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Yet another reason to despise the French

I recently picked up an excellent book at a thrift store. It's the account of two Japanese men -- one who helped design the legendary Zero fighter, and another who flew them -- and their accounts of World War II. It's a fascinating look at the perspective of the enemy during that great conflict.

But buried in its pages are a few treasures I did not expect to find. For example, there's an account of a Japanese pilot stationed in French Indochina (now Viet Nam) in December, 1941:

"December 8, 1941. This morning dawned quietly. By some miracle the enemy had still not attacked our air bases in French Indochina, much to the relief of all pilots and crew members. It was inconceivable that the enemy would not launch a heavy attack against our airfields, and my squadron moved at once to a nearby French army air base.

"A French army officer approached my bomber this morning, smiling broadly and speaking rapidly in his native tongue. It had been a long time since I studied French at the Naval Academy, and I was unable to understand a word he was saying. We later discovered that the French officer had been congratulating us for our Navy's successful attack on Pearl Harbor.

"Until that moment, when we discovered what the excited French officer was trying to tell us, we were unaware of the great assault on the American air and naval bastion."

This book was written in 1956, and at the time of Pearl Harbor France had surrendered to and was busily collaborating with the Nazis. Many of the French military abroad signed up with the Free French movement and aided the allies, but quite a few chose to switch their loyalties to the Nazis and oppose those who would eventually liberate France.

But perhaps I shouldn't be so critical of our traditional allies...


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I don't know if the French ... (Below threshold)

I don't know if the French invented hypocrisy, but they sure perfected it.

i wasn't aware we needed re... (Below threshold)

i wasn't aware we needed reasons to hate them in the first place...

I heard that story before..... (Below threshold)

I heard that story before....wasn't the officer Chirac? Non....maybe the new PM, DeVil le PAIN.

And, by the term, "The Fren... (Below threshold)

And, by the term, "The French," I'm concluding that that means the American Left, Castro's Communists and Vietnamese Communists...given the allegiances shared by all to one and the same: forced socialism upon the bourgeousie, otherwise known as "populist communism."

(^^) among many other regio... (Below threshold)

(^^) among many other regional communist movements, worldwide (not limited to only those I mentioned, is my point). Still socialists bent on communism. The French are notoriously duplicitous in their politics, as areothers among the Left everywhere. Fortunately, there are some who appear to be beginning to realize that, even for the French, communist pyramid schemes reach a conclusion and usually a bad one: after a set point, everyone starves.

No surprise there, coming f... (Below threshold)

No surprise there, coming from the surrender monkeys . . .

Excuse me, why do we need a... (Below threshold)

Excuse me, why do we need a reason to hate the French?

Uh, guys? "The French" is n... (Below threshold)

Uh, guys? "The French" is no more an accurate a generalization than "The Americans" or "The Left." There were several members of our higher-ups who were considering siding with the Axis, just like the French leaders did. Pearl Harbor just tipped the scales against them.

Hell, there's still a rampant thread of Holocaust denial and Nazi sympathy in this country. Would you like for people to speak of "those Nazi-loving jingoist Americans"? Then why do this?

Hey, out of fairness we sho... (Below threshold)

Hey, out of fairness we should give the French credit for their many accomplishments, like brie, champagne and croissants before we ridicule them for being cowardly, stinking, oxygen wasting thieves. Then in the name of decency we should send them some Right Guard and back braces.

Wendigo, I have ancestors o... (Below threshold)

Wendigo, I have ancestors of French/Swiss nationalities (alpine area on the border of those two countries) and my earlier comments aren't at all personal as to ALL French persons (every individual in France) but as to national character.

They have a notoriosly negative national and generally culturally popular anti-U.S. perspective and always have. I know of what I speak.

It's generally due to a perspective (many in Canada also share this) that their version of socialism is superior to American democracy, that our culture is inferior to theirs, etc.

I think it's easy to conclude that the French (the country as represented by their government) has been running quite contrary to U.S. interests for a long time now, and isn't likely to stop unless and until France undergoes another revolution (it might happen but when/if it does, it'll be an economic one).

France maintains a cultural denigration of most aspects to the U.S. and always has, since we've been a country. I think it's something iherent to their culture, the animosity.

However, I don't "despise" ... (Below threshold)

However, I don't "despise" the French. Although I can understand why some do, is my point.

Uh, guys? "The French" i... (Below threshold)

Uh, guys? "The French" is no more an accurate a generalization than "The Americans" or "The Left."


