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Sometimes things aren't black and white...

A while ago, I wrote about a brawl between five or more teenagers and three police officers in Medford, Massachusetts that sent the officers to the hospital and the teens to jail. At the time, I loudly denounced the supporters of the teens, and praised the officers for their restraint in not shooting the punks.

One fact that wasn't played up too much was that all the teens were apparently black. I didn't know that at the time, but that doesn't matter to me. Thuggishness knows no racial boundaries; people of every race have an equal opportunity to be scum. I thought that one of the boy's father being a Boston police officer was far more relevant.

However, that view isn't shared by everyone.

Here's a little hint to the groups, as repeated by Lieutenant Paul F. Covino of the Medford police: four police officers were injured in the fight, with three of them being sent to the hospital. None of the teens were injured even remotely as severely. If this was indeed a racially-motivated incident of police brutality, at least one of those punks would have been hurt at least as bad as the police officers.

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Wha? Are you saying that i... (Below threshold)

Wha? Are you saying that injury only comes from racially-motivated attacks? Are you honestly saying that the lack of injuries in the kids is proof that it wasn't racial?

Are you aware of how ridiculous that argument is?

ChuckFar be it fro... (Below threshold)


Far be it from me to speak for Jay, but if someone is charging that the police were acting in a racially motivated way of targeting innocent teens just for the fun of beating them up, doncha think one or most of the teens would have been hurt as much as an officer in such a circumstance?

You know, if this was a mat... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

You know, if this was a matter of police brutality, and the only people who ended up in the hospital are the police, then those officers probably need to go back to brutality school to pick up a few new pointers.

I think the problem anymore is that anytime the police arrest or try to arrest somebody who is black, Jesse Jackson and all the other race card carriers crawl out of the woodwork to cry racism. When what the criminals involved really need is for somebody to tell them to sit down, shut up, grow up, and start behaving with some common sense.

Uh yeah Chuck, you skewered... (Below threshold)

Uh yeah Chuck, you skewered that straw man well.

This is just another exampl... (Below threshold)

This is just another example of the cult of victimology at work. The holy scripture of this cult is that black people are perpetual victims, while whites are eternal bigots and racists just looking for any opportunity to keep the black man down. This is of course ludicrous, but it is a belief that many blacks hold and even those who do not believe it don't exactly disbelieve it. The leaders of this cult, who need no introduction, latch onto cases such as this as "proof" of racial hatred towards blacks. They work to stir the flames of racial strife both for the sake of self promotion and because they are quite simply racists themselves whose hatred and distrust is directed at whites. Sadly this world view is not entirely contrived. These leaders are simply tapping into a deep seated sentiment among blacks in general. In the 40-odd years since the civil rights movement won its major victories, blacks have made tremendous advances in this country. Unfortunately their cultural notions of what it means to be black, and the relationship between black and white, has not seen the same level of progress. Whereas white society has laid its hatred and bigotry to rest long ago, black society has not yet let go of those sentiments. Each day brings us one step closer to an integrated society where skin color is no more relevant than hair color, but we're not there yet. We will get there eventually and that will be a day to rejoice.

Wow ... deja vu. Or maybe d... (Below threshold)

Wow ... deja vu. Or maybe deja poo ... I've heard this BS before. Knoxville, TN had a similar incident several weeks ago. A couple of college age kids were asked to allow police officers to search their car, which they were standing around, in a neighborhood known for its illicit business ventures. The boys reacted by attacking the cops. One cop was seriously injured, admitted to the hospital, the other was treated and release, with stitches and bandages.

We all know the rest of the story ... the poor, little black boys were being harassed by the evil white cops just because they are black. Therefore we must have community meetings and protests and gnashing of teeth over the horrid race problems in our fair city.

A couple of years ago, a kid sitting in the back of a car was about to draw a gun on a cop. Cop shot him dead. The kid was black, cop was white, therefore the cop is racist, right?

Several months ago, a couple of guys robbed a bank. Police chased them first by car, then on foot. The armed robbers were running towards a school yard full of kids. An officer shot one of them. When we first heard word of this incident, our first thought was, "God I hope that dude isn't black"

I'm tired of this BS ... my black friends are tired of it too. They say it's embarassing when crap like this happens.

Oh ... and how's this for i... (Below threshold)

Oh ... and how's this for irony ...

You have Google ad in your RSS feed. This is how it appeared in Bloglines:

Link to pic

My thoughts <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

My thoughts EXACTLY.






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