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D-Day plus 22,279

Today marks the 61 anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, and the beginning of the end of World War II in Europe. And damned few of those members of "the greatest generation" are still around.

One of them lives in New Hampshire now, and he's telling his story of being a 19-year-old Private First Class and a combat engineer landing on Omaha Beach. His story is told in two parts, here and here. And it's amazing.

It put me in mind of my own tribute to a World War II hero and proud son of New Hampshire, Rene Gagnon of the United States Marine Corps, in words and pictures.

I have no idea how we find such men as Dick Exline, Ira Hayes, or Rene Gagnon when we need them, but it never amazes me that we always do in our hour of need. And that's probably a big reason why we still have a country today.


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Comments (7)

God bless our troops.... (Below threshold)

God bless our troops.

Let's do more than bless th... (Below threshold)

Let's do more than bless them, lets bring them home and end the occupation.

Today also marks my 39th bi... (Below threshold)

Today also marks my 39th birthday. Just thought I would share that.

Guitaress,Let's ma... (Below threshold)


Let's make sure all the hard work our troops did to secure Iraq isn't blown to Hell because we pull them out too soon. We will recall them when the time is right.

Let's just make sure Muqtad... (Below threshold)

Let's just make sure Muqtada Al Sadr or maybe AChalabi don't wind up with the keys once we leave house, I say.

As much as I love those guys.

A peaceful end to the occupation should be our goal, though. Since that's the biggest blessing possible for everyone involved.

I was there. Thanks Yall.</... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

I was there. Thanks Yall.

It's time the current generation stepped up to the plate now. We need to go after the Hitlers of today, in Syria, Iran, N Korea, Zimbabawe, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuala. We've got to show we're willing to do what it takes for FREEDOM.


Rob:We're stepping... (Below threshold)


We're stepping, but people like Guitaress want to undermine all of the positive things we're doing in the world.

You're lucky not to have been called called "occupiers" of Germany.... "torturers of prisoners.... Those poor Nazi "freedom fighters" and all...






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