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"We're so sorry we got caught"

It's been a while since I touched on the Milton Academy story of the 15-year-old girl who had a tendency towards performing oral sex on her classmates, often in large groups. Well, the story appears to be settled.

In the incident that drew all the fire, "Monica" met up with and provided Lewinskys for five boys in a locker room. The 15-year-old and the 16-year-old boys were taken to juvenile court, where they were given 100 hours of community service and their cases continued for two years. And yesterday, the 17- and 18-year-old boys were in adult court, where they were forced to apologize to "Monica's" family and put on two years' pre-trial probation. If they keep their noses clean until then, the charges will be dismissed.

Let's recap the consequences of this case:
All five boys: expelled.
The two younger boys: Two years probation, 100 hours community service, then their records expunged.
The three older boys: forced to apologize to "Monica's" parents in open court, two years probation, then their records expunged.
"Monica:" brief "administrative leave" from school, now back attending classes.

With luck, this will be the last we hear of this sordid, sad affair. But I'll bring up one last point: Massachusetts statutory-rape laws are black and white. In New Hampshire, the law is a bit more precise: if there is a four-year or less difference in the age of the parties involved, it's reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. And I can't seem to verify it, but it's my understanding that when the age difference is only a year or two, the law doesn't get involved.

Personally, I'd like to have seen "Monica" charged as well, and definitely expelled along with the boys. There was absolutely no evidence of coercion or force -- in fact, quite to the contrary; she was apparently an eager participant, and possibly the instigator. She was 15, but so was one of the boys charged. If what he did was a crime, so was what she did. And maybe that would have shown a light on the injustice of the current laws in Massachusetts.

In Jay Tea's ideal world, all six participants (along with those in the other incidents) would have been quietly expelled from Milton, with clear explanations to their parents. But the courts would have never been involved, and certainly not the newspapers. But if they're going to come down hard on the boys, they have no right to give the girl a pass.

Previous accounts of the Milton Academy story here, here, and here.


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Comments (30)

This would never have happe... (Below threshold)

This would never have happened if President Klinton hadn't put his penis in that lady's mouth. Ewwww.

Typical of the left-wing Bo... (Below threshold)

Typical of the left-wing Boston news...

These boys say "sorry" for rape (disingenuously) and "duck" punishment.

Why isn't any one asking why this dirty little hoe was sucking off five guys at once?

So true Jay. The courts sh... (Below threshold)

So true Jay. The courts should have never been involved in this case (IMO the boys should never have been charged in the first place) and that girl deserves every sort of punishment that he levied against the underage boys! A total miscarriage of justice and a perfect example of a double standard. Both the courts of Mass. and Milton Academy were sexist in the handling of this incident.

The biggest outrage of these proceedings was when after the boys had read their prepared apologies, the uncle of the family (a lawyer) stood up and said the family wasn't satisfied. The boys were then made to turn to the family and apologize one by one. Are you kidding me?? What a joke! The family shouldn't be satisfied with the way they raised their daughter, not worrying about apologies!!

But if they're goi... (Below threshold)
But if they're going to come down hard on the boys
Are you talking about the courts or the girl?
(that should read)"B... (Below threshold)

(that should read)
"But if they're going to come down hard on the boys"

Are you talking about the courts or the girl?

How can they publish the na... (Below threshold)

How can they publish the name of the 17-year-old boy?

She will be a big hit at th... (Below threshold)

She will be a big hit at this year's series of 10th grade Rainbow Parties.

While it sounds like there ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

While it sounds like there isn't anything you could legally charge her with, I imagine that her behavior was against at least some school rules, and she should have been expelled, since the actions were consensual.

Had the boys forced her, I would feel differently, but she appeared to be a willing partner, and she should face the same school punishment.

Ooh! Cheap meds!... (Below threshold)

Ooh! Cheap meds!

Any bets on the fact that S... (Below threshold)

Any bets on the fact that SICK WILLIE will learn her name and have her as an "intern" in his office as soon as she is "legal"? Or the fact that her parents are certain to encourage her to accept the offer from SICK WILLIE?