What do you mean, not an accurate generalization? For starters, all the French speak French. Why can't they speak English, like normal people?

Someone remind me what happ... (Below threshold)

Someone remind me what happened exactly- but I do remember reading somewhere that the French politicians and even those who joined the Free French movement were not too thrilled about the US coming along and liberating them. They would have rather either been assimilated or die trying to free themselves.

S: The rest is more or less... (Below threshold)

S: The rest is more or less accurate. Actually, most of Europe isn't very US-positive right now. This part, though:

"France maintains a cultural denigration of most aspects to the U.S. and always has, since we've been a country. I think it's something iherent to their culture, the animosity."

The French Revolution was based on ours. O.o

Heck, they gave us a 225-ton monument to liberty and the international friendship between our two countries in 1885.

Granted, that friendship seems to have eroded somewhat down the years.

The French gave the statue ... (Below threshold)

The French gave the statue to us in 1875, trying to appease the side that won the Civil War, the side they didn't support. It was strictly a publicity stunt to promote better business relations between France and a U.S. that had it fresh in it's memory that France did what France has always done, screwed over anybody it possibly could in it's financial interests, in this case they wanted cotton from the southern states and wanted it cheap. The best way to assure a cheap, steady supply was for the south to win and slavery to continue. Unless you think it's merely coincidence that they came up with the idea in 1865.

It's bizarre that France is... (Below threshold)

It's bizarre that France is remembered as a country we liberated during World War II, rather than a country we defeated in World War II -- which is more accurate.

While many European countries have much to be ashamed of from that period, France is by far the worst. Most importantly, they were entirely complicit in Nazi atrocities against the Jews, and were the only "occupied" power to use their own police forces to round up Jews to turn over to the Nazis.

Wendigo:The Fre... (Below threshold)


The French Revolution was based on ours. O.o

Heck, they gave us a 225-ton monument to liberty and the international friendship between our two countries in 1885.

Granted, that friendship seems to have eroded somewhat down the years.

What other universe do you reside in?

The French Revolution was a violent, riotous and quite intensely murderous episode in which the poor ("the bourgeousie" the common folk in French culture) stormed all forms of existing government and culture and chopped off the heads -- without trials, without pause, without so much as an "excuse me, what's your name" question by the executioners -- of anyone who had property, or was otherwise regarded as "the ruling class."

It had nothing to do with land occupied by a foreign government, had nothing to do with pioneers in a distant land seeking to rule themselvse -- both of which WERE the causes and conditions of our American revolution (against the distant government of the English monarchy who claimed the Americas and residents here as subjects o' the crown) -- but had everything to do (in France) with cultural changes (and by barbaric means, at that).

Barbaric, I describe, the French Revolution because landownders and legislators, and particularly the monarchy in France and all related, were rioted upon and taken by force to their immediate deaths by unruly (to put it mildly), marauding people. Who then took the property that their newly-executed left behind and declared themselves the new owners of all they could grab.

It was not an act of heroism but an act of barbarism, the French Revolution. Later romanticised as something "liberating," however, and held up as a triumph of the common man and such, but an entirely grotesque uprising. Many of the poised who were executed were heard to ask, very politely, what it was they had done to be put to death, and then actually apologizing for any inconvenience.

People lost their heads and hands and had their remains put on poles in Paris and otherwise defamed by "the bougouisie," so the term is not the coffee-sipping endearing label that it has been made out to be by the American Left. The French Revolution bears no resemblance to our own American Revolution and the very idea that you'd suggest such a bizare thing calls into question your own, breezy acceptance of the violence that was the French Revolution.

France had a class uprising in which many of the "ruling class" were brutally murdered and defamed by their very own peers, their own countrymen and women. It was a violent event based upon economic resentments of the violent kind -- similar to what took place in Russia later -- and was not a protestation about foreign, non sovereign rule, but about the French making death upon themselves.

I think the very suggestion... (Below threshold)

I think the very suggestion that it is a breezy, easy subject to equate the French Revolution with our American Revolution serves to explain the nonsense that categorizes some people's insistence that socialism is 'just fine,' is some sort of Santa Claus, Fairy Queen, generalized stupidity.

Because the history of France is a very violent one. Paris has layers upon layers of bones stacked up right under the streets, of murdered Frenchmen and women who failed to serve the bouguousie (I'm probably spelling that wrong, I realize), while the bougousie to this day continues to enjoy laughter and music at corner cafes without regard for the very lives.

The French have an intensely brutal past and I think all the epicurean, clothed and dramatically draped and sweet smelling features that they've held up as their achivements are mere compensations for their actual nature. They've gotten a lot of nature out of touting liberty while knifing even their fellows in the back.

Primarily, what you have is a France today that was (re)created by a violent class of peoples who resolved to instigate and ensure socialism, if not a variety of communism. And they're today realizing (some are) that it's not a workable form of government, IF liberty is what they say it is. Either one is wrong, or the other is, is my point.

And, what Spoons wrote (^^)... (Below threshold)

And, what Spoons wrote (^^), among what I wrote (^^). Sometimes sweet talk and presents conceal other motives, and people should heed history. Not the fictitous history but real history.

If my recollection is corre... (Below threshold)

If my recollection is correct, I believe US citizens ended up paying the not-inconsiderable freight on the Statue of Liberty. I believe we tried for many years to get them to pay; not sure they ever did. So, we paid for their peace offering.

I am also under the impression they still owe us cash for our efforts in WWI.

Getting back to the post... (Below threshold)

Getting back to the posting ..., each ... individual frenchman/frenchwoman made their own choice and suffered to some degree for it. I believe that those french that chose to "fight" with the Allies were socialists and wanted to keep themselves "whole" for their agenda.

OBTW, there is the contentious "story" that Japan may have practiced industrial espionage in developing the heralded Zero's design.


i'm very surprise that the ... (Below threshold)

i'm very surprise that the most intelligent and powerfull people of the world are seriously writing about this subject that seems to be... a haox or, at least, a stupidity. there are millions of book written each year. Some are novels, some are attempts, some are documentaries and sometimes, novels seams to be documentaries as "da vinci code". But in that particular case, it's not possible to check because the writer of this mail did not give the tittle of the book and the name of his author...
of course, you didn't check because as some of you wrote : you do not need a reason to hate french.

When i read newspaper, when i watch tv, when i listen to radio, i see, ear, watch americans soldiers burning, exploding, killing, torturing, hating other people... you don't mind about greenhouse effect... what kind of people are you? You killed most of the natives of your big country and you want to explain us that our revolution was a single riot? You should not spend too much time in disney land or watching dumb tv, it has negativ consequences on your aptitude to hunderstant the world : too complicated for your narrow mind. Your only answer to conplexity is bombing. Hiroshima, the only nuclear bombing of all ages was yours. The next one seems not to be to far according to what i read here.
To finish with, if you want to read something more intelligent than mickey mouse, read Fontenelle, "la dent d'or" - the teeth of gold - and you will learn something about hoax.
Personnaly, i do not hate americans. I do not ever know any american.

Let's see, never heard of N... (Below threshold)

Let's see, never heard of Nagasaki, thinks Americans all hang out at Disneyland, dumber than shit, must be French.......

bullwinkle:I dunno... (Below threshold)


I dunno, the accent sounds Belgian to me.

I dunno, fellas; I'm thinki... (Below threshold)

I dunno, fellas; I'm thinking Quebecois myself (they're at least as bad as real cheese-eating surrender monkeys).

Canada, at least part of it... (Below threshold)

Canada, at least part of it, and Belgium are both France-lite, all the assholiness but only half the stench.

in your situation, the prob... (Below threshold)

in your situation, the problem is not to know who hates you but who likes you. At the begining, USA was the land of opportunity of european dregs of society. And you are their sons. Congratulation.
Another precision : usa didn't come to europe to deliver this land from nazi barbarians (this is in disneyland, it's only for you) : usa comes to europe to stop USSR advance. Otherwise, europe would have been communist at the end of war. This is the reason of Dresden Bombing (to show ussr how powerfull USSAF is).
however, don't think i'm another antiamerican , wich is wrong as i'm a devout suporter of your president... it's a real pleasure to watch him explaining how the world works.

Wanting freedom of religion... (Below threshold)

Wanting freedom of religion and wanting out from under the oppressive thumbs of inbred Eurotrash royalty makes us the dregs of European society. Glad you were able to clear that up for us. Bailing your worthless smelly hides out of TWO world wars must mean that the dregs are quite a bit better than the ones that stayed. Maybe next time the white flags come out over there we'll leave well enough alone.

For the record, not only do... (Below threshold)
Jean Claude:

For the record, not only do we, the french, all smell of a mix of bad cologne and body odor....we have bad teeth as well and little to no sense of humor.

but, at least we are not Dutch...






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