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HuffPost Of The Day

Reprinted in its entirety, this nugget from someone named Chelsea Peretti, who is allegedly a comedian and writer.

Guys, couple questions 4U: what's fillibustering, who's bolton, and what is deep throat?
Any help would be appreciated...C
Our condolences to her boyfriend...

Comments (18)

Don't be so hard on Ms. Per... (Below threshold)

Don't be so hard on Ms. Peretti. After all, the first step is recognzing you have a problem.

Fillibuster: What girls do... (Below threshold)

Fillibuster: What girls do to their training bras.
Bolton: A soccer team in England.
Deep throat: Ask Ms Lewinsky.

wow... just wow.... (Below threshold)

wow... just wow.

As the saying goes:<p... (Below threshold)

As the saying goes:

Better to keep quiet and look the fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

I'm not very familiar with ... (Below threshold)

I'm not very familiar with Peretti apart from blackpeopleloveus.com, but I'm guessing this is a "who cares" kind of post. Pretty lame joke if you ask me, but I doubt she is that clueless.

I find it hard to believe t... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

I find it hard to believe that anyone would be that ignorant. Especially since the news always explains the terms. Perhaps she only listens to Air America.

That is such a setup for a ... (Below threshold)

That is such a setup for a lot of really bad jokes, especially the last question in the little trifecta of stupidity.

What is Deep Throat? Wrong... (Below threshold)

What is Deep Throat? Wrong question, unless you are asking about classic porn . . .

- Ok.....Is someone running... (Below threshold)

- Ok.....Is someone running another "Blonde Moments Award" contest again....

- Whats fillibustering - What blondes do just before they feed their babies...

- Who's Bolton - Its your's sweetie.... remember you got tired of buckling the straps....

- What is Deepthroat - What blondes do when they use their boyfriends to brush their teeth.....

Um . . . I think she was tr... (Below threshold)

Um . . . I think she was trying to be humorous. Completely failed, but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Yeah she's kidding. Too ba... (Below threshold)

Yeah she's kidding. Too bad, because it is more fun to laugh at liberals than with them. Satire can be difficult to pull off, but sometimes more difficult for literal people to get.

Thanks for posting it, because it helped me discover her www.blackpeopleloveus.com website, which is the funniest thing I've seen in a month, and really good satire. She's crazy-cute too, so I doubt her boyfriend is complaining too much.

And notice... no comments o... (Below threshold)

And notice... no comments on the post.

Mantis finally makes sense.... (Below threshold)

Mantis finally makes sense. Woohoo!

Of course she's kidding, sh... (Below threshold)

Of course she's kidding, she's just doing a really bad job of it.

In any case, she appears to be a woman of many angles: the Howard Stern in drag angle, some redemption, and more redemption.

What kind of elitist nonsen... (Below threshold)

What kind of elitist nonsense is that? She's a commedian, not a dork who reads news and blogs all day like us.

Seriously, if you took a random poll of Americans, what % would be able to answer even one of those questions?

Well, whomever couldn't ans... (Below threshold)

Well, whomever couldn't answer one of those questions would be worthy of contempt and scorn on a political blogging site. That is Kevin's angle. The lowest common denominator is not the measure of man. But of course she is kidding so this whole thread falls apart, and the funnier thing is that you didn't get it either. This chick is probably too smart for the rest of us. Some of her humor is brilliant -- check out that blackpeopleloveus.com website. Cute and funny, way dangerous babe.

McCain,Cute -- yes... (Below threshold)


Cute -- yes.

Funny --yes.

Dangerous? Not yet there; unfortunately. Maybe someday.

What's better than where this thread falls apart is the comments on their site where some people just don't get it.

I'm watching "On the Record" right now. I wish you were right about the lowest common denominator thing.

Is there hope for the rest of us?

And who are the rest of us?

Maybe I'm just too dense fo... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm just too dense for satire. I went to her website and thought it was the lamest thing I've seen in at least a month.






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