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HuffPost Of The Day - Punch Drunk Edition

HBO boxing announcer Jim Lampley personifies everything we hopped HuffPo could be; venial, self-involved, and able to make Dennis Kucinich look like a Dixiecrat.

Fresh off his two week bender about a stolen election (2004 not 2000), he's now turned his attention to tossing Charlie Rangels draft salad. While admitting that he's a Vietnam draft dodger (and proud of it), he's now advocating a draft because, get this, an all volunteer military is too discriminatory.

Now if the draft pool was made of of the "celebrities" at HuffPo I think you'd get a broad base of support...

Jim Lampley: Why We Should Bring Back the Draft - [Huffington Post]


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Comments (8)

What a fatuous, sanctimonio... (Below threshold)

What a fatuous, sanctimonious meathead.

Hey great job on C-span this morning.

If I were still doing the I... (Below threshold)

If I were still doing the Idiot of the Day, Lampley would have gotten his Ace Ribbon by now.

" it all conspires to produ... (Below threshold)

" it all conspires to produce the resentment which pours forth in those school and community gatherings the Times describes, where parents are establishing that this is Bush's war, not theirs."

What an absolute moron.

But the military has had a ... (Below threshold)

But the military has had a tough time of late meeting its recruitment quotas. If fewer and fewer average citizens are signing up, whose war is this? What's your explanation for the drop in recruitment? Are you going to blame the media? That'd be easy. But once again we have a post at this site arguing against a draft, implicitly in favor of the war but without any encouragement or suggestion at all that those who support the war in Iraq and believe it is indeed a fight to save America should enlist. If even the war's most ardent supporters aren't signing up I have to ask again: Just whose war is this?

Frame, do you have ANYTHING... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Frame, do you have ANYTHING ELSE to contribute? Can anything BUT the same alleged "thought" ooze out of that fetid, stagnant pond you call a mind?

I thought not.


Hmmmm."What's your... (Below threshold)


"What's your explanation for the drop in recruitment? Are you going to blame the media? "

Oh I don't know, let me throw out a couple ideas here.

1. Liberals in high schools that ban/prevent military recruiters.
2. Liberals in colleges that ban/prevent military recruiters.
3. Liberals in universities that ban/prevent military recruiters.
4. Liberal students in high schools that interrupt military recruiting.
5. Liberal students in colleges that interrupt military recruiting.
6. Liberal students in universities that interrupt military recruiting.
7. Liberals that advocate against people being recruited into the military.
8. MSM stories that play up casualties when the vast majority of people either never go to Iraq or even see a weapon fired.
9. Liberal parents, who enjoy tremendously the freedoms guarded by others but who are too much a chickenshit to actually get involved with it, who push their kids into avoiding the military.
10. An improving economy.

Blame the media? Sure why not? It's certainly giving us enough ammunition isn't it? Really now. What has been the overriding issue for the past couple weeks. Whether or not some damn book has been "abused". Yet when Christians complain about "Piss Christ" they're the ones being abused by the MSM.

Liberals. Pissing on America since 1964. Hooray!

'bout time they started doi... (Below threshold)

'bout time they started doing something exciting over there. My god, there was a fine layer of crud forming over that barrel of poop.

Time to stir it up a bit.

Believe it or not I am a ve... (Below threshold)
Clash City Rocker:

Believe it or not I am a veteren of the Gulf War, I spent 10 years in this mans Air Force, and I have two kids of service age. I would cut their pinky toe off before I let them enlist to fight in this war. I am a registered Republican, but I am not a Bush supporter, I think with a little effort we could have found someone better than, CIA, Jr. to run this country, but this being the land of the free and the home of the rich old white guy, I guess that just ain't gonna happen. So we are stuck with the yahoo in the big chair, and a war we probably will never win. With a future like that why in the hell would anyone want to join up? The great pay? The luxurious living conditions? The incredible food? I think not.






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