Expelled? Nah, they should ... (Below threshold)

Expelled? Nah, they should do the cigarette punishment. Y'know - when the kid is caught smoking, they make him finish a whole carton? Well, they should make her take care of the whole school! By that time, she'll never suck another dick in her life.

Cause right now, she's just going to do it again. She obviously enjoys it, and until she's old enough to be in porn, she's gonna do it wherever she can. Her parents must be proud.

Must.......have......phente... (Below threshold)


Just me,The girl c... (Below threshold)

Just me,

The girl can be charged with statutory rape of the 15 year old boy. Statutory rape has nothing to do with force, and everything to do with consent, as I'm sure you already know. So there is no reason why she couldn't (or shouldn't) be charged in the same manner the 15 y.o. boy was.

I had figured the boys apol... (Below threshold)

I had figured the boys apology was going to be, "they were sorry that she wasn't 16".

She better hope she doesn't perform this stunt next year on an incoming freshman. She'll be looking at it from the other end.

minnie: you overlooked the... (Below threshold)

minnie: you overlooked the plurality of what you wrote about. And other offensive intrusions.

Certainly this young lady(?... (Below threshold)

Certainly this young lady(?) should be punished to the same extent of the boys in this case. All parties were consenting, and the fact that statutory rape isn't charged across the board is a testament to how ineffective such convoluted laws actually are (one person is 16 and the other is 14 being different legally from both parties being 15, etc.).

That and I'm pissed this brand of gal wasn't around when I was in school.

One more thing--<i... (Below threshold)

One more thing--

"Three former Milton Academy hockey players apologized yesterday to a 15-year-old student for receiving oral sex from her in a school locker room . . ."

Am I the only one who thinks "I'm sorry I let you give me a blowjob." is one of the most bizarre statements ever uttered?

"If they keep their noses c... (Below threshold)

"If they keep their noses clean until then, the charges will be dismissed."

Their noses are the problem here...

The psychology of sexuality... (Below threshold)

The psychology of sexuality is very complicated. It's entirely possible that she wasn't, as it's been so pleasantly put,

Many times, a girl who's been sexually abused (particularly about someone they care about) in some way will wind up acting out. It happens.

Rather than admitting to yourself that you've been used, a common response is to pretend that you wanted to be used. That you asked for it. And in order to maintain that illusion for yourself, you have to keep wanting it.

But uh...yeah, let's go blame the girl. Since we all know what was going on inside HER head.

I'd recommend counseling for all but the boys who had reached the age of consent, rather than expulsions all around.

That's meant to read "as it... (Below threshold)

That's meant to read "as it was so pleasantly put, obviously enjoying it."

Since you said it yourself,... (Below threshold)

Since you said it yourself, Wendigo, I can't believe you so completely missed the salient point:
We can't know what was going inside HER head one way or the other. So all we can do is use legal means to modify her behavior.

Because we can't know what was going on inside any of the boy's heads, either. But you don't seem to be so willing to assume anything about a possibility of their former victimization. Why is that? Because males automatically always want sex, all the time, in any situation?
I hope that's not your assumption, because how tragically shallow it would be to walk around with that sort of garbage in your world-view.

Bottom line (repeated, just in case someone doesn't get it):
You can never know for sure what is going on in someone's head, even if they tell you, they can never really be sure of the origins and motivations of their impulses. Until mind-reading is possible, all we can do is deal with the behavior.

That's not blaming the girl, that's holding her responsible for her willing actions. Actions have consequences, and we do no favors helping people avoid the natural and logical results of their choices.

...unless you want a society composed of the morally retarded.

Jay, I hesitate to bring th... (Below threshold)

Jay, I hesitate to bring this to your loyal readers' attention, but of course you know that your position puts you FOUR SQUARE in ageement with our least favorite liberal legal loudmouth, Alan Dershowitz!!!!! I had written a post on this subject yesterday, entitled "Flying Pigs," in light of the frequency of my agreements with the ubiquitous smarmaster --but I lost it during a server malfunction and couldn't bear to re-type my own admission.

You, and he (and mike as well) are correct, she COULD have been charged with the same crime, and while Wendigo's comment is sensitive to the psychology of sexual assault victims, this is the same excuse/defense that is given by male agressors -- they are victims themselves and are acting out....and yet, always, they...are...made...to...defend themselves.

Liberal apologists and feministas: Ye reap what you sow? Nahhhh, it's always the guys' fault.

I didn't realize one of the... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I didn't realize one of the boys involved was 15, although just one more reason I support romeo and juliet laws that essentially don't considering sexual activity between minors with 3 to 4 fewer years between them as statutory rape.

One thing that bothers me about this case, is that it ends up making a victim out of the girl involved completely, and I just don't see her as the victim of anything here.

Just wanted to put this out... (Below threshold)

Just wanted to put this out there that I remember hearing on the radio a few months ago from a few students who went to that school. Apparently it was one of the boys' birthday and she was giving him and his friends a present. Doesn't sound like coercion to me. She also had the reputation before this event as being promiscuous. She definitely has problems, but obviously the family would prefer to place the blame on the boys rather than admit that they need to start taking control of this girl's behavior.

There are many serious prob... (Below threshold)
guest guest:

There are many serious problems in this girl's family. Both parents lost their jobs in New Hampshire lately due to allegedly bad behaviors. Her father has been to court for pedophilic behavior. Her brother as well. I would be surprised if the girl has not been sexually abused. Girls who engage in extremes of sexual acting out compared to their peers have often been sexually and otherwise abused.

This is a sad situation all around. I hope the girl's parents face and address the issues that have led them to their own situations in life and to understand the damage they have done to this girl.

guest guest's last hope may... (Below threshold)

guest guest's last hope may not be realized. The parents weren't at all happy with the "slap on the wrist" the boys received.

As if being expelled and humiliated weren't enough punishment.

These parents are in complete denial. They should be publicly apologizing to their own daughter!

Yes, the parents are in com... (Below threshold)
guest guest:

Yes, the parents are in complete denial.

The father was fired from teaching at two high schools--for inappropriate sexual behavior including fondling himself in front of teenage girls. His most recent expulsion was from a school in New Hampshire after the Milton Academy issue occurred. The mother was also fired from her job at the same school. The goings on are being pursued against this couple in the courts. The half-brother had a restraining order taken out against him for violence against the family. His mother (the girl's mother also) hired him to work at the school . . . All are not longer employed by the school, but what a mess!! No wonder the girl has little self respect. I hope she is required to have intensive counseling. I hope she will learn to respect herself and others.

The pathologies in this family have lead to much pain for many families and students, indeed an entire community. I wish there were some way to make the parents understand their responsibility in this!

Gosh, I must have missed wh... (Below threshold)

Gosh, I must have missed where I didn't recommend COUNSELING, Nate. Which would most likely be not only legal, but also actually effective.

I mean, not that punishments like expulsion and imprisonment aren't great, and all. Just that if the behavior you're looking to remedy isn't "going to school," it wouldn't be all that much more effective than jack shit.

Of course, the 18 year old boys are well into the range when they can and should know better than not to turn down oral sex from freshmen. They can be expelled for all I care.

As someone that is informed... (Below threshold)

As someone that is informed of this issue very well, the older boys did receive community service hours AS WELL as counciling. Lets all remember that nobody knows what really happened. There is somewhere in between the story of the boys and the girl that is the truth, and only they will really know what happened. Apparently the DA is attempting to change the laws so that the Mass laws aren't so strict. This would be good. To Wendigo, the girl was a sophemore, and the 17 year olds were sophemores, and the "18" year old was a junior that just turned 18 around the time of those incedents. Whoever asked why they could release the names of the boys, its because they were all charged as adults. Yes, this girl did come from a very difficult background and yes these boys were possibly wrong, but lets acknowledge that everybody, whether it be the guys or the girl, makes mistakes. Lets just take this as a lesson and learn from it.

The honest reaction respons... (Below threshold)
Tony's Baloney:

The honest reaction response, if it could be had from this no moral base group, would be “You don’t want us to have fun.” With perhaps a touch of “We’re just kids growin up and don’t know better” thrown in. Where is the guy with a cat of nine tails when you need him.






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