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Runaway Bride Jennifer Wilbanks' Infamy Clock Hits 14:59

Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, left, leaves the Gwinnett County courthouse with her attorney, Lydia Sartain, in Lawrenceville, Ga., Thursday, June 2, 2005. Wilbanks pleaded no contest Thursday to a felony charge and wept as she was sentenced to probation, community service and a fine. (AP Photo/Ric Feld)

There will be no jail time for Jennifer Wilbanks, just two years probation and community service. The good news is that wall to wall coverage will cease. She might turn up in a "Whatever Happened To?" segment and there's sure to be a short note about her eventual marriage to (and probably divorce from) John "Dufus" Mason. Of course anyone with a imagination this vivid could surprise us all and end up staring in a Paris Hilton-style home video...

Runaway Bride Pleads No Contest to Felony - [AP]

Comments (12)

Dare I say it? Yes, I think... (Below threshold)

Dare I say it? Yes, I think I will. She's got a nice RACK. Like to see those in the jail jumpsuit.

I like how she "befriended"... (Below threshold)

I like how she "befriended" a hispanic man and a white woman on the bus and decided to follow them, the rest sounds like it could have happened, just not so unwillingly.

Maybe not so vivid an imagination after all.

Hmmm.I think anyon... (Below threshold)


I think anyone who is crazy enough to marry her deserves everything that is going to happen to him.

Who cares? Was she the only... (Below threshold)

Who cares? Was she the only idiot who ever faked her own kidnapping in the world?

I smell a new Surreal Life ... (Below threshold)

I smell a new Surreal Life couple. Watch out, Brigitte and Flav.

She's going to get a tv sho... (Below threshold)

She's going to get a tv show after the manditory therapeutic confrontation by Dr Phil on Oprah's.

It's how the evolution of "pervert a day"(thanks, Ted Turner, you are usually a numbskull, for addressing this problem today) works in America.


Okay, I want to say first o... (Below threshold)

Okay, I want to say first of all that everyone is responsible for their own actions. Definitely, 100%.

Having said that, am I the only one who thinks that if the press hadn't given this way more coverage than it deserved that maybe the gal wouldn't have lied about the kidnapping and just worked her stuff out and gone home?

Yes, nice rack indeed! As ... (Below threshold)

Yes, nice rack indeed! As I was viewing her "frontage," I wondered if they were the reason her eyes seem more "open" than most.

Could it be that the weight of her chest is pulling her cheeks down and making her "look" as if she is terminally goosed?

Just two thoughts ...


SA,Well, that at l... (Below threshold)


Well, that at least two more rational thoughts than Jennifer had today.

Anyone catch the footage of her walking out of court with hubby to be with what looks like about a pound of vasoline smeared on her mouth?

Truly scary.

who wears a hoodie to a cou... (Below threshold)

who wears a hoodie to a court appearance? bad form.

The sentence was fair, she'... (Below threshold)

The sentence was fair, she's going to pay her dues.

Oh yeah, she's got a nice set of...


I think she is quite the wo... (Below threshold)

I think she is quite the woman. How do I get in contact with her? I would date her, she's not so bad. I have met woman that were much worse. Especially in the commitment arena. If you're out there Jennifer, e-mail me......






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