft. When you tell me something which I take to be true and as a result I invest my time, or my money, or even my care, you have stolen these things from me because you obtained them with false information. Lying creates inequality. Since you also do not like being lied to--I have never known anyone who wanted to be deceived-- you have acted as if there were two classes of humans: you, with the right to lie, and everyone else, who must be truthful to you so that you too will not lose your way. Lying treats people as means to the end you wish to accomplish and not as ends in themselves. Lying is one of those rare areas in which the moral rulebook and the legal one overlap each other quite neatly. Fraud is defined as an intentional falsehood on which another relies to his detriment. A fraud is a lie writ large, often in a financial context, where the damage to me is quantifiable in money. Even those lies which the law does not define as fraud tend to fit the same definition: a knowing false utterance which the mark is intended to rely on to his harm, and does. The only differences are of degree, for example, when we cannot assess the loss in money. The basic tenet that lying is wrong seems to be universal to all cultures, probably because humans are social animals. To live together in a society we must tell the truth to each other about such basic matters as sources of food or of danger. Sissela Bok writes in Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life:

A society, then, whose members were unable to distinguish truthful messages from deceptive ones, would collapse. But even before such a general collapse, individual choice and survival would be imperiled. The search for food and shelter could depend on no expectations from others. A warning that a well was poisoned or a plea for help in an accident would come to be ignored unless independent confirmation could be found. Since even liars agree that lying is wrong, to the extent that they do not wish to be lied to and to lose their way, there are some remarkable special cases in our society: we justify some lies and are resigned to others. Why does indignation fail in certain cases?

You can't trust a Blog by it's cover

No "storm" or "war zone," K... (Below threshold)

No "storm" or "war zone," Kit. Only in your mind. The facts remain the same in spite of you retelling what the author's have written in some half a dozen books in your hobby Blog hit-piece.

The following is stated on the cover of Gary Linderer's books: "Gary A. Linderer is the publisher of `Behind the Lines,' a magazine that specializes in U.S. military special operations. In Vietnam, he earned two Silver Stars, the Bronze Star with V device (for Valor), the Army Commendation Medal with V device, and two Purple Hearts. His first two books were selected by the Military Book Club."

Gary Linderer has consistently claimed to have earned two Silver Stars and two Purple Hearts, all for the same day's combat in Vietnam, on 20 November 1968. He used these high honors to enhance his professional reputation and credibility as an author and his fitness to be consulted as an expert on LRP operations. Records I obtained in 2000 by FOIA request from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO., refute Mr. Linderer's claims of two (2) Silver Stars and two (2) Purple Hearts for the same day’s combat actions of 20 November 1968. Because Mr. Linderer has lied about his medals, according to the NPRC records, then readers have to view everything Mr. Linderer writes in his book with a skeptical eye. The text of Linderer's NPRC record is as follows:

National Personnel Records Center Military Personnel Records
9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63132-5100
OFFICIAL LIST OF AWARDS The Official Military Records of GARY A. LINDERER [SSN removed] show that he is authorized the following awards and decorations for his service in the US Army:

////////NOTHING FOLLOWS/////////////


The Halls demanded that Kit... (Below threshold)
Gary Linderer:

The Halls demanded that Kit Jarrell and Heidi Theiss investigate my VN service record. They did and have posted their findings on Euphoricreality. Now the Halls are discrediting them because they do not like the outcome of that investigation. You can be the judge of these two characters. I will submit my records and the findings of Kit and Heidi to a board of my fellow rangers. Will Hall do the same with his proof? I doubt it. By the way, ask Hall who "Keni Moore is". The poor fellow seems to be sending emails from Hall's computer.
Gary Linderer

Dear Mr. Linderer,... (Below threshold)

Dear Mr. Linderer,

Thank you for your service.

It has now come to everyone's attention after all these years that you have finally admitted to having received one (1) Silver Star instead of two (2) Silver Stars that you have been claiming in all of your books. With this admission on your part there is no need to discuss the issue any further.

God bless America and especially to all of our brave men and women in harms way in our nation’s new war.

Don C. Hall

Gary has said nothing. Don... (Below threshold)

Gary has said nothing. Don't put words into his mouth. We wrote what we found. We don't speak for Gary. And this isn't a court of law, it's a blog. Get over yourself, already, Don. You've watched too much Law and Order for your own feeble psychiatric health.

You keep posting your stupid NPRC letter, as incomplete, outdated, and superceded as it is - despite the proof of more complete records. What's that asininity about?!

And by the way, you big hypocrite, if you say, "there is no need to discuss the issue any further" why are you over at Cao's blog TODAY and leaving your jealously obsessive cut and paste content like smelly turds all over the place? Have you already abandoned your too-little-to-late attempt to appear grown-up for once? Was your farcical effort above just too much for your meager character to uphold? What's with you and your weird obsession? Does it have something to do with why you were locked up in Zama and Kenner? I don't blame 'em - something is seriously wrong with you. You're NOT normal.

Here's some clues a psychiatrist could have a hey-dey with...

Don Hall’s awards and citations:

National Defense Service Ribbon
Vietnam Service Medal
Parachute Badge
Combat Infantryman Badge
Bronze Star Medal w/ Device

Gary Linderer’s awards and citations:

Silver Star
Purple Heart (2)
Combat Infantryman Badge w/ 2 OS Bars
Bronze Star w/ Valor Device
Bronze Star
Vietnam Service Medal w/ 4 Bronze Service Stars
Vietnam Campaign Medal w/ Device
Army Commendation w/ Valor Device
Army Conduct w/ 1 Oak Leaf Cluster
Parachute Badge
Air Medal
Expert w/ M16
Sharpshooter w/ M14
National Defense Service Ribbon

Don Hall is a sore loser.

I dont personally know Gary... (Below threshold)
Guy Hebert:

I dont personally know Gary Linderer, but it would be a great honor to meet him. I've done my homework too and truely respect him for his honor, integrity, and valor which he has proven to the fullest. GOD Bless America, and thanks & GOD Bless you, Gary Linderer. I am very proud of you and those who served beside you in that place we know as VIETNAM!

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. You yo... (Below threshold)

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. You young ignorant Madonna wanntobe. What does the the two words, "final word" mean to you?

"This is our final word on the matter of Don and Annette Hall, re: Brother Against Brother. And then we. are. done." From your Blog site.

Are you really done or are you not really done? Are you finished, or are you not really not finished? Do you have more names to call me and are you upset that your "big story" didn't get the traction your were hoping it would? Poor little LT desperately wanting to be something.
On August 18, 2005 you write, "on the entire sordid affair. And now we're done." Sordid is what you have made it into.

You speak out of both sides of your twisted mouth, girl and that is exactly why I told you (at the end of June and beginning of July 2005) for you not to do the story that you made up your material called, "Brother Against Brother." The 300 plus official records that I sent to you were over your head and your rants and calling me names only proves how ignorant you really are. I was only questioning Linderer's military awards and the fragging of CPT James G. Sheppard (note the correct spelling of the name) and what you have shown is an "unclean copy" of his DD214. You said Linderer signed a Form 180, but it appears that is not the case. You said that you had all of his military records from the signed Form 180 in a WEEK! That's impossible! What you have posted is a faxed copy of a copy and that makes it unclean. You do not know how to read the DD214 or else many things listed on Linderer's faxed copy of his DD214 would have jumped out at you. Ignorance is no excuse!
A month later, now on this Wiz Bang Blog site (that you do not control) you rant on "Don Hall is a sore loser."
Posted by: HE!D! at September 28, 2005 11:42 PM

There never were any winners or losers from Vietnam, girl. It wasn't a football game nor is this matter of you constantly calling me names like, "feeble psychiatric."

Grow up and get a real job, Ms. Thiess.

For anyone interested, please, do read Linderer's books about what he experienced and then read mine. My book, "I SERVED" is supported by the US Army records and signed releases from the men I wrote about and our units motto and shoulder crest was "I SERVE." Linderer's books are supported by what he remembers it could have been and, of course, love letters. At least, Linderer as he wrote, "didn't go home bare-chested." On a DD214 it is always written Purple Heart W/OLC, not Purple Heart (2). Read up on SEC IV; CH 2, AR 635-200. DAH!!! That could lead us back to those "Delusions of grandeur" that Linderer writes about.

My brothers did not want to talk to you because they knew what your agenda was and is, Ms. Heidi Thiess. You are indeed from the Madonna generation, girl and you do not understand Vietnam nor the war that was fought by the few, for the many who have some lame reasons to call us names.

There are far too many people like the lady named, Karen who are catching on who wrote on this blog: "Hello, My name is Karen and I would just like to say I am sickened at this outrage of who is heading up the Committee for the Vietnam Veterans homecoming.The Vterans should be running Mr. Liderer, out on a rail. I lost my Brother in Vietnam, and I am so tired of wannabes, taking Credit, for things that never happened, only in their sick, warped minds. I thought about atteneding the Homecomong, but with a Disgrace like this, it would do my brothers Death a disservice, I will pass. I want my brother to be remebered as an honorable soldier, who gave his life for all of us, Yes, even you , Mr. Liderer, so think about him and the thousands of others who gave their lives so you can, be a FAKE! I am truly ashamed of you!"

Posted by: Karen at June 3, 2005 08:38 AM

Karen's brother earned the Purple Heart the hard way and so did those men who were killed in action on 20 Nov. 1968. God bless you, Karen and those 58,000 plus soldiers, Marines and Sailors on the Wall in Washington, D.C. this Veterans' Day.

"I was only questioning Lin... (Below threshold)

"I was only questioning Linderer's military awards and the fragging of CPT James G. Sheppard..."

Wrong. In your first conversation with us you accused Linderer and his unit of murder. I have the tape of that, just like I have literally hundreds of emails, plus your rambling voicemails that fall just short of reality. If you're trying to impersonate a sentient being, you're failing miserably.

"The 300 plus official records that I sent to you were over your head..."

Wrong again. They were actually quite simple. The problem is not that they were "over our heads", the problem for you was that we didn't read them through the colored glasses you expected us to. You wanted us to take what we were given and write the story you asked for. You didn't bet on us actually doing research above and beyond what you handed us. It's called integrity. Go get some.

"...what you have shown is an "unclean copy" of his DD214."

I'm yawning. Really I am. I've spent time in Branson. I've spent days with Gary, face to face. I've seen his documents first hand, and gone over them for hours. Just because I didn't provide you personally with a copy that you would feel to be adequate doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And as long as we're talking about "unclean" DD-214s, let's talk about yours. There are enough inconsistencies in it to fill a small truck.

"At least, Linderer as he wrote, "didn't go home bare-chested."

What's the matter, Don? You jealous? ;)

"You do not know how to read the DD214 or else many things listed on Linderer's faxed copy of his DD214 would have jumped out at you. Ignorance is no excuse!"

I know how to read a DD-214. You forget, I have one of my own. As for ignorance...well. You know the truth and you simply toss it aside or hide it. What's your excuse?

"My brothers did not want to talk to you because they knew what your agenda was and is, Ms. Heidi Thiess."

No, your "brothers" don't actually claim you, for the most part. They are embarrassed by your continued slandering, libelous conduct and don't have a clue how to get you to stop. But don't let the facts confuse you.

"Karen's brother earned the Purple Heart the hard way and so did those men who were killed in action on 20 Nov. 1968."

I thought you said those four men died from calling in artillery on themselves? If that were true they wouldn't be eligible for a Purple Heart. Maybe you should recheck those regs yourself. It's in Paragraph 2-8, Army Regulation 600-8-22, Section 4, Items A through E. In fact, according to Section 5, item H, they would NOT be eligible if your little concocted story were true. You accused Contreros of "gross negligence" in supposedly miscalling artillery, did you not?

If you don't feel like reading the regs you think you know, try just paying attention to the articles where we blew your asinine accusations and theories out of the water.

About the Madonna thing, we're stll trying to figure out what the hell that's all about. it seems to be your new kick. Maybe you switched medications or something.

As for the whole "Are you done or not?" BS, I'll explain it very carefully. What you are doing is reprehensible. it is a slap in the face to everything we believe in, and an insult to the honorable service of the men in F/58th. Until you stop your ridiculous campaign to destroy their lives and careers, we will stand in your way. We will be there, wherever you decide to raise your ignorant and hateful little head, to counter your accusations with truth and educate the public as to the kind of scum you truly are.

You are a disgrace to the Army and to the military in general. You may have served, and for that I am thankful. But your conduct since then does nothing but smear the men and women that continue to carry the torch of our freedom's defense. Every time you send out an email about the men of F/58th, you give the anti-military liberals more ammunition. They don't care if what you say is completely false and easily proven wrong. They camp out on it and use it to portray our soldiers as animals, killing civilians with impunity and malice. The men of F/58th don't deserve this - but the men and women of today's military deserve it even less.

Funny how you don't have the courage to come to our site and refute the research we did. It's much easier to hide out on the sites of others and insult us. That's fine, though. Someday when you raise your drooling, insane head from your drug-induced stupor you'll see how much of an ass you really look like. Until then, you can deal with us and like it.

There you go again…<p... (Below threshold)

There you go again…

Now we have trash-talking Kit Jarrell calling me names. I like the way you have done what Linderer has done for all these decades. Spread the quilt around to all the men in F/58 LRP. Why wouldn't two of the men who were on the ground combat that day not talk to you? I have talked to one of them and he supports what the records state.

"As for the whole "Are you done or not?" BS, I'll explain it very carefully. What you are doing is reprehensible. it [sic] is a slap in the face to everything we believe in..." It is what "you" or the "we" that I have a lot of trouble with. You’re shallow, narrow-minded, anti-American BS while wrapping yourself up in the flag that makes me feel like throwing up. I know you are followers and what you are about. You and Heidi are followers of James Bo Gritz and David Duke. Kit, you were nothing but an ex-Air Force mechanic, so keep your nose out of writing about things you do not fully understand or have experienced firsthand. You showed no records in your hit piece other than some troop movements, possible forge awards and decorations that were faxed to you that had nothing to do with the ambush of the rice porters that day of 20 Nov. 1968. You also proved perjury for us, thank you.

What you have begun, we will finish.
Don Hall

My goodness, Don, how do... (Below threshold)

My goodness, Don, how do you come up your crackpot conspiracy theories? Thanks, though, for the laughs. It always cracks me up to see what you come up with. It's like you randomly pluck a supposedly insulting label and a nefarious plot out of all the chaos swirling around in your paranoid head. Then you smack it onto someone with all the righteous conviction of a man who believes everything the tiny voices inside his head tell him. LOL Not that we needed it, but we always appreciate the ongoing proof that you are thoroughly off your rocker.

Like old Sister Mary Joe... (Below threshold)

Like old Sister Mary Joe, here we go again... After talking to you, and your writing partner Kit, I came to the conclusion that both of you reminded me of a couple of old nuns! You know those old sour-puss women I wrote about in my book, “I SERVED” who were always pissed off at life and take it out on anyone they wanted too? I heard Kit say things about her husband that makes me feel sorry for the guy. "He never listens to me...." Whine on... lil girl. Why in the world would he anyway? You both think you are always right and never shut up! God, bless the poor guys.

Heidi from S-1 long ago: You should be so grateful that you were able to take taxpayers money for jumping out of airplanes in the name of what? Equal, but different? And you are proud of going through the blood-letting ceremony that is a court-martial offense, right? No wonder you like Linderer who lied about his fake military awards and decorations. I bet the men and women under your command laughed behind your back, Heidi and that must have shown in your OER. Since you are so able-bodied (in your own mind) why don't you go back in and get into the real fight in Iraq? You are better at smearing people's names than really fighting, huh? I know the kind, much like Linderer. It sure must have been real hard on Gary A. Linderer to have finally gotten caught lying all these years and faking two (2) Silver Stars and two (2) Purple Hearts. After all, he has known that he had one (1) Silver Star since the date he signed his DD-214 and got out of the Army. No reason to forget something like that or blaming it on an Army clerk error, right?

If anyone who took the time... (Below threshold)
Gary Linderer:

If anyone who took the time to read Band of Brothers, a full length expose on the "facts" of the November 20, 1968 battle that Don and Annette Hall have so much trouble with, I am sure that you will find that the Hall's lack veracity. Keep in mind that it was the Halls who instigated this investigation. Seems as if the ploy on their part backfired and they didn't like the fruits of their own labors. For those who seem concerned about why I refused to give my records to the Halls, I'll answer that now. BECAUSE I DON"T HAVE TO! It would be like America giving high-level technology to the Communist Chinese. They don't have any right to it, and you know ahead of time that they only want it so they can use it against you. The Halls have no trouble twisting truth or manipulating facts, let them get my records on their own. Kit and Heidi have all my records plus a hell of a lot more info to boot. Funny how they came up with a different conclusion than what the Halls expected. If you go back in this blog's archives you'll find that Heidi was NOT a fan of mine back in June. The question is, has she been hynotized or drugged by the "Linderer Camp" (Hall's analogy), or has she discovered where the truth lies. That's for you to figure out. The important thing for any open-minded reader (that means you can sit out on this one, Rick Jones) is that Don and Annette Hall have waged this personal vendetta against me for going on nine years now. I haven't knowingly murdered, maimed, raped, pillaged, kidnapped, robbed, castrated, or sodomized either of them or any of their family members. And surely there are thousands of other vets out there whose credentials Hall can find more fault with than mine. So wouldn't any normal, half-way intelligent (again, Rick Jones, you can sit this one out) red-blooded American begin to suspect that there is something about Mr. and Mrs. Hall that sort of raises the hackles just a bit. I really don't care what any of you all think about me. I've never done anything in my life that was for self-aggrandizement (look it up in the dictionary, Donald). If you all decide to believe the Halls, well that's your privilege. Everybody has a bad day! But don't come shooting at me after reading Band of Brothers, because, dude, if you've read the series and still believe that Don and Annette possess any modicum of honesty and integrity, you probably need to sit for another IQ test because your old scores ain't happenin' for you. Now Don and Annette can continue trashing Kit and Heidi, and they can continue putting out that tedious crap they've been posting about me for the last few years. I really don't care. Every man who was there that day knows what happened, and all the poisonous venom the Halls can produce won't change that. Their respect is all that I require to justify my existence. I think I have that. I'll stack the support I have from "every" 101st LRRP/Ranger against the fan club Hall has from his F/51st brothers. Most of them wish that he would just crawl back under his rock and pull his bride in with him. Fat chance! He's just a small man with nothing to do, so he prefers sitting back in the house his wife bought and attacking people. The amazing thing is that his wife helps him. Imagine that! Two people in the same household with identical mental illnesses! What are the odds of that! So, let them continue with their silly little game. Little people playing little games! That's all they are, all they will ever be. Someday, maybe in this world or the next, they will get the opportunity to answer for their sins. That should take awhile, so if you're there for the judgment bring a lunch. And Donald, if you read this (and I'm certain you will) you're not scaring anyone with your childish threats. Get a life, small man. Try to contribute something positive to the world before your tour ends. You're going to have a lot of egg on your face when you get to stand before the Lord and answer for all this shit you've been dealing.
Gary Linderer (and proud of it)

Don,If you're goin... (Below threshold)


If you're going to attack me for telling the truth, that's fine. We both know your accusations are not true, and my work speaks for itself.

However, you need to leave my family out of this. My husband has nothing to do with the series, you, or anything else. Using him to attack me just shows how really unscrupulous you are, and takes this entire wretched mess to a whole new level of personal war.

You refuse to allow comments on your site, and really the only public forum you have is this post. You're banned everywhere else. And it occurred to me that the more I respond, the longer this will go on.

So, Kevin (Wizbang), please allow me to apologize to you for filling up your comment section with the aftermath of what I had fully intended to be simply a fully-researched and well-supported piece of investigative writing.

I appreciate your hospitality thus far in letting Heidi and me come and defend ourselves, and your graciousness when I wrote to you explaining that we had done more research and basically proved your original post to be incorrect.

This is my last response on your site regarding this situation. I apologize for it going as long as it did.

- Kit Jarrell

Kit,You see how I wa... (Below threshold)

You see how I was able to take what you said and pull part of it out of context? That's exactly what you and Heidi did with my book, what I told you and what my wife told you. I did not write about the good things that you said about you husband. You refused to allow me to comment on your Blog site as well as other men who were writing in about me. You removed what they wrote that was positive because you set out with exactly what Linderer and his fellow authors have been doing since I said "no" to a book deal. They have smeared my wife's name and me and I never made up fake military awards and decorations that you gave Linderer a pass on. Nice try, but at the end of the day, truth will win out. The facts are hard things, aren't they, Kit?

My posting about what you told me about your husband was done to make a point. It was done to make a clear point that you overlooked in your so-called "research" based on he said, they said and we heard someone else say, instead of the written documents.

This is what one of Gary Alan Linderer's friends did on the 75th Ranger Regiment Assoication web site and this post was there for three weeks. These are your type of people and there is more to come on this.

July 20, 2003
E-4 / CPL or SP4 Roger Anderson from Massachusetts
Affiliation: I/75 & F/52 LRP & 1st Div. LRRP
E-mail address: [email protected]

That crap about Dana came from vietnam's #2 hero Don C Hall. who is once again trying to irritate LRRP/Rangers because they have for the most part
ostrasized him because he is such a jerk, and convinced he is the only true LRRP/Ranger He's got his mouth piece looking me up now it should be fun because as many of you know I was in on a fraudulent enlistment and to find me one has to find my brother. ahahahah I swear someday I'm gonna make it to Washington and beat the shit out of Hall his wife and his slut daughter but for now I guess I just have to learn to control myself. Roger Nam 66-68

And you are upset about what I wrote your husband? You did say that, right? I'm sure he can take care of his own. You have a Happy Thanksgiving and think of Les Ervin, today who fought and lived through one of the bloodiest battles in Vietnam. Think of what Linderer's pals did to him as he was dying in March 2005 and why? Youir friends not mine, Lil Girl.

Mister Linderer:As f... (Below threshold)

Mister Linderer:
As for you "own modicum of honesty and integrity." Which it is two Silver Stars or one? Which is it two Purple Hearts or none? You have known what medals you had the day you got out of the Army and signed your DD214, but you lied in all of your books about your awards and you have the gall to compare yourself to the MOH WWII Audie Murphy. Is that integrity in your eyes?

When do you tell the truth?

C'mon, Don, let's not be ac... (Below threshold)
Gary Linderer:

C'mon, Don, let's not be accusing others of lying. Honesty has NEVER been in your arsenal of virtues, nor your wife's. Keep up the good work that you do. Most of us find it entertaining. We've all accepted that fact that you will never rejoin the human race or the band of brothers. You've ostracized yourself by your own folly and have proven to all of us that your despicable behavior is unworthy of the community of LRP/Rangers. I'm sure that your comrades are ashamed of what you have done these past nine years. Why they even tolerate your existence baffles all of the men from the 101st LRP/Rangers. We would not have taken this from one of ours. Maybe someday they'll finally get a gut full of you and disown you. Your contemptible behavior deserves nothing but scorn. You are truly a pitiful little man with the integrity of a snake. For you to attack Kit and Heidi for researching and reporting the truth because their findings didn't agree with your fantacies only proves the extent of your madness. You've aggresively pushed your novel and your documentary so as to build some sort of fame for yourself, while trying to demean other vets for doing the same. However, no one I know of other than you has so shamelessly marketed his exploits as you have. Is that why you have attacked me, Rey Martinez, Larry Chambers, Steve Yedinak, Kenn Miller, and a host of other VN era authors? Is it jealousy over the fact that you have worked so hard to become famous and no one really cares? Try building and helping your fellow vets instead of attacking and destoying them for a change. Maybe the world would think more of you. It's probably too late to change anyone's opinion. You've been at this madness for far too long now, so you might as well stick with something your good at. I really hope that you can find peace with yourself as you grow older, Hall. You've only got yourself and your wonderful wife for companionship. Your name is "shit" in the Ranger community, not because of me but because of what you've done. Hope you have a great holiday season.
Gary Linderer

Linderer:Stick to th... (Below threshold)

Stick to the answer of the questions? Is it two (2) Silver Stars or is it one (1)? Two Purple Hearts for a wound in each leg or none? Stop your smears and answer the question about your fakery of your military awards and decorations that you used to promote your so-called nonfiction books.

Because I have exposed you as the large phony that you are you have set out (ten years) to smear my name using your like-monded groups. I'll be damned if you'll get any passes from me, phony!

The Ranger community is NOT YOU, LINDERER! You're delusional mind makes you believe it was and is.

You got your answer from th... (Below threshold)
Gary Linderer:

You got your answer from the same source you sent after me, little man. The Ranger community is not YOU either, thank God. I received Two Silver Stars, Hall, and made the mistake of believing it until I discovered that one was an "impact" award, and the other was a "final" awarding after the original award was considered for a DSC until it was finally kicked back down to a Silver Star. The two Purple Hearts I have orders for both and submitted them to Kit and Heidi. Sorry to pop your dimwitted bubble. How many did you get, as if it means anything. Only you would have been proud of a PH. It's not an award for valor, you know, but for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe if you would have gotten a few decorations you wouldn't have turned out to be such a prick. But then being a prick explains how you married so well. We're done taking your shit, little man, from now on you get it thrown right back in you ugly little face. So you do whatever it is that you do to justify breathing or air. If slamming others makes you feel like a man, you keep it up, but someday you and you prissy partner are going to see through that mirror you fog up with your vindictive stench and discover exactly what has blurred your vision all these years. That's when you'll discover that the most important thing in life--friends--have abandoned you. Try salvaging what you've got left, scrawny. Maybe they won't have to bury you in trash can because they couldn't come up with six people willing to be your pallbearers.
Why don't we both make a New Year's resolution to avoid cluttering up this blog site with this childish stupidity. I promise I'll stay off, but I'll bet you can't.

Merry Christmas
Gary Linderer

I was not in Vietnam for th... (Below threshold)

I was not in Vietnam for the medals Linderer much like you and John Kerry. You both carried movie cameras over there and you both wanted to be like Audy Murphy. Much like you said in your books. That Impact Award is BS, and you know it. That is given to men who are usually dying in the hospital or when a staff officer pays a visit. You had to be a fool to get this mixed up. I thought you stated in a sworn deposition that you were a Vietnam War expert? There were five claymore mines left in the bush that the line unit found on 23 Nov. 1968 that your men left behind. That means that only 6 more were used and more than likey on the LZ firefight. Not everyone blew their claymores in the ambush of the RICE PORTERS like you claimed! The battle for the LZ was dreadful, I am sure and I told those two female Bloggers that. This is about the lies that you always tell. You take a grain of facts and make up a mountain of BS. Most everyone who has spent any quality time in the military knows these books of yours are BS. Every week more and more people are finding out about it, too.

As you stated, "The two Purple Hearts I have orders for both and submitted them to Kit and Heidi...” Now look who is hiding behind some shirks like you used to say about my wife? My how Karma works. Haven't you learned anything in your living? Besides, what would these two girls know about combat? I won't believe your Purple Heart story until I see a clean copy of your awards. As it stands the NPRC is right in my opinion. I called them and they chuckled when I told them that you were claiming two Purple Hearts for the same day's combat. One of your posts of the Purple Hearts was for PFC Linderer dated 23 Nov. 1968. You made SP/4 on 4 Nov 1968. DAH! The other was a sloppy made up copy given to you the rank of SP/4 Linderer, months later. You were the company CLERK when you got back from the hospital, right? Hum.... Fraud here, I suspect. I do know that you committed perjury out here in Seattle, WA, right? Sign a Form 180 and sent it to World Wide Army Rangers (retired USA) Major Bill Spies. WAR, Inc. who are looking into this matter and Majoer Spies has already made its decision about you based on the records and the that silly series BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER that those two Bloggers wrote that was purely hearsay. The records stand and the hearsay fails. You better move on this because we are contacting the news and it would be in your best interest to move on this NOW! Let me know PFC Linderer and I will send you Major Bill Spies address and phone number. This signing of the Form 180 will be secure in Major Spies hands. I will not se it and it will include your medical records to show that the two wounds were on separate day as the Army has never issued two, three or four Purple Hearts for the same days' wounds for the same day's combat. GET IT? As listed on the others men's awards on that team that dreadful day of 20 Nov. 1968 that were wounded many times they only received one Purple Heart. What makes you think you are so different? What makes you think that you were so much better than all the men in your unit and that only you were qualified to be an officer as per your books? All of this info and more should be in your military records after you sign the Form 180. I don’t think you have the guts Linderer! If you are right then I will gladly say I am sorry and make the posts everywhere, but if you are wrong then you will stand down from taken money from vets in your homecoming schemes. It's you and the lies you told me and above all, what you did to Les Ervin in his last week on earth as he lay dying of brain cancer that I will stay on your case. Before that you threatened my family the way you have done in your cowardly ways. Posting my daughter's home address (for convicted felons) on the web shows where your mind is and you have never left Vietnam with that criminal mind-set. So, be a man and open your records for full disclosure. Be a man for once in your life. If not then you're going DOWN FATSO and that's a promise! You made threats to my family and I am coming after you until you fold up and run away.

I'm happy with my wife, extended family, the retired cop friends that I do have and the boys from the home that I have been in touch with. You have used drunks, drug-addicts and Project 100,00 types to divide the men in our unit. Another one of your shameful shemes that in the long term will not work. Truth eventually does trump falshoods, lies, and distortions all the time.

That Impact Award ... (Below threshold)
That Impact Award is BS, and you know it. That is given to men who are usually dying in the hospital or when a staff officer pays a visit.

Glad you can admit it, Don. Gary Linderer was presented his impact award by a visiting staff officer - none other than General Zais himself. (You remember, that General you flat-out lied about talking to two decades AFTER he'd passed away?!!!)

You take a grain of facts and make up a mountain of BS.

You don't even need a grain of fact, Don - you make things up out of thin air, and create your own details from nothing! You've done it about a whole group of veterans, you've done it about me, Kit, Cao, and countless others who disagree with your vendetta.

You have used drunks, drug-addicts and Project 100,00 types

Not a very nice way to categorize an entire group of decorated war veterans, I would say, just because they don't agree with you, Don. But then you've managed to denigrate, insult, and smear every single person who has ever raised questions about your speculations, Don. That's your MO, and you've never deviated.

Don, you've never been able to explain how "rice porters" ended up miles and miles inside a Free Fire zone - and miles and miles from the villages they were supposedly traveling between. Nor have you ever explained the multiple discrepancies in the 1594s, most likely because to consider the division radio logs as anything but the gospel truth about what happened on every single ground mission in Vietnam during the war would be cast doubts upon your self-made theory.

Nor have you ever once bothered to interview any of the soldiers on the ground that day, nor anyone in their chain of command, nor anyone in the air that day (pilots or gunners), nor anyone on the Reaction Force, nor anyone from Delta company that swept through the site two days later. You made up your theory and ignored ANY and ALL evidence to the contrary. We were not so blinkered as you, Don, and we interviewd over 20 people (in all the above categories) in the course of digging for the truth. Are every single one of them drunks and druggies? All the Silver Star recipients, the Bronze Star recipients, and the officers?

You have publicly accused an entire group of surviving AND dead veterans of lying and worse, of MURDER. You've accused an entire unit of attempted murder and accessory after the fact. If you bothered the survivors enough, they should sue your treacherous ass for slander and libel. They must not consider you worth it. As it stands, you're nothing more than a jealous, underachiever who hopes to raise himself up by dragging his [former] brothers down. You are a very sad and pathetic human being.

Excuse the type-0 in the ea... (Below threshold)

Excuse the type-0 in the earlier post of Dec. 17, 2005. Linderer has used drunks, drug-addicts and Project 100,000-types. I have the recordsm signed statemenst and facts. I think enough facts and documentation has been posted that I do not need to answer your nasty remarks about you thinking that my wife and I are "nothing more than jealous, underachievers..." When people like you make up stuff like this your BS is weak!

Gary Alan Linderer knew on the day that he got out of the Army, signed his DD-214 that he had one (1) Silver Star and it is a military impossibility to obtain two (2) Purple Hearts for the same day's combat. As Linderer stated something to the effect, "That the 2 Purple Hearts were for a wound in each leg." A liar is a liar. And you Heidi Thiess and Kit Jarrell are very much like Linderer and a few of the low-life’s' that he has used to try and harm my family and our two award-winning projects. It ain't gonna work and that was drives your fear, right Heidi? It also showed up in your low-rated Blog site. Write about things that you know. Don't regurgitate what is in some fictional books. Where's the "RESEARCH?" You talked to people and call that research? I guess, lil' girls do that sort of thing, but it doesn't float in courtrooms, scholarly works or actual news worthy events and did these people to whom you talked too have records or documentation? Nah... Some troop movemnets that had nothing to do with Linderer whatsoever.

As we said to you when we contacted you we didn't want today's men and women coming home making up war stories because the military keeps copious records as we have shown. Read all the links in the first post dated June 1, 2005. As Kevin noted, "It might surprise all of those supporting and attending the ceremony that the organizer's actual Vietnam record is very Kerry-esqe.
***Linderer even had a movie camera in Vietnam that he used and retells his story on a HISTORY CHANNEL doc).***** DAH!!!
"Vietnam Vet Don Hall and his wife Annette (who were recruited as authors by Linderer) have been looking into Linderer's Vietnam stories for several years. What the Hall's have found out about portions of Linderer service record is very reminiscent of the Swift Boat Vets details on John Kerry's war record. Their claims are outlined in a letter to Operation Homecoming USA Board of Directors. It's worth noting that the Hall's have meticulously documented their claims, and that shortly after receiving the letter the Homecoming USA site stopped mentioning Linderer's name in press releases.

While the truth of Linderer's stories might be somewhere between his serialized version of his exploits and the official records as uncovered by the Halls, it all brings back such a sense of deja vu for last August..."

LINDERER SIGN A FORM 180 & SEND IT TO: World-Wide Rangers, INC.
C/O Major Bill Spies
See Web Site: http://www.rangers-army.org/

I'd never heard of these ve... (Below threshold)

I'd never heard of these veterans, but after reading everything here, at Hall's web site, and at Euphoricreality I kind of feel like I know the protaganists in this saga.

I have never in my life witnessed such an embarrassment to the uniform as this. Don Hall seems like a man eaten up with jealousy, hatred, and a sanctimonious vengeance that spills out like bile in everything he writes. I practically wince every time he types something - it's just that awful. It's like watching a car wreck in slow motion. And his determination to smear a whole group of veterans with such criminal accusations is shocking and demoralizing. I'm deeply ashamed of him as a veteran.

I just want to publicly say that I wish Kit Jarrel and Heidi Theiss the very best in their future. It seems like they did this work out of good intentions and for nothing else. Their work on this case was outstanding, and I clicked every damn link and read every footnote. I thought the map work was especially important - and it's obvious why Hall is ignoring it.

I have only only last question: since the entire AO the LRPs were operating in was a free fire zone - why on earth would Hall have a problem with anyone who was killed? His arguments about waiting and checking and seeing who was there don't wash. NOT in a fucking free fire zone! Anyone who's been in combat knows that. I've been there - and I can honestly say that if anyone came after me 40 years AFTER my tours in Afghanistan and made up stories about killing innocent civilians (and NO ONE in a free fire zone is 'innocent') - I'd want to kill him.

To see vets from Vietnam being dragged through the mud this way (some of them dead and unable to defend their actions) makes me want to PUKE.

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The “Jumpmaster” sounds like Mr. Linderer himself. Anyone who has read these posts would certainly understand that it is the fakery of Gary Linderer's military awards and decorations. Gary Linderer states that has 2 Silver Stars on all of his books and 2 Purple Hearts. It is Kit and Heidi's story about the battle of 20 Nov. 1968. I sent them the records that refute the stories Linderer and others told in their books about the battle of 20 Nov. 1968. Read all the links “Jumpmaster wannabe Linderer.”

MERRY CHRISTMAS! To all our faithful, honest and brave men and women in our military who make up the best generation in the War on Terror. God bless them all this season and next.

Linderer wants veteran's money again on June 2006: http://www.bransondailynews.com/articles/2005/12/23/news/news4.txt

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I'm a man that can stand on my own merit - I don't need or "wannabe" anyone other than myself.

I personally don't put any credence in ribbons or medals, because I know first-hand that they are not the true measure of a man. A man's worth can be judged by his actions and the causes he chooses to invest his reputation and livelihood in. Without knowing you or Linderer, I can look at his efforts and then your own - and know the measure of the men involved.

Speaking of worthy causes, thank you for the link to Operation Homecoming 2006. I'm not a Vietnam vet, but my father is, and I've just decided that I am going to pay his way to go next summer. It will be my gift to him for the warrior's code he instilled in me and my brothers.

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Dear Mister Jumpmaster:
Your link to your name goes to nowhere. You are being anonymous. Why? Since you have stated that you were not in Vietnam you have no idea how far and fast the Viet Cong “TERRORIST” could move during the day and night. For them to move twenty miles was not uncommon at all. Because the Army faced these terrorists who would come armed into villages and threaten entire families if they did not deliver food to them the villagers were placed in a bad life-threatening situation. If they did not do as they were told by these VC terrorists they would have the VC return and kill entire families. Kit and Heidi hold these records that show how well the 101st Airborne Division did in detaining these villgaers caught out in the free-firee zones on far too many occasions, but they did wrote about that did they? Why was it that Linderer (and other authors) wrote that no one in the 101st Airborne Division wanted these men in this unit?

In MACV Recondo School (1967) we were trained to ambush at night when the VC moved, to pull back during the daylight hours and be more recon in nature. These Viet Cong terrorists feared the ever-present gunships hunting them down during the daylight. Sometimes, innocent Vietnamese were caught in these nighttime ambushes. War is a nasty business, but you have to suffer the consequences of faking medals and awards and lying.

If you had read every link you would be scratching your military mind as to why Linderer knew about the fragging of the new Company Commander and they did not catch the person/persons according to their books because no one snitched on the evil-doer? Is this what Linderer has in his mind as the new Ranger Creed? Only from a PFC would you get such nonsense.

So Mister Jumpmaster why are you making light of why Gary Alan Linderer posed as having two Silver Stars and two Purple Hearts? Why lie about something that some many men’s names on the Wall in Washington, DC have one Purple Heart for when they were KIA? That encludes the men who died in combat on 20 Nov. 1968. The team leader who was three weeks from going home and what we called "short." Linderer in his books and others too called this man, "Medal-hungry." The TL was KIA and he cannot be here to speak out about what Linderer wrote about him. Anyone to me and many more of us Vietnam vets want to puck on their shoes when we come across these fakers of military awards that were earned in good men's blood. Yes, Mr. Linderer you are not a good man for faking your awards and what you know you have done.

I could have come home with a boatload of military awards, but we made fun of people who did that. It’s so John Kerry-like, you see? For instance, on one patrol I was hit by of pieces of shrapnel, wood, dirt, rocks and junk and went to the hospital to get a doctor to take care if it as ordered to by my platoon daddy. The mighty 25th Infantry Division was having a huge battle and many of their wounded were sent to this hospital. I sat there looking a man who had lost his entire lower jaw and he was staring at me with my bloodied neck, shoulder and arm. My ATL (Assistant Team Leader) who was also wounded for covering me up and I left and we took care of our own wounds. The point being is that the doctors were needed for these fine men and we could take care of ourself and we NEVER left anyone behind nor did we leave ammo, rucksacks 5xclaymore mines and valuable gear for the enemy in the field of battle like PFC Linderer did according to the DA1594 National Archive records of 23 Nov. 1968.

Kit and Heidi did an extremely poor job, lazy and sloppy story in their hit-piece and have made fun of my military service, the men I proudly served with in Vietnam. They have, in effect, carried on exactly what Linderer and his group of Random House authors have set out to do ever since I sent the money back and broke the book deal that my wife and I had with Random House, Inc. in 1993/1994. I didn’t want my book "I SERVED" on the same shelf with these types of men who had thrown POWs out of helicopters, "to see if they could fly" (not Linderer's unit but another one called Det. B-36 Special Forces) run by (then) Major James "Bo" Gritz. Linderer used fake medals, made up military history and what the editor told me about these men was too much. What Kit and Heidi have done is carry on what these authors have been doing for ten long years. Linderer was caught infringing on my copyright. That’s called stealing in the publishing industry. What does a liar do when he is caught? Blame it on the very person who caught him, right?

It was my family that has been subjected from Linderer and about a dozen or more authors who have been exposed who have come toether to smear my book and my family using the some men in the 75th Ranger Regiment Association and other organizations to try and discredit me. It will not work in the long term. What proof do they have? NONE!

Kit and Heidi are like-minded types of people. They believe that snitching is wrong, but in Linderer's case snitching on the man or men who planted a toe-popper mine inside the new CO's tent was against a new found Ranger Creed that Linderer winged in his books. Since I exposed Linderer's fake medals and what he wrote for the entire month of Nov. 1968 as false, misleading and a distortion of the truth (according to the United States contemporaneous National Archive records) he has stated several times, "Don Hall is not a keeper of the Creed." And of course, "Don Hall is a coward" And, "Don Hall's book I SERVED is fiction." Yet, Linderer cannot show any documentation to prove his points much like Kit and Heidi in their ten part series hit-piece on my wife and I because I told them to stop their story. They did not understand over 300 pages of National Archive records written up in military abbreviations, grid coordinates for map reading. We caught them lying too. They are not investigators. They are not journalists. They are wroters only. The girls got caught up in Linderer’s smooth and gifted BS. He is good at that, but start asking him hard facts and watch him squirm and his eyes dash everywhere around a room as he did in a sworn deposition here in Seattle, WA.

If you have the guts Mister Jumpmaster write to me on the side at: [email protected] We don’t want a real Jumpmaster to look foolish in the end when the World-Wide Rangers, Inc. get to the bottom of all of this, do we? And let us see if you are, in fact, real or hiding as a Dana McGrath or someone else who is spoofing my e-mails? Kit and Heidi did a smear of using e-mails from book authors that claimed were from me calling them racial names and they are dead wrong. I’ve exposed more than one author and nothing can stop me from getting the truth out. We don’t want our current-day soldiers and Marines coming home making up war tales and winging it in books do we? Do we want them coming home claiming fake military awards too? HECK no! Most people who had rank (more than what Linderer had made) knows that the military does in fact keep copious notes on battles. It is what they call for “lessons learned and historical research.” What research did Linderer do? What research did Kit and Heidi do?b> They talked to people!!!

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American Warmonger:

I could have come home with a boatload of military awards, but we made fun of people who did that.

No - you don't have any say in what awards you get. If your command didn't think you deserved one, they wouldn't put you in for one. But hey, if making fun of people who earned their awards in combat makes you feel better about yourself - then have at it...loser.

because I told them to stop their story

Do people always do what you tell them to do? And do you always try and nuke 'em when they don't? And you tried that shit with a couple of redheads? How'd that work out for you, Don?

They are not investigators. They are not journalists. They are wroters only.

Yeah, so they've said, over and over and over. Did you just now catch on to that? Not so quick on the uptake are you, fella?

I’ve exposed more than one author and nothing can stop me from getting the truth out.

Yeah, I'll just bet you're a real popular guy. Your fellow vets must just really love you.

What research did Linderer do?

He lived through it. Which is more than you can say.

What research did Kit and Heidi do?b> They talked to people!!!

From what I've read, a lot of people. Did you know that eye-witness testimony is admissable and desirable in a court of law? If it's good enough for our courts, it's good enough for me.

Don't bother asking for my name, cuz no way would I put up with the shit you dish out to everyone you can get your paws on. So have fun pissing and moaning about my anonymous name.

You're a royal fuckin' asshole.

The above post from the Ame... (Below threshold)

The above post from the American wannabe-a-Warmonger" of 7 Jan. 2006 proves my points: "You [Linderer] have used drunks, drug-addicts and Project 100,000 types..."

The man has been hoodwinked by Gary Linderer's claims of earning 2 Silver Stars and 2 Purple Hearts for the same day's combat. To this day, my painstaking research (with the military records) that are full of engrossing details have not been refuted. Nice to see that that information has been pulled down from Random House, Inc. at last about Gary Linderer's fake military awards and decorations. It still remains inside all of his books. What Linderer has done is shameful, flagrantly dishonest and he has poisoned the well for all of us writers. When Linderer is really squeezed and put under the extra scrutiny that Mr. Ross Perot did to him (when Linderer used his claims of having these medals to get into Mr. Perot's office) Linderer finally came clean about having only one (1) Silver Star. He is still claiming that he has the two (2) Purple Hearts for the wounds in each leg for the same day's combat. It's the doctors that put a solider in for the Purple Heart, Mister wannabe-a-warmonger and you have no class. As Ann Coulter wrote in her book "HOW TO TALK TO A LIBERAL," "People don't get angry when lies are told about them; they get angry when the truth is told about them," page 10. In this case, it's how to talk to a sadomasochistic male narcissist, if you must. But then you have the criminal element in play for Linderer.

From Gary Alan Linderer’s sworn under oath deposition: ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT OF GARY LINDERER
29 October 2001 CIVIL CASE # COO-131OR
Page 93
Q. Okay, how about the purple hearts, do you have documentation of those?
A. I have orders for those. I was shot that day and also hit with a claymore mine that day. I was wounded twice that day.
Page 94
Q. And so you get a purple heart for each one of those; correct?
A. Yeah.
R. Where were you shot?
A. I was shot in the left thigh and I was hit behind the right knee and the right calf, and I had wood shrapnel from splintered wood up and down my legs from a claymore mine.

Page 95
Q. Well, is a purple heart one of the highest honors you can receive?
A. Of course not, it’s an award for getting shot, it means you weren’t fast enough. It’s an honor to receive one, but it means you were wounded in battle. I think most soldiers don’t consider that an honor.
JOE WISHCAMPER interrupting: I don’t have one, and I’m glad I don’t.
THE WITNESS: I wish I didn’t have one.

Page 107
Q. But your comment, it seemed that some people took to learned real hard, so that refers to someone like Shepard was --- whose life Shepard was making miserable or does that refer to Shepard [CPT James G. Sheppard], himself, not having learned and therefore somebody set of a toe pooper?
A. I would think that when I wrote that I was referring to Shepard not leaning his lesson after what just happened in the infantry company he came from [not in the personnel records of the 101st in 1968, but is all based on rumors by Linderer] to turn around and do the same thing in our company. No body was going to put up with that.
Q. And did he change his behavior?
A. He quit dancing. He was crippled. I don’t know if he changed his behavior.
Q. He was crippled?
A. It messed up his foot. He didn’t lost it, as a matter of fact I heard later that he stayed in the military and retired.
Q. And no one found out who actually did this?
A. No, and if I knew I wouldn’t tell you, but I don’t know. I have no idea.
Q. And why would you not tell me?
A. Lerps [Lurps] don’t do that to Lerps.
Q. So if somebody committed a war crime somebody else isn’t going to say, hey, this guy committed a war crime because you’re a Lerp, right?
A. I can’t imagine anybody doing that, telling on another Lerp, and again –
Q. Even under oath, in a court of law?
A. Some oaths are more important than that oath. When you serve in combat with people that’s part of the greatest oath you swear.
Q. So if you’re aware that a fellow LERP committed a war crime that last thing you would do in the world is tell about it; right?
A. I would have a difficult time doing that.
Q. Even in a court of law; correct?
A. Gonna put me on the spot, huh? I’ll tell you what, if I told you no, I would be lying.

Don C. Hall

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'Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.' --Nietzche

Does the above quote sound familiar, Don?

You are the self-appointed Police, Prosecutor, Judge, Jury, and Executioner of the lives and livelihoods of your fellow vets.

You seem to take vindictive delight in it. You've said yourself you have an entire file cabinet full of files on Vietnam veterans. That's not something to be proud of, Don! We've also seen how you smash people who disagree with you - and it doesn't matter if they are friend or foe! You went after poor George (a former friend) for just wanting y'all to stop pestering people with your smear campaign. You lie and insinuate things about people you don't even know in an attempt to negate their opinions! If worse comes to worse, you try and claim they don't exist!

There's little to show for all your concentrated efforts these past ten years except broken relationships, pain, negativity, ugliness, and distrust. Your own F/51st brothers are ashamed of you. What a disturbing legacy for both of you. Your obsession is a sickness.

In fact, what were you doing on 9/11, when the rest of America was in shock and mourning and terror? You were cutting and pasting your little collection of anti-Gary tripe on a website, of course! That's just not normal, Don! On the day of 9/11, when it seems like our world is going up in flames, you were belly up to your computer waging your smear campaign against Gary Linderer, heedless of all else.

In reference to the Nietzche quote above, you've said of the nuns in your book, "I think, now, that the reason they were so quick to punish was because they hated their lives. "

And you would know all about that, wouldn't you, Don? And you, too, Annette. I know you wrote the comment directly above this one (among others). You've bought into Don's hate and inadequacy. Both of you feel some sick need to tear down everyone around you to make you feel a little bit better about your sorry selves.

So, tell us again, why you feel you MUST punish anyone? Reread Don's quote above: because you hate your lives.

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Heidi, Heidi, Heidi you’re such a dull girl and there you go again taking things out of context. Linderer lied about his military awards and what does that mean? Individuals represent a singularity of potential, each of whom is capable of influencing others, and the ripple effect can change society. Linderer's lies in his books are distortions that give liberals the views that fragging officers in the Army, during times of war, is okay. When Kit told me on the telephone at the end of July 2005, "Don, the guys from F/51st are a bunch of pussies." (I am truly sorry to use that word ladies and gentlemen, but it is what Kit said not me). When Kit said that it was at that moment that I realized and knew that you two were in touch with Mister Linderer and what else she and you said on that day confirmed that. People like you who live in this inverted qualia world would find it just as counterintuitive that your ramblings cause no one pain. Your experiment in what I did on 9/11 is incoherent and again a stretch of your flash-in-the-pan imagination.

You spend a lot of time plagiarizing other people’s works by copying the entire articles that they have spent a great deal of time and thought and you post all of what they wrote as if you had come up with the ideas. Sometimes at the bottom you note the author, but you do not have the link or where one can go to research what that person wrote in most cases, you do not do this as in the case of you infringing on our work on your Blog site. You, by the copyright law, are suppose to link to these author's site. Not copy and paste entire text as if you had spent the time creating the words. You lie and steal when you do this! Just as you lied to me and my wife about sending our copies of over 600 pages of National Archive records that you somehow over looked in your diatribe ten-part series that smeared us. You donot know what you are doing other than yammering on about things that you do not fully comprehend making yourself and Kit look extremely foolish. For instance, if you are doing things legally you would write the following that someone else wrote: Perhaps the best comment about Frey's "story" comes today in a New York Times op-ed piece by Tim Carvell, a writer for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, about the "million little corrections" he will make in the second edition of his "memoir," A Brief History of Tim.

Or how about, “VETERANS ARE FURIOUS ABOUT PHONY MEDALS by Todd Dukart at: http://www.kobtv.com/index.cfm?viewer=storyviewer&id=23592&cat=NMTOPSTORIES

Do not copy and paste the entire articles, Heidi. It gives the impression that you wrote it all. Could this be why your Blog site came in last in the voting? In other words, Ms. Heidi, plagiarism is a quick and cheap way to "write" a story. Ask Linderer about that when he stole a chapter from Les Ervin and bought by me that he used to rewrite and make the men in our unit Foxtrot Company, 51st LRP (Airborne) Infantry) as leaving our five dead Lurps from team 1-5 in the field of battle and, “Subsequently, the next day a squad from the Cav retrieved the Lurp bodies.” This was in Linderer’s book PHANTOM WARRIOS book one that we had pulled down from the shelves and now is in its rightful place in my book “I SERVED” that anyone can order from Trafford.com by calling toll free 1-(888)-232-4444 (Canada & US). The story about how these six Lurps who took on the NVA and VC at night on 12 August 1968 and the following day, “D Troop, 3/17th CAV made a combat assault into the site (a canal) of team 2-2’s battle. They found three wounded enemy, whom they took prisoner, and counted forty (40) dead VC/NVA… Team 1-5 was avenged.” This was backed up by the official records not only in the AAR (After Action Reports) that are built on from the DA-1594 and the Team Leader Spot Reports. The numerous layers of records are 99% correct. It is my book “I SERVED” on page 303–308 with credits given to as such. Written by Les Ervin, and additional information from Dave DeShazo, Henry Bonvillain, and Bill Houser. Edited by Don and Annette Hall. Mister Linderer learned the hard way, but do you ever see him giving credits to those who have given him stories? Of course not, because everything is always about Linderer and he wrote that his team leader on the mission of 19-20 Nov. 1968 (who was killed in action) as being “medal hungry.” What message is that sending to this man’s family and friends? After all, in Linderer’s books he writes that he was more decorated than anyone in his unit and he thought he deserved a Battle Field Commission. He had more college than anyone else and he was bigger than others too. He was what a Lurp should look like and yet his men in his unit really accept him oh, no, my young girls. In time, the truth will come out and you know it. That is what is so painful to you because you hold the records that refute some dozen or more books. No matter how to say it will come down to the official US National Archive records that were written down in a contemporaneous manner and signed by (then) LTC Jim I. Hunt who you have called, "A liar." Do you know what this commander did during Tet 1968, in Hue? You ignorant …! Or, you could post the following that applies to Gary Linderer: When the truth is inconvenient. Hmmm… http://wbal.com/news/story.asp?articleid=39027

If we all approached the world like you and Linderer it would be a violet, self-gratifying or inconsiderate to other people, what reaction will you generate? If you decide to be the same way, and keep twisting your facts to make your theories fit, what kind of society will we have? You need to be mindful of your actions, attitudes and their consequences. It is certainly not my place to punish, but to tell the truth to as many people as possible. As of yesterday, Random House Community Help Desk told me that they would be willing to take back for a full refund all of these authors’ books. The National Archives submitted to their legal department has never been disproved and Linderer has offered no proof to dispute the records that I will continue to post. You, on the other hand, have regurgitated stories that make the combat actions of 20 Nov. 1968 that was horrible into something even bigger than Linderer wrote. I wasn't there, but I know the smell of manure when I read it much like your cynical idealist, right-wing extremist points of view. Tell your James Bo-Bo Gritz I said, "Hi. Learn to shoot a .45 better next time around." Of course, I believe that year Bo-Bo should have been put in for the Darwin Awards that is bestowed, honoring the least evolved among us in an attempt to clean up the gene pool in America. Here then, are the glorious Special Forces retired LTC who was asked to leave the Army, James Bo-Bo Gritz wearing all of his 27 Air Medals and such went out into a dirt road in Nevada and jacked a round in his .45 semi-automatic. As Linderer would write it was a .45 automatic, right? James Bo-Bo fired his .45 pistol into his chest, but the heavy layers of military medals deflected the low velocity round and it bounced off his chest. He peered down the barrel and felt the pain was enough and called 911.

I will close with another after action report on (then) Major James G. Gritz for you. From the National Archives:
30 Nov. 1967

SUBJECT: After Action Report, Operation Rapid IV
14 Nov - 26 Nov. 1967
TO: See Distribution
a. Detachment B-36 (Command and Control)
Comd (Maj), S-2 (Cpt), S3 (cpt) Opns Sgt, Intel Sgt, S4 Sgt, Commo Section
(includes Commo Supervisor, two (2) RTT Operators and two (2) Radio Operators).
b. Det A-361/ MSF 957 consisting of:
(1) 12 Man Special Forces A Det.
(2) 10 NCO's (II FF Assets)
(3) (118) VNN Cambodian Company (Recon Plt and three (3) main force platoons).
c. Det A-362/ MSF 966 Consisting of:
(1) 12 Man Special Forces A Det.
(2) 10 LRRP NCO's (II FF Assests).
(3) 118 VNN) Cambodian Company (Recon Plt and three (3) main force platoons).
d. Special Augmentation - Attached
(a) Arty FS Coord and two (2) adio Oprs (6/67 Arty)
(b) Two (2) USAF FACS w/Two (2) FAC Acft.
(c) Three (3) Radio Relay Acft Pilots w/ two (2) Acft (11th Avn Bn).

DET A-362 MISSION Nr 4: Patrol Paula
a. Size and composition: LT Williams, SP/4 Reberg, Sgt Aiello, SSG Pounder,
Sgt. Stark, SP5 Lynn plus 14 Cambodians.
b. Mission of patrol: To inderict VC location and to capture POW's.
c. (1) Time of departure 16 (November) 1717 Infiltrtation LZ XT976328
(2) Time to return: 17 (November) 0100 Exfiltration LZ XT975323
d. Conduct of Patrol:
(1) Patrol route: From LZ patrol moved south for 400 meters and set up ambush on east to west trail vicinity XT 970324. Trail was 7 to 8 feet wide and could not determine as to what type of travel due to type of hardtop (Laterite). At approx 2300 hours on the 16th point man of patrol heard two personel to his west then other elements of ambush heard the same noises.
Shortly thereafter team heard voices, dogs, children, women and oxcarts moving down trail from west to east. As VC approached ambush site they veered off the trail and headed south to main road in the vicinity. Enemy was 20 to 50 meters from ambush site directly in front of the ambush. Gunships were called in and made a sweeps from west to east and then recon team advanced they heard VC voices to their front. As team advanced to trail which VC had veered off to they spotted many oxcart tracks and foot prints,

going east to west. Following initial inspection of area team moved west

along north side of main trail. At this time team members' heard voices of

women and children. Patrol ceased fire and had interpreter beckon women and

children to come out to the open. When no response was heard, the area was saturated with small arms fire. A bunker was discovered at XT 975323. Team fired small arms into the bunker with results. Team then moved to extraction LZ and were extracted without further incident.

You can see what these two units have in common. “PORK, PORK, PORK..." That is the term one nonfiction author Yedinak used to describe the way they tied up Vietnamese to a tree and had the Cambodian mercenaries kick and beat on them till they were nearly dead and that night the wild pigs in War Zone D or excuse me, “The Secret VC Zone” would eat them alive. Then he wrote about commander Gritz throwing POWs out of helicopters at 8,000 feet to see if they could fly. “Hard to Stomach,” right?

LT. Williams was accidentally killed in an odd rope ladder extraction that is written about in my book I SERVED chapter 12, VULTURE FLIGHT. We left this marginal unit the following day. We called them, “Day-trip-hikers” because they always wore these butt packs and web gear and were always back fro booze and steak by nightfall. Out of a 3 month period they could only field 8 team overnight and that’s with over 350 men, 3 helicopter companies, and three artillery companies’ in support. Total body count by Det. B-36 SF for the 3 month period was 12 enemy KIA. Ten of the twelve enemy KIAs were mostly from the NCOs in our unit’s first platoon. The first platoon was the, “FIRST TO GO.” Hey, Yo SGT Spencer! I found your lost .45 on the trail that you dropped when you left your rucksack in the bush. You weren’t used to carry a rucksack and left it behind, right?

More After Action Reports to come.
Don Hall

PS: Tom, did your PTSD VA check come in this month? Did you kou know that a judgement by the courts allow these VA checks to be garnished? That what the author of "SOUL PATROL" by Ed Emanuel is going to find out for stealing $27,500.00 from a dying Vietnam Veterans' VA check.

Bahahahahahahahahah! Don, ... (Below threshold)

Bahahahahahahahahah! Don, you are so full of utter bullshit that it's practically oozing out of you! I wouldn't be suprised if you had to wear diapers to catch it all.

I see you've been very busy today, creating another fake name on Amazon to leave nasty little reviews on all of the F/58th books. You're such a busy little fella! Can we now call you "Tim", in addition to John Adams, Nate, Donna, the ubiquitous "Reader" and ALL the other alternate identities you've created to smear these other authors? You are such a low-minded little shit. But I will say this, you're good for a laugh. We all think so!

Speaking of your incessant smear campaign, I didn't make that up about you and 9/11 either (you wish, huh?). No, there's no need to LIE about you, Don, when you've littered the Web with so much evidence of your insanity.

I know you're dying of curiosity about where on earth you left that comment on 9/11. Your tiny brain is racing, racing to try and remember where you dropped that particular turd. Alright, I'll assuage your curiosity. Here's your cut and paste comment, Don/Tim/John/Nate/etc.:

Some Lurps kicked some "real ass" in Vietname some simply pooped in their pants after contact. From the National Archives three days after the ambush of 5 female and 3 male Vietnamese "RICE PORTERS." G-2 & G-3 101st Abn. Div CAMP EAGLE DATE 23 Nov. 1968 page 5 of 7. Item No 35 1429 hours (C) G-2 recd msg fr 2d Bde stating: At 1325H vic YC 83888 D/2/501 1st plt at 1240H fnd 8 bodies: 7 x VC, 1 NVA, 4 pairs of PJ, 20 lbs of rice, 1 kettle, equipment left by LRPS: 1x WP gernade, 1xbottle of whole blood, LRP rations, poncho liner, 6xUS rucksacks, 1xsewing kit and 5x claymore. Note: The 8x VC were previously reported.
USA - Tuesday, September 11, 2001 at 15:34:04 (CDT)

*yawn* the same old tired shit. You never bore yourself though, do ya? No, when it comes to Gary et al, you're the rabid Energizer bunny! Nevermind that terroists just attacked our nation! Who cares when you've got an enemy like Linderer that must be destroyed?!

Sadly enough, you couldn't even give it a rest on the worst day in America in generations. "The world is burning but hey, gotta get Linderer!!" That is truly indicative of who you are - self-involved, petty fools.

Oh, and by the way, Don/Tim/John/Nate/Annette/etc., if you're going to blatantly LIE about me then at least make something up that people can't check on with one click of the mouse. In case you haven't noticed, all people have to do to check out if I'm a "plagiarizer" is click over to my blog and look around. You're such a sad, sad joke, Don/Annette/Nate/Tim/John/etc. You just wasted g-d knows how much time laboriously typing up several looooong, incoherent, and utterly boring paragraphs lying through your teeth about plagiarism - and in less than 10 seconds anyone can prove to themselves (if they're new to your bullshit and don't already know) what an outright liar you are.

You are just wasting your life, but we let you because you give us SO MUCH wonderful ammo to use in any lawsuit you choose to bring. Keep the lies and smears coming, Don - and get more creative, why don't you?

PS: Better check your med levels...the majority of your comment made no sense. And your getting downright STOOPID in your lies. LOL

Well well well. Looky here ... (Below threshold)
You don't wanna know:

Well well well. Looky here - a party, and I wasn't invited. No matter. I'm going to wade in here because I've got some things to say on this matter. I haven't read the whole comment thread, so forgive me if I repeat something said earlier. But I have read Don's stuff over time and now recently that series.

First of all, Don, who died and made you the vietnam veteran-nazi?!

Guess what, Mr. Veteran Nazi? Paladin has re-released Jim Morris' popular SF memoirs, War Story, due to popular demand. You got a file on Jim in your infamous filing cabinet full of crap investigations of authors? I haven't seen you ripping up his book in the Amazon reviews like you have a dozen other Vietnam era authors. How'd you miss that chance to tear down another Vietnam author? I hope you haven't made the mistake of thinking you have any sort of friendship or rapport with that fine man - you'd be quite mistaken. Oh, but you already know that, don't you? He certainly doesn't want to be linked with you - you are a PARIAH in the Vietnam veteran community.

The lady above says you're up to your old tricks - fake IDs on Amazon to stack bad reviews on all those authors you hate so much. I had to go check it out - and she was right. Same MO, nothing new.

But I'm here to talk to you about your book, not everyone else's. In your insipid chronicle a bunch of your F/51st guys sprayed the officers' tent with lead. Who were those men, Don? You should know, you were there. Give me their names. I want them NOW. Or will we have to assume by default that YOU did it by yourself - that YOU attempted to kill those officers? Come on, do the right thing, Don - be a "snitch" (you like that word, I saw). Tell us all which of your F/51st brothers attempted to murder those officers. It's your self-appointed duty, Don. Brother, schmother - that means nothing when there's a fragging attempt to investigate.

AND, I want the names of anyone and everyone in your unit that ever spoke of fragging an officer (conspiracy to murder) or actually attempted it. You mentioned several episodes in your book, but oddly enough, I don't recall you providing any names. Remember, you are duty-bound - you are after all the self-appointed Accuser - and committed to exposing your fellow veterans. Why go after other men in other units when you have direct knowledge of criminals in your own unit?! Imagine the impact you'd have turning in those vets for war crimes 4 decades after the fact! Why - you'd be famous!

Speaking of the men in your unit: I've been wondering why they've been relatively silent all these years. Probably afraid of pissing you off, and setting you on some vengeful hunt into their own private records. Shoot, you can't blame them! You've done that already for a few of them, those unlucky bastards.

Hey, by the way, did you get their letter yet? Yep, I know all about it. You came up at the last meeting, and they don't want you to mention them OR speak for them in your vendetta, because it's dragging them all down. They were planning a letter telling you to shut the fuck up already.

Well, now, dang it...am I giving myself away? In all your paranoia, I highly doubt you'll be able to settle on one person in (or out) of your unit who wouldn't love to put you away. You've earned a LOT of enemies, and you're so stupid you don't even know that they surround you. Pssst - here's a hint, Don-meister, they ain't polite to you because they LIKE you. They just want to avoid your shit like the plague. And you can take that to the bank.

Back to that list of alleged criminals in your unit - you really did set them up in your memoirs, but I've got a solution. Remember those unnamed noncomms and soldiers you created in your book? Yeah - the ones that you had to make up to ascribe certain character qualities or events to. Just say THEY did it, and you're off the hook. The truth never mattered to you anyway.

In the meantime, why don't we have a little fun and speculate to our hearts' content about you? See how you like it - turn about is fair play, right?

So, Don, you were only a LRP for 5 measly months before you got yanked from the unit a month before your tour was up. WHY?? Because of a cough? No - I don't think so. They don't lock people up because of a cough. So why were you REALLY locked up at Zama and Kenner AH? Psych ward, maybe? You were a whiner and mentally weak, so that's a good possibility. Drug detox, possibly? What with all those narcotics you were popping, that would made perfect sense. Both, probably. Didn't you freak out on your last mission? Tell us the truth about why you were locked up.

I'll bet your wife, who wrote your book for you, isn't aware that it's most definitely NOT normal practice for Vietnam combat soldiers to be "locked up and kept away" from other soldiers. But then, she wouldn't know that, not having "served". So how could she write about it - did she just wing it? Is she even aware that Kenner has a huge Army medical psychiatric branch? If you went loco in the 'Nam, Don, that would explain eveything about who you are today.

Speaking of being locked up in hospitals made me remember something from your book. How could you dazzle that supposedly "awestruck" Army doctor with your "chest full of medals and ribbons" (as you related in your book) when you hardly have ANY? You've only got one outside of the usual hand-outs of the day. I've seen cooks and clerks with more medals than you, Mr. Warrior-Wanna-Be. (Your words, remember - you called yourself an "altar boy turned warrior".)

Moving on.

Furthermore, I want to know WHERE you were a police officer. You say you served as a cop for 5 years, huh? Nah - what with all your physical failings and such? I doubt it. So, IF you were a cop, Don, and I think you're lying about that, then what PD were you in? Did you turn in a bunch of your fellow cops for imagined crimes? I'll bet they just loved you.

Lastly, I want you to sign a Form 180 for ME. I want to see ALL your records. I'll bet there's a lot there you don't want people to see. Have you ever heard of psychiatric projection? It's attributing to others one's own unacceptable thoughts, feelings, impulses, actions, etc. It's manifested in unfounded accusations and paranoid speculation. Sound familiar? Considering how many people you've accused of falsifying records, I think it's probable that you've done it yourself. So. Sign that 180 and then I'll give you an address to mail it to. We'll see what's what.

And hey, no whining, Donny-boy. Just step up to the plate. I'm not asking for anything from you that you haven't hysterically DEMANDED of others. It's all fair and square.

Post all this info right here, since you're too cowardly to have any open comments on your own pathetic website, and you're afraid of the mean ladies over at your favorite blog, Euphoric Reality. I still can't believe the owner of this site hasn't shut down this thread yet. Maybe he gets a chuckle out of all the tantrums you pitch on a regular basis. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You don't want to watch, but you can't help it!

You're so fond of the "wanna-be" appellation, so you can just call me a "Don-Hall-Private-Investigator-Wanna-Be". Catchy, ain't it? Now don't be scared giving me all that info, Donny. Even if you are worried that I'm going to nail your ass to the wall with it, that's no excuse. I mean, you expect Gary et al to meet your every single demand, even though they know you are hostile and looking for ways to make their lives hell. So, I can understand why you'd hesitate; but BE A MAN, Don Hall. Show us how to face your detractors head on with ALL your private information on display for the world.

Just like you've done for years, I want to comb through all your private affairs and speculate as maliciously as I possibly can - always imagining the very worst. Whether or not I know all the details, or whether it's substantiated or not - there will be no room to give you the benefit of the doubt. You won't mind, will you? What's good for the goose is good for the gander, eh?

So, it's time to 'fess up, Don Hall. You've been so busy viciously ripping other veterans to shreds, that it's well past time you were put under the microscope.


Last thing: spell check is your friend Don. Use it. You write like an addled youngster, and it's hard to take you seriously. I ain't such a hot speller myself but spellcheck was made for guys like us.

I have never said or writte... (Below threshold)

I have never said or written anything negative about Jim Morris. He is a nice man. You people think that everyone who posts something negative is from me. Out of the millions and milions of people on the planet's face you blame me for every post that is negative about you or someone you know. That facts are that the word is getting out and I send out copies of the records that refute the books every week. I know you are obsessed with my book "I SERVED," but get real. I am working on new books and that's what scares you, huh?

I am not the only one who knows about these phonies called nonfiction authors. Guys call me up from the unit wanting to know what's going on I don't whine to them about how Ed Emanuel stole from me and how Gary Linderer committed fraud in his books or who in our unit was madd at me fro kicking them out of the 2nd platoon way back then. Or those who stole money from me like Mister Ed Emanuel. You have that to live with and we'll see how Karma plays out on you, in the long term. I forgive you, but you have God to answer too. I don't play God, but I do fight back when I see wrongs.

This is between you and me guys. You whining is now cauised by using two right-winged skirts to hide behind. Funny part is that what you guys have been whining about with my wife and look what you have done? Yes, I called "Gary Linderer a fatso and a crybaby." The records and his photos prove that and his e-mails to me always trying to spread the blame to others. It's not working crybabies. LOL! And as for you Mr. Edwin Emanuel, you were paid to be at our units' 30th reunion on Sept. 25, 1997 and you took the money and ran off to Gary Linderer's reunion instead. Got your book deal, huh, but you were busted and served. Yes, I helped track you down. That's the cop and PI in me. Another book I am working on.

Mr. "You don't want to know" go to court on Jan. 23, 2006 and answer to the judge about why and how you stole $27,500.00 from Bill Vega, a dying Vietnam Vet and the threats that you made to him about "You, Gary Linderer and Kenn Miller who were going to get someone to kill my wife and my slut daughter." Heidi and Kit have those two signed notarized statements for two different people, but they didn't mention that in their hit-piece ten-parts series did they? I wonder why? Fair and balanced? No way, and don't call me a "Nazi," Mister Ed.

If you know something, "about spraying lead" go to the authorities. If it's you Mister Emanuel making these claims the police already have you making one false police report. Telling the LA police that "Don Hall called me ( Mr. Ed) with death threats and that Don Hall fired a fully automatic weapon," on such and such a date and time. The problem to that story came apart real quick. My wife and I were at 35,000 feet in a commercial airplane on the ay to a film festival where our docuemntary about the men of F/51st LRP won and award and we were paid to go when this police report was made by you. The LT. on the police department said, "If this Ed Emanuel guy ever files another false police report he'll be inside a jail faster than a heart-beat."

You see what these people do? They lie, steal and cheat. That's what they were like when they were young and in Vietnam and I am going to write a book about that, too. Using their own words and comparing them to the records. Kit and Heidi-Gate are just sidebars for the humor. They are funny and I enjoy the attention -- good, but mostly negative and down right rip-roaring, belly laughing funny and bad.

As for your closing remarks, "I ain't [I am not] such a hot speller myself [,] but spellcheck [spell check] was made for guys like us." Do not nit-pick things. Learn to relax and breathe. Relax, Fake Contact, relax... But! Do be in court on the 23rd, okay! I want to win the two-hundred bucks! You guys are so funny. NEXT!
Don Hall
Team Leader of Hot Steel 2-6, out.

Heidi wrote:"I know ... (Below threshold)

Heidi wrote:
"I know you're dying of curiosity about where on earth you left that comment on 9/11. Your tiny brain is racing, racing to try and remember where you dropped that particular turd. Alright, I'll assuage your curiosity. Here's your cut and paste comment, Don/Tim/John/Nate/etc.:

Some Lurps kicked some "real ass" in Vietname some simply pooped in their pants after contact. From the National Archives three days after the ambush of 5 female and 3 male Vietnamese "RICE PORTERS." G-2 & G-3 101st Abn. Div CAMP EAGLE DATE 23 Nov. 1968 page 5 of 7. Item No 35 1429 hours (C) G-2 recd msg fr 2d Bde stating: At 1325H vic YC 83888 D/2/501 1st plt at 1240H fnd 8 bodies: 7 x VC, 1 NVA, 4 pairs of PJ, 20 lbs of rice, 1 kettle, equipment left by LRPS: 1x WP gernade, 1xbottle of whole blood, LRP rations, poncho liner, 6xUS rucksacks, 1xsewing kit and 5x claymore. Note: The 8x VC were previously reported.
USA - Tuesday, September 11, 2001 at 15:34:04 (CDT)

*yawn* the same old tired shit. You never bore yourself though, do ya? No, when it comes to Gary et al, you're the rabid Energizer bunny! Nevermind that terroists just attacked our nation! Who cares when you've got an enemy like Linderer that must be destroyed?!"

When you click on the link it goes to a post I made on Dec. 7, 2001 with the 4th Inf. Div. LRRPs and that was on Peral Harbor Day, Heidi! Get you wars and time periods straight in your head, for Pete's sake! Stop with the nasty cursing and remarks of profanity. It really makes you look and appear to be low-class.

I am pretty much done here. You guys and gals can have at it. I think you have, and with your help too, made the points that Kevin wrote in his first paragraph about Linderer, the records, and Linderer's use of his fake miltary awards and decorations. Only a low-life would pop a Claymore mine (that cuts people's body's in half) on mostly unarmed Vietnamese women and men and that sure must be hard to live with every day. Even if you get others to help you to try to rewrite history. It does not change the facts of what Linderer did.

I have three books to work on and two scipts so, so-long folks. It's been a HOOT!

Your forever more, "Energizer bunny." Now that's cute.

Warmest regards to all those who serve in the armed forces (past and present) with duty, honor, God and country in mind always.

Don C. Hall
A happy man with a great loving and supporting wife.

An obvious unintelligent gu... (Below threshold)
You don't wanna know:

An obvious unintelligent guess, but no, I'm not Ed Emanual. Think closer to home...it'll come to you...

And I followed that link that lady provided to your 9/11 comment and sure enough, it's there. Yes, you left a comment in December, but you also left one on 9/11 just like she said you did. She copied your comment exactly as it appears on that site. Feeble try at a re-direct. And you should've heeded her warning on lying about things that people can easily check on. You've been caught lying time and time again, and it's really funny. It's almost a sport like...shooting ducks in a barrel.

I see you running away now, Don. Look at you go! I asked some questions that hit really close to home, didn't I? You are in full retreat.

Nice attempt at false jollity. I can almost hear the "Cheerio, old chap!"

But I know your heart is beating double-time and you're sweating buckets. You know I've got a bead on you, and you're ditching the one place on the web you've been able to squat and dump.

Mister I don't want to know... (Below threshold)

Mister I don't want to know,
If you are so bold and pretending to be brave tell us who you are? Anyone can spoof e-mails and pretend to be me. The odd things is that I get these e-mails that are from me all the time. I don't know how they do that, but maybe you can tell us how does people like these take all of this time to learn how to forge headers, forge and use other people's e-mail addresses, and make posting that you are 100% sure it was from me?

We've had our share of hundreds of negative books reviews that Amazon.com pulls down. Obey the rules for book reviews. Many of them with no names sort of like you. Maybe, you should write a book? I am and I am too busy with a deadline now so go fish elsewhere if you cannot come out and play in plain sight. Or, are you worried that your real name is in this next book?

There's no sense in trying to carry on a dialogue with someone who is hiding. Sheesh, it sounds more like "I am afriad to let you know."

The sraying of lead you asked about? You might ask (retired) SSG John Pappy Burke "the company jerk" who was always shooting from the water tower sometimes in his drunbken binges. He was kicked out of our company in Aug. 1968 for being a coward on the LZ the same day team 15 was hit. This is backed up by the unit's records if that's who you are talking about? Burke "the jerk" went to join Gary Linderer's unit so, go figure. If you saw anyone "spraying lead" as you wrote you should have let the authorites know about it or were you part of it?
If you are so close --- come on over for a visit anytime. please. You know me. I'm always locked and cocked and ready. Heck, I would not sit around and even let a mean Nun, in her twenties, beat a small 35-pound boy near death. She broke his hip, leg, nose and jaw. Your kind of woman and you would have been one of those boys who sat back and watched, huh? Three types of people in the world: Those who go to the sounds of a battle, those who watch it from afar and those who run away. If you are a no name you're not worth my time. You are simply one of those used by Linderer to waste my time and "Mister You Don't Want To Know," but are afraid to say go play somewhere else where people might care.

Everhart the scared to deat... (Below threshold)

Everhart the scared to death man that ran awy from me three or was it four times, was caught stalking my house and following my wife. Bring a Penny, next time.

I have learned that there a... (Below threshold)

I have learned that there are no standards or code of ethics with 90% of the Bloggers. We learned, my wife and I the authors of “I SERVED” that Blogs are vague and can throw out all sorts of misinformation, tricks and down-right lies. There is a lot of confusion, skepticism and mistrust in the Blogger’s sphere. Some, if not all, are purposely vague and even down-right deceitful such as Jeanette “Kit” Jarrell and Heidi Thiess. Both said that my book "I SERVED" and our award-winning documentary was the best they had ever read or seen. Kit told my wife that she was hoping that our film was bad. What an odd thing to say, huh? But they had an agenda to harm our book sales for Gary Linderer and his 101st LRP book authors (not all of them, mind you) who were caught making BS up. Much like Linderer's agenda to spread rumors and divide the men in F/51st LRP (Airborne) Infanty. What a small handful will do to attempt to stop the history of our unit from getting out there to the public. It isn't working because your are all about your own personal massive "egos."

The question is that the bar in Blogging has to be raised in order for most to obtain any credibility or legitimacy. As we were told when we first contacted these two female Bloggers they said that they were both “journalist.” Now, after catching them in lies, they are confessing merely to be hobbyists at Blogging. Artful dodging when cornered with facts and they are caught lying multitude times. I talked to one lawyer (who represents Bloggers) and his only comment was for me to “start a Blog and smear them.” I told him, “I don’t have time for that and your advise is nuts.” Ask any dozen lawyers a legal question and they all will give you different answers every time. That comes from working with them for over twenty-five years and seeing them in action as a police officer. Yes, I was a cop for five-and-a-half years. You go figure out where, lil’ girls. Don’t go getting into my next book now.

There needs to be a third party to monitor the standards for Blogging. Can these Bloggers continue to lie, writing anything they want and not suffer consequences? Most live in small apartments and they are called the “Blogging pajama parties.”

If they cannot come up with a code of ethics how about a pledge of service that what they write may be faulty and lacking in research because they are after all, merely writing about others and themselves. They want to be somebody! They are desperately trying to live through other people’s lives that have faced matters in life that they have no clue about. They are left in their PJs most of the day and it’s a sad bunch when you get to read what most of them write. They all pat one another on the backs from one Blogger to the next Blogger and on and on it goes. They stroke one another ego. Ego is all they have, but they don’t sleep well at nights.

Much like Gary Linderer’s massive ego and how he gets others to do his dirty work for him like Everhart and as a result the Redmond Police Department would like to talk to you.

My neighbors are a good bunch of people. We are friends. They share with me what they see and what they know. It isn't working Linderer.

You can get others to say and do negative things about me and my family, but not my true friends. As I told Kit and Heidi, I was a team leader in Vietnam. I was not there for a popularity contest. Some enlisted men didn't like it when I made them dig 6x6 holes for misconduct such as falling asleep on guard duty. Right, Mister Ed/Fake Contact? You are going to court on 23 January 2006 for the $27,500.00 that you stole from Vega aren't you?

These things are unsually about money, folks.

Linderer, who was that senior NCO that threatened to kill you if you used his name in your books?

In the beginning, Linderer wanted me to invest $7,500.00 for his start-up Behind The Lines (BTL) Magazine. I asked and got his SSN and DOB to run a credit check on him. That's business 101 for young naive Bloggers in PJs. Because I had heard rumors about his awards I asked Linderer for a copy of his DD214. That never came and the way he got back at me for not investing the $7,500.000 was to have someone wrote a first of its kind Letter To The Editor (Gary Linderer, of course) in his BTL from a man who was not in Vietnam at the time and in this letter to the editor smears my name. Linderer sent me the undated and unsigned letter from this man. These so-called men have no shame.

Stayed tone folks and that's not all.

And another one bites th... (Below threshold)

And another one bites the dust.
Murtha's mangled medal stories - Jan 18, 2006
by Brent Bozell

Come on Linderer, you demanded that Senator John Kerry sign a FORM 180 in May 2003 in Washington, D.C. Why can't you do the same since you are the CEO of Operation Homecoming USA in Branson, MO for 2006? I know, it's for the "healing" and why not throw in there that it's for the children, too. Yeah, right!

Dear Don C. Hall: I'm conta... (Below threshold)
John Reid:

Dear Don C. Hall: I'm contacting you through wizbang because you asked me not to contact you directly. Respecting your wishes I'm contacting you this way.
You and I have talked on the phone a couple of times. I was one of many witnesses(someone who was actually there) to the events of 20 Nov 68 involving Gary Linderer's team from F-58th Inf LRRP, 101st Airborne Division.
I'm not angry with you and wish you and your family no harm. Perplexed is the best word to describe my feelings about you. I've read your book "I Served" and I think you served your country well in Vietnam. I wasn't there, so I'll take you at your word. I've met some of the guys in your LRRP outfit and they verify your service.
What I can't fathom is your unhealthy OBSESSION with Gary Linderer. I guess it has something to do with medals that he has and you don't. I guess his success with book sales relative to the sales of your book "I Served" figures in as well.
I've told you this on the phone but I'll repeat it here publicly. I served four combat tours in Vietnam and all I got was a CIB, Airmedal, three Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star without a/V. As I told you truthfully had I been more popular with my fellow soldiers I might have more medals but I don't. Like you I used to think that was unfair. As I told you I've changed my mind about medals for two reasons. First is reunions. You can have all the medals in the world but what really counts is getting together with the guys you actually served with and having their respect for what you did. No medal can take the place of that.
Second is meeting WWII 101st veterans. Our Oregon chapter(Cascade chapter) of the 101st Airborne Brigade has members who jumped with the 101st at Normady and luckily made it all the way through to the end of the war in Austria. Most of them just have service medals and the bronze star given to everybody in the infantry in WWII Europe.
Sure put my medals in perspective. I can't claim to have done anything like jumping over German occupied France. Been in some hairy hot LZ's in Nam but they just don't compare.
I tried to reason with you on the phone and try to get you to have the same perspective on your military service.
You didn't want to listen. When I tried to tell you what really went down on 20 Nov 68 from the perspective of someone who was actually there you didn't want to listen. The truth didn't jibe with your fantasies coloured by your personnal dislike of Gary Linderer.
Why can't you be satisfied with your own service? You were in combat with a LRRP unit. That's something to be proud of. Instead you drag this personnal vendetta against Linderer on and on.
As I told you on the phone I-Served with F-58th LRRPS 1968, BCo 101st Aviation as a doordunner on LRRP support,1968-69 E-Co 3-506th LRRPS 1969 and L Co 75th Rangers 1971. Everything in Gary Linderer's books about those units when I_Served with them is true. Unlike you I was there. Like you I wasn't a big hero, I just did my job. Why can't you be satisfied with that?
You seem to think that Gary Linderer goes parading around as some big hero. Believe me he doesn't. He is actually quite a modest person. He is respected at 101st Airborne LRRP/Ranger reunions because unlike you the guys who served with him know what he did. You don't.
Today I bought your name as a domain on the internet.
I'll tell you why. Last summer I went to Operation Homecoming in Branson MO. Truthfully I went because the 101st LRRP/Ranger were having a reunion there too. Nobody spat on me when I came home from Vietnam. Most people treated me with respect. I got most of my jobs because I was a combat vet. A lot of guys had a negative experience. It was a joy to see those guys get there due in Branson last year. There were LRRPS and grunts and marine line doggies(who did more than their fair share of the fighting and the dying in Nam)REMFS in the 1st Logistical command who made sure we had the ammunition and support we needed to survive, nurses, medics and donut dollies. God love them all. It was a really positive experience. Some veterans confessed to me that it was a life changing, life affirming experience.
And yet here you are, trashing Gary Linderer who helped make it all possible, because of some personnal disagreement in which you felt slighted.
If your attacks on Linderer keep just one veteran from going to Branson and having a positive experience, you have committed a MORTAL sin. Not a venial sin, Don but a MORTAL sin!
Give it a rest. Tell your story and the story of your LRRP company. It's something to be justifiably proud of.
Your machinations against Linderer just make you and the guys you SERVED with look bad. They don't deserve that. Ever think that THEY SERVED is more important than I-Served?
I bought your name as a web address not because I want to bad mouth you. I don't want to do that to any veteran who like you served honourably. But your attacks against Linderer and Operation Homecoming are undeserved. I know. I'm just one of dozens, even hundreds of veterans who served in 101st LRRP/Rangers or supporting units who were actually there for the events described in Gary Linderer's books. We know he's telling the truth. We had his back then and we have his back now.
This is not a threat it's just a promise. If you keep up your underseved attacks on Linderer and Operation Homecoming. I'm going to post the truth on donchall, DonCHall dot everything. I bought them all. I'm not going to attack you. I'm just going to state honestly that you weren't there on 20 Nov 68 or on any day of Gary Linderer's exemplary service in Vietnam. I'm going to list the contact information for myself and many others who chose to be listed who were actual witnesses to the events written about by Linderer. And with permissions I'm going to present your insane ramblings on this and many other websites. It doesn't make you look good trust me.
I will do ss only with reluctance. I think you served honourably in Vietnam and hope you tell your story and the story of those you served with.
It's a story that needs to be told. Leave Gary alone. Otherwise when you do business with agents in the media world, when they Google your name, they won't her about your honourable service. They just get the details of your unseemly (read insane) vendetta against Linderer. It may make them think about wether they want to have any dealings with you. Your call.

Yours sincerely: John L. Reid
D-1-503, 173d 67-68
F-58th Inf LRRP, 101st, 68
BCo 101st Aviation Bn, 68-69
E-3-506th LRRPS, 101st Abn Div, 69
D-3-503d, 173 Abn 1970
L Co 75th Rangers, 101st 1971
With the paperwork and witnesses to prove it!

With the active help and gu... (Below threshold)
Kenn Miller:

With the active help and guidance of his wife, (editor, spell-check, handler, co-conspirator, ghostwriter, and equally vicious and paranoid fellow psychopath) Annette R. Hall, Don Cecil Hall has been waging a long vendetta against his fellow veterans, with the main focus of his sick devotion being the widely respected Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol veteran and author, Gary Linderer. I have been a secondary target, and dealing with the perfidy and venom of the Halls has been an interesting experience, to say the least. Now Wizbang has been sucked into doing the Halls' dirty work, and I suspect that Wizbang and Wizbang readers have an inadequate idea what sort of creatures Annette and Don Hall really are.

Here is an example of the sort of tricks the Halls pull. Because the Halls are skillful at hiding behind computer firewalls, I can’t absolutely prove that Don Hall is the identity thief in the exchange below. Read it yourself, and make up your own mind. There is no doubt in my mind, or in the mind of most people who have had dealings with the Halls and have read this.

Kenn Miller


(From Kenn Miller to SF Association Chapter XVI):

>Here are copies of an e-mail exchange regarding Don Hall that took place

>between someone identifying himself as "Tom Daniels" who claimed to be

>representing your chapter of SFA, but whom I suspect from various clues

>(that weren't immediately apparent to my stupidly trusting eyes) actually

>might have been Don Hall himself. The exchange was initiated by "Tom

>Daniels," and I did nothing to invite it, not knowing any Tom Daniels. If

>there is a Tom Daniels in your chapter, you might want to check and see if

>he actually sent these messages. If he did, then I'll just write him off as

>an idiot and forget about it. If there is a Tom Daniels in your chapter and

>he didn't send these messages, he ought to know that someone is using his

>identity. (I can make a pretty good guess who---and explain why if you'd

>like) If there is no Tom Daniels, then your chapter ought to be aware that

>someone is sending e-mails around pretending to represent the chapter.

>Either way, I'd like to be informed.



>> >From: "Tom Daniels"

>> >To: [email protected]

>> >Subject: D Hall was kicked out of the SF Assoication...

>> >Date: Sun, Jun 2, 2002, 14:41

>> >


>> > I was a month late going to the SF meeting in Kent, Wa. and heard that I

>> > missed out on this Don Hall being booted out of the SF Ass. Your name


>> > brought up as well as other authors who have written books. So what up


>> > this sueing, shithead asshole? Is he for fucking real or somme sort of


>> > to be shit?

>> > TD, jr.


>> >

>From: "Kenn Miller"

>>To: Tom Daniels

>>Subject: Re: D Hall was kicked out of the SF Assoication...

>>Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 14:48:56 -0700



>>Is Hall for real or some kind of want to be shit? Both, actually. To my

>>shame and sorrow, I have to concede that Hall was a LRRP, but not the LRRP

>>he wishes he was or pretends to have been. He was not the superman he


>>to have been in his book, he was not among the LRRPs attached to B-36, and

>>he has neither the courage nor the moral strength of your average garden

>>snail. He is a wannabe author, who couldn't get his book about himself

>>published except by himself and his wife, and he is not just a suing

>>shithead asshole, but he seems to be a psychotic one as well. He is an

>>embarassment to all the other Lurp/Rangers of the Vietnam War, all of whom

>>(or at least all I know) have nothing but the utmost respect for and

>>gratitude toward Special Forces. Hall, on the other hand, lies about SF in

>>his book. But then, he lies about almost everything but his name---and for

>>all I know, he may be lying about that, too.

>>There is a strange and sick psychology at work in Don Hall. He seems to


>>a particularly bitter hatred toward those who are what he wishes he was. He

>>hates those of us who have had books published, and he seems to hate those

>>who wore the green beret. All the many excellent authors to come out of SF

>>must really drive him crazy. Unfortunately, he may get around to suing some

>>of them, too---whether they have ever heard of them or not.

>>The guy is dangerous because he uses lawyers and lawsuits to intimidate and

>>because he will slither down to any depth to spread lies against those he

>>works up a paranoid fixation about. Along with being psychotic and


>>I think Hall is both suicidal and delusional---suicidal in that he keeps

>>trying to get someone to murder him, and delusional if he thinks that


>>would consider him worth the legal price of killing.

>>I'm glad that SFA has gotten rid of him, and hope that none of the

>>membership holds Hall against the rest of us who were Lurp/Rangers in

>>Vietnam. Any association with SF or SFA should be considered an honor,

>>and---as he has shown very clearly--- Don Hall is unworthy of any honor


>>Kenn Miller


>From: "Tom Daniels"

>To: [email protected]

>Subject: New Info

>Date: Mon, Jun 3, 2002, 20:47


I was a little bit intoxicated when I wrote and was pissed off. I have the

wonderful job of damage control placed upon me. It seems that this asshole,

Hall is starting a book tour. I will be getting his schedule. Hall is using

his being kicked out of the SFA as a reason to buy his book. The trouble is

that it is casuing some very unwelcomed news jouranlists to start asking a

lot of questions. It doesn't look good at all. His sponsor into the SFA

showed me Hall's orders that assigned him TDY and then I find out it's Bo

Gritz's unit. Above all ones this shit-for-brains goes to Gritz's unit!!! No

reason or excuse to rag on them. I have not read his book. This is going to

harm membership in the assoication big time.

I need to get to the point. What is this gueers problem? I hear that he sued

you and why? A friend went to the court house and found the contract that

Hall signed with Random House so what's up with that?

The sponsor is going to talk to him this week and ask him politely to stop

spreading his shit, but he says Hall is a fox in the bushes and sent the SFA

a warning letter. The sponsor has known him for quite some time. He has a

film going on too?

Any help or asistance would be of help for I don't like this kind of fucking

mess to make us all look bad. These media types I hate, but they aren't no

game to pickup sticks and shit so we had to say, 'no comment' so far. That

can only go on for so long. Need more Intel on who, what, when, where and


TD, jr.


Kenn Miller’s reply on 3 June, 2002:


It wasn't me he sued---at least not yet. It was Gary Linderer. I talked to

Gary this morning. His computer is in the shop so he can't do e-mail until

next week, but he wants to talk to you. His number is (636) 937-7204. Give

him a call. If it is busy or no answer, keep calling. He'll be expecting

your call.

Kenn Miller


>From: "Tom Daniels"

>To: [email protected]

>Subject: Re: D Hall was kicked out of the SF Assoication...

>Date: Wed, Jun 5, 2002, 11:21


> Ken,

> I spent the night reading this guy, Hall's book. I don't see anything wrong

> with what he wrote about the Special Forces. You've made a lot of general

> claims but I can find nothing but exactly that - general. Sounds alos like

> you dislike this jerk-off Hall, but you can give no concrtete reasons for

> it. I'm not taking sides it is just that your claims do not have much merit

> other than based on gossip or heart-say.


> You said Hall could not get a book deal. My friend check the court records

> and 'low and behold' a copy of that contract with Random House, Hall and his

> wife is in the records. I don't think I can get any reliable information

> from you nor this fellow, Linder, because I read Halls' webpage national

> archives where you boys ambushed a bunch of rice porters. Is that so? I read

> the records on Det. B-36 from his webpage and the documents look real. I

> don't think this jerk-off, Hall, would falsify the records. If he has he's

> in serious trouble. I also received a copy of an old newsweek article about

> this guy working as a one man show against the Mafia in the east coast. You

> say he is "sucidical?" He is in an odd way but any onwe who faced alot of

> combat after a while doesn't fear much, I guess. "Crazy?" I don't think so.


> In his book tour he is explaining how and why he turned down the book

> contract. I think, this is my perosnal opinion, from reading all the records

> that either is a major problem going on here called "jeaslousy."


> I will not be calling Linder because I belive he is in serious trouble. The

> SF are distancing themselves from all of this and we are going to set back

> and see what happens. Those men that were assigned to the B-36 were 11B20

> not SF qualified. Anbother bit of info for you. Gtitz used to be an

> instructor at MACV Recondo School. Is is believed, that he took several of

> the Recondo School diplomas with him when he left and wrote these 11B20 up

> as being Recondo qualified. Gritz is a con-man much like Hackworth, in my

> opinion. Read Suzan Katz Keaton's book about how this real nut "Bo" Gritz

> started his insane college insdustry in the MIA issues. Bad news to go to

> the press and annouce to the wordkl that you are going on a secret mission

> to get the POWs back, right?


> Again, thanks for your writing back to me. The facts are starting to point

> in Hall's favor because of the mistatements you've made and the others I

> have contacted.

> Thanks,

> TD. jr.


Kenn Miller’s reply, Wednsday 5 June:


I would answer your charges against me and your claims for Hall one by one,

but it is pretty obvious---by your illiteracy and misspellings, among other

things---that you very well may be Don Hall---or someone set up by him. You

say you are not taking sides. Could that be because you have already taken a

side---the side of one of the most despicable creeps breathing on this




>From: "Tom Daniels"

>To: [email protected]

>Subject: Re: D Hall

>Date: Fri, Jun 7, 2002, 16:34


> Mister Miller:


> Excuse my spontaneity in writing emails. You are correct. I should use spell

> check, but I did not. I am a busy man.


> I can see from your mail, that you believe, in your heart, that you are some

> sort of great "intellectual." I was not being inhospitable towards you. Just

> the facts. I wrote you that Hall did have a book deal. You stated he did

> not. I was not charging you with anything. I answered you, with the fact,

> that he did have a book deal, and that's as simple as that. If you took

> offense to this we are having some sort of trouble communictaing it in a

> polite manner. It apeears you have paranoid delusions, and more, and I am

> sure you are under a doctor's care. More than likely PTSD, right? We fought

> in the same war, Mr. Miller. With the same faith that our fathers from WWII

> did. We came home to our fathers who sent us there. We were, by most

> accounts, not welcomed home. Familes broke apart and we are still divided to

> this day. It is a shame and pity when one veteran writes to another and

> receives such indifference, arrogance, cynicism and outright contempt as you

> have displayed assuming that I am someone else. How do you spell, ASSUME?

> That's right... Ass out of you and me.


> I have not meet Hall. I was hoping to share some recently gathered

> information with you. You are too angry, over the subject of this person,

> for some remote reason that is beyond me.


> Best of luck to you and I really wish only the best to you, sir.

> God bless you for serving our country.

> TD. Jr.



Kenn Miller’s reply, Friday 7 June:


Book contacts do not reside in court records. You can, however, find plenty

of scat from sue-crazed cowards there.


Saturday June 8, from "Tom Daniels":


You remind me of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his writings 'The Quest.' When

one's case is weak they resort to name-calling. Be more specific in your

name-calling, please. Do you have any proof of Hall being a coward? If that

is who you are referring to? Or, are you passing on what you heard someone

say or what you imagined?

You don't have a clue as to what is filed in the courts, do you? You are

guessing again. You don't really know much about the courts do you? Blind as

can be like your statements to the effect that Hall did not have a book

deal. I see. I really don't wish to follow you down your "YELLOW BRICK ROAD"

so, enough of your "little-big-man" CRAP.

I did hear about the copyright infringemnet. So, in your opinion it is okay

for me to take an entire section of your book, steal it, and add it to a

book I want to write? Is that what makes a coward in your eyes? You are

really something else, Miller. The sponsor that had Don Hall put into the

SFA told me that a "large fatman who smells of bacon and was scared shitless

at his deposition" is behind these rumnors that you pass on. Yor are a

sheep, Miller. Wake up, boy! I have the written transcript of that fat man's

deposition on the way. Should make for some interesting reading from what my

friend says. At least, you see, when he says something - he backs it up with

documentation, other witnesses and proof. You can not back up anything with

your weasel words. I don't think you would have the balls to call Hall a

coward to his face and walk two steps away from him without ending up with

your little dick in the dirt. (Or, were you calling me a "coward"?) If you

were referring to me as a coward, well then, I'll make it a point to be

seeing soon.

TD, Jr. Out.


This is from the real Tom Daniels, in reply to a message I had another Special Forces veteran pass on to him. Out of respect for the privacy of the Special Forces veterans, and the real Tommy Daniels, I have crossed out a name, two email addresses, and one phone number. I do still have them on file, however.

XXXX, thanks for contacting me about this.

1. I have never had the email address [email protected] I have three

hotmail addresses:[email protected],[email protected], and XXXXXXX.

2. I have never heard of Don Hall, his book, nor do I have any knowledge of

LRRP's being assigned or attached to B-36 MF.

This should preclude any connection with me to the address

[email protected] Why he or someone else would pick my name to use, I

don't have a clue.

If Kenn or someone needs to have a phoncon with me about this matter, feel free

to call.

I CC'd SFA HQ since it's stated in one of the emails below that Hall was kicked

out of SFA and there may still be something going on in regard to same.


Tommy Daniels



It seems that Hall wasn’t lying about his own name---he was lying about another man’s name when he stole it for those emails. The ersatz “Tom Daniels” didn’t stop there, however. Shortly after this exchange, the Halls emailed me an advertisement for their self-published and discredited book, and I replied, in some heat, as follows:


From Kenn Miller to Annette and Don C. Hall:

>>>It is truly amazing stupidity for you two lying, lowlife, lawsuit-loving,

>>>dishonorable, disgraced, dishonest, despicable, cowardly, hypochondriac

>>>scumbags to send me an advertisement for your self-published book! You


>>>libeled me on Amazon.com as a plagiarist who doesn't know the name of his

>>>own unit. You have libeled my friends and comrades as plagiarists and war

>>>criminals, and in an amazing feat of calumniation, you even managed to


>>>my old unit for the North Vietnamese massacre of civilians at Hue. And now

>>>you expect me to order your silly self-published book? For some years now

>>>I've known that you are severely delusional, but I had no idea that you


>>>this out of touch with reality. Had you a normal mammalian self-awareness

>>>and even a garden snail's measure of basic moral sense, you would both be

>>>hiding your faces from the world in shame, not sending advertisements out


>>>people you ought to know despise you and look on you with revulsion and



>>>What are you going to do? Sic a lawyer on me if I don't buy your


>>>book? You are both in desperate need of help---and it isn't help that a

>>>lawyer can give you.


>>>Go to hell, both of you. I'm sure you won't even be welcome there, but


>>>is where you belong.


>>>Kenn Miller


But Hall isn’t done yet. Here is a series of emails “Tom Daniels” sent on 2 Aug, 2002. If this isn’t Don Hall writing, the sun doesn’t first show its morning face in the east. Notice that he is still pretending to be “Tom Daniels,” and that he slanders the whole 101st Airborne Division. Also notice that he now introduces a couple of his imaginary playmates he calls “Dale” and “Red Rudi.” Notice, too, the threats against me and my family when he writes of me, “If I was the little creep, I'd get out of his house for about a month or maybe two.”


>From: "Tom Daniels"

>To: [email protected]

>Subject: Fwd: This is a Random House writer speaking for and representing this


>Date: Fri, Aug 2, 2002, 10:21


> Dale and Red:

> DOWN BOY! "Go to hell?" Oh, I'm sure Hall is really scared. I think Miller

> Beer boy is about to go there. I will forward this to Miller because we

> don't do like these chicken shit boys do. They talka dn atlk to get others

> to do their battles fro them. Bunch of proven cowards they are. Miller and

> those others like that fatso arer lying sack of shit and fatso has been

> caught. Wait until the other shoes falls on his fatso ass LOL! What do liars

> do when caught? Blame the messenger, right? Hall never libeled Miller that

> I'm aware of. If so, where or why doesn't this Miller prove it. These punks

> don't realize how many men from F/51 LRP (Abn.) Inf. they pissed on and have

> opened a flood that they can not turn off. Lying is what they do best when

> they are caught lying. Lie in their books and now lying about Hall. Hall

> never did any of this what this dip-shit claims below cause he has too much

> class. Linderer Fatso is a thief. Hall popped him for it. Hey, Miller if I

> were to write a book and steal a chapter from you is that okay? How about me

> stealing your car? Is that okay?


> I got a copy of that Depo of Linderer's and man-oh-man what a shitbag. He is

> lying in that through and through. You know what they say, 'oh, what a

> tangled web we weave...' Hall will jump in someone's shit if they are full

> of shit like these punks are. You gotta come to the next reunion Miller Beer

> boy. I'm looking forward to meeting your little whiny ass. Hey Red, I'll let

> Miller also know that Hall is on his way to CA and he's going to

> "accidentially" pump into Miller beer boy. See if Miller can stand and take

> it. I doubt it. Miller's about to loose his VA bennies. These boys who could

> kill unarmed women rice porters in Vietnam are punks and cowards only fit

> for KP. If I was the little creep, I'd get out of his house for about a

> month or maybe two. This little wantobe could no way take on Hall, right,

> Ken Miller?


> ----------------------------------------------------------------------


>>My two cents on these bullshit books, Red.

>>Hey Miller! You dope-head! Westmoreland has made it clear that the >101st

>>Airplane Div. failed to move out in Dec 1967 to block the NVA in >the A

>>Shau Valley. The 101st had its whole fucking Div. all over >Vietnam, but no

>>where near where Westmoreland ordered them to be in >the A Shau Valley to

>>block the NVA in Dec 1967!!!!! So much for the >hardcore bullshit you boys

>>are living off the WWII guys. For failing >to move out and loosing Hue you

>>boys were stripped of your jump >status. The US MARINES hate your fuicking

>>guts, punk! A US MARINE!

>>Dale, out.


>>From: "Red Rudi"

>>To: [email protected] (REMOVED); [email protected]

>>Subject: Fwd: This is a Random House writer speaking for and representing

>>this company. What a dope!

>>Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2002 18:12:23 -0400




>>At least Hall has more class than this shit.

>>I think something should be done about this insane, moronic, stupid person

>>called Ken Miller who wrote a book about his dick sucking dog. >You know

>>what's going on and I think you need to contact Random House, >Inc. and the

>>people you know to insure this dope little Miller doesn't >get any more

>>book deals. Linderer is hosed and we need to line the >rest up for a firing

>>sqaud. It is now obvious that Randiom House is >owned by a German company

>>has printed these books to again, make >Vietnam Veterans look bad. The

>>editor, Lock knew all about these >fakers from the beginning, but he's

>>hiding in New Jersey.


>>I'll send you those hard copies you requested on this unit in Vietnam.

>>Doesn't look like they did much of anything, in my opinion. Contact Johnson

>>would like to have his in-put and send cc to LTC Shepard. The records

>>exhibit a bunch of want to bes.

>>Rudi The Red


It is sadly typical of Hall to threaten people and then accuse them of threatening him. I can supply anyone who is interested and who can establish his or her self as being a real human being and not one of the Halls’ imaginary playmates or stolen identities with examples of Hall threatening other people’s families and then accusing me and Gary Linderer of threatening his.

Don and Annette Hall are two of the most despicable psychopaths to ever draw breath on this planet, and Wiz Bang should be ashamed of having allowed itself to become a conduit for their vile slanders and libels. Wizbang might be wise to reflect on the fact that while few do so with the enthusiasm (and apparent greed) that the Halls do, other people are also capable of hiring lawyers and pursuing lawsuits.

Kenn Miller

Mr. Hall, you've written wh... (Below threshold)
SO Sad:

Mr. Hall, you've written whatever you wanted about those other soldiers and posted it on the internet. Why do you get mad when other people do the same thing? Is it just because you can't control the information? But don't you see that it's exactly what you've been doing to everyone else? I don't get that. You've been smearing the bloggers all along, so I don't know why you're so upset about it. If this blog weren't here, you wouldn't be able to smear them, now would you?

Are you mad that the bloggers are female and they ridicule you? Are you upset that they're not scared of you, nor threatened by anything you've said? A lot of your bile must come from the fact that they are women. Mayeb you're also furious that none of your insinuations and accusations about them have stuck! You've spread a LOT of lies about them, apparently, and they slide right off them like they're teflon! And I cannot understand why you'd lie about so many things that are so easy for anyone to check out. It looks like sheer desperation on your part.

Why is that you can attack everyone else in the worst ways, but you get all whiny and upset when the tables are turned? That's not very fair of you - nor very manly. You're the one that started this whole mess, and now you're mad that everyone else is using the same aggressive tone and tactics that you've used for so long??

Have you ever thought about settling down and letting it all go? There's no one that will listen to you. You're an admitted narcotic dependent individual, with all kinds of personal problems. Why not focus on your own life? The deeper you dig your hole, the more isolated and hated you make yourself.

I've noticed that you're refused to answer any of the questions raised about your own service. Why is that? Why won't you make your own record an open book? You want everyone to turn all their life's info over to you, but you hide your own background? Why not just answer the questions and clear the slate?

This is all so sad. I think that letter by Mr. Reid above is very humble, very heart-felt and sincere. He's obviously a good and honorable man, and appreciates your service.

You really should try and focus on yourself and making yourself happier. Don't waste all your emotional, physical, and psychological energy trying to destroy so many different people!

There's better things in life, and I'm sure your family is one of them. Your daughter must be so embarressed and heartsick over seeing you sell yourself into such hatred and bondage.

There's nothing left for you here. You're so invested in your own lies that you'll never see or admit your mistake. Like someone said above, you've been publicly caught in too many lies. Go, Mr. Hall. You've become a very bitter and enraged old man. It's time to heal yourself.

Dear Mister So Sad:<p... (Below threshold)

Dear Mister So Sad:

Name the lies that I was caught in? You stated, "You've spread a LOT of lies about them..." Give the facts before ranting about generalized statements. You also stated, "Like someone said above, you've been publicly caught in too many lies." Name the lies, Mister So Sad instead of repeating what you and or someone else wrote? Give direct and specific examples, please.

The two girl Bloggers censor my post on their site. I do not post there. They change what I write and they have others posting as me. Not what honest people would do is it?

Mister So Sad, why are you hiding and not giving your true name is it because you are Linderer or one of the dozens of authors that the U.S. National Archive records refute your war tales for the entire month of November 1968?

Gary A. Linderer was caught making false and fraudulent claims about his military awards and decorations inside all of his books; EYES OF THE EAGLE, EYES BEHIND THE LINES, SIX SILENT MEN book III, PHANTOM WARRIORS books I & II and BLACK BERETS AND PAINTED FACES in which he claimed that he earned two (2) Silver Stars and two (2) Purple Hearts. Look who really got caught lying, Mister So Sad?

It's funny to see now that Linderer is claiming on his Operation Homecoming USA 2006 site that he has a Purple Heart w/OLC after these two girl Bloggers posted his DD-214. The DD-214 sure looks forged to me.

I will be writing to Mister Reid and SP/4 Kenn Miller in due time. Stay tuned folks! This coming post will be as funny as it gets, but so sad --- because it's true!

Warmest Regards,
Don C. Hall

ACCUSING THE ACCUSER<... (Below threshold)
John Reid:


Don C. Hall started this internet thread by accusing Gary Linderer who served in F-58th LRRPS, of misrepresenting his Vietnam service. I got involved because the accusations on this web site. I called Mr. Hall to say I was a witness to some of the actual events that Mr Hall questions. I told him he had it wrong and I and numerous other witnesses(someone who was actually there unlike Hall) knew that what Gary Linderer had written in his books was accurate and not a misrepresentation as Mr claimed.

Well Mr Hall has a history with Gary Linderer. He doesn't like him and has tried to discredit him. Apparently it all started when Mr Hall wrote an article about an operation that he went on with special forces in Vietnam. Gary Linderer published Hall's article in his (Linderer's) magazine "Behind The Line". As soon as the magazine hit the street,numerous special forces veterans wrote the magazine to say Hall had it all wrong. Linderer printed some of the letters in the magazine. Hall was apparently livid at this refutation of his "Vietnam Expertise".

He has had it in for Linderer ever since.

Hall claims to be a "LRRPS IN Vietnam" expert because of his ervice inF-51st LRRPS.
He has written a book about his service in
F-51st called "I Served". Linderer had arranged a publishing contract for Hall but after the magazine article imbroglio Hall rejected
the signed contract and decided to self publish his book. He also has a web site where he has reproduced photocopies of F-51st records retrieved from the National Archives.

I decided to review Hall's book "I Served" and compare its contents with the "official documents on Halls web site. The results of my review were interesting if I may say so myself.

As an ex-LRRP I was looing forward to reading
Halls "I Served". Hall stated in the blurbs that it was a factual history of F-51st LRRPS based om "thousands" of records retrieved from the National Archives. Hall claimed that unlike other LRRP units F-51st had "dozens of clerks" documenting every aspect of the units operations. Since every LRRP unit I ever served in was lucky to have one morning reports clerks and two or three S-2 NCOs keeping records, Hall's book promised to be a uniquely well documented history of a special operations unit in Vietnam.

I was disappointed. The Vietnam portion of Halls' memoir is sandwiched between the authors pre and post Vietnam civilian life. Given the details of a tough childhood, perhaps this was a needed catharsis for the author.

In the preface (page ii) Hall states that in the Vietnam section of "I Served", dialogue is invented, multiple missions are combined into one and the author inserts himself as a character into missions on which he didn't serve. Hall is vague concerning the dates and locations of the "combined missions" that he does write about.
The reader is left wondering what is fact and what is fiction in Hall's book.

The MOST ASTONISHING facet of Hall's book is the one section of the book that purports to be actual, unadulterated fact. That is the CLAIMED BODY COUNT versus captured weapons statistics in the F-51st "Summary Of Operations" on pages 317 to 321 of the paperback (2001) edition of "I Served". The figures in the book were so disconcerting that I went to Hall's web site and compared the photocopies of "the original documents" to the reproductions in the book. They matched 100%.


According to the Summary of Operations in "I Served":

For the period 3 Dec 1967 to 23 May 1968 (when Hall was patrolling with F-51st according to his book):

Claimed kills were: 143 (actual body count) and 100 (probable body count) for a total of 243. Yet for the same period "the dozens of clerks" recorded only 18 captured weapons. It appears from the "official records" that 243-18 + 225/243 x 100 = 92.59% of the claimed VC/NVA kills when Hall was with the unit were UNARMED.

For the total period of F-51st's existence as a patrolling LRRP unit: 3 Dec 1967 to 23 Jan 1968:

Claimed kills were: 317 (actual body count) and 231 (probable body count) for a total of 548. Yet the "dozens of clerks" only recorded 75 captured weapons for the same period in the "official record". It appears 548 - 75 =473/548 x 100 = 86.31% of the claimed VC/NVA kills were unarmed.

These figures are at odds with the statistics for other Vietnam LRRP units that I am personnaly familiar with (F-58th, 3-506th LRRPS, C Co 75th Rangers and L Co 75th Rangers).

LRRP units that I was in rarely "made contact" with enemy units. Our primary mission was reconnaissance. Exchanges of fire with enemy units were ussually inadvertent. If we did observe an unarmed person we were to detain them or take them prisoner. A detainee or POW had much more intelligence value tjan a dead body.

LRRP units were occaisionally tasked with entering enemy base areas and ambushing small enemy units for intelligence purposes. Almost always the enemy was armed and weapons were captured after close quarters combat. In thick dense terrain mistakes were made but the were exceptions not the rule.

I and most experienced LRRP team leaders knew that even in a "free fire zone" we were likely to encounter unarmed non-combatents. For example there were: woodcutters and charcoal makers and displaced villagers returning to their former villages to harvest crops or tend to the graves of their ancestors as dictated by their religion. To kill such a person was a violation of the rules of war or a subversion of a LRRP team's primary mission which was intelligence gathering.

After reading Hall's book I am left wondering what was the primary mission of his unit F-51st LRPS. Especially after reading "recreated dialogue" such as:

Page 156 "Our company is going to have the highest kill ratio of any other unit of comparative size in the entire Republic of South Vietnam" and "We need more body count" remarks attributed by Hall to a Captain Randall of F-51st.

Page 159 "It's simple", I (Hall) replied, "Kill everyone, everybody. everything that walks, crawls or resembles a living thing".

In Hall's promised future, factual book about F-51st LRRPS in Vietnam he owes readers a logical explanation for the anomalous behavior of his unit in comparison with other LRRP units in Vietnam.

After reviewing Hall's work I am left wondering were he gets off accusing 101st LRRP units of killing unarmed civilians. The evidence he presents in his "official 101st documents" are baloney.
The VC/NVA killed by Linder's unit were an armed medical unit. Hall tries to suggest that they were rice porters mentioned in the records at another location miles away. Anyone familiar with the actual terrain between the two sightings knows that is impossible for the "unarmed rice porters" cited by the Halls to have moved to the location where Linder's unit ambushed an armed medical unit.

Instead I believe it is Hall who has to answer for killing unarmed non-combatents according to the statistics in the official documents which he represents as genuine in his book and web site.

John Reid

Part of my previous post wa... (Below threshold)
John Reid:

Part of my previous post was missing. Just to be clear my service with C Co 75th rangers was that of a clerk in the rear at An Khe in 1970.

Im aBit confused by all thi... (Below threshold)
Gina Klinner Colbert:

Im aBit confused by all this. Whose name shows as the G-2 during this time? My father was G-2 under General Zais, He Left Vietnam Dec. 1968. Just curious.

Dear Gina,The Milita... (Below threshold)

Dear Gina,
The Military-speak in the records are hard to fully understand. On the date of the combat for 20 Nov. 1968, Lieutenant Colonel Jim I. Hunt, who earned the DSC for Tet 1968 was in charge of these DA1594 records. LTC Hunt notarized these reports. These DA1594 records are the contemporaneous radio messages that G2 and G3 write down and study for future military operations. I have the entire month of November 1968 and I cannot find anything that Gary Linderer and Kenn Miller wrote about that comes close to what these reports state --- other than the dates and some names.

Along with LTC Hunt, Major John H. Mathews co-signed the 8 pages of report for the date of 20 Nov. 1968. Other field-grade officers and ranking NCOs worked in this G2 and G3 section and did an outstanding job.

The two Bloggers of ER or as it should be called, "Uber Alles" that Kit an Heidi did not understand the records, map reading and left out the 257 pages of the DA1594 records in their ten part series or hit-piece on my wife and I except for one page. Why? The same reason why Gary Linderer will not sign a FORM 180 to release a clean and untouched copy of his DD214 and military records. I told these two female Bloggers that they were not qualified to write about the combat and these records because it was over their heads. We all know how some people who claim that they are, "always right" will not stop or know when to quit. I'm far from being perfect man, but have seen these types of people, in my many years. They often eat up their own weight in groceries. FOOD is their only friend. Fear, lies and not being honest motivates them into the bigots that they are.

The two Bloggers, authors and men's whose names appear in these dozens of books are saying that these records are wrong, hearsay, incorrect and that LTC Hunt is in essence a "Liar." When reading the entire month you really see how well the 101st Airborne Division was as an effective fighting unit in Vietnam, but as in civilian life and in the military you always have these marginal people who know deep down inside that they are basically unmannly phonies. How did Kenn Miller put it in his book 'SIX SILENT MEN?' Miller on page 170, writes about the new company commander (C.O. who was later fragged in July 1968) [CPT. James G. Sheppard] takes charge and wants these men to get into military shape, get ready for patrolling and stop the party animal house atmosphere that this unit had "led the charmed life" as noted in another book. This unit arrived in Vietnam in November 1967, and formed a strong bond in the rear and did not start patrolling until May/June 1968. Their main job was KP (Kitchen Police) for six months as noted in Miller's and other books. According to Miller book, "He (CPT Sheppard) wasted no time letting the Lurps know that he considered them undisciplined, slovenly, unmanly, shirkers, and phonies."

In the beginning of Miller's book he has a good CYA: AUTHOR'S NOTE "When it comes to the activities of the Vietnam War long-range patrol and Ranger units, official Army records are often unreliable and inaccurate..."
Kenn Miller September 1996.

I'll take the notarized written words of LTC Hunt and the rest of personnel in G2 and G3 over these low-ranking enlisted men who were unaware that these records were made as they wrote their books and as Miller wrote about himself and Linderer that they were and are to this day, "undisciplined, slovevenly, unmanly, shirkers and phonies."

The brave men that were killed in action that date of 20 Nov. 1968 were not what Miller wrote about. The team leader who they called "medal hungry had three weeks left in Vietnam and anothetr man KIA had a month. These fine men on the Wall in Washington, DC are what soldiers are about. They earned the Purple Heart. Linderer mocks them by claiming he has two Purple Hearts for a wound in each leg. Linderer has finally admitted that he has one Silver Star. After all these years and it is still inside all of his books that he has two Silver Stars. Truely, Gary Linderer is a phony, unmannly and slovevenly person.

Welcome back, Don. Just so ... (Below threshold)
Kenn Miller:

Welcome back, Don. Just so Ms Colbert doesn't feel poisoned by the venom you're spraying, why don't you let her in on the joke? Your vendetta is, after all, an "in-joke" among veterans, and you can't expect outsiders to see the humor unless you clue them in. It is rather "slovevenly" of you to spray Ms Colbert but not to let her in on the joke.
Your pal,
Kenn Miller
KP Extraordinaire






